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Thoughts from a…I don’t know how to describe my mind at the moment

I wish I could blog about the last couple weeks with brutal honesty but I can’t, unless I want to completely embarrass myself, which I don’t want to do. Hahaha! I’ll just say, imagine some of the strangest things you’ve ever had to do, the weirdest you’ve ever behaved about something silly, and there you have it. It’s been an interesting start to the year, to say the least.

Things aren’t bad at least. Routines just haven’t gotten back to normal. Hopefully by next week they will. The combination of waiting on the repair guy, strange physical ailments and now B being off this week has made it hard to get back into exercising like I was, which has caused it’s own set of problems.

I can tell you this. If you exercise regularly and then stop for a brief amