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Is November over yet?

Today has been the best day since I was treated with steroids last week for my MS flair. I decided to start the day with some yoga because for whatever reason my hamstrings have been so tight my legs burned when I scooped Jayden’s dog food in the mornings. The yoga felt great and started the day off nice and relaxing. I spent most of the rest of the day reading my book which had just gotten so good it refused to be ignored.

Now I’m writing today’s post, dreading what will happen in Ferguson tonight and in the days to follow. As if local sounds want to give me a taste of what it will be like there tonight, the police helicopter has been flying overhead and I hear sirens in the distance.

B has a news channel on in the living room and I hear snippets of the reporters talking over the classical music I’ve had playing in my den all day.

I just heard a reporter say we’re getting so close. I’m terrified for that city. Now they’re talking about schools and businesses being closed and a female reporter is saying it’s recklace to wait until after dark to announce the decision since it’s harder to crowd control after dark.

Does anyone really think it will be possible to crowd control in Ferguson tonight? Terrible. This is terrible. The media is sure in its element. This is like a hurricane to the Weather Channel.

My music is crescendoing. I can still hear the TV. The crowd is getting larger and larger. There’s a member of the KKK there?

The woman reporting has been reporting there for two months she says. It’s bound to be a larger crowd than normal, she says. No shit, Sherlock.

I’m scared for the people of Ferguson. I’d be one of the few locking myself inside. B has changed the channel to sports.

In news closer to home, we’re under a freeze warning for tomorrow.

My heart just isn’t in to writing this post. Is November over yet?

Should I keep this text document open until the announcement is finally read? B has the TV back on the news. I have Twitter open as usual.He said he doesn’t usually put the news on for stuff like this but he has a feeling this will be history. I’m like, ya think?

It is such a powder keg of racial tension how could it not be history. It already is history. All these shootings are history, joining one another to lead to this moment, this moment of people being fed up, of course it’s history. I can’t hear the TV now. The heater is running, white noise drowning out all sound other than the click of my keys and the violins coming from my speakers.

I’m going to post this now. My elbow is screaming at me, the steroid induced reprieve is fading.

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Here, have a post (Title stolen from the Vomit Comet)

I have a blog post by my Twitter friend Morgan I want to plug but I need to remember to blog earlier in the day. It’s only 7:30 and I’m so ready for bed. I want to give her post my full energy so it will have to wait. It’s so cool! Maybe I’m just being mean and making baseball fans wait.

I recently finished Stephen King’s new book, “11-22-63”. Incredible book, just incredible. I don’t have enough brain power to really write it up but I’ll just say I loved it and had an intense desire to read “IT” again. I first read that book in fourth grade, then again in eighth and I’ve wanted it in audio for awhile now. Unfortunately Stephen King books are very expensive. I wasn’t sure I wanted to use an Audible credit on it since I only get one a month, but B saved the day today, showing up with a $25 gift card for iTunes. I’m currently downloading “IT” and got it for nine bucks. Sweet! He also got me a speaker for my iPhone, which makes books sound so much better. I’ve been just holding my phone and using the built in speaker, but that makes a very tiny sound. B’s co-worker got us a Music Bullet and I’ve enjoyed hearing my books on that at night, so B decided an actual speaker would be nice. I’m really going to appreciate the volume buttons on it, that’s for sure. When you turn up the volume on the audio book on the phone, the screen reader gets louder too, which is rather annoying.

That’s a really long story to explain that I’m very much looking forward to going to bed. I’m almost done with “A Separate Peace”, so I might begin “IT” tonight.

I experimented with taking my new med this morning. My doc recommended that I take it at night since it can make you drowsy. I felt like I was wasting all my pain relief on sleep though and I haven’t gotten very sleepy at night on it. I can’t tell if it made me sleepy today or not, since I’ve had to rest my back today. Laying around on the heating pad and taking a long bath are rather relaxing activities, so I might just be sleepy from that. I also managed to do yoga this morning. My back had definitely tightened up over night so the yoga helped stretch me out again.

