Doggy Countdown – A nurse, a writer, and trash, oh my!

Man today has been busy. I got back a little while ago from Gamma’s, did some chores and got caught up on email and now I’m finally getting the doggy countdown post in for today. There are days where I’m almost afraid I won’t get it posted.

Anyway, this morning while I was in the shower getting ready, I missed the call from the GDB nurse. Everyone on the list said it gets even more real when you start getting the phone calls! I was really shocked to get one on a Sunday. I called her back, but she was on the phone. So I was getting ready and she called back. Sweet! Man, they think of everything! She started going through the information she had and she said, “multiple sclerosis made you blind?” So I had to tell that story. Then she said, “but you’re not on any medication?” I explained that no, I’m not. I used to be on injections that I gave myself every other night. I decided to stop taking them. They didn’t stop me from going blind. I didn’t want to inflict pain on myself anymore, and the morning after, I always felt like I had the flu. So I stopped them. You think I have bad spoon days now? It was nothing compared to when I was on that stuff. I felt like hell all the time. I decided quality of life was more important. If I have another attack, I’ll deal with it. But there’s no guarantee those injections will stop an attack anyway. I could hear in her voice that she thought that wasn’t a good idea. And, if I get any comments scolding me, guess what? They won’t get published. It’s a personal decision, one I often think about. But, they didn’t stop me going blind, so I stopped them. It might not be the right decision, but it’s a decision I made. I’m going to be seeing a new neurologist and I’ll be discussing alternative treatments with her. So the nurse seemed to understand this after I explained it. She went down a possible list of ailments and when I told her that sometimes my knees realy hurt in the rain, she paied extra attention to that, recommended good shoes, which I have, and asked what I take for that. I told her ibuprofin. She asked if I have chronic headaches and I told her I get migraines if I’m low on caffeine. I said it wrong. What I meant was, caffeine helps the migraines when I get them. She asked if I was on medication for those. I told her no because I really only get one severe one a year, if that, and I pop ibuprofin the second I feel a twinge. I was starting to fear she’d tell me I couldn’t come because I’m not on any meds lol.

She then asked about balance and fatigue issues and I explained that it happens, but I’ve really noticed a difference since exercising regularly and eating better. She asked if I was active and I said yes. So, I guess I passed lol. It was rather intimidating. She also recommended travel insurance, since medicaid usually isn’t transferable state to state, so I’m gonna get that.

Beyond that, she really didn’t tell me much I didn’t already know. Oh, she sounded like I drink too much caffeine. Wow. Carol, if you’re reading this, I totally related to how you felt at the dentist.

I was really impressed when she said, “I see you’re in recovery. Will you need to get to meetings while you’re here?” I told her I was going to look up contacts in the area, and she said they already have them. They already have them. They already have numbers of people in the fellowship who have come to take students to meetings. Wow. That. Is. Cool.

So B and I left as soon as I was off the phone to go to Gamma’s. We had a nice visit. It’s my last Sunday before I leave, because we’re going over on Saturday for my Uncle’s birthday. And the Sunday before I leave, I’ll be packing. So the next time I’m at Gamma’s on a Sunday, I’ll have Insert! Wow!

Ok, so the writer part of my title. You’re probably thinking I mean an author type writer. Nope. I totally have not blogged about this little piece of news, ops. And because of that, I’ve kept it from Carin. I almost slipped on the list but caught myself.

So Friday when I got home from being out with Dave, there’s a knock at my door.


Hi, it’s the post lady!


I open the door.

You have a package.

I’m not expecting one, is it addressed to me?

Yeah, it’s a big one from…

She tells me who it’s from.

Oh! It’s my braille writer!!

So yay! I got the Perkins braille writer that Carin found for me on one of her lists. These things are way expensive and I got a steal on it. The guy went blind 6 years ago, learned braille, and then lost sensation in his fingers. So he sold me the brailler. Carin had found out that I was looking into buying one and she put her feelers out and got a hit at once. So, now I’ve gotta play with it. I’ve only used one sparingly. I want to wait until I have a good chunk of time to sit with it to play. Wooo hooo! I have such amazing friends. L literally gave me the cardigan off her back last week to wear with my dress for grad. Wow. And Carin has never met me and she immediately ran to find me a brailler. Sweet.

