doggy Countdown – Emotional

Oh, I’m just a bundle of emotions today. I’m sure there are a lot of factors here, like bad weather all week which leads to bad spoon days, to Aunt Flo not being able to make up her mind when to visit, to the crazy insane warnings we had here last night which led to anxiety and feeling horribly tense which made me wish I could have a drink or twelve to calm my nerves. So it would be expected that I should be feeling pretty raw today haha!

I have to say though, it was really cool last night. I was talking to my friend Erik online, the one I’ve been online frinds with for like 12 years. He’s been trying to help a friend get sober and often asks me questions or just needs to talk to clear his mind. He’s a total normie, watching his friend free fall into his addiction. Well, his friend is finally starting to grasp some hope. So last night I confessed to Erik that I had the urge to drink a few and he said, “My friend had the urge a few days ago and he said the serenity prayer really helped.” Ah! I had forgotten to utilize the serenity prayer. So I told him to tell his friend he just helped me. Sweet.

So on to today. Dave cancelled our lesson due to weather for the first time. I answered the phone and he said, “unless you have flippers, we’re not going out today.” I was kinda disappointed, but relieved at the same time since I’ve felt so lousy this week. I asked if he thought we could do anything inside and he said I had nothing left to learn, that all we need to do is continue to review intersections. So he’ll try and fit me in early in the week if he has a cancellation. And here I was all ready to fill my pockets with Reece’s Peanut Buter cups to reward Juno Dave hahaha!

So I was getting caught up on email and stuff and someone had posted a link to a bunch of audio and video on the GDB website so I checked it out. Enter the water works. I think it’s a raiser who loses it at a graduation and I lost it too. Then they talked with a puppy raiser and I lost it. Then just all the cool interviews and stuff and my heart got so full it burst. I remembered my Mom saying that when she had me, she cried and just kept saying “I don’t have to give her back…”. She had held so many babies and had to give them back, but I was hers. I’ve only met 2 guide dogs, and it was so brief, and they weren’t mine, and I fell in love with them. So I just started thinking about when I get mine, I won’t have to give her back. I keep thinking about dog day and I hope I don’t crush her with my embrace hehe!

Oh, if you’re interested, here is the link to the videos and audio. If the sounds of dogs and such is an emotional sound for you, be prepared.

Wow, typing this is making my arms ache, so I think I’ll wrap up and get back to the couch.

24 days! That’s only 3 weeks! What!? How did that happen???


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12 Responses to doggy Countdown – Emotional

  1. 3 weeks?! That means 3 weeks till my puppy is born too! How cool! (I love your daily count down as means I don’t really have to do one on my own LOL)

    Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so cruddy lately. Hope the weather smartens up soon.

  2. I loved watching those videos – thanks for sharing the link. Beauty really enjoyed them too – she was running around the room trying to figure out where the other dogs were while I watched!

  3. Look at the time fly. It’ll be here before you know it.

    Aww. I hope the weather gets better soon.

  4. Wow 3 weeks? That’s crazy! January has flown by that’s for sure!

  5. Just wanted to post a comment saying how much I am loving reading your daily countdowns!! As a puppy raiser, I have similar countdowns to when I get my next puppy, and it’s interesting to see the countdown on the other end!

  6. Ro

    Thanks for commenting everyone! I’m glad you all are enjoying the countdown; I am too. There are days when I practically force myself to write, but I know I’ll be grateful for these posts in the end. 🙂

  7. Just know that if you miss a day, nobody will blame you. You are placing this post every day demand on yourself. We love ’em, but if when things get real close and you get uber busy and you want to cut yourself some slack, I’m sure everyone would forgive you. But if it feels good, do it! *smile*.

  8. Ro

    Oh trust me, I know you all would be fine, but would I? Haha! I am crazy about memories. I won’t even delete the first ever text message I sent with my talking phone. I want to be able to look back and see what I was thinking and feeling leading right up to getting my dog. So I’ve totally placed the demand on myself, for myself lol! Now I’m off to melatonin land.

  9. Aww that’s so cute about your first ever text message. Yeah that’s another reason I love having the blog…to look back at stuff. It’s cool.

    Hey, does anyone know of a blogger gadget you can get to put on your blog to show you if posts have been written on the blog this day last year, the year before, the year before, etc? I’m a goof and always look back. What was said a year ago today? How about two? But it gets cumbersome after a while. Hahahah I’m such a goof.

  10. It is fun that you are posting a countdown. I would love to be able to look back on how I was feeling – what was going on that month before (so much can’t remember now!) I was telling a friend about your ‘spoon’ post. Can you tell me where to find it again to give her the link? Also, thanks for your comment on my blog today — lifted my heart 😀

  11. Ro

    Heya Becky, here’s the link to the Spoons in Holland post which has a link to the spoon theory in it:

    Searching for “spoon theory” on my blog leads you right to it, in case you want to find it again 😉

    Carin, I tried searching my blog for a specific date and it didn’t work. That’s what they need to allow, to be able to search for a specific date.

  12. Yeah that would be awesome. I always just go to the month and look, then the month from the year before, then go by heading, lather, rinse, repeat.

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