The injury is definitely healing. The pain is getting smaller, if that makes any sense. That’s a big relief. I’m still being uber careful though, and poor Jayden is being a champ about being patient with me.

Speaking of Jayden, I got the holiday greetings from GDB today. It was so cool! My eyes definitely misted a few times. I got to hear my field rep and my main class instructor! Yay! There were many others of course, several I talked to while at school. I was hoping to hear from Mr. Bad News since his wife was pregnant while I was in class, but he wasn’t featured. Jayden was curled up with me on the couch when I got the email, so he got lots of loving. Just about every other person said something like, “give your dog a hug from me” so Jay got even more attention than normal.

It made me wish I had recorded some kind of holiday greeting this week while I had time alone in the house. I thought about singing the song I sang solo in while in that choir, but I don’t have the music track anymore. Why did I delete that!?!? I have the CD somewhere, but who knows where. Oh well.

Blogging every day has been great and I’m happy to have a record of the last month and a half but it’s certainly not helping me write fiction. It’s like the fiction writer in me has fled. Although, maybe once I get used to this med and stop being miserable physically, that will help? Who knows.

I do know that as soon as I’m feeling better I have to attack this house. I haven’t cleaned in days. Sitting around and doing nothing for days on end is wearing on me. I’m usually at least somewhat active every day. This too shall pass. This is probably my body’s way of saying hey, let’s chill for awhile, ok? Sound good? Ok, I’ll listen.

Speaking of the body, Applebee’s healthy menu rocks!! I had a stake and shrimp dinner tonight and oh was it heaven, mmm. And from the healthy menu! Yay! Tomorrow won’t be such healthy food hehe! Dinner with my family. Can’t wait!

Ok, tomorrow I will blog about Morgan’s post during the day when I’m not half asleep. Want a hint? It’s another Q&A with baseball players on Twitter. Did you miss her first one? I blogged about it here. And if you follow that link and then the link within that post you’ll go to Morgan’s blog and you can check out her latest post if you don’t want to wait for me to get around to blogging it. ūüėČ

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Thoughts on pain management and how scared I am of it

Pain management has always been something in the back of my mind, something I’ve known I’ll need to look into eventually but I really didn’t think eventually would come so soon.

The neurologist I saw when I was first diagnosed with MS in 2006 said there’s no pain with MS. I realize now that I have a huge resentment at that man. I believed him. I wish I could have videotaped myself this morning to show him. No pain with MS? Here, watch this. Watch the sobbing and the bending over in pain, watch as I just try to get my dog fed and relieved, watch as I sobbed just wanting to get to the couch, watch as I lay there unable to move but needing to since no position was comfortable and tell me there’s no pain with MS.

It feels like an exposed nerve on a tooth. Everywhere. It feels like daggers are being shoved into my knees and then bolts of pain radiate down my shins and up my thighs. It feels like a school of little pain children was just released on the last day of the semester and they’re running along my bones and muscles and nerves.

Four Advil eventual took the very edge of the pain off and canceling my doctor’s appointment eased the sobbing, knowing I wouldn’t need to leave the house. I’m grateful they were understanding and rescheduled me for next week. Always find a silver lining, always. Or go insane with it all.

I do what I can to ease the pain. I exercise and get regular massages. I stretch. I do yoga. I soak in the bath. But those things don’t help the flairs of acute pain like what attacked me this morning upon awakening.

I knew rain was in the forecast. I felt it Friday while I was on the phone with Carol. “I suddenly feel rain pain,” I said.

“Is rain coming?” Carol asked.

“I don’t know, let’s check.” I hopped on my weather page. Yep, fifty percent chance of rain Monday night. It’s Monday morning and already raining. Add that to the early arrival of Aunt Flo for her monthly visit yesterday and you have a recipe for disaster.

I wanted pot this morning. Just the thought of it brought tears of longing for the relief I knew it would bring. I never enjoyed pot recreationally even in my drinking days but I did smoke it if it was available when I had a migraine or cramps and it worked like nothing else ever did. When I have moments of acute pain, it’s all I think about.

