Come out come out wherever you are

So I know you are reading, but I haven’t heard from many of you lately. So here’s a mission should you choose to accept it.

Leave me a comment. Doesn’t matter if you comment regularly, sometimes or never.

Tell me what you hear and/or see. Tell me what your dog/cat/kid is doing. Tell me what the weather is like. Tell me what beverage is next to you or what you just ate or plan to eat.

Just tell me anything. I guess you could call this a “delurker” post like I’ve seen on other blogs.

For example, right now I hear distant traffic. I hear the sound my speakers make, almost like the steady flow of air. I just heard a door close outside. My coffee pot just clicked. It just clicked again.

There is a cup of black coffee to my left. Jayden just grunted. My stomach just growled. A motorcycle just started, not a cool Harley, but an annoying crotch rocket. He’s sitting there idling now, but any second it’ll get really loud as he pulls away. Hurry up already. Go. Tick tock. Still waiting. There he goes. That thing is so annoying.

See how easy that is? Just sit there a minute and take in your surroundings. Write it in a comment. I just want to hear from folks and had this silly idea. 🙂


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  1. I can hear the kitchen clock ticking, counting down until my mum and sister get here, then we’re going to Ikea. I’ve never been to Ikea, I’ve been told it’s not a good place for people like me, as you can’t escape it in any easy way, but I’m going to try it anyway, need to get out of the house, we shall see how much of a brain I have left when we get home! LOL I’m still procrastinating on finishing my Excel at home assignment and reading. I’ve got 30pages left of reading/assignments to do, should only take an hour, just really not caring to do it any longer today (did half of it and finished reading for another class this morning). And the traffic, I can always hear the traffic outside the front of the house on the street.

    Hope you are having a good day.

  2. Jen

    Haha your bored! I love it though!

    I’m sitting in my room. Have no music on which is very unusual for me. There’s an annoying fly buzzing around the room and I can hear the tv from the livingroom below. That’s about it.

    The same people always leave comments on my blog. It still gets new followers now and then but only the regulars leave comments. Not complaining, its just an observation. Suppose I probably read lots of blogs and never comment either.

  3. Ro

    I’ve never been to Ikea either. I just found out you can get swedish meatballs there. Maybe you can hide out wherever the food is. Hmmm. Good luck; you’ll have to tell us what you think of it. I can’t imagine trying to study these days, yikes! You definitely deserve a break!

  4. Ro

    Actually I had the idea last night but had already shut down for the night. I guess I was a little bored when I wrote this since I had finished up my chores. It was raining this morning so I couldn’t do laundry, so I did the Friday indoor chores today. Hoping I can get the laundry done tomorrow haha!

  5. Let’s see…

    I can’t hear anything from outside. There’s a chilly wet wind blowing out there and it was making the place cold, so I shut the big door. So that leaves what I’ve got in the sound department myself typing, the fans and the news on TV in here. Whatever Carin is doing I can’t hear, she’s way down the hall. I bet she’s checking her email.

    We’re just about to have supper, sausage and baked potatoes. There are no beverages nearby, but I did just finish a glass of water about 10 minutes ago. I’ll probably have milk with food.

    What the heck is the dog doing? I think she’s chilling out in the other room with Carin. They were playing for a bit when they got home, but not anymore.

    I should probably go dish up dinner now.

    Wow, that’s quite the drug bust they’re showing here. 200 Pounds of pot, some coke, meth, weapons…and I think I missed a few things in there. I never get invited to the really good parties.

    Ok, food time.

  6. Hmm ok, here goes. I hear JAWS talking in the bedroom from Taylor doing something on the computer, Leah is sleeping on the floor behind the couch. I also hear traffic outside my kitchen/dining room window. I am still in my PJs been doing a whole lot of nothing. Just finished the first half of my vampire book which is kinda interesting. Oh, Taylor is doing something with ITunes I think, I hear equalizer and The weather is nice. Its around the high 70s low 80s. No hoodie today so far…there is also a nice little breeze to keep it nice out there. One of the ladies from the school called me today to check in on me and LEah and to tell me she hopes we come back soon. Not a whole lot going on twitter or Facebook. Plan on watching Bones in a bit since there is no real intersting baseball tonight. Well, I guess thats it 🙂

    Hope that entertained you for a bit.

  7. I like being random! I haven’t been blogging much and haven’t been reading blogs much either lately. I guess I just need a little blog vacation.