And now trash. You know, something about doing the laundry yesterday had me wanting to go everywhere today haha! So when we got home I had some groceries and needed to clean out the fridge. I filled the trash can and told B I was walking it down. He always takes care of the trash, so I just always let him. But I wanted to do it. So I was walking to the trash when a neighbor said quietly, “I don’t want to startle you…” I stopped and said hi and she went on to explain that her little shihtzu rescue dog is amazed by me. Usually the dog runs when anyone is outside, but when she sees me, she stands at the door and watches. So I knelt down and put my hand out palm down, and felt the slightest brushing of whiskers. She was sniffing me timidly. I guess she never gets close to anyone but her person. Awwww. I told the lady about Insert and she said that’s so wonderful. We stood chatting for a bit and then I said I’d better get back or my boyfriend would worry. So I dumped the trash and went back to the apt.

Then B made out our checks for the electric bill and I was like, I want to walk that down. Haha! So I took it down to outgoing mail. Part of why I wanted to do that was to scope out a potential relieving area. Plus, it was so lovely out! There was a light, playful breeze tossing my hair about my face a bit. My skin could feel the slightest bit of chill in the air. It was warmer today then it has been in quite awhile, and it just felt so good to be outside.

So, that was my day! Now it’s time to edit and publish and return a call I couldn’t answer this morning. Yay for busy days!

15 days!!!


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14 Responses to Doggy Countdown – A nurse, a writer, and trash, oh my!

  1. Anonymous

    Lass, Wee Small is something, isn’t she?

    You did have a busy day and way to handle the interview from Nurse Ratchet. (Kidding about Ratchet)


  2. Woooohooooo! Ah don’t worry about that nurse. She’s a bit intimidating, but she means well. She really cares about everybody…and I’m almost sure she was the one who at least raised one pup for GDB. I remember asking if she watched that puppy go through training. She said no, it was sent to Oregon. I said to her “Why did it go to Oregon?” and she stopped, looked at me long, and said “Would you want that dog dragging you to the nurse’s office all the time?” I had to laugh.

    I love GDB. I remember how they had drivers that took people to churches of all types.

    And yeeeee! popeye the brailler man came through! I saw a few messages from him on the list, and all I could think was brailler brailler brailler! Is it there yet is it there yet is it there yet?

    That’s so cool about neighbour shih tzu. I’m glad it’s not big trouble like the one that used to live in the Huppy apartment.

    Did you find a relieving area? Ooo! Hope so.

    Wow dude it’s getting close. I said to Steve I almost feel like I’m going to class cause I’m getting so excited with you. I bet I dream about your dog while you’re gone. I just hope it doesn’t get mad at me for not knowing its name, like I dreamed about Handel the other night getting mad because I didn’t know the name of that piece and you had to find it, hahahaha.

  3. Ro

    Nurse Ratchet haha! She was fine, I think she’s just really treally thorough with her job. The more I think about it, she has to know all that stuff to know about any possible situations that could arise. So yeah, I understand it. That’s cute about her raising a dog hehe. Dog would live in the nurses office.

    I’ve got a few possible relieving areas. I’m gonna talk to Dave and see what he thinks.

    Yeah I can’t believe I kept forgetting to write about the brailler. Duh. Guess my mind is full of Insert lol!

    K, just woke up, really shouldn’t be commenting yet. Brain not awake.

  4. Martin, way to scare her.

    And I’m sure your travel insurance will be fine, but the explitive urgent care clinic wouldn’t take mine. I guess they’re fine with travel insurance when it’s issued from inside the country, but us foreigners can wizz up a rope for all they care. *mutter grumble, grumble mutter*.

  5. Hooray, hooray and hooray.

    I’m impressed that they have meetings lined up. My sister-in-law recently got out of rehab, but it appears that she hasn’t gone to any meetings. I’m really sad. I’d hoped that this was the time she was really going to pull her life back together. I want my kids to have an aunt they can depend on, you know?

    You’re an inspiration, though. I look at how much you’ve handled, and still stayed sober, and I think my sister-in-law can do it too. That she WILL do it to, some day.


