Doggy Countdown – Grooming

Well, I’m sure Insert is getting groomed, and the all important pre-dog day bath is right around the corner, but I’m not talking about dogs getting groomed today.

Actually, it’s me haha! One of the last things on my checklist is getting myself groomed. I’ve been wondering when and how that would happen but wasn’t really stressing about it. Then my friend called this morning and asked if I want to go Friday to get a mani/pedi. Sweet. I told her I need a brow wax and a hair trim too, so she said it’ll be our day of beauty.

I’m not really all that high maintenence when it comes to looks. I usually let my hair air dry and then it’s usually tied back. I don’t do make-up except for special occasions. A few years ago, a friend got me in to eyebrow waxing and I’ve been doing it ever since. I could never pluck because it hurt way too much. So it works well to have someone else quickly inflict the pain and then I’m good for 6 weeks haha!! I also really enjoy pedicures. It feels great and then I don’t have to worry about my toenails for 6 weeks. I finally did have to break down and trim them last week because they were driving me nuts, but it’s really hard to do blind. I rarely get a manicure, but I think I will just so my nails look decent for the trip and so they’re filed nicely. I hate jagged nails and they distract me, so I like having someone else take care of them.

So, I’ll get that checked off the list. I like getting groomed all in one day because then I don’t have to worry about it for awhile. I also then don’t have to do much on a daily basis, since for the most part, I feel I look alright when everything is trimmed and neat.

So, really the last thing to do is call the airline and pick a seat, which I still think is weird. But I have to make arrangements with them anyway to allow B past security. I called the airport since I figured that would be their thing, but nope, it’s the airline. Whatever.

I should be washing all the school clothes today, and then those can get packed. Oh yeah, still need to wash the food container and dog bowls. Keep up with the general maintenence of the house, and I’m good to go.

I gotta finish listening to the lectures too. I mostly listen while I’m eating. Today I listened to the lecture on leaving the dog alone. It’s done by the same guy that is all monotone. He’s like, preparing your guide dog for alone time. Hmmm. Alone time? What’s the dog gonna do? Hmmm. Then he’s like, your guide dog is used to being with people all the time. What a lucky dog. Hahaha!

The lecture on dog encounters almost made me cry. They vividly explain a dog attack and it freaked me out. Then they explain how to call 911 for help. They said 911 won’t think a dog attack is an emergency, so they said to say “I’m blind and I need help. My certified guide dog and I have just been attacked by a dog and we need help.” Then they tell you to demand that the officer write up a report. Scary.

I can’t believe I leave in 2 weeks from Monday. Wow! Time is ticking on by so fast!

16 days!!!


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  1. Interesting about those lectures! I hope you never have to actually use the info on dog encounters…but, wow, so good to be prepared!

  2. I heard your title and my first thought was oh yes, on our list today is trimming Cricket’s nails. Then read further and it is your day! How fun. I have brow waxing into the 6 week routine and am a fan! I couldn’t believe how much faster my hair grew in Oregon at GDB than here in Utah with the different climate. Yes, I am sure Insert is getting ready for you too!

  3. 16 days. Wow man. It’ll be here before you know it.

    yeah when I read about dog attacks, it sounds all scary. But they have to prepare you for the ultimate worst. I have never had to call 911 because of an attack, touch wood. Yea my desk is made of wood. Yea dad and his carpentry skills. Anyway, what I’m saying is it’s all up to chance. I hope your luck is as good as mine has been so far. I have had some scares, but nothing that got to the level where there were injuries. I think the worst attack was Mylo the little shih tzu that I prefer to call the little shit head. But Trix seems to only hold a grudge against him, and no other dogs, so yea. But they have to prepare you for the worst case scenario, and I think that’s it. I was hypervigilant for the first year or so, but I have relaxed some now that I know the temperaments of the dogs in my immediate area. If you are really worried about your neighbour dogs, you may want to take them up on the quiet spot tag silencer. It’s a pouch that you put your dog’s tags in so they don’t jingle and attract the attention of potentially aggressive dogs. You will become very aware of each dog’s bark in your neighbourhood. Like I said, I learned a lot of dogs’ names in the building, and would recognize their barks. I didn’t have a hope before.

