Cuddling with the Kids

I wrote this this morning before I had even had a cup of coffee. Every morning I do a bit of writing/journaling before starting my day so I turned this morning’s entry into what I decided would be today’s blog post. I went about my day and got busy with a project so I’m finally getting back to this to post it. It has been such a nice day!


My favorite time of day is in the morning just after I’ve fed Jayden and taken him out and started the coffee. I let Timmy out of the spare room, put in there so he doesn’t escape, and walk into the living room to turn my computer on. Most mornings Jayden is already on the couch and I sit and lay over on my side, resting my arm and head on him for a good cuddle. Timmy jumps up and he and Jayden greet each other and then we all settle in for a cuddle as I wake up.

This morning was no different except it was one of those rare mornings that Jayden isn’t on the couch. He followed me into the kitchen while I rinsed his bowl and he drank water and then followed me as I let timmy out. I walked over and turned my computer on and Timmy jumped on the couch and meowed as I sat down, almost like he was calling for Jayden! I whispered Jayden over and he got up on his spot and timmy struggled out of my grip to walk over to Jayden, purring all the while. It never fails to make me smile, this cuddling with the kids.

The three of us settled in, I on my right side with my knees pulled up, resting on Jayden as he lay curled on his end of the couch, Timmy tucked in between us purring away. Spinelli decided to join us as she does on some mornings. This will usually make Timmy run but not today. Spinelli perched on my hip and leg and the four of us lay that way for a bit. I love those mornings! The air conditioner kicked on and I groaned, mentally cursing myself for not shutting it off when I got up. I didn’t want to dislodge the kids to turn it off so I let the cool air wash over us, grateful for the animals’ warmth.

I was laying there, listening to the coffee maker gurgle as it made my wake up nectar thinking I would write about this today. The coffee maker beeped to let me know it was ready and I still didn’t move, enjoying my three fur kids and our morning ritual. Suddenly Jayden had an itch on his back leg and as he swiftly moved to use his teeth on the spot the cats scattered and I giggled, having just been agonizing over having to make everyone move so I could get my coffee. Thanks Jayden, I thought as I stood and stretched. Good morning, Saturday.

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