Crochet projects update

I don’t know why, but I go through phases of having no desire to crochet, and then there are times where I can’t get enough of it. Yesterday morning after my walk with Jayden and Dave, I was absolutely wiped out. So I listened to some audio of Carin and Steve and then put a movie on, crocheting all the while. I was working on Carin’s blanket which is in I think the third phase 5. For a reminder of the phases check out the crochet phase description. Once the current phase 5 is done, I’ll do a phase 3 on Maddie’s and then go into phase 5. All three projects are nearly half complete. I had taken a video of a phase 3 on Maddie’s blanket, but realized it wasn’t very descriptive so I re-did it but it didn’t record. I’m hoping to get video of all three projects in progress.

I really think I want to do a crochet drawing at some point when these three are almost done. Any ideas of what kind of drawing or contest I could do? I actually thought about having people predict the World Series hahahahaha!


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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Ro:

    I crochet too. I have been thinking – for a long time – about some fundraising (for foundation fighting blindness or some such organization) ideas that I’d love to talk with you about. Is there any way for us to communicate offline?


  2. Ro

    Leave a comment with your email address and I won’t publish it.

  3. Question. Since the Jays and Rays are playing each other this weekend, will Carin’s blanket come to an abrupt hault since it’s coming to live with me? You know, like last time hahahaha.

  4. Ro

    Well it’s gonna work out perfectly because I’m almost done with the current phase 5 on her blanket, which means I switch to Maddie’s anyway hahaha.

  5. But let’s say that something comes up and you aren’t able to finish that by Friday. What then?

  6. Ro

    Then I can work on Toby’s raiser’s scarf or just jump to Maddie’s. 😉

  7. Look at you, you baseball fan with a grudge you. Hahaha.

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