Discouraged and Annoyed

Jayden and I went to the oral surgeon today for my consult on the recommendations from my new dentist. Everything went really well, paratransit was on time, the staff was polite and helpful, they have this awesome x-ray machine that revolves around your head so you don’t have to sit there forever biting things. The surgeon came in and looked at the film and my teeth and agreed with my dentist and we began discussing options for anesthesia. At first I thought a local would be fine but the more he talked, the more freaked out I got and we decided on putting me out. It’ll be just like the colonoscopy.

So I was all ready to schedule it for the week of the eighteenth when B is on vacation. Unfortunately no, the health of my mouth and my pain is contingent on when the suits at the insurance decide to get around to approving the procedure. I can’t schedule it for four to six weeks. I am incredibly discouraged.

The assistant said sometimes the approval comes in two weeks but she’s also seen it take six.

I’m upset right now and don’t feel like writing anything else meaningful. Grateful I have at least some insurance now but so incredibly sick of everything in my life depending on when “They” decide something can happen. Being disabled and broke sucks.

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