Desk chair adventure

I figure I’ll write about the desk chair adventure since I’m currently sitting in said chair with my new Apple wireless keyboard, which I absolutely love, thanks B!

So the week before B’s birthday, Carol came and spent the day with me. It was a Friday and B’s birthday was in a week. I had been talking about what on earth I was going to get him and discussion came around to a desk chair since he was still using the old dining room chair Gamma had given me years ago to use at the computer. I had thought about getting him a chair, but didn’t know how on earth I’d manage it, and Carol said she could help me do it on Monday. Sweet. So I skipped the gym on Monday so we could go to Best Buy.

I had a budget that would afford me a decent chair but it couldn’t be crazy. We went to Best Buy and Carol asked the guy where the desk chairs were.

“Right there,” he said.

“Do you have more than two?” Carol asked.

“I don’t know,” said the sales guy who obviously hates his job.

We went over to look at the two chairs, both of which were out of my budget. Another salesguy came over and Carol again asked if they had more chairs, to which the guy informed us that no, they did not have more chairs. In front of the guy, Carol asked if I wanted to check out Office Max, which is nearby. I said something like yeah, what kind of store only has two chairs?

So we went to Office Max and found the large supply of desk chairs. The first one Carol saw that was like what I had described that I wanted, was on sale, for just under my budget. I sat in the chair. It was literally a no brainer. It’s black fake leather with arms and a high executive back. We took the ticket to the register and she had someone make sure they had one. The computer had told her there were three left, but she said you just never know. I began praying, because it seemed like just our luck that they wouldn’t have any. Luckily they did and she rang me up. Three bucks below my budget. Perfect! I had had a feeling that morning that I would find something. Glad my feeling was right.

So the sales guy put the box in the car and Carol quickly realized there was no way we’d get that box in my house. So she offered to take it back to her place so her neighbor could help her bring it in and help put it together.

I was a little hesitant, because I didn’t want to put anyone out, and because I know that Carol’s fatigue is much like mine; you never know when it will hit. However it really was the best option, and I was grateful she had offered to help get it put together.

B kept pestering me over text message about why I had to skip the gym to go shopping. He knew perfectly well I was shopping for his present. I ended up making him think Carol and I had done online shopping, since I didn’t have it. Haha! I love being devious around presents.

Carol brought the chair back Tuesday afternoon. She pushed through not feeling well to do so and I felt bad. I’m so grateful for her and her neighbor, because it just couldn’t have happened more smoothly.

I put the chair by his desk and put his sweatshirt on the back where he always kept it on the old one, stuck the old one in the corner of the kitchen, and anxiously waited for him to get home from work.

The Rays were playing an elimination game that evening so I tuned into the feed on Gameday, but they had the wrong radio station tuned in to it. I couldn’t call because B was heading home a little early. When he walked in, he asked why I hadn’t called and I told him I would. He asked if I was ok and I said yeah. I was hovering, waiting for him to discover the chair. He walked over to the desk, still not noticing it and then finally he did haha! There were exclamations of total surprise. I really got him. He had absolutely no idea. When I explained how the feat was accomplished, he was impressed and grateful for Carol and her neighbor. We’re gonna have to do something nice for them.

So that’s the story of how the new chair was brought home. I had to laugh when I sat in his chair at work and it’s pretty much identical.

This morning I decided to try it out since I’ve got the wireless keyboard and this is so comfy with my feet propped on the coffee table, feather weight keyboard on my lap. I might have to take the chair for myself. Too bad he threw out the old one. Guess he’ll have to sit on the floor. 😉

I think Jayden is confused. He’s on his part of the couch and usually I’m there next to him. Don’t worry Jay, this won’t be an all the time thing. Well, maybe it will be when B is at work. 😉


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5 Responses to Desk chair adventure

  1. Hahahhah I love surprising people. It’s beautiful.

    Hey, have you ever found that your wireless keyboard zaps your cordless phone? I had a problem with wireless headphones doing that to a phone I had.

  2. Ro

    Hmmm weird. I haven’t noticed that. It’s Bluetooth, were your headphones Bluetooth?

  3. I don’t even know. It was back in 2004 or 2005. I didn’t know crap about crap back then haha.

  4. “Hahahhah I love surprising people. It’s beautiful.”

    Especially when those people make it easy for you by believing anything you tell them.

    Hey Carin, can we hang around the bus station when we get there?

  5. Shut up shut up shut up! Hahahahha! You’re a bum! Hahaha! Yup, I’m a big gullible fool.

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