“Claire Dewitt and the City of the Dead” by Sara Gran – narrated by Carol Monda

This is another book I got based on this review from Audio Book Heaven. I am so glad I did!

Claire Dewitt is a private investigator unlike any PI I’ve ever read about. She’s not your typical beautiful badass with a tortured past. Claire is a tough speaking pot smoking tattooed woman from Brooklyn who has a past but we’re not sure exactly what. She ends up in the bay area of California but a case brings her to New Orleans two years after “the storm”. We begin to learn about Clair along her journey to a place she’s been before. She is not well liked it seems. Old acquaintances never seem happy to see her. I loved her from the start!

I don’t even know how to begin to describe this book. It just plain sucked me in from the beginning. Claire is so incredibly flawed it makes her completely relatable and she’s so sarcastic she had me laughing out loud several times throughout this book. Written in the first person and narrated by the gravelly deep voice of Carol Monda, Claire just sounds like a real woman. It’s as if she’s there with you, telling you the story of how she investigated the death of this guy in New Orleans. Her tools of deduction, the way she investigates, lifting fingerprints, scrutinizing a birdcage on the balcony of the dead man’s apartment, throwing spiritual dice, consulting the book of a dead French detective, listening to her dreams and trusting the messages they bring, it’s all too intriguing. What happened to this man? Was he murdered, or did he just use the storm as a way to disappear?

You feel like you’re walking through the streets with her and seeing the damage from the storm two years later. I couldn’t help but remember the videos I watched from an online friend, videos of inside her home, everything destroyed.

Claire ends up mixing with some rough gang type street urchins but while they might be gun toting odd drug cigarette thing smokers, you like them. I just really enjoyed this book! Happy was I to discover a second book in the series, yay!

Can Claire Dewitt be my friend?

Rating: So good!

“Claire Dewitt and the City of the Dead” at Audible ~ “Claire Dewitt and the City of the Dead” at Amazon

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