Demo: Using Fleksy with TweetList Pro

So a Twitter conversation this morning prompted a demo of Fleksy and TweetList Pro. It took me three tries to get it since B is home so I couldn’t just start recording easily. The first two tries were with my headset and they didn’t come out so I ended up just moving my laptop so I could use the built in mic. Finally got it!

It’s a little quiet. I need to play with my mic settings and see what I can do about that. This is about twenty minutes and I go over the TweetList Pro app in general and then using Fleksy to write replies and such. At about the four minute mark, Spinelli begins scratching at the door and I angrily let her in and then…things almost go to Halifax but then recover quickly. 😉

Hope this is helpful. Let me know here or on Twitter if you’d like anything else recorded. I do enjoy this!

Fleksy and TweetList Pro demo

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