    And oh your dog can get into trouble when left alone if they get the urge…hooo boy. They can bark up a storm, and if you left anything chewable in tie-down range, if they feel the need, chompchompchomp. If there is nothing in range, some anxious dogs chew on themselves. I have been blessed with a dog who, the worst thing she did when I had to leave her alone was pitifully whine. Aww baby. I have not heard that sound in years. It’s so weird to think about. Hey Steve, do you remember how she whined when I had to take Barb and Rosamae in a cab to the bus station and in my haze and disorganization, only mentioned one guide dog, so since she had a dog, I had to cane it? Yeeee. Yeeee. I felt so bad.

  4. Ro

    Yeah I hope I never have to use it either. Hopefully I won’t. I can’t really see many situations that could arise, since I won’t be walking through neighborhood’s with houses.

    Yeah I purposely titled it that way hehe. Figured people would think I was gonna talk about Insert hehehe!

    Carin, I think you misunderstood when I said, what can they do alone or whatever I said. The way Ben said it, it sounded like he was talking about like, when couples have alone time hahaha! I know they can definitely get into trouble alone.

  5. Ok. I’m just a big ol’ dumb bell. Hahaha.

  6. I have to tweeze my eyebrows EVERY DAY because they are weird and would grow all the way down to my eyelids. Not kidding (although it IS TMI). If I ever go blind or have some impairment that makes me unable to tweeze, I will have to pay thousands of dollars for electrolysis so that my eyebrows and eyelashes won’t grow into one tangled mass that prevents me from blinking. But I only have to shave my legs about once a month, so I guess it evens out in the end. Ha ha!!

  7. Ok for dangerous dogs the very best thing to carry I have discovered is a pop open umbrella. If a dog is coming at you, you hit the button, umbrella springs open in front of you and your SD and majority of attacking dogs get scared and will turn tail and run the other way giving you time to get to safety. You will need to practice at home so you are sure it doesn’t scare your own dog (it shouldn’t) and so you know how to do it in a high stress stiuation and learn to do it by feel quickly.

    But recommend it 100%

  8. YAY!!! Sounds like fun. And wow – time is flying till you get to meet Insert!

  9. Ro

    Mimi hahahahaha !!!! I’m sorry but you gotta imagine the image in my head lol!!!

    That umbrella thing sounds like a really good idea. I just wonder though, I’d have to keep it in my pack. Seems like it would be hard to get to in a pinch. The lecture recommends bear spray.

    Yeah time is just speeding by, crazy!

  10. Carrying bear spray is considered a concealed weapon in many states. You need a special permit to carry it or at least to go through a special safety course. So I would check with your local police department or other law enforcement agency to find out what your state’s laws are regarding it.

  11. Reading all about your preparations has made me think about doing a post about the dog training facility in Ireland, and comparing the differences with other countries and states in the US. I think we have smaller classes than you, we don’t get recorded lectures beforehand and I think, in some places anyway, the match between dog and owner, and the amount of aftercare you get is very different from Ireland.
    Not long to go now. yay!

  12. Ro

    Oh good to know about the spray. I’ll look into stuff.

    Yeah that would be interesting to compare schools. The class size at GDB is now 12. It used to be more. The aftercare lasts for the entire time you’re matched with your dog, which is something I really like.

    I’ve heard a lot of people say they don’t like how people are matched to dogs at GDB. Basically they have an idea of what dogs are ready that would be good for you and then you get matched at school. But there are an abundance of dogs, so if the first one doesn’t work out, there are back ups.

    I can’t wait to hear who I’m mactched with!!

  13. Yeah I remember that day, poor little almost brand new doggy. You took off in the cab and I was here, trix was on the tie down in the bedroom. I was doing who knows what…I think cleaning up out here or something and I hear this noise. Takes me a second to realize it’s her because A she’s new B we live in an apartment building so it could be anything and C I’m just plain not that bright sometimes. As soon as I got close enough that she could see me she stopped and would calm right down, but if I tried to leave, as soon as I was out of her line of sight she was not a happy man. I think I ended up sitting and talking to her for a while and then she was ok, which is the opposite reaction to the one I usually get when I decide to sit down and talk to someone. Just kidding…I hope.

    It’s neat to watch the way Trix has evolved. At the start she had to be near you at all times, and I do mean all times. Then she got to the point where she realized that I was ok and for some reason a better person to hang out with when thunder hit than Carin was and she always had to be near one of us. It didn’t matter who, but one of us had to be where she was or she’d come and find the closest one. Now she just doesn’t care. If she wants us she’ll come find us. she doesn’t seem to be a fan of you leaving the house without her though. She either lies in the bed out here and keeps her eyes fixed on the hallway or she gets as close to the door as she can without being nailed when it opens and waits for you to come back.

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