Demo: The Awesome ootunes radio app

I am in love with this app! I had planned on blogging about it and decided it needed a demo so now there’s going to be both. I found ootunes thanks to this AppleVis post about it. I explain in the demo why it appealed to me after I read that link. There’s all the information you need about the app there, the ootunes website, App Store link etc. It has the support email address which I used the other day. I talk about that in the demo as well.

There are some things I didn’t mention in the demo or that I want to elaborate on that I noticed when I listened to it:

*I forgot to mention that I favorited all the local sports stations so I might actually get into Arizona sports! I’m excited about this since I used to be a pretty dedicated Wildcats fan in my youth. Baseball has spoiled me now and the only way to listen to sports is with radio. I can do online radio broadcast of college sports but then I can’t really multitask well since I can rarely control the volume on those feeds. So now I’ll have radio feeds on my phone and can just use my bluetooth! I’m very excited.

*I failed to mention how accessible this app is though I’m sure you can tell on the demo. The developer has made a point of making things accessible and this is even mentioned on their app description. This is very cool since I rarely notice that. It seems most apps don’t want to mention that dirty little secret of Voiceover. I’m sure that’s not how those developers see it but I kinda do, and I find it very cool that ootunes advertises Voiceover accessibility.

*I should mention that I have experienced app crashes, but that mostly seemed to happen the night I was doing a lot of favorites adding and starting and stopping. It doesn’t seem to happen during regular usage. Also sometimes the feeds dip out for about twenty or thirty seconds but they almost always come back. That’s just the nature of wireless I think. That always happened with my baseball games until I went hardwired.

*The favoriting part of the demo was confusing, but that’s because I think the favorites feature is a bit confusing. It would be nice if you could add to a favorites group from the get go, but you have to add the favorite and then add to the group. I’m not complaining, I love this app too much. I think I’m going to suggest that to the developer though.

So, if you’ve got thirty-five minutes, come join me as I stumble around this app a bit since I’m still novice, listen as I experience my first “worldly” station, laugh along with some comedy, walk with me down memory lane while I reminisce about cassette tapes and other random ramblings.

ootunes demo

(The file didn’t want to play for me at first so I just opened it again. I think Dropbox might have changed some things.)


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6 Responses to Demo: The Awesome ootunes radio app

  1. You totally sold me on this app the other night on Twitter. Well, you and the website’s searchable station list totally sold me on this app. I think it could be something I buy and monkey around with this weekend. I’m sure your demo will be really helpful especially since I’m still pretty new with this whole iPhone thing. I’m getting pretty good with it, but there’s still a lot I don’t know, so any little tricks I can stumble on are super right now.

  2. Ro

    That’s why I’m enjoying doing these demos. A lot of how I learned in the beginning was listening to how people did things.

    I’m listening to some ootunes right now as I wait for the game to start. The station I used to listen to at my last job. Ah, memories.

  3. This thing has huge sports listening potential. Not MLB of course because they have complete control over all the streaming of their games, but everything else…amazing. It’ll be good for following the Guelph hockey team, for a start. I won’t be able to get them on tv anymore and the radio signal may not be good, so Ootunes to the rescue!

    It’s going to be awesome in general since I love radio and used to spend lots of time exploring dials when I was younger to see what I could find. Things like this blow my mind. Little kid me would never have believed this was possible. The internet was a revolution during my high school days, and how you can carry an entire planet full of radio around in your pocket. Insane.

  4. Ro

    I’ve often considered writing a short story about a well known fictional character from the past accidentally time warping into now and totally freaking out.

    Can you imagine? Like, The Great Gatsby?

  5. I like the idea. I bet you could do good things with it. You should go with it if you get the urge to write.

  6. Johnny

    ootunes is great…same with TuneIn radio. For college sports check out the College Football Radio & Live Scores app…they also have a College basketball Radio & Live Scores app…as well as one from pretty much every other sports league. They are completely vo accessible and only $0.99

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