Could the military help with the blankets?

Had a quick idea. Could the military help us? What if we say, have a drive, like six months from now or something, maybe drop off blankets to bases? If we get their help of course. This is just an idea. I have a contact at the base here I’ll talk to, but if any of you know…thoughts?

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  1. Ro

    Got this comment, didn’t publish since she included her email:

    I’d like to help too. My hubby’s in the military and we live on a base in Europe. So far our local high school’s freshman class and NJHS have been trying to get clothes and blankets together to send to Japan but soon after the word went out, everything was put on hold. What was discovered is that the local mail service there isn’t up and running and the mail service though the base (USPS) was iffy because of non-manditory evacuations. Our Red Cross is only taking monetary donations at this time.
    In the mean time I have 2 other ladies recruited in crocheting/knitting beanies but will work on blankets as soon as the projects that are in process are complete. Count us in and when it’s time to send we’ll be ready.

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