Crawford trade theory, pitching lineup change

I just got today’s lineup on Twitter and we’re playing Kapler in left field and using Crawford as a designated hitter. I don’t think he’s injured unless we haven’t heard anything, and he hates being the DH.

So my theory is we’re getting ready to trade him for a DH, because adding a bat to the lineup has been in all the discussions I’ve read. What if we’re just seeing how it goes with Kapler in left?

If we don’t trade him in hopes that he’ll help us get to the WS, we could just lose him for nothing at the end of the season since he’s a free agent. If we trade him now, we get something in return. I was hoping maybe he’d tell the Rays he wasn’t leaving, but that’s just doubtful. He’s worth a lot of money. It’s my perfect world that people would put money aside for loyalty, but that just doesn’t happen, especially in sports it seems.

Or my theory could be totally crazy and Maddon is just doing odd things with the lineup again.

I wish I had blogged about what I wanted for the pitching rotation for the second half because Maddon did just what I thought should happen. We face the Yankees on Friday after the break and I didn’t want Garza or Davis pitching there. Maddon has changed things, so it’ll be Shields, Nieman and Price. Price is pitching the allstar game on Tuesday, so that’s probably why he won’t pitch in NY until Sunday. Shields can’t win on Fridays though. Maybe the Friday curse will break during the break.

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