“Deadly Coast” by R. E. McDermott – narrated by Todd Haberkorn

R. E. McDermott is one of the very few self published authors I know of who has gone to the trouble of making his work available as an audio book. This is very happy making since I think I’ve probably missed out on some great books that have been self published. So, please help me spread the word about “Deadly Straits” and “Deadly Coast”, would you? Thanks a million

I wasn’t sure “Deadly Coast” could live up to its big brother “Deadly Straits” but I was happy to find it did. The beginning was a bit slower to start than the first book but once it did, it kept rolling right along. “Deadly Coast” was rather terrifying since I couldn’t help but think about the real pirates out there on our seas. Stay tuned at the end for some excellent history lessons and information on pirates.

This book had a bit of an X-Files feel to it for me, due to the underlying possible terrorist plot involved. Nothing paranormal, more along the lines of conspiracy. I recently listened to an audio book about Area 51 so the truths in ‘Coast’ were all too scary. I may or may not have heard the name Agent Mulder in my head when a retired doctor was talking to a CIA agent about some truly terrifying “treasure” on a sunken sub. I was also a bit surprised at myself after McDermott described the local sharks in the part of the waters this book took place in. I found myself hoping some evil people would get eaten by the sharks and I kept waiting for it to happen. But then a good guy got stuck in the water and a fin approached. Noooooo! But wait, why then, was I hoping the bad guys would get eaten? Sometimes books can make you see parts of yourself that aren’t so nice to look at. I also may or may not have played the Jaws theme in my head when some bad guys ended up in the water. Would the sharks come? Would they? Maybe I should blame the Discovery Channel for my desire to see some sharks get a nice pirate dinner.

I loved this book! I was so sad when it was over and I had no more Dugan to read. I can’t wait for the next one and I really hope Todd Haberkorn narrates it.

Rating: So good!

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