“Doctor Sleep” by Stephen King – narrated by Will Patton

I read “The Shining” in preparation for “Doctor Sleep”, making sure to listen to a book in between since the narrators were different. I wanted to get the ‘Shining’ voice out of my head. Make sure you do the same and read “The Shining” first because Stephen King says in the afterword that “Doctor Sleep” is a sequel to the book, not the movie.

What an excellent book “Doctor Sleep” is! I don’t think I have ever literally applauded when an audio book was done. I certainly did with this one. It was after King’s afterword and the way he ended it, in his own voice, made me squeal with delight, clap my hands and bounce on the couch. So so so so good!

In this book, Danny Torrance is all grown up with an alcohol problem of his own. There is a scene in the beginning of the book that was so well written I was laying in bed feeling hungover as though it was me waking up in bed with a stranger after a drunken night. I could literally taste the day old alcohol taste in my mouth, feel the sour alcohol belly, feel the room beginning to spin. That was not a pleasant feeling.

As Danny moves about in life and ends up settling in a small New England town, he finds himself receiving communication from a little girl somewhere nearby. Is this the shining? His talent has weakened over the years but it’s still present.

Unbeknownst to Danny, there is a group of, what do you call them, people I guess, who travel about in RVs and prey on the “steam” released from people, mainly children, with the shine.

Know any RV people? I know of one, Joe Maddon, manager for my Tampa Bay Rays. He’s riding around in an RV in the off season. I got chilled when I finished this book and then read about Maddon in his RV…

That’s all I want to say about this book other than holy wow was it excellent! For me it was especially awesome because it was full of AA, and good AA, AA written the way only a member of the program could write it. It was like listening to a mystery with an AA meeting mixed in. I loved it! Stephen King, you rock! As usual the character development was wonderful. I loved the girl, Abra. Oh and what about Rose the Hat? King is such a master at writing evil characters. I’m going to read this book again, that’s for sure. I’m not doing the book justice at all with this review. Sometimes for me, books are just too good to try and review, does that make sense? I devoured this book in three days. I just couldn’t put it down!

Oh, Will Patton, excellent job with the narrating. There was a lot of psychic communication that was probably pretty clear visually, so for the audio book, they had to make that come across and Patton along with effects, did a great job with that.

Rating: So good!

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