Doggy Countdown – Airport hysteria

Once again, I might not have a ton of time to write, so I’m not gonna get into the fake service dogs or silly sighties just yet. Part of me is feeling quite serious today anyway, because of recent events.

I almost let my fear totally get in the way of my decision and excitement for getting my dog. First, there was all the question about cats and what not, and I completely forgot to remember to listen to Don. He is, after all, the expert, and he told me to make no changes until I speak to the raisers and get my dog. So why was I going crazy about it all? Because that’s who I am, and I will focus on the negative in any situation if I don’t remind myself to keep it simple, stupid. So, I am sticking with Don on all that, and I’ll wait and see what happens.

So that brings me to the freak out about the laptop. I read on blogs and what not that you couldn’t take laptops in carry on, so I freaked out, came up with a possible solution etc, but still freaked out. Then I heard even more horror stories. You can’t get up during the last hour of the flight, etc. I started telling myself not to drink anything the day of the flight because what if I have to pee during the last hour. I started totally freaking out about the flight, and even contemplating cancelling the whole thing. Yep. I thought about just waiting and going in fall when things calm down. That’s how scared listening to people was making me.

I talked to Georgie about it today, because I was feeling better after working some steps on the issue and giving it all over to my higher power, but I was still looking forward to talking to Carol, who just flew on Tuesday.

I spoke with Carol today and there was none of that craziness. None of it. She even had her lighter in her purse. She said it’s all international flights. Domestic flights are just the same as always. Also, Lisa flew on New Year’s Day and was using her laptop. So, hysteria over. This is what I get for listening to rumors. The media and everything have just blown this out of proportion. I’m glad we’re being strict with international flighths because duh, the dude flew in from Amsterdam. So yeah, check international flighths. Not to say someone domestically wouldn’t pull something stupid, which is why I don’t mind being subjected to security, because if I am, so are the idiots. I’ll do your scan or let you feel me up if I know it’s keeping us all safe. But, I need to remember to get my facts before jumping to hysteria, which is what is happening on blogs and email lists. Someone on my list got worried about medication, and I feel her pain, because I was worried about it all too.

When I get my flight info, I will call the airline and make sure of everything, straight from the source. What this has taught me is not to jump to worst case scenario just because others have, to get all the facts, and to remember to trust that any outcome is just what it’s supposed to be.

Other than that, I’m in a great mood today, but have no idea when the next phone call will come in, or if I’m leaving shortly, so I don’t want to get much more involved.

If you’re flying domestically soon, please don’t freak out.

Oh, and I got a lot of help from Katrin’s post about not letting fear get in the way of her decision. Thanks Katrin!


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  1. L^2

    I’m so glad you’ve calmed down about this stuff. I have to admit, I thought maybe you were stressing too much over certain things that you didn’t really need to worry about yet. I’m one of those people who really likes to be prepared though, so I understand how you were feeling. *hugs* Glad you’re having a good day.

  2. Glad I could be of assistance, LOL. Glad also that you are more relaxed about going and that you ARE going! You will have a great time, and learn a lot, and love your dog.

  3. Gees Louise. I never intended for you to second-guess your whole process. That’s like throwing the baby out with the bathwater! I just didn’t want you to have any nasty surprises on a day when you would probably already be nervous times 12. I just wanted you to know what the straight goods were. Go get that woof, Ro! Go get it and bring it home and have lots of fun.

  4. Ro

    Oh, like I said on the list, it wasn’t you. I ran with it all, and I was hearing it from all directions. Even at Saavi. So, it wasn’t you. My brain works like that. It takes one little grain of negativity and rolls it down a sand dune until it becomes a boulder. So, don’t worry, it wasn’t you, and it’s good, because it made me look at all the fears I have about all of it, not just the flying. So it’s been a good outcome, don’t worry *hugs* And heck, it’s making me be informed, and that’s never a bad thing, being prepared, like Carrot said 🙂

  5. Ro? Why wouldn’t you have called the airlines FIRST before letting mass hysteria rule your decision?
    I come from a family of negative people and I’ve taught myself to overcome the negative with a positive. You said you like physics? A positve will outweigh a negative ANY DAY! 🙂
    Stormcrow taught me, “You can’t believe everything you read, just because the net says so.” It is so true… we all need to get the grander picture before we leap to a wrong conclusion and in doing so we leave a lot of fears in that place it belongs, the deep recesses of our minds!
    Glad you’re calmer now and ready to take off without FEAR as your guide! The HIGHER POWER guides us, we are not even in control a little bit!

    *big hugs* You’re doing great y’know! 🙂


  6. Ro

    I was waiting to find out what airline, since I don’t know yet. I’m still going to call them when I find out. I’m all good now, getting seriously excited haha!!

  7. Ro have you ever flown? When I fly sometimes I ask for assistance. It can really make going through secturity MUCH easier, as you have an airport person to walk you through it. Sometimes they try to force me to sit in a wheelchair, I politely but just as forcefully decline, I can walk just fine with my dog! When you call the airline ahead of time, you can ask them to put a note in your ticket that you want assistance and when you get there to check in the ticket person will already have that note on their computer and can get you assistance much faster than if you ask for it later. So that is something you can do too if you are worrying about getting lost in the airport or have to make a connecting flight. That has made my life a lot less stressful when I fly if I’m in one of the larger airports like Boston or Chicago.

  8. Ro

    Katrin, GDB makes all the arrangements and will make it clear that I’ll need assistance the whole time I’m in the airport. I’ve flown once since going blind, and that was a nightmare, because I was with a sightie so no one helped, and I didn’t know how to advocate for myself. This time will be much, much beteter.

  9. Well I am very glad to hear that! Sounds like GDB will have taken care of everything! 🙂

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