Check out the 2nd Assistance Dog Blog Carnival!

The 2nd Assistance Dog Blog Carnival is here! Thanks L^2 for hosting this round! I just started reading and already it’s fabulous!


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  1. Ro ~ it is funny to hear you say people ask you, “how can they give them back”. Actually for me “giving back” is not the difficult part of puppy raising. Don’t get me wrong, it is a very bitter sweet day. I miss each one of my puppies however, I know they are going on to help better someone’s life.
    The part of raising I find most difficult, is when the puppy doesn’t make the program and I am offered the opportuity to adopt. Luckly for me only 3 of the 13 I have raised, have not gone on to become guides. 2 of which I adopted back.

    I have enjoyed raising each and everyone of them. Your heartfelt thanks is much appreciated but not neccesary.

  2. Ro

    Oh yes, I can see how that would be even harder. Even though Jayden is years from retirement, I think about that time and question whether I’ll be able to keep him.

    For me, giving thanks is necessary since I was given my amazing partner for free. Giving thanks to puppy raisers is something I feel I can do to show my gratitude. 🙂

  3. Jen

    Your post for this was great.

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