“Ceremony in Death” (In Death Book 5) by J. D. Robb – narrated by Susan Ericksen

I can safely say that so far this has been my least favorite In Death book. Eve Dallas is asked to look deeper into the death of a fellow cop and she must do it on the down low, shutting out her good friend and mentor in the process.

Her investigation takes her into the heart of New York’s Wicca and dark magic scenes. I was happy with how Robb separated the two and made sure the reader knows that Wicca does not practice dark magic.

Back in my late teens and early twenties, I studied Wicca on my path to finding something spiritual to believe in. I loved the rituals and traditions of Wicca but it was too structured for me. My studies left me with a deep respect for the religion so I was happy with the way it was portrayed in this book.

The dark magic worship though, just made the book unenjoyable for me. I also didn’t like what was happening to Eve’s character and her treatment of an obviously innocent suspect. Was it all the weird worship and magic she was looking into that tried to bring to the surface a dark side of Eve that we get glimpses of from time to time?

As always, Delia Peabody was a delight in this book. I think when I decide to read an In Death book, it’s to hang out with Peabody haha! I just adore her! Haha her Halloween costume! Haha!

Rating: Meh

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