Doggy Countdown – Amazon addiction

This is just gonna be a really quick post to say that I ordered 2 more things on Amazon, but they’re stuff I need to help get things organized around here. I got a tray for the coffee table to keep papers and remotes out of the way of a tail, and paper trays for the counter to organize mail. So, these were things I’ve needed for awhile and kept forgetting to get. I feel like I’m nesting lol! Time to get everything perfect before the baby er doggy comes home lolol!!!!!!

Er, um, crap, 33 days?


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3 Responses to Doggy Countdown – Amazon addiction

  1. I love to nest and it sounds like you are getting so ready. Fun! Exciting!

  2. haha I like all your Ers, ums and craps, lol You should get one of those ticker things and put it on your page. Will Alex work with one of those?

  3. Ro

    I looked into the tickers that Blogger has listed under those add a gadget deals, to see if Alex could see them, but they were all broken so I couldn’t even try it. Oh well, I just need to remember hahaha!

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