Doggy Countdown – Great granddog

Wow I’ve really gotten back in to the swing of things, now that the holidays are over! I got to go back to Saavi today to resume my workouts. I was really worried that Lisa would be mad at me for not doing well at home. I worked out at home that first week and then just kinda purposely forgot lol. It’s so different when you’re alone with no one saying “it only hurts for a minute, keep going!” whenever you give a grunt haha! But she wasn’t mad, and said she slacked too, and that it’s good to take a break, renews the excitement, and she’s glad I was excited to start again. so I worked hard today and it felt great! My shoes felt great on the treadmill. It was a ton of fun telling people I’m getting my dog next month. Yay for routine haha!

I just got caught up with emails and blog comments and am writing this quickly and then jumping in the shower to hit a meeting with Kevin. Haven’t seen him in awhile. I’m still talking to the seller of the ring. A size 6 won’t be available for 30-45 days and she can’t guarntee price, so I’m gonna get the size 7 now if she has it for the same price and just have it sized. The seller of the rain parka emailed to say they sold out of navy and would I like forest. I like green better so she’s sending that tomorrow. My Vittles Valut 2 and food bowls have shipped, yay! The stuff for my bathroom will most likely be here tomorrow, except for my pictures, which haven’t shipped.

I called Gamma when I got home and we talked for a bit and then she said she forgot to tell me something earlier. She said, “I saw a commercial this morning and there was a dog laying on a mattress and the dog got up and the mattress has memory! And it has a cover that can be washed!” I’m like, “Oh that sounds really cool.” She’s like “Yeah I think a dog deserves to be comfortable. I wish I had ordered it. If I see it again I’ll order it.” I laughed and said, “Spoiling your great granddog already?” She laughed hard at that hehehe! I just thought that was so cute, after her worrying about dog poop yesterday haha! Now she wants to buy my dog a memory foam dog bed hehe!!

43 days!!


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  1. That is really nice that you have gotten back to your workouts. And yes, working out at home is often hard because no-one is there to push ya. I know that I will be fighting that with my workouts.

  2. Hahahah your dog will be the pampered pooch.

    Man you’re gonna have a whole cheering squad at Savi. It’ll be great.

  3. That’s so sweet about your gamma wanting the dog to be comfortable!! Glad you’re back to your workouts–it makes a world of difference.

  4. Ro

    Lori, I’ll push ya 😉

    Yesterday when I was waiting for my ride, I heard the slightest tinkle of tags and new a guide dog was near. Then someone said hello to the director and I knew it was a guide dog. I still haven’t met her dog though. Someday! I think there are 2 guide dogs at Saavi on a regular basis, and I think there’s one client with one that’s there, so my pooch will have some friends.

    I’m hurtin today from the workout, but it feels gooood! =D

  5. Oh, once you have a woof, you’ll know exactly where all the guide dogs are, hahaha!

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