Today I finally accepted that it’s time to discuss pain management with my doc next week and that terrifies me. Just thinking about it makes the tears well up again. I’m afraid of pills. I’m afraid of getting hooked on pills. I’m afraid my strength in sobriety will ebb one day when emotions have my bases loaded and I’ll talk myself into pain I don’t have so I can take a pill. I’m terrified of what drugs do to organs. I love the fact that I don’t abuse my liver with booze anymore. I don’t want to make it process anything else. But four Advil isn’t good either. I see that now.

This is another turning point in life with MS. I’ve talked with Carol before about how the blindness made the MS real for the government and for many people in my life. I didn’t look sick before I couldn’t see. It took the loss of my eyes to show how severe my disease is. I don’t mind the blindness. Too much awesome stuff has happened as a result of going blind, like Jayden and the Rays. I hate the MS though. I hate that my blindness is seen as my primary disability. I hate the people see me as so capable. Why don’t you work? Why don’t you go back to school? Those questions had all stopped when I went blind but they creep up again from time to time. You’re so adjusted. Yeah, until rain happens while Aunt Flo is in town or even when she isn’t. Today was just a powder keg exploding finally letting me know I need to have a backup plan for severe pain days such as this.

I’m just scared. I had to write it out that I’m scared. There are others like me out there. You’ve been scared too. Maybe you’ll google something about being scared of pain management and read this and know you’re not alone.

Here’s another silver lining. The couch came in the most perfect of times. I don’t see me getting up off this couch for any length of time today. It’s perfect and comfy cozy for bad pain days. Thank you, Carol!


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#NaBloPoMo – My favorite pain reliever is Yoga

Yesterday I told myself not to talk myself out of going to the gym. I did just that this morning, but out of necessity. There was no way, with the amount of pain I was in, that I could get myself and Jayden ready, wait for paratransit, add more pain even though it would have been good pain. I knew exercise would be good, but it was Yoga I craved, not cardio and lifting weights.

I’ve only taken three Yoga classes in my life. Two at GDB on Tuesday nights and one here at Saavi. The classes at GDB were wonderful. Deep stretches with controlled breathing in silence with a few other people in the room. The one at Saavi was intense muscle toning Yoga with music and moving from one pose to the other with no regard for breath and it smelled like feet. Taking paratransit home afterwards killed any relaxing the stretches might have invoked.

I bought a CD of the Yoga class from the instructor at GDB and this is perfect for pain relief at home. It’s quiet in the house and Jayden insists on laying on the floor with me, which makes me smile.

I knew I needed this today. The level of my pain had reached a point last night that had me wishing I had a script for pot. I never enjoyed recreational pot back in my drinking days, but I sured loved it for migraines or cramps. So when my pain reaches critical mass, I start wishing for it.

Luckily, Yoga has the same effect. When I’m through with my hour long session, my pain is all but gone and my mind is relaxed. I feel so much better right now; it’s like night and day!

I had a neurologist tell me once there’s no pain with MS. Really? Do you have it? Yeah didn’t think so. I can’t even fully describe it, I don’t think. There’s muscle pain that just comes from being tense but there’s also nerve pain. Everywhere. Like when ice touches a nerve on a tooth, everywhere. Even touching a cat will hurt. It’s gotta be like fibromyalgia. I think the muscle pain is intensified because I’m blind now, being on high alert constantly, aware of my surroundings, moving about slowly especially when the pain is bad. There’s also of course just normal life stress that adds to that. My bones even hurt. I’m going to talk to my doc next month about the possibility of arthritis. Cold weather is better for the MS since it helps the nerves from inflaming, but cold adds to my physical pain since it tenses the muscles, so there’s really no win win, except that I’m in much less danger of a bad flair during cold weather.

When I first begin the Yoga, sitting on the chair hurts. I’m only on the chair briefly and as soon as the stretching and breathing begins, the pain begins to ebb. It’s rather miraculous, to be in that much pain and feel it start to dwindle away. Oh thank you Yoga, thank you!

