Doggy Countdown – Airline and insurance

The fatigue monster is back today, so this will be short. I have all these posts I want to do, but oh well. Hopefully I’ll have some good brain days to practice more videos.

I called my state insurance today and I’ll be covered in CA, so no need for travel insurance, yay!

Then I called the airline to pick my seats. I was told I had to pick my seat. So I called. It’s US Air, but I don’t think their customer service folks are in this country. The Silicon Sally part sounds all clear with normal volume and then the agent comes on and I can barely hear nor understand her, and she’s really quiet. She said I already had seats. I told her I was told I have to pick seats. She said yes, I can change them. Alrighty then. So we struggle to find my information and finally I can change my seats on the return trip to bulkhead.

Ugh. Just those two phone calls wore me out. That and I paid my cell phone bill. I’m spent. I want my spoons back.

13 days!


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  1. Just be careful, I have had this problem with US Airways, of them even though I have pre reserved special seating, them changing me to another seat when I actually pick up my ticket. Just double check when you actually get your ticket at the ticket desk that they have you in the seats you want. United has done this to me also. They have always been very nice and accomodating when I point it out to them and they move me where I want, but be aware that it might happen.

  2. Yea you don’t have to deal with travel insurance.

    Now’s the time to stockpile spoons, so do it while you can.

  3. The only time I ever flew was to Japan (and back:), but it sure was fun!

    P.S. My blind friend Hope just started a blog about her & her guide dogs life, she is at the “seeing eye” guide dog school right now in training to receive her second guide dog, (as to her first guide needs to be retired).
    Her blog address is:

    Toby’s Raiser

  4. Ro

    Sweet. I’m not doing much in the way of typing today, but I’ll give her a read and a plug 🙂

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