Doggy Countdown – 1 week till Dog Day!

When I talked to the trainers last week, it was confirmed that Dog Day will be the Wednesday after I get there, which means one week from today! In one week, Insert will have a name!

So I’m really confused. It’s raining like freaking crazy today and I feel fine. Huh? Ok. See this is what I get for trying to understand MS. Just when I think I know how it works, it surprises me. Alrighty then.

I went and worked out today mostly so I could see my friends at Saavi before I leave. I didn’t go on Monday since I was pulling out of the fatigue, and didn’t want it to set back in. I took it easy today too. I rode the bike for thirty minutes, and then decreased the number of sets in the weight room. Not taking any chances.

I took the iPod in, and on the way there in the van, I started playing with the radio feature. The only thing I don’t like about it is that you have to use the ear buds, as they are the antenna. But, it worked. I had to select my region, which was just “the Americas” lol! Once I did that, the iPod picked up my local stations. I was able to scroll through until I found the country station, yay! Then, you can actually pause the live radio and then rewind or fast forward. Awesome.

I took some video in the gym, mostly for audio. One of the videos was when I was on the bike just talking to Lisa. I purposely had my finger in front of the lense, and one of the sighties said you can see my leg pedaling lol! I have to listen to the video before deciding whether to post it. I took a few others that I won’t be posting because it shows people’s faces. I had to get Glenn being silly, and he was all embarassed hehe!

So it was fun today. I also ran into a friend I haven’t talked to in awhile, so it was nice to chat with him. Fun day!

I had worn my raincoat because we were supposed to get rain today and it didn’t rain until I got home. Lucky! I was talking to Kevin on the phone right after I got home when the rain started. Thanks for waiting, rain!

Kevin is stuck in Virginia, literally stuck in the hotel room. They had gotten a job that was supposed to be a week long in Virginia, then another like month long job in South Carolina. I remember thinking the foreman of the job was stupid for having Kevin drive out there with this weather forcast. Turns out he hasn’t even been able to finish the week long job, and the job in South Carolina got cancelled. And now he’s stuck in a hotel, paying for it, with no money coming in. I feel horrible for him. The only good thing is that he’ll be home a lot earlier than planned, but this means no work. I think he should just scrap the business and work at the golf course. Doesn’t that sound like a good plan? He’s excited though, that he’ll be home when I get back with Insert.

I’m excited too, because Lish and I came up with a new blog header for while I’m at school. So I’ve got that saved and ready to change Sunday night hehe!

All that’s left to do is pack and wash the food container. That’s it! I’m so glad I did some laundry yesterday since it’s all rainy. One more O& M lesson on Friday! Wow!! Can you believe this??? Most of the time I can’t. I think I’ll believe it when I’m in the air. 😉

I’m all rambly and all over the place in this post hahaha! I’m sooo excited!

5 days!!! 5!!!! 5 days!!!!

Oh man I can’t believe I almost forgot this until I was putting my labels on. We weighed me in today and I’ve lost a total of 8 pounds. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but I’ve gained a lot of muscle, so that had to level out so that the fat burning would show on the scale. I tweaked my food a little for the last two weeks and just eat more times a day with less in the portions, and I try to eat as helthy of stuff as I can. Just in the last 2 weeks I lost 3 pounds! And I hardly worked out with that fatigue. So I think the change in the eating has really made a huge difference!


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12 Responses to Doggy Countdown – 1 week till Dog Day!

  1. Eight pounds is fabulous! Congratulations! Glad you’re feeling better, even with the rain. It’s supposed to be fairly nice weather here next week, ordered up just for you! One week until Insert–wowwwww!!

  2. Oh I could bounce, bounce bounce bounce! In one week, Insert will have a name!

    Trixie and I just played in the freshly-fallen snow. It’s been either so cold or so icy that running around in it has not been an option. Today, the snnow was fresh and fluffy, and I think Trixie tried to eat it. Silly boodog, you can’t eat your way to the grass. You have to wait for spring, ya silly old pooch. I said want a flexi? and she ran for the room where I keep it! I’d say that was a yes!

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re feeling good. Grab those spoons, grab ’em, grab ’em!

  3. Ro

    Oh it’s good to hear the weather will be nice, especially since B will be driving up that way. Awesome! Looks like we got your rain lol!

    Glad you had fun in the snow! I’m still trying to work out where I might have a good flexi spot. I’m in touch with the puppy club here now, so I’m thinking they’ll know of good places.

  4. So exciting!! One week! That is terrific! I’m excited for you. Can’t wait to learn his or her name!

  5. That is super exciting! I still recall being told your dog is a yellow lab and starts with the letter P … the anticipation builds! With Cricket as a retrain it is quicker.

  6. How exciting! I know I don’t comment much, but have been following your journey and can’t believe that is almost here!! If it feels anything like waiting on a new puppy I know how you feel to some extent. can’t wait to hear about him or her!!!

    Erin & Pompei

  7. Ro

    One thing’s for sure, I’m so glad to be going through this anticipation with ya’ll! It’s wonderful to be able to share my excitment witha bunch of like minded people. I think it makes it even more exciting haha! I can’t wait until tey tell me the first initial hehehe! That happens on the morning of Dog Day right?

  8. It depends. Sometimes they tell you in the morning, sometimes the afternoon. If they’re really feeling silly, they’ll give you the last letter. Silly clowns.

  9. iPod radio question for you. I think I know the answer, but I’m asking anyway. If you selected another region, would you get stations from there? If not, what happens? It seems pretty pointless to have to select an area just to listen to the regular radio.

    I can’t believe you’re down to just a few days now. where in hell is time going?

  10. Ro

    I only had to select a region because it’s a new iPod. I won’t have to do that again. But who knows where those iPods will end up lol. It might have gone to Italy. So yeah, I can’t pick up other regions because it uses an antenna. I’m thinking I bet the Nano sixth or seventh or eight generations will allow you to subscribe to satellite radios haha!

  11. I’ve thought about getting one of those portable internet radios, but I really don’t know a whole lot about them. They sound cool though and I’ve read at least one person who’s opinion I would respect about that kind of stuff say that he loves his. Just not sure about the access trouble I might have.

  12. Ro

    I used to be an avid talk radio listener, so I was seriously considering getting a cool radio like Sirius or the like. But the monthly cost put me off and I dropped it. I’m glad I did, because I don’t listen to the radio much anymore.

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