Doggy Countdown – Again with the no title

Well, after the shopping excursion yesterday, I haven’t been up to much. I got sucked into a new techie geek thing but I’m not ready to blog about it yet because it’s got some quirks I’m not happy with.

I entered the trainers’ phone number into my phone in case I have to call them from the airport. So, yeah, accomplished that. But nothing else lol. New techie things keep me from life haha!

I still gotta call the airline to pick my seat. Aside from that, there’s not much left to be done.

Heading off to a meeting in a bit with Kevin. That will be interesting. Apparently the meetings have been sucking. Hopefully it’s good. It’ll be good to get out anyway, after feeling like hell last week.I think I’m having some allergy issues now. My ears keep feeling plugged up. I purposely didn’t take a Zyrtec today to see if they felt yucky and they do. So since the Zyrtec helps, it must be allergies. It’s too early for that!

Anyway, that’s about all, folks 😉

20 days!


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9 Responses to Doggy Countdown – Again with the no title

  1. Looks like you’ve about done it all. Now you just have to hear from the instructors and the nurse. Wonder if Mr. Bad News will be the one on the phone.

  2. Ro

    If it’s him, I am not going to be able to contain my laughter haha!!

    You know, Voiceover has this voice called “bad news”. I should record a greeting to him in that voice hahaha!!!

  3. Ah the bad news voice. Doesn’t it sing everything to the tune of the death march? I remember that voice from the old Tiger days.

  4. Ro

    That’s the one.

    Hey if I ever get my iPod, I can put up recordings of Alex.

  5. Ooo!

    Hey, have you figured out what happened with the shipping?

  6. Ro

    It’s supposed to arrive today. It’s USPS and their tracking sucks. Amazon’s tracking still has an arrival scan on the 20th in KY and the USPS site says package accepted in Phoenix on the 23rd. If it doesn’t come today, I’m gonna call. I can’t tell if package accepted means they gave it someone else, or if it just landed in the sorting facility there. This is what I get for doing the free shipping. I’d rather pay and have UPS deliver it. I still haven’t gotten the brailler, either.

  7. Grrr. Yeah I wonder how he sent it. When someone sends a package like that, it could take a while I would think since he wouldn’t have put any crazy UPS on it.

  8. Ro

    He sent if Free Matter. So I’ll probably get it when I’m back from school hahahaha! I just need that darned iPod like, now. I need plenty of time to figure it out before I go.

  9. I was afraid you’d say he sent it that way. It’s weird. There’s this one company up here that always sends things free matter, and they still wing pretty fast. I don’t know how they do it. But whenever I sent anything free matter, it took its sweet time. Come on iPod come on iPod come on iPod!

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