    Right now, I just picked my daughters up at school, came home and ate some chips and salsa with them. This morning, I took Cabana to the dog park soccer field, and a woman arrived with TEN dogs! All belonging to her. Don’t you just wonder what kind of house she lives in? They ranged from an Irish wolfhound down to a teeny weeny chihuahua that weighed maybe 2 pounds. There were poodles and dachsunds and Mexican hairless…and they all had these totally BLING-BLING sparkle-encrusted collars on, in different colors. I thought, how can that 2-pound dog hold up his head because that collar probably weighs as much as he does. I might do a post on it because I did take a few photos, even though they’re not really very good photos.

  8. Ro

    Nice, learned something new. I always pictured you and Carin being in the same room on your computers. Now I know the computers are in two different rooms. Haha! And I’d think you’d be glad, not being at a party where a drug bust goes down…

  9. Ro

    No interesting baseball? Only the possibility of the Phillies getting illiminated. That’s pretty damn interesting hahah! Go Giants!

  10. Ikea is friggin chaos. People, and people, and stuff, and stuff, and display models, but you have to write it down and then ask for the big box of crap you have to assemble…Alan keys + Ikea instructions = screaming matches between assemblers! boohoo! The only fun memories I have of Ikea were when I was a wee little kid and my brother and sister put me in a buggy and wizzed me up and down the aisles for no apparent reason. Then we almost took somebody.

    Ok, I can hear the boring traffic going by, and the TV is on, it’s playing commercials. The news is on but I haven’t been paying as much attention. Steve’s on the phone talking to his brother. Trix is flopped out in here. We were on the go from about 1 to about 5. She was doing a lot of snoozing in there, but I was tutoring that dude. Brrr. It’s friggin cold out there. Something funny happened at dinner. We were watching the weather, and weather Dave said “We may see a few snow flakes tonight, ” and without planning this, we looked at each other and said in the same tone in the same way, “f you!” Well, we said the whole word, but ya know. It was seriously in exact sync. I wish I’d had it recorded.

    Wow that was quite a ramble. I think the chocolate bar I just had is making me a bit hyper.

  11. Ro

    Ten dogs??? Oh my, I couldn’t do it. She must be rich if they’ve all got blingy collars. Wow…

    I take breaks from blogging too. Breaks are good; keeps things interesting lol.

  12. Ro

    Hahaha Carin I know how much you guys love snow. I’m so sorry to hear that, yuck. Jayden and I were in and out all day after it stopped raining. I couldn’t do laundry this morning in the rain so I did indoor chores and then when it stopped raining we were in and out and in and out. It’s finally nice here, so I’m not held hostage indoors and can leave as I please. You should be a snow bird and winter in AZ. 🙂

  13. I got accosted by two dogs. Their owner, I’ll call her Madam Numbnut because I feel like it, had pulled up to the apartment building in her car and opened the door for her co numbnut to get in, but didn’t notice her two dogs had escaped. Then I heard that dopy “What are you doing!” Meanwhile two dogs are coming straight for me. They stood in front of Trix and did their best growl, but Trix looked at them like “What gives? Just wanna take a pee!” Mean while I was stomping my feet making myself look tall and yelling as good as I could. Then Madam Numbnut comes over. “Oh sorry! Sorry sorry sorry!” You didn’t even notice your dogs disembarking! Pay better attention!

    Ok, rant over. But reading about a chick showing up with 10 dogs made me think of it.

  14. That would be fun. The winter temps would probably be perfect for me. Trix, whadya think of winter in Az? No more anti-yeep for your feet? Sound good?

  15. and as for Ikea, and the buggy, I meant we almost took somebody out. Yup, going way too fast.

  16. Eh, well…Its not interesting enough to get me to listen, I will just look for the updates on twitter. I’m sure I have cabin fever right about now, cause I’m counting down the days till I go back to the doc 🙂

  17. I hear my computer wirring, the buzzing of the airconditionar or something outside, my roommate opening a door and people walking upstairs. (I should do this on my blog since I feel like nobody reads haha!)

  18. Well right now I hear jaws (duh), my roommate just sneezed in the livingroom, I hear people walking in the apartment upstairs… that’s it, o and a car outside. My roommate just said something and a cup was sat on the counter… (I think I should do this on my blog to see if anybody reads, o and if I already commented I blaim my computer for not reading the comment…)

  19. My computer is in the living room and Carin’s is down in our bedroom. We also have a spare bedroom/stuff room with a bed in it. You can use it if you ever make it up here.

