Crochet phase update

The puppy pool projects are nearing completion. Carin’s blanket has one or two phase 3’s to go in combination with phase 5. Toby’s raiser’s scarf is in phase 5 still but almost done. Maddie’s blanket has been the fastest, flying through the phases. Her blanket is in phase 6. I’ve been working furiously on it today in hopes that phase 7 can be done tomorrow at Gamma’s. She likes to see my finished projects.

If you’re wondering what the heck the phases are, go here.

I love Saturdays, as they are really my only day off from responsibility. I get to kind of zone out of life on Saturdays. Jayden had a blast this afternoon doing our new “fast obedience game”. I’ll have to describe that some time, but I don’t have the energy right now. He ran around the house like crazy, though.

I’m feeling a bit of a migraine threatening again. Coffee seems to be keeping it at bay, but I’m glad I just have a quiet day today.

Ok, back to the blanket. 😉


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9 Responses to Crochet phase update

  1. Oh yay. Thanks for the update! 🙂

  2. I’ll be happy when Carin’s blanket gets here. I can hardly wait until I can take it from her, put it on the couch and lie back in it while watching the Jays throw a whooping on the Rays. Yes indeed, it shall be grand.

  3. Ro

    Fine by me if you want to sweat your ass off under a blanket in the summer.

  4. Oh we’re gonna have to fight over the blanket.

  5. Ro

    Um no, you’re the one who won it. You get dibs.

  6. It and the radio can come into the room with the air conditioning, so nobody’s sweating anything off.

    And Carin, there’s no law I’m aware of stating that we both can’t enjoy it together.

  7. Ro

    I guess you both won by default. Well, Carin won outright and you win by default.

  8. Awesome, I almost forgot about the scarf!

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