Celebrating 100 posts

Wow, I simply can’t believe how far this blog has come since September 18!

When I got here, I didn’t have the first clue about what to write, how to do links, or how to label my posts.

I would like to thank the following, oh I’m so nervous so I’ve prepared a list…so in no particular order, oh and if you are not mentioned, please do not take offense, I’m giving special thanks to those who were with me in the beginning, and who have taught me a lot. Ok here goes…

To L^2, yours was one of the first blogs where I started to understand the labeling, as I went and followed the entire story of Willow. You take wonderful photos, and even though I can’t see them, your descriptions bring life to the images in my head. Thank you so much! Oh, and you’ve helped so much with the learning of blogger!
To Emily at Life with the Dogs, you know how I feel about puppy raisers, and yours was one of the first I read, and I followed the whole story of Douglas, and now wait anxiously with you to see how he’ll do. You also told me about the wonderful email list, where I’m just learning so much, thank you!

To Stormcrow at Drums In The Deep, you were my first blind friend on blogger, and I was so happy to find another with a similar yet different story. You are an inspiration my friend, keep writing!
Miss JayNoi at One Voice ~ Write Right, what do I say about Joni? she typed her name wrong in a comment, and my screen reader pronounced it funny, and she’ll be forever JayNoi to me now. Keep giving those pointers, and lets keep teasing Stormcrow 😉
Dear Toby, your blog Toby’s Life as a Guide dog in Training was the first blog I started following written by a guide dog puppy. You are so adorable, and your trainer is oh so sweet, and I am so grateful to have you both in my life!

This blog wouldn’t have been started without Chupa, my dear friend in real life who moved away. I won’t go into what I love about her here, because she already knows, and this isn’t the place. I love you and miss you Chupa! Thank you for giving me the idea to start this blog. You have no idea what it has done for me, and I doubt I can ever express it.

And finally, my favorite Canadians. Oh I’m gonna get all misty eyed… I have to laugh at the fact that the first time I commented on a blog post, I got offended at comments on a “sensitive day” and now I love Karen and Steve to pieces. I plug Vomit Comet more than any other blog, because they have quickly become my favorite one stop for laughter, information, jokes, guide dog stories and whatever else strikes their fancy. Blogger made us neighbors, but Karen made us friends. She’s my Canadian counterpart, we ran into each other on an email list, and now we’re yacking at each other in email so we don’t bore our list mates with our rambling. If there is such a thing as a blogger best friend, Karen is mine. I also must bow down to them, because today I tackled the project of fine tuning my labels, which turned into an all day event, but it was only for 99 posts. Karen and Steve had to do labels for posts for 5 freaking years! Thank you, for helping me realize this task was possible, and for sharing your blood sweat and tears….oh, the stick man is waving his wand…

The music is about to play, so I better wrap up, I just want to say again, thank you so much to everyone, wait wait wait stick man, I want to plug everyone! No! You don’t understand! This post is my reward for all the labeling! I haven’t even shut down my computer since the blogger addiction started, I’ve only put it to sleep, wait stick man! You don’t get what I went through trying to make this post I had like ten Safari Windows open and like ten programs and Alex was tired from all the labeling and he just didn’t want to work anymore so I had to shut everything down and I had to get this post in tonight because I committed to a post a day for 30 days oh shut up stick man stop your stupid music I had to eat dinner and watch the documentary on Andre Agassi and I’m almost done can’t you let me finish what about my other friends and new bloggers I haven’t mentioned them, ok seriously its not necessary to send the pretty girl to come get me I’m leaving alright? Ok, fine, I”m done.


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13 Responses to Celebrating 100 posts

  1. L^2

    Wow, congratulations on 100 posts! At the rate you’re going you’ll be reaching the 1,000 post mark in no time. 😉

  2. Aww you’re just so darned sweet. And you make me giggle.

    Glad we could pull ourselves out of the hell pit after we ticked ya off, *grins*.

    And here’s to hundreds more posts! Mwa ha ha ha, you’ll take over Blogger! Hahaha! Hey, how does Alex say mwa ha ha ha? Damn it I wanna find a “type crap here and Alex will read it back to you” site. Oh god I’d be there forever.