I don’t rule out medical pot for my future, if it gets to the point where Yoga and massage don’t cut it anymore. I hope it never has to come to that, with my addictive nature. However I’d rather get hooked on medical pot than narcotics, so I’ll turn to the weed before the pill if it ever comes to that. For now though, Yoga is incredible and I need to do more of it, instead of just waiting until the pain gets this bad. It’s also free, doing it in my house, and there’s no travel afterwards, which is fantastic.

You know what else? After a massage or Yoga, I have a slight improvement in my vision. It’s not like I can see anything, but shadows are more apparent, the slats on my closet door become sharp. It’s like contrasts become more prevalent when I’m that relaxed. Weird, huh?

I highly recommend Yoga for chronic pain. I’m grateful I had two classes though, because I still remember things she told me about my form which is really good to know.

I’m so relaxed and pain free right now, so happy making.

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#NaBloPoMo – The Yoga Strap Adventure

I’m beginning this post at 11:17am. Weather conditions are as follows:

Temperature: 47 degrees F

Humidity: 81 percent

Dewpoint: 41 degrees F

Wind: North at 0 mph

Pressure: 30.30 in rising conditions

Clouds: Scattered clouds

Forecast: Today
Showers and isolated thunderstorms this morning…then partly cloudy with isolated showers this afternoon. Highs 55 to 60.

Before I go any further, if the wind is blowing at 0 mph why do they say it’s blowing north?

For anyone with any kind of auto immune disease like mine or arthritis, or old surgery scar tissue or an old injury or any kind of physical or mental condition that makes this kind of weather send your body into panic mode, you’ll understand why I included all that weather information. Heck, just about anybody would be affected by this weather, yeah? Especially those of us in the desert, for all you cold weather folks laughing at my chilly conditions. This weather is precisely why I chose to stay home even though I had my ride lined up to go to the gym and was very much looking forward to it.

Yesterday at Gamma’s, we sat at her kitchen table, both feeling the approaching weather. An eighty-seven year old and a thirty-two year old, comparing aches and pains. I asked if she still had that knee brace she always hated, because my left knee was giving me fits and I just wanted pressure on it. I’ve also known for awhile now that I need to give my knees support when I work out. She didn’t have the brace but she had an Ace bandage. I knew I had found one of my own during all my cleaning, so figured that would be a great way to brace both knees for today’s gym adventure.

Last night I practiced wrapping the knees and felt instant relief. My bandage is a lot newer and fit more snuggly. The one Gamma gave me had lost most of it’s stretch, but added a nice warmth.

When I got up this morning it was cold, but not raining yet. By the time B went to work, it was pouring and I decided it was a good day to stay home. Canceling my paratransit always feels like calling in to work for some reason haha! I always try and cancel at least two hours before the ride is scheduled to arrive.

I next called G and he knew immediately I wouldn’t be in today. I said I would do Pilates and yoga and quickly got ready before I lost my motivation.

I’ve been meaning to fashion a strap out of a ball of leftover rope, for one of the yoga exercises. I don’t have a proper strap or tension band, so I’ve used Jayden’s leash but even completely unhooked, it’s not quite long enough. It also really hurts my hands to try and hold my leg straight up in the air to get a good stretch down the back of it. The leg suffers, since I don’t pull on it the way I should as my hands scream in protest.

So I decided what length of tope would be appropriate, and then cut two more lengths to match. I wanted to braid it, so it would be thicker and easier to grab and also so it wouldn’t be so thin it cut into my foot.

The cats very much enjoyed the braiding of the rope. I had to go into the bedroom and close the door. The braid came in handy to lure Timmy later, since he doesn’t beep right now.

After I did the Pilates ab and leg workouts, I switched to the yoga. I have all these workouts on my iPhone. The yoga is from the instructor at GDB, who teaches yoga to the students. I wonder if she still does?

The braided rope strap worked well enough. It was longer, so I got more of a stretch in my leg but the rope dug into my hands even as I wrapped it around my palms. I thought about tying in a handle somehow later. I still just wasn’t happy with it.

I had wrapped both my knees, not necessarily for the exercise since they aren’t tough on the knees, but more so because they were throbbing with this weather. I decided to unwrap the old bandage with no stretch and throw it out. Then as I balled it up, I got an idea.