  20. I’m very much looking forward to the game tonight. My eyes will be on it and the Leafs, who are losing 2-0 at the end of the 1st period.

    Go Giants!

  21. Oh by the way, I have a beverage now. I’m drinking a coke.

    And all this talk of Ikea has this song going through my head.

    Everyone has a home, but if you don’t have a home you can buy one there.

  22. Haha you’re funny Ro! Well, I can hear our fridge humming, a few birds outside, and I can hear myself typing haha! Troy is having a good snooze at the moment but I can’t hear him snoring. I feel really hungry, I haven’t eaten breakfast this morning. But I’m having lunch with a friend today so I guess it can wait. A dog next door gave a little bark then stopped. Other little dogs around the neighbourhood are yipping away. Ok, I’ll go on and on with the sounds sounds around me won’t I? Well, I’ll close the comment here with, take care and have a nice day.


  23. Well my trip to Ikea was surprisingly painless. Somehow my sister, who claims she has been in there only 1 time, memorized the layout and the store employee at the entrance when mum told her what she wanted, told us we could go through this large door that I guess is not the main entrance door, but stuck us on the correct floor somewhat near where the floor length mirrors were though the employee’s directions SUCKED, but like I said some how my sister had memorized where stuff was and we got there in about 5min from the time we walked in the store. Me, I have no idea where we went or how we got to the floor length mirrors, I was just trying to make sure I didn’t get lost from my mum and sister. Then we went to this big warehouse section and then check out was somehow right near there, again my sister knew where it was, how I have no idea since there were like NO signage anywhere in the entire place, just these black arrows on the floor (rather useless if you ask me!) So while I have little desire to ever go there again, and my mum and sister both claim my experience in Ikea was atypical, it was not nearly as bad as I was expecting! So lesson for the day- if you ever need to go to Ikea, take my sister! LOL

  24. I had that song in my head too, but didn’t go fast enough. Say hi to Billie the Bookcase. Maybe sit on Carl.

  25. Hey Katrin, how was your trip to Ikea?

  26. Well I guess I can take back my last comment. Glad You didn’t get trapped in there. There’s a comedy bit about getting trapped in Ikea, and I wish I knew who the hell did it so I could link to it. all about how you have to call the furniture by its Swedish names, and if you took out a compass it would lose its mind because there’s no north, but if you said you wanted to leave because you’re hungry, the Swedish guys would feed you meatballs.

  27. Ro

    I’m not gonna remember what everyone said to respond to everything lol. I’m getting ready to do laundry that we couldn’t do yesterday since it was raining. It’s only 58 degrees out, wow!!

    Katrin I’m glad Ikea wasn’t horrible. Sounds like your sister is the one to shop with haha!! Carin, you gotta find that comedy sketch; it sounds funny. The dumpster truck was just here and it was really loud.

    Oh Jenn, I’ve got comment moderation, so your computer wasn’t lieing to you hehe. I saw a “delurker” post on a friend’s blog and she got all kinds of comments from people who never commented, so it’s worth trying.

    Oh I should see if the blog carnival has been put up yet.

  28. Apparently that Ikea restaurant is actually pretty good, not to mention cheap. I’ve known people who go to Ikea just to eat and nothing else.

  29. Well I’m sitting in my room. My laptop is on my knee, and I can hear my computer fan, and the film my sister is watching behind me. Ushi is somewhere on the floor too. She was chewing her nylabone a while ago, but now i think she is sleeping. I keep thinking bad things about why she continues to stop on our walks. Worried in case something terrible has happened (the instructors say nothing bad has happened), but I still worry.

    I’m gonna put her on her bed shortly (like to do that when I eat as I eat upstairs lol). For now though she can lie where she is. Oh, just heard mum downstairs closing a cupboard door, and someone just signed into Windows Live messenger.

    Going to have french toast for dinner.

    I don’t know what else is happening…..all is quiet on twitter. Ushi just sighed.

    Great idea!! Xx.

  30. Ro

    She’s going to do strange things for awhile since you’re a new team. Jayden still does strange things every once in awhile. Remember that she is going to pick up on your worry, so just try and trust the instructors. It’s all gonna even out; it just takes time.

    I’ve had a stressful day today. Can’t wait to zone out to the baseball game.

  31. Uh-oh, stressful day? Everything ok?

    Go Rangers!