  3. Congrats on making 100 posts, and thanks for the thanks.

    I remember years ago when one of us wrote something about making it to 400 posts, somebody commented and said “congratulations on your 400th post, maybe one day you’ll write a good one.”

    It was a joke, but I always laughed at that and your post reminded me of it today.

    Glad your labeling is working out. It’s a nice feeling when everything is just how you want it.

  4. R

    Thanks everyone!

    I felt a tad goofy after I posted this last night haha. Hmm, mom always did the Goofy laugh when someone said goofy, uh hil uh hil uh hil!

    Karen, mwa ha ha ha sounds pretty good when typed like that. If its spaced out, it sounds almost just right, except I make Alex talk really fast, so its like an evil laugh on coke. And when you put the question mark next to it, it sounds like he doesn’t know if he should be laughing haha!!I wonder if I should suggest an emulator to Apple. I know my friends all want to know when I say croissant sounds cool.

    I’ve still gotta look at my most recent posts, since I created some new labels based on content, so I’ll have to slap those on, but it sure won’t take as long as yesterday. How long did it take you guys to label for 5 years worth of posts?

    I sure I hope I got a good one out of a hundred 😉

  5. Herm. I think it took about three weeks. And three weeks of hardcore work. And I’m still finding little errors along the way. I have this wackadoo thing I do each day where I look back at that day in all the previous years of the archive to see what we wrote, and without fail, I see a post that needs a this or that label.

    Hey you wrote quite a few good ones, otherwise I wouldn’t have plonked you in my blogroll.

  6. Oh god, that thing talking fast…man alive. I’ve been listening to computerized speech for about 25 years and listening to the recording Carin found of Alex talking quickly made my head spin. I couldn’t handle it. Maybe it was the coming headache, but it actually gave me the shivers and the creeps. The slower one I can get used to because it’s kind of conversational, but the fast one, even though he was saying the same things, I couldn’t understand it. I tried really hard to follow it,then it hurt my head, then I gave up because I was getting dizzy.

    Then again I’ve never been one who likes fast computer speech. I like things to sound sort of conversational because I write a lot and want to hear what the delivery sounds like.

  7. R

    I still have to look at the labels to make sure no duplicates are there.

    I figured I wrote some good ones, or else all my followers must be really bored lol!!

  8. Dear r!
    You’re so sweet. You’ve come a long way in overcoming any hurdle that is thrown at you, and I’m glad to be a friend on the journey. Now only if I could figure out how to get Alex to make you laugh even more, so hard that you…well you know. *wink* mwa ha ha ha! lol shh, did I say croissant?

    And never feel goofy for thanking people, remember, they’re the ones who made you goofy. lol
    Take care R,
    jnoi always

  9. R

    Lol oh I don’t have Alex speak as fast tas that clip. He’s at 60 percent. sometimes I’ll put him up to 67 but it literally makes my heart speed up when he talks that fast, and I feel like I’m not moving on the keys fast enough lolol! so I keep it at a good pace, but still faster than any of my sighted friends can understand. When I showed my family, I had to slow him down to 30 percent haha!

  10. R


    Oh, you mean laugh so hard I cry? 😉

    I didn’t feel goofy for thanking epople, I felt goofy for making it like Jula Roberts’ acceptance speech for the Oscars that one year, when she was so obnoxious and yelling at the stick man lol!!

    But, if I didn’t write goofy posts, I just wouldn’t be me, so its fitting.

    I got to thinking, does 100 posts in a month and a half mean I have no life? Haha! But no, it doesn’t take me long to write a post, so I don’t feel bad hehe, and who says writing blogs and meeting people isn’t exactly where I’m supposed to be right now eh?

    Ok I’ll stop rambling before I get all mooshy.

  11. They like me! They really like me! ~Goldie Hawn accepting her Oscar. lol

    You have a life and people who care about you surrounding you. Who could ask for anything more? 🙂


  12. R

    Oh that was Goldie! Ha! Never knew that tee hee!

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