Would the Ace bandage with no stretch left work as the strap?

After I returned to my warm sweats and fluffy socks, I brought the ball of Ace into the area where I do my yoga. I folded it in half and got on the floor. Oh perfection! I could wrap the fabric around my palm and it didn’t hurt and it was plenty long enough to rest my elbows on the floor. The surface area of the bandage is much more comfortable for my foot. This time, I did add handles. I just planted my left hand where the good stretch position was, sat up and tied a square knot. I then did the same with the right side. The resulting strap is soft fabric with perfect handles tied at the correct spot. Yay!

I played around with it a bit, standing and figuring out how to stretch my arms with it. What a perfect use for an old and stretch free Ace bandage! I suppose the braided rope will now be a cat toy.

As a funny aside, after the yoga ended and she said, “namaste” and I was enjoying the post yoga stoned feeling, Carin’s voice filled the room, and then Steve’s. Huh? Oh yeah, I had moved a piece of audio they had done at the Vomitcomet to my phone at one point, and stuck it in the yoga playlist to find easily. It cracked me up, because usually when I’m done with yoga I sit there for a bit, coming out of the half comatose half meditative mind set I always fall into. Perhaps, if Carin and Steve hadn’t begun talking immediately, I might have sat too long and forgotten about the strap, stripped off the Ace bandage with no stretch and thrown it away. Maybe, just maybe, we have those Canadians to thank for the excellent use of an old Ace bandage with no more stretch.


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Doggy Diaries – The MS Walk and Jayden’s hidden talent

*The above image is a thumbnail of the pink spaghetti strap tank top I had specially made from L^2. She designed the shirt for me after I mentioned on Twitter that I needed a top for the MS walk. On the light pink shirt is bold black print that reads: MS blinded me and all I got was this awesome guide dog. You can find a link to L^2’s shop on the above link. thanks, L^2!*

I didn’t write on the twelfth last year, so today’s post is dedicated strictly to the MS walk Jayden and I participated in today with my good friend L. She picked us up at 8:30 this morning so we’d have plenty of time to arrive at the park and begin the walk at 9:30.

I had a backpack laden with water for Jayden and Gatorade for me, along with some peanuts in case I got to feeling weak and the usual guide dog supplies. I also limited myself to one cup of coffee that I saved from the day before to keep us from encountering mafia guy bladder halfway through the two mile walk. ūüėČ

It was a rough start when we arrived, since many walkers were there with their pet dogs. I’m pretty sure Jayden was the only guide dog, but only because the people I was with didn’t mention any others.

Just trying to walk from the car to the registration area was next to impossible. Jayden just would not concentrate. Obedience didn’t work, so on went the Gentle Leader, which L laughed at, watching Jayden’s demeanor change haha! After that, he was whipped into shape and did great.

While we were registering, one of the people at the desk must have read my shirt because he asked when I was diagnosed. We had a brief chat and then joined L’s friends from work, who had come to walk it with us. They were really cool and totally fawned over Jayden while asking me questions about how I stay healthy and keep my balance and such. I explained that exercise has done wonders for me.

We stood and chatted for a bit and then things were getting underway. There was talking over a loud speaker, but I’m not sure what they were saying. Lots of people were cheering and a band started playing to send us off.

At first we were in quite the cluster of people, but eventually it thinned out and we were able to pick up our pace. Though there were tons of things to see, Jayden showed me every curb and step until we were on level ground. L’s friends got a kick out of watching him and I kept hearing them exclaim from behind us.

Once we really had a clear path, I put on my excited voice and slapped my leg, giving the high pitched hop up command. Jayden started literally trotting. It was so awesome! We kept having to slow up and go around people, but once we had the all clear again, Jayden began trotting happily. I’m not sure I’ve ever really felt that much spring in his step, at least not for long periods of time. Thinking back on it, this is definitely the longest we’ve walked just out and about, not stopping to shop, or out on a lesson with Dave. It was so incredible. I really got to just walk with my dog.

