“Die Trying”, “Trip Wire” and “Running Blind” (Jack Reacher 2,3 & 4) by Lee Child – narrated by Dick Hill

There won’t be any Audible links to these books because Audible made a grievous mistake. Ok kids, listen closely. You cannot have a narrator like Dick Hill read an entire series with a very popular character and then suddenly decide to re-record early books with a different narrator. That is a huge huge mistake. I listened to Dick Hill read “One Shot” last year after my friend Ricardo said the books could be read out of order. Jack Reacher quickly became my new Harry Bosch for when I want a good mystery to read so when I was craving some Reacher as a reprieve from the Song of Ice and Fire books, imagine my dismay when I visited Audible ready to drop a credit and found this other narrator. What? It must be a mistake! Where is Dick Hill? I read the reviews. Others were angry too. I emailed Audible. They didn’t understand my question. I soled my soul after that to get my hands on the Dick Hill versions of the next three books. Ok that’s dramatic but I had to use other means to get the proper narrator. This is Dick Hill folks. You don’t mess with Dick Hill fans. Hear me Audible? No, you don’t care. *shakes fist* Ok, on to the books.

First of all, Jack Reacher will you marry me? I can’t ask that with a straight face since my heart belongs to Josh Groban, but I couldn’t think of another way to quickly communicate how much I enjoy Jack Reacher.

In “Die Trying” the second book in the Reacher series, Reacher is very much in the wrong place at the wrong time when the target of a kidnapping walks into him and they both get snatched. I quickly learned with this book that i had to put aside my standard level of believability. I rolled my eyes often over the level of attraction the two kidnapping victims felt for each other and of course had to act on. Ok so at the end of the movie Speed *spoiler alert* Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock hook up and you can believe it since it’s the end, right? Ok so what if they had kissed in the speeding bus? Yeah, cue eye rolling.

I suppose it’s natural for a man with Reacher’s body and odd sarcasm and a pretty FBI agent to be physically attracted to one another. During moments of peril. Whatever.

Reacher begins to work through the mystery of why the FBI agent was the target of a kidnapping. We follow the two as they are driven across the country in the back of a panel truck, sleeping in barns until finally the tedium is over and they reach their destination and oh it’s a crazy cult!

I enjoyed this book despite the eye rolling. These are just fun books. Badass Reacher, crazy bad guys, lots of guns and fighting. Good times.

Rating: Entertaining .

“Die Trying” at Amazon

“Trip Wire” rocked! Jack Reacher is just minding his own business down in Florida digging holes for a pool company when some dude approaches him in the bar where he likes to enjoy his new found addiction, bottled water. This guy asks Reacher if he knows a guy named Jack Reacher. Of course Reacher says no but then while he’s working his night job as a bouncer at a strip club, a couple goons show up asking for Jack Reacher so Reacher is like what gives? He goes after the goons and finds the original guy dead. So now people are dying because they’re looking for Reacher.

Reacher finds the first guy’s office in New York City so naturally he goes there to find out why people are looking for him and why some woman seems to be behind it. He tracks the woman down and gate crashes a funeral and low and behold it’s Jodie, a woman he thought was hot when she was only fifteen and her dad was Reacher’s commander in the army. Turns out dear old dad has died and Reacher and Jodi are super happy to see each other. Too bad the goons found her too.

What follows is just plain good. You’ve got a really creepy villain with a hook for a hand and a misguided business man who needs a loan from crazy hook man to keep his business afloat and you’ve got his gutsy wife and the goons and Reacher and Jodi and how on earth do they all fit together? The Twin Towers still stand in this book and that was rather strange, if I’m honest.

This one is my favorite Reacher book so far, no doubt.

Rating: So good!

“Trip Wire” at Amazon

“Running Blind” was just plain bizarre. There’s a serial killing of women starting and somehow the FBI decides they need Reacher’s help so they arrest him. I’m still not clear on how that all happened. Sometimes you just have to make yourself ignore it when the why’s don’t quite add up in your head. Point is, women are dying and in the most insane way. Rather they are found in the most insane location, but the medical examiners cannot figure out how the women died. Their connection? They had all been sexually assaulted in the Army and then quit. Oh, the Army. No wonder the FBI needed Reacher. He can go places the FBI can’t. Ok, it’s flimsy, but it works haha.

There were times in this book when I didn’t like REacher very much. While that’s an uncomfortable feeling, that’s good writing in a long series, to sometimes make the reader unhappy with the protagonist. Just my opinion. It makes him more human when he does things any normal human would do. Who wouldn’t check out the sexy FBI agent even while the girlfriend is back home? In my head the girlfriend looked like Ally McBeal and the sexy FBI agent was Portia DeRossi. No contest, right?

Rating: Entertaining

“Running Blind” at Amazon


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  1. Roger Nebbo

    I, too, believe Dick Hill is Reacher incarnate and that Audible made a stupid mistake. Praytell, where did you find downloadable books 2, 3, and 4? I will not listen to them until I find the ones narrated by Hill. Thanks.

  2. Ro

    Oh wow, I can’t remember. Let me look into this and I’ll email you at the address you commented with.
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