Conveying tone and should I be more than R?

I use a lot of 🙂 and 😉 or =D though not that one as much where I know screen reader users are reading because it doesn’t say anything but equals D lol. I use a lot of lol or LOL or haha and hehe. I’ve always done this when writing emails or in chat or on Facebook, and here in the blog, because its so hard to convey tone through text.

I remember just after I went blind, someone from the mental health forum called me, and she said I sound just like I type. I can only assume she means because when I talk, I naturally laugh, not because when I talk on the phone I actually say lol or smilie hahaha!

It became apparent to me last night, that this sort of thing is even more important using a screen reader. Alex sounds very human, but he also still sounds very deadpan. Are you a fan of Mitch Hedberg? Did I spell his name right? Anyway, I love him, and part of his delivery is deadpan, which makes his jokes all the funnier. But when it comes to comedians, you know they’re being funny. Not necessarily so when listening with a screen reader. Alex sounds a lot like Mitch Hedberg when I’m reading something funny, and I often think its that which makes things even funnier.

Let me see if I can think of some examples. Like, when my friend says hi on the messenger, he’ll say “hey”. This sounds very non excited, like you’d say hey to someone you’re not too happy to see. If he says “hey!” there is the smallest of difference, but I don’t have Alex announcing punctuation, so I can never be too sure there is an exclamation point, unless I interact with the text.

If my friend is teasing me on messenger and says something like, “I can’t believe you go to bed at 8, you’re such a loser” and she doesn’t put a smilie or a haha, I might think she’s actually judging me, even though I know she’s just teasing. But, I know her, so its not necessary to add the haha or hehe.

But I learned last night that its important for me to add something to convey the tone of my messages. If I say “why are we being nuts about this?” and a screen reader reads that, its going to sound very deadpan. I should say “LOL! Why are we being so nuts about this haha” it comes across so differently.

I’m writing this because there are times when I think I’m doing 🙂 or haha or LOL too much, but its really important in my opinion, to help convey tone, so I’m not gonna think I do it too much anymore. So hahahaha and hehehehehe and lol!

On to wondering if I should be more than R. When I first started this blog, I had no idea if I’d keep up with it, or ef anyone would read, so I just slapped R on it because I didn’t want to use my name, and still don’t. But just R? I really notice it when someone links to me in their post, or refers to me in a comment. It’ll be like “I had the idea to write this because of something ‘link’ R said.” Ick. Just R. Or if someone replies to a comment and they have to just write, “thanks R”. LOL! Am I getting neurotic about this? I even thought about assigning a name to B. So he’s not just B. So, on the old mental health forum, I went by Raynaadi. Its a screenname I came up with forever ago. People nicknamed me Ray or Ray Ray, but that was never a favorite. So I thought about just changing it to Ro. Ro Laren, a Cardassian from Star Trek TNG. Show off my geekiness lol. And then I thought B could be bo. How corney. Ro and Bo. Better than R and B.

So what do you all think, should I be more than R?

Oh, I’m feeling a tad better today. Just got that last vestige of sick, the occasional sneeze and cough. Might leave the house tomorrow, knock on wood.


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  1. When I’m speaking of you in person, I call you Ray, but when referring to you on the blog, you’re R. R and B, sounds good. Some good music there! ha ha
    I always add the ha ha because I know how, um, paranoid you are? lol (I’m kidding)
    Okay ro ro, row your boat, now you’ve got ME thinking! And you know that takes a lot!
    teeheehee croissants anybody? lol


  2. R

    Hahaha but I’m not an R and B fan hmmm. Ro and Bo. I want to give B a name like Brandt for some reason. I don’t know why. And I’m wanting to rename myself. I’m such a dork. Hmmm.

