“Deadly Straits” by R. E. McDermott – narrated by Todd Haberkorn

R. E. McDermott is one of the very few self published authors I know of who has gone to the trouble of making his work available as an audio book. This is very happy making since I think I’ve probably missed out on some great books that have been self published. So, please help me spread the word about “Deadly Straits”, would you? Thanks a million. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It had a little bit of everything: espionage, intrigue, comedy, , likable characters, insane freaking terrorists and best of all, heart pounding action. Can audio books be described as page turners? This was one I couldn’t put down. Have you seen the movie Air Force One? Well “Deadly Straits” isn’t about a president and it doesn’t take place in the air, rather on the sea, but parts of it reminded me of Air Force One, specifically the evil terrorists. The book was rather graphic which surprised me at first for some reason but I soon got caught up in the story and the graphic nature of the terrorists and their actions fit well with the story.

The book introduces us to the character Tom Dugan who, it seems, is going to be McDermott’s main character, at least for this series. There is another book already out following this one so it’s ok to like Dugan and several other characters since they’ll be back. Or will they? Dun dun dun…

I can’t even begin to summarize this book. You’ll just have to follow one or both of the links at the bottom of this post haha. It has to do with the CIA and poor Mr. Dugan who gets sucked into helping and put into some rather unlovely situations. His character is quite funny and sarcastic and a bit of a jerk, but he’d be the first one to admit that. I fell for him instantly. His best friend is suspected of helping in a terrorist plot but he just can’t believe it and sets out to prove the CIA wrong. What exactly is up with the best friend? I kept going back and forth. Could he just be sacrificing his own daughter?

I haven’t listened to too many books in this genre, the only other one I can think of being “The Hunt for Red October” and I enjoyed “Deadly Straits” much much more. The narration especially was a thousand times better. There is a lot of dialogue in this book with the characters being all sorts of nationalities which seems like it would be a challenge for the best of narrators but Habercorn did a fabulous job. I really enjoyed this book and was so grateful I immediately had another one to read!

Rating: So good!

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