The weather was beautiful until we hit a patch that was in direct sun with no breeze. It was probably a little over halfway through the walk. I decided we needed a water break and Jayden agreed, lapping it up and then rubbing my leg with his face. I decided to take the GL off since he’d gotten into his rhythm. It had really been awhile since we’d done anything other than our usual walks and Saavi trips, so I wasn’t angry that he had been hard to control in the beginning.

As I watered myself and Jayden, L explained to her friends about how important it is that I not get overheated or too fatigued. We set off again and I tried pushing Jayden but he disobeyed me.

One of the things I have gotten out of Jayden that wasn’t part of the deal, and something I haven’t really mentioned here, is his ability to alert me to coming fatigue. Dave noticed it a few times, where Jayden would slow down and Dave could see me starting to fade, but I haven’t noticed it without Dave until today.

Jayden will absolutely refuse to let me push him. The first time Dave noticed it, I said Jayden must be tired. Dave informed me that no, Jay could probably run a mile, but I was fading. So today, when Jay disobeyed, I obeyed him and sure enough, about five minutes later, I felt the fatigue try to set in.

I thought the two mile walk would be a breeze, since I do two miles twice a week at the gym. However it’s one thing to do two miles on a treadmill in an air conditioned room, and a completely different thing to do two miles outside in Arizona in March on non-level ground while working a guide dog and paying attention to where we needed to go. We even had a few street crossings, which I did human guide through, since the first one freaked me out haha! I didn’t think to make my friends stand and wait with me while I read traffic, and when L said to go, I couldn’t tell where the traffic was and freaked out. Because of the way we travel on a daily basis, we don’t do many street crossings, so I was out of practice.

So back to Jayden refusing to walk as fast as I wanted; it was just incredible to really see him alert to my fatigue. Wow. Are these dogs smart or what???

We heard music in the distance as we approached the finish and L and I were singing silly tunes from our old choir days. As we drew closer, people were there cheering us on, telling us we were almost done. Jayden got a little distracted right at the finish and ran me into a person, but they were good natured about it and then we walked under the arch of balloons, completing the walk. People were cheering and Jayden was panting and my legs felt like jello haha!

We said goodbye to L’s friends and found some shade to give Jay some more water. Then we loaded into the van on our way to Starbucks! Oh how I craved coffee, having not had my fill this morning.

I got an iced venti mocha no whip, my favorite, and Jayden got a cup of ice. He practically ordered me to move my leg so he could sprawl out in the front floor well at my feet haha! I gave him a piece of ice between my sips of coffee and L and I talked about trying to do a walk every other Saturday or so. I sure hope we do that. It was so awesome to be out walking with Jayden in a safe place with my buddy. And Jayden just loved it. I love that bouncy feel in the harness handle.

When we got home, Jayden enjoyed his frozen Kong while I did my stretches. I could feel the ache in my shins like I had at GDB, so I made sure to do the yoga stretch for that along with my normal quad and hamstring stretches. I called Gamma to let her know how it went. After that I filled B in and called Georgie. Both Jayden and I still had energy, but it didn’t last haha!

I got on the computer for a bit and Jay crashed on the tile and then my body ordered me to the couch where I crocheted on the first blanket for Japan.

At one point I got up and Jayden took my spot. When I came back I had him move to the other side which he did, but then promptly put his head on the pillow where I was about to lean back. I didn’t have the heart to move him, so I just stretched out beside him and leaned back on the arm of the couch. He was so passed out that he didn’t even realize it was dinner time. B and I said “food” a few times and Jay just looked at us. Finally I got him to get up long enough to eat and relieve, and now he’s back on the couch as I write this.

It was an incredible day and it wore me out more than I had expected. I felt even more satisfied than I do even when I kill in the gym at Saavi. Not only did I get to walk with my dog and my friend in the beautiful fresh air, but I got to walk for my disease. I didn’t really chat with anyone other than that first guy, but we were all there for the same reason. Not everyone there had MS, but those who were there care enough about it to come and raise money for it. If I find out how many turned out, I’ll update with the number. It definitely felt and sounded like loads of people.

Now I’m off to finish my coffee and crochet some more. My body still feels rather tired, but it’s such a good tired feeling. It’s good to give up some spoons for the cause of finding the cure for the spoon thief.


