Doggy Countdown – A++

Dave picked me up this morning for our lesson and asked if I had any ideas. I told him no and he said he had one. He wanted to take me to an intersection and not tell me which one it was. He said there is an anomoly there and he wanted to see if I could figure it out. He said it was kind of a test haha! No pressure.

So we started driving and I tried to pay attention to turns but I’m a chatty Kathy in the car with him. I kinda thought I knew where we might be, but as soon as we stepped out I knew it wasn’t where I thought. I thought he might be taking me to a T intersection, but I could tell this wasn’t one.

So he did Juno Dave again and took me to the corner. He did tell me we were on the southeast corner. I listened for about twenty seconds and said, oh there’s a leading left turn arrow for southbound traffic. He just laughed. He was sooo hoping to fool me haha!!

So I was indeed correct. He went on to tell me more details. He said this is the only intersection here like that. For traffic going south and turning left, they have a leading left turn arrow. For traffic going north and turning left, there is no arrow at all. For traffic going west and turning south, there is a leading left turn arrow. For traffic heading east and turning north, there is no arrow. Huh? I asked him why that was and he had no idea. Just stupid planning lol! Then he told me which intersection we were at and I was able to name the store on the northeast corner, so he was happy. He also showed me the pedestrian buttons and how they are on the same pole for both directions.

We worked the intersection, me listening and telling him forward. There was one time that there was this huge idling truck and there was no way I was going to walk with that surge, because I couldn’t tell if he was going straight or not. Dave was pleased. Then, at the next crossing, I listened and said forward and he didn’t budge. I said, did you just disobey me? Haha! He wanted to show me what the intelligent disobedience would be like. He said I was correct in my command, but he saw something he was unsure of and disobeyed, like a dog would. At the next crossing, again there was a loud truck masking my blocker car noise so I didn’t go. Again Dave was pleased.

He said where blind people get hit is when they rush. He said never, ever rush. If you need to listen for a few cycles to really get what’s going on, do it. Leave plenty of time before an appointment. Don’t rush. And that’s why he knows I’ll be a good handler. Because I won’t rush. As we were heading back to the car he gave me an A++ for the lesson today. He said he’s had people who have been cane travelers a lot longer than me, get completely confused at that intersection. So, yay!

I had to laugh because he said he’s looking forward to finding out how he did preparing me. I told him I feel totally prepared. The only thing I think about is having to take Insert to relieve first thing in the morning, and getting out of bed at 9 for the last relieving hehe!

I’ve got a few posts for today, one about a creepy guy at the meeting, and then hopefully some more iPod experimentation. I’ve already decided that for the rest of the day I’ll be chillin on the computer, rather than getting some stuff done that needs to get done 😉

17 days!


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  1. Wow, I am so impressed!! I have had just a tiny taste of what these kind of traffic decisions must be like — GDTx let me do a blindfold walk with my first pup, Willie, guiding me when he graduated. So HARD! There is a lot of skill involved and I admire you — yes, I’m sure you’ll be a great handler! 🙂

  2. Congrats!

    It’s interesting hearing how you can “hear” the traffic, I’ve never thought about having to do that, I would probably fail if I had a blind fold on doing it!

    I do enjoy our guide dog puppy classes when we have “blind fold lunch & training”, those are quite fun.
    The News came out and record us one time. So us puppy raisers got to see each other coating (putting the uniform on),training, walking into a car with a doggy, and even eating lunch!

    All in all we had lots of fun, I got ketchup & mustard mixed up once or twice though!

    I enjoy reading your blog posts, can’t wait to find out Insert’s real name!

    Toby’s Raiser

  3. Yippy! And don’t worry too much about the relieving thing! As you get to know your dog and you are home and comfortable, you will get a schedule that will work for you. By the time I am done with him, Dagan WILL sleep in on weekends! Heck, he better be doing it over the next month or so! You will make it work 🙂

  4. Good job! You’re gonna be the best in your class lol. Now, about this creepy guy.. I wanna hear it!! lol get to writing! Don’t you just love loungy type days where you can just chill and do whatever you want… I kind of have that day but its filled with studying for my Monday test… oh hum.

  5. Yeah, don’t rush, even when dorks are like “The light was green, why didn’t you go?” Because I don’t know how long it’s green for. I’d rather wait a few seconds than wait and become road meat.

  6. Ro

    Thanks everyone!! Yeah I’m sure some of the pedestrians around thought we were weird. Oh well.

    Man alive, I’m trying to publish a post with a video of alex and it’s taking forever to upload the video. Youtube took no time at all. Hopefully I can publish this shortly…

  7. Carin’s right. don’t rush yourself at crossings even when sighted people start treating you like you’re completely incompetent and have no business on their streets without your helper, you know,the person that all blind people have who feeds them and stuff. That seems to be one of the major pastimes in our town. Yeah, crack use and belittling and/or ignoring the blind so they hopefully feel like fools. funny part is that sometimes it’s the drunk and high people who are the best help and ask the best questions…strange.

    Oh, and way to go. Advanced green intersections still mess me up sometimes and I’ve been blind for as long as I’ve been alive. I refuse to say all my life since that implies that I’m done, which I’m hoping I’m not.

  8. Ro

    Hahaha nice. I can see how drunk and high people are better. They’re probably less inhibited which allows them to ask the thing they normally might not. Cool.

    I’m about to give up on this video upload. I feel like I’m on dial-up.

  9. L^2

    Good job Ro! And I agree with the others about not rushing. I hate it when people try to rush me and make me feel like a moron if I need a few extra seconds to figure out what’s going on with all the crazy drivers at certain intersections in my town.

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