Crochet projects phase report *edited*

I thought I’d give an update about the puppy pool winners projects. You can check out the comments on this post to read about the colors and styles the winners chose.

Carin and Maddie won blankets and chose the scrump style, so there’s an extra phase involved in their projects. Toby’s raiser, was runner up and gets a scarf, which is not being done in scrump. Here is a break down of each phase, so you can get an idea what the yarn is up to as it moves through the phases before it gets to it’s person.

Phase 1: Colors and style are chosen and crocheter gets design in her head.

Phase 2: Yarn is purchased. *Each project sat in phase 2 for quite some time while crocheter waited to get the yarn.

Phase 3: This phase applies to scrump styles only. Yarn is prepped before crochet begins, meaning random lengths from the different colors and/or textures are pulled and tied together, leaving half inch ends, then the yarn is balled up into sizeable balls for crochet.

Phase 4: The project is begun. For some crocheters, this is the hardest part. This particular crocheter dislikes phase 4 as it means getting the foundation done.

Phase 5: Main body of project is crocheted. After foundation is started, the rest is simple and quite enjoyable.

Phase 6: Finishing touches, such as weaving in any ends *if applicable, ends are left out in scrump style) and adding any desired edging.

Phase 7: The projects get a bath and final stretching and blocking in preparation for their person.

Phase 8: Project is given to person. When project is given to person in person, this is the last phase.

Phase 9: This phase is applicable when project is shipped. Project is taken to shipping place, packaged up and shipped out.

Phase 10: Project received by person.

So right now, all three projects are in phase 5. For Maddie and Carin’s blankets, the yarn will be in a combination of phases 5 and 3. I complete one phase 3 and then jump to phase 5 until the ball of yarn runs out and then jump to phase 3 again before going back to 5. Carin’s blanket is in that limbo right now. It’s time for another phase 3 before continuation. So Maddie’s blanket was begun yesterday and is in phase 5. When it’s time for 3 on hers, I’ll do 3 on Carin’s and jump to 5, alternating between the two. This is nice, as it keeps things interesting.

Toby’s Raiser’s scarf is in phase 5 and will be until it’s time for edging. So her project gets worked on when I need to work on a smaller project.

Each project is coming along quite nicely and progressing through the phases at a desired rate. The yarn hasn’t given the crocheter much trouble, except for one skein that decided to tangle during phase 3. Issue was resolved and skein was allowed to continue.

I’ll keep you updated, posting as the projects reach a new phase. 🙂

Edit: I’m gonna try and get some video of me working on each project and then video of the projects when they’re done. I’ll post them after the winners receive them. This is so much fun that I think I’ll do a drawing for a blanket after I’m done with these 🙂


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  1. Ro, love that you did that GDB style with phases 1-10. Pretty cute 🙂

  2. At least unlike the poor puppy raisers, we know why our blankets are stuck in a given phase! Ro, you’re awesome.

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