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Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 4 – Dog Day Eve

Oh man, a year ago was the day before I met Jayden! Crazy! That first Tuesday, I still hadn’t figured out the internet so Carin posted this post for me to let everyone know I had made it safely. Thanks again Carin!

So the Tuesday post was again posted on Sunday and I’m reading through it right now and I had to stop to write really quickly, because I mention in the post that doing Juno work with the rolled up carpet, I kept saying “good boy”. I remember when I had thought Insert would be a black female, but then when I worked with Juno, I called it a boy. Interesting.

I knew I wanted to write about the two dogs I got to work with that Tuesday. It’s been on my mind the last couple days, remembering the dogs. They were both male and I just heeled them up and down the hall with my instructor. We were told it was to give us a taste of working a dog, but thinking back on it, it must have helped the instructors know their choice was correct.

When they asked me what I wanted in a dog, I said I just needed a chill dog who wouldn’t wear my energy down. That was really all I had known I needed. The first dog I heeled that day was very chill and easy to handle. The second dog was a little more energetic and playful and while I had a good time with him, I’m sure I was more focused with the first dog, who turned out to be just like Jayden. I wish I could remember those dog’s names! I couldn’t share their names on the blog so I never wrote them down. Bummer!

That day we went to the downtown lounge for the first time and got an orientation, then did some Juno work with the short handle in San Rafael. It was much warmer than I had thought and it got me pretty sick. That night we had yoga. Oh man I miss the yoga! I need to find the cd I bought from the instructor. I’ve been thinking about that the last few days and can’t remember where I put it.

I mention in the post that I had hoped the yoga would help me sleep that night but it didn’t. I wonder if anyone sleeps well the day before dog day?

Oh, I was about to forget the link to the post haha!

Today hasn’t been the best of days and I’m just glad I was able to remember to post. Aunt Flo came pounding on my door in the middle of the night, showering me with pain. I absolutely despise when she does that. I had to cancel the gym today and have just been crocheting and reading “The Bullpen Gospels” by Dirk Hayhurst for the second time. Finished that up and managed a shower. I’ve got the insurance people coming tomorrow. I wish I had thought about that when he asked if Thursday would work. It’s my anniversary with Jayden and I’ve got insurance people coming??? Ugh. Bad planning on my part haha! We’ll be able to go for a walk after they leave though. It’ll be great to compare the walk from a year ago to the one we’ll take tomorrow, though I don’t remember much a bout that first walk with him.

I just hope I’m feeling better tomorrow. I can’t believe tomorrow is the first anniversary of Dog Day! Wow!

PS – I think rain is coming or something because man to my bones ache. I don’t like being a human barometer!


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Yoga cds for the blind and visually impaired

I got this in email and definitely plan to order it. Sounds pretty cool!


Get Healthy With Yoga: 
  Beginning Yoga for the Blind and Visually Impaired is a dynamic, 
inspiring five-CD set produced by Gretchen Hein, a certified Kripalu yoga 
instructor, and Marty Klein, a blind author and workshop facilitator. The 
goal of the series is to help blind and visually impaired people use yoga 
to reclaim and sustain strong, flexible bodies. The series also provides 
encouragement and information about how to find a local yoga class that 
will be suitable for blind or visually impaired people. 
  The packaging has bold, dark lettering with a contrasting background 
so it can be read by those with low vision. Each CD is numbered with bold 
markings as well. Gretchen’s descriptions of yoga postures are detailed and¬†
explained in language specifically intended to be clear to blind students, 
while Marty’s comments and insights as a blind man create an informative¬†
and enjoyable learning experience. The CDs are engineered so that each pose 
is on a separate track. This allows the listener to design his or her own 
yoga sequence once the series is familiar. The set also contains one CD 
that is similar to a yoga class. Another CD has specific tracks that inform 
prospective yoga teachers how to be thoughtful toward a blind student. 
Students are encouraged to share this CD with a teacher of their choice. 
The cost of the five-CD package is $39.95 plus shipping and handling. You 
can order the set at:
This article concerns exercise, with some online resources:  


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Doggy Diaries – Falling dog

That sounds like Jayden was doing Yoga.