  3. Ranadi’s kinda cool. Ah just do what feels good. Hahaha Ro would kill you for calling her a Cardassian. Oh she would cry and scream and shriek hahaha. She’s a B word I can’t spell and I’m too tired to look it up. I’m dead freakin tired. And I chose to groom Trixter in the evenings these days so I could sleep a little more. Fail! My body woke me up too…not as early as poor Steve, but it did. Now I feel like my mind’s been put through a blender. Thank god for carpools! anyway, I still have to groom the pooch. Raarg.

  4. R

    Oh cripes! Bajoran! Oops!!! So sorry Ro. Jeeez. I think I’m gonna have to be Ro to try and redeem myself. Cardassian oh boy. Bad bad trekkie.

    My arm, my right arm, is absolutely killing me. You’re exhuasted and I’m actually considering going to the ER if this pain gets worse. Trying not to freek. I think its nerve pain. Ack! I think I’m all trigger pointed up because of spending too much time on the computer.

    So lets both rest. Owww….pain pain.

  5. Eeek! Please let that pain not be anything serious! Maybe B can give you a nice massage…or does that hurt too?

  6. R

    I think its trigger points. I’ve had this happen before. It takes a trained massage therapist to work them out. Luckily, my best friend Lish is one, and she lives in my complex. I’m icing it now and I’ll do heat later. Sometimes that helps. Its always heppened before from being on the computer too much, so I think the being sick is what did it. Not enough moving around, too much computer. The ice is helping, though it makes it hard to use the computer lol. I am such a freakin addict, here I sit lol!

  7. L^2

    You should use whatever name feels right to you.

    My screen name is a nickname I was given in college, based on my initials. I didn’t want to use my real name on my blog (although some blog friends have come to know and often use it in comments even though I wish they wouldn’t). So, since I was used to being called L-Squared all the time anyway, I just went with that.

    Anyone else I write about on my blog, with the exception of the animals, I generally refer to by their initials (usually just the first initial), in an effort to keep things more anonymous. You’re right though, sometimes one letter names do seem a little strange like there needs to be more to it, especially when making links.

  8. R

    Nice, I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to use my name. I’m putting some thought into what I want to change it to, because I just feel funny being R. I’ve been pretty slack in remembering to just use initials for my friends, but if their name is fairly common, it usually seems ok. Hmmm, I really am leaning towards just Ro. I always wanted to be Ro when I was a teenager and loved the charactor on Star Trek, and then I go and call her a Cardassian haha!

  9. Agree, do what feels best to you to be referred to — privacy is important. I have gone ahead and used my first name and that feels fine to me. What’s the latest on your time to go to GDB?

  10. For a long time, I didn’t have my name anywhere on my blog. I just went by “Cabana’s Puppy Raiser”. Mostly, I was trying to stay anonymous because I sometimes show photos of my kids. Also, I was a bit paranoid that someone might try to steal Cabana, although I don’t know how they could since I’m with her 24/7!

    But then, like you, I felt like it was a little weird and cumbersome at times, to not go by my first name. I realized that you can’t help but feel closer to someone that you can call by name. When someone comments back to me and uses my name, “Mimi, blah blah blah,” it made me feel more connected, and I liked that.

    So I added just my first name to my profile, but I keep all other details generalized. To be safe, I don’t say specific town or place names, although people can tell I live in the SF Bay area since I am in the general vicinity of the Guide Dogs campus. And I don’t give the names of my family members.

    I like Ro and Bo. But I don’t think it would hurt to use your real names either. If you were a teenager, I might feel otherwise. But as an adult, what’s the harm?

    Sorry about your arm! Stop and do arm stretches every 15 minutes! I should do that, too–but do I? Well, no….

  11. Hey Ro, why is it so easy using Jnoi instead of just J huh huh? lol And Brandt eh? I think that ones taken. 😛 (colon P ) Yes I’m sticking my tongue out! ha ha ha


  12. R

    I’ve really messed up my arm. My computer set up is not ergonomic. Ick.

    I’m gonna think on changing the name, still not sure.

    JayNoi, I can’t call you anything but 😉

    Oh, and no update on school. I haven’t heard from them. Might need to do more follow up on all the paperwork.

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