Congratulations on your first youtube upload!

Hahahaha I seriously just got an email with that subject line.

Ok, I made a youtube account, and uploaded the same video I had here.

This is the youtube link.

Let me know if youtube works better than uploading right to blogger.

I need to stop. But technology is addicting haha!



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  1. Anonymous

    Ro, youtube worked better than the blog attempt, but remember this is Martin. Don’t know how you manage this stuff, but my head sure isn’t there. Good work!!


  2. Ro

    Martin, I like the youtube better too. The sound quality is far, far superior. How do I manage this stuff? Well, with a lot of cursing and just exploring. I just “dive” into my computer and figure stuff out. I don’t like being stopped haha!

    I should have added that in the videio, Timmy is up on my dresser and he bangs into the light trying to figure out what I’m doing. While he’s being still, I’m not sure what he’s doing, but then he hops on the bed, so I follow in that direction with the camera, and then call him back to the dresser, then realized the light ws right behind him, and that’s when I said he was probably back lit.

    Timmy is a big black and white, cow patterned cat, big black splotches.

  3. If you want to have your youtube videos on your actual blog (so inaddtion to the link) you need to copy and paste from youtube the ’embed’ info lines, then on your blogger post page, go to “HTML” and paste the embed info into the spot you want in your blog post under the HTML section. This will put your youtube video in your blog post so people don’t have to always click the link and go directly to youtube if they don’t want to. Doing it this way is MUCH faster than uploading a video via blogger.

  4. Haha aww this was cute Ro! You can see spinelli in the back ground up by your pillows. After a while she hops onto the dresser to be in the lime light too. Good job with the upload. Darrell found a really easy way to do it.. If you open up your video in Quicktime player then go to the share menu. Click on Youtube and you can upload it from there.

    Oh and the light was good you could see his face pretty well whenever he was backlit by the way lol.

  5. Ro

    Katrin, when they are embedded, screen readers can’t see them. So an option might be to embed them but then also give a direct link. I’ll have to play with it.

    Natalie, I’m glad the light was good. That sneaky Spinelli hehehe!

  6. Ro

    Oh, Natalie, Apple totally changed things with this iPod. You can’t use iTunes to do anything. It’s a long story. I had to find a backdoor way to the file. Quicktime wouldn’t even open the video. It’s really weird. I’m gonna do a whole post explaining about it. Probably tomorrow. But I’ll look into that. Is Darrel using Snow?

  7. umm ok.. first time I have heard of apple suckage… Darrell is using Snow leopard.. do you think that’s the issue? Hmmm You could try and email me the file and see if that’s it if you want to experiment.

  8. Yea YouTube. I remember how much cursing I did to get my YouTube account…er…maybe I was just impatient.

    I think I heard some pering. Cool stuff. I’m looking forward to this explanation. If you ever want, I can hit macvisionaries with a question…if you don’t feel like adding them to the dings.

  9. Anonymous

    Ro, thanks for describing the video. Neat how Spinelli gets into the act.


  10. Ro

    Natalie, it has to do with iPhoto. The new iPod works with iPhoto where video is concerned, and iPhoto is not accessible with Leopard. It might be with Snow though.

    Carin, I view Mac Visionaries on web only. I don’t get it by email. I’m gonna post there tomorrow.

    Martin, yeah, I didn’t even think to describe the video until another person ona sightie blog describeda a video and I was like, oops, I should do that hahaha!

  11. Hey, I got on Darrell’s computer and messed with his iPhoto.. completely accessible.. even easy for me to use so go for snow leopard lol.. Darrell says it’s worth it even if you didn’t need to use iPhoto…

  12. I need some of your motivation to dive in and explore the tech to rub off — Very cool.

  13. Ro

    Natalie, really? Awesome. Does he have pictures and stuff in iPhoto? There was a scroll area with all my content that I couldn’t interact with. I’m not ready to upgrade to Snow yet. And I still think that iTunes should work with the new iPod. The guy at Apple admitted that the engineers thought everyone would want their videos to be organized with their pictures. We both thought that was a bad assumption. I’m just wondering if, with Snow and the new iPod, you can do as much as with iTunes.

    Becky, just remember, you’re not gonna break your computer 😉

    I’m always careful of “save settings” buttons or anything like that, while I’m exploring. It’s really just exploring that helps you figure stuff out.

  14. “Hey, isn’t the Element an electric car?”

    No it’s not (at least I don’t think it is),
    Our guide dog school actually bought an electric car for training the guide dogs to look for a car, not just listen.

    Toby’s Raiser

  15. Ro

    Yeah, GDB has one too. The thing about the hybrid cars is that we as handlers have to hear traffic to read it, to determine when to give commands. Yes, the dogs see the car and will stop us, but it’s still more dangerous than cards that make noise 😉 It also makes it hard for us to tell what’s going on with the intersection.

  16. Yeah, I’ve heard that many people aren’t to happy with the “new” cars!

  17. Well I imported one picture just to see if I could navigate how to do all that but later on I will import more and a video to test it out for you. I’ll let you know about the scroll area. I think its dumb too that it doesn’t work with iTunes.. you would think that it would but maybe they thought it would be less hassle or don’t want to reconfigure the way iTunes is set up… hmmm. Anyways, I’ll let you know after I play around on it. And don’t be scared of Snow Leopard, it’s really good lol. Embrace the change!!!

  18. Ro

    Cool, it’ll be interesting to see how that goes. It’s sure a pain to hook up an iPod and not be able to do everything in iTunes like my other one. Silly apple.

  19. Ok, I see what you’re saying about the empty scroll area… Darrell says to write apple and they should fix it pretty quickly.. I know that sucks though.. Maybe ask if there is any other way you can do it besides iPhoto.. hmm

  20. Ro

    Already on it. The guy I spoke with yesterday was writing up a ticket for the engineers and he got my contact info. That’s one thing about Apple. This will be fixed. I’m gonna say oh, two updates later and iTunes will work with the videos. I did find a back door way to access the videos, so at least I was able to find that.

  21. Well at least you found a way to do it. Darrell also suggested trying iMovie. He said go in and open it up and try to import the video files into there. I think he uses that for his video camera.

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