I’ve just been kinda blah today. I was nursing a migraine for a bit which left thank God. So we spent the majority of the day on the couch while I listened to a book. Jayden can sure sleep. I kept checking him, afraid he was bored. But he’d barely lift his head unless I was taking him outside.

At one point, he shift and was laying so his back was towards the end of the couch. I remember feeling him and thinking that if he moved suddenly, he’d fall off. But he stayed that way for quite awhile. I got up for something and when I came back, the motion of me getting on the couch must have moved him just a little and he started to slide. I had one leg on the couch and I reached out with my left hand to steady him, laughing as I said “don’t fall!” He didn’t even twitch! I thought for sure he’d wake up and either keep falling, or help me get him back up. The boy didn’t budge. I had to move all 65 pounds of him into a more stable position on the couch and then make sure he was breathing. Wow. A fog horn wouldn’t wake him.

After I knew the mail had come, I decided he should get out so I got dressed and laughed at the preparation it took to go to the mail. Strap the treat pouch on, clip cell phone to belt, cram poop bag in pocket.

I took him to relieve and then back in the house to harness him up. I let him work to the rocks and then decided to cane the curb where we got lost yesterday. He wasn’t even heeling nicely because there were people and dogs across the way so I had to do obedience. Finally I was able to heel him around the curb and paused and kibbled the sidewalk. At that point, I was distracted so I forgot I could then work him on the sidewalk to see if he targeted the mailbox again. I hear my name and it’s Lish coming out of her apartment, so she came to say hi and meet Jay, then the nice man with the yip yip dogs from yesterday was there again asking how we were doing.

After that I decided to just cane back to the apartment, but wanted to see if he’d target the walkway so I worked him but he walked past it. So I just heeled him inside haha. Had I been more awake, I probably would have turned it into a good distraction lesson, but I just didn’t have it in me.

After that I groomed him and he’s definitely losing his winter coat. Lots of fur went a flyin.

Now he’s not so patiently waiting for dinner while I get the two blog posts I wanted down. He keeps sighing as he lays with his head on my leg. I guess he thinks if he sighs enough, I’ll give in. Hehehe, not gonna happen buddy. Sorry, love you, but no.


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Doggy school – First Tuesday

I didn’t write at all on Tuesday but I just looked at what I wrote on Wednesday and it refreshed my memory a bit.

So Tuesday we started Juno work with the rolled up carpet. My instructor and an apprentice worked with me on opedience and stuff and we got our treet bags to start wearing. Then we got to work with two live dogs, who are in training, but not done yet. Sorry, but I can’t give their names. We were given strict guidelines about what to share in blogs. But I can say that they were both boys and very different. The first one was really chill and did great work. The second one was more playful, which was fun too, but he was a little harder to control. It was so cool to see real dogs. I took the opportunity with the second dog to love him up after praise hehe!

I just realized when doing Juno I always sayd “good boy”. Weird. Anyway, that was cool.

After lunch we loaded the bus and went downtown. We had a quick orientation to the lounge and then it was Juno time with Pete. I didn’t realize we’d go on such a long walk and it was actually pretty warm that day and I didn’t have my hat. So by the time we got back, I was hot and feeling sick. We were going to do something, a lecture, but I can’t even remember what it was. Hmmm. Oh well.

After everyone did Juno we came back and I hit the shower. I had showered the first night but I was so gross. We were having yoga that night after dinner and I really didn’t want to go but I did because I’m scared of shin splints. So I put on my yoga clothes for dinner. I don’t remember what we ate that night.

I went to yoga and it was so nice. The next day was dog day so I was hoping the yoga would help me sleep. Hahaha! Yeah how bout no.

I think I talked to B and Gamma before dinner, but I’m not sure. So that was Tuesday.

Oh yeah, I think we got orientation to the relieving circle but I can’t remember. Yeah I think we did, with Juno. You step off the curb and walk forwards and spin your leash around you, walk backwords and spin the leash and keep doing that. At least that’s how I thought it was done. More on that later.

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