  6. Ro

    Ugh. The hardest part is the getting sober. It’s been pretty simple to stay sober now that I’ve done it awhile. The hardest part is being able to recognize unmanageability. That would have been the one thing that didn’t make it stick for me. At first I couldn’t see where my life was unmanageable. But once I understood that, and got a taste of what life could be like, I didn’t want to give it up.

    I hope your sister-in-law sees that eventually; a lot of people don’t. I really did get blessed, that’s for sure.

    It’s so draning on the family to watch someone spiraling out of control. I feel for you. *hugs*

  7. Anonymous

    Carin, I didn’t scare her, Nurse Ratchet did. (grin)

    While in SR un-training Griffin, I had to pay two visits to the Opthomologist. I had travel insurance, but it did not coer the visits either. However (and I am sure that smart little you knows this) I sent the medical bills to OHIP and they paid for the visits. Ro, OHIP is our Ontario Health Insurance.

    Where travel insurance comes in handy for us foreign types while visiting the US of A is if were are hospitalized or have to be sent home by air ambulance or something. Comes in handy for accidents and such. Me thinks you have to contact the travel insurance bunch first, however before you go for serious medical stuff or have the medical folks do it for you.

    Regardless, The premiums are cheap and the financial consequences can be disasterous.


  8. So amazed that they will have meetings in place for you Chupa! How exciting.

  9. I did contact the travel insurance people, and they gave me a case number. But when I hobbled into Urgent care and presented that case number, they would have none of it. Thankfully, they were ok with just mailing me the bill later. But then they would not send the necessary documentation to the travel insurance people, and nearly sent collection hounds after me. Arsebags. Anyway, rant over. The bills are paid after six months of wrangling.

  10. Ro

    Chupa makes an appearance on the blog she helped to start. Nice!

  11. Hey, it’s Shanna with nestle again.

    Glad you’re finally starting to hear from the nurses and the instructors! The nurse you spoke with is really really nice, but she’s also really thorough. I think you’ll like her a lot when you meet her. P.S. She has a fun pet dog that she brings to work with her. She did raise several puppies for GDB, one of which is a working guide.

    I should also tell you, on a sort of related topic, that you and I have the same medical condition. I just got diagnosed last November, and it’s been..well, an interesting ride so far. So when you’re at GDB, feel free to look me up if you need someone to vent to about medical stuff.

    I do take a weekly injection, but I don’t particularly enjoy it. I always plan to have the morning after I take the meds free in case I feel like someone beat me up with a big stick. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t so far. So I completely get why you don’t want to take the meds. I’d be interested to know about the alternative treatments you’re looking into at some point for the sake of educating myself.

    Anyway, take care, and I’ll see you in 9 days!

  12. Ro

    Hey there. I can’t say I’m happy to hear we share the same medical condition. Blech. Though, I might not be as leary of a once weekly shot. At least it owuldn’t be every other day like I was doing. It sounds like it still makes you fell icky though. Hmmm. The neurologist I want to see is one who is more holistic. She’s the one I saw in the hospital, and my friend knows her. My friend is an osteopath and this neurologist focuses on things like that too, like cranial sacral manipulations of the skull and stuff. Though I’m sure she’ll know of different meds, too. I know there are meds in pill form, and my old neuro was pretty old and set in his ways. He wasn’t very open minded. I’ll really need to focus on getting in to see this new doctor. I’ll probably do it in May when I see my primary care physician. We’ll hefinitely have to chat while I’m at school, though I certainly wasn’t expecting to have this in common 🙁

  13. Well, yeah it’s not exactly a thing you *want* to have in common with anyone most of the time. lol I am interested in finding out about holistic/alternative treatments just because I don’t like putting drugs in my body all the time. I’ll likely be searching for a new Neurologist. Mine is..special, and we do not have a good working rapport. I think he knows what he’s talking about, but he has no people skills.*sigh*

    Anyway, I’m done for now. I feel the need to sleep for possibly the next year or so. Hope your weekend’s going well!

    Shanna and Nestle

  14. Ro

    Ugh I know what you mean about needing to sleep for a year. That’s how I’m feeling too haha! Hope you get some good rest!

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