  32. Ro

    Gamma didn’t answer her phone for awhile so I called my dad and he went over just as her neighbors were bringing her inside. She had fallen in the back yard and sat there for 2 hours before the neighbor kid heard her yelling and jumped the fence. We’re making her keep her phone on her and she’s gonna get a medical alert thing, those onstar type things for when you fall.

  33. Eek. That’s so unsettling. Poor Gamma.

  34. Ro

    Yeah, she fell in the house on Tuesday but was able to get to the phone to call my dad. Today she sat back there for 2 hours before the neighbor kid heard her yelling. She knew I’d be calling because she told me to call after I finished laundry. I call a lot, but it doesn’t help if she doesn’t have the phone on her. Ugh. I just felt so powerless when she didn’t answer. My dad didn’t answer at first so I almost called a cab.

  35. OK, I only just now read this post…this is funny, like a very delayed chat!

    I hope your Gamma is OK? My word, that’s so awful!!

    Right now Alfie’s in his cozy nook between tub and toilet in the bathroom pretending to be asleep — he’s not really, I can tell by his breathing! Beautiful evening, the kids are in the other room playing a game and I’m relaxing after a long afternoon out walking when I really should’ve been home doing housework, haha! I figured, housework will always be here but Alfie’s leaving soon. Yay for fun days!

  36. Yeah, that’s a stressful day. I’m glad she’s ok. I really hope it isn’t something that’s going to keep happening. I hate to say it, but sometimes once falls happen once or twice, it’s a sign of something bigger. Hopefully that’s not the case here.

  37. Ro

    Yep, howsework will always wait for ya haha! I’ve been doing more walking now too, now that the weather is nice.

    Yeah, I’m quite medical, meaning I’m obsessed with medical shows and stuff and since I used to work in healthcare, I know only too well about falls and the elderly. I’m concerned about the underlying issue, but Gamma is stubborn. She did say that if she’s not feeling better by Monday that she’ll go to the doc. There a plethora of things that could be causing this, but all she’s concerned with is that she didn’t break anything so she must be ok. She’s not thinking about the cause. We’ll see how things develop.

  38. Not breaking anything is at least a good sign, for what it’s worth. I hope she gets things sorted.

    On a happier note, it’s 5-1 Rangers going to the 6th! That is so awesome!

    And in Canadian football Montreal just lost 40-3 to Hamilton. that brings a song to my heart since I’m not a Montreal fan.

  39. Ro

    Yeah!!!! Bye bye Yankees!!!!

  40. Hmmmm . . . better late than never, I guess. I sit here in the wee hours o’ th’ morn’. Cura lays to my right sleeping for the most part — but occassionally lifting her heavy head and looking in my direction as if to say “are we EVER going to bed!?”

    ***maybe, once I manage to read all the new posts on my google reader***

    ::slinking back into shadows:::

  41. We’re half way to a World Series without either the Yankees or Phillies in it. Here’s hoping the Giants will be the only team to survive my curse all the way through the playoffs.

  42. Ro

    I spent some time this morning getting caught up on my list of blogs too haha. I am so grateful Jayden doesn’t bark. Lots of barking dogs this morning. Maybe they normally bark but I’m just now hearing it since I can actually leave my door open. Hmmm.

    B thinks the Phillies are still gonna win. I’m having faith in the Giants, though.

  43. Poor B. It can’t be easy being so wrong about stuff. Giants are ending things today!

  44. Ro

    I have to give him credit though, he said way back in June that the Rangers would go to the WS. He didn’t get the NL team, said it would be the Braves.

  45. Ok, I was all set to give him props for picking the Rangers because they’re such a longshot pick, but then you had to go ruin it by adding that part about the Braves. I shouldn’t say much since I’m a Jays fan and the Braves got further than we did and have done so many times, but that team is made out of fail. Now and then they don’t fail quickly and easily, but you can almost always count on them to do it in the end.

  46. 46 comments! (And 47 if mine takes). Looks like it worked — your fans are back!

  47. Well, I have been following your blog, but haven’t commented in awhile. Neat idea.

  48. My favourite mug died yesterday. I was doing dishes yesterday morning and when I went to take it out of the water, the handle fell right off. Needless to say, I am heartbroken and lost. But on the bright side, at least unlike the last time a handle fell off of a mug it wasn’t full of hot liquid at the time.

  49. Ro

    Aw, rip, mug. I use travel mugs around the house for coffee and when my first one died, I felt horrible. I nocked it off the counter. Then Gamma ordered me 2 out of a catalogue and I lost one at Saavi. So she ordered me 2 more. I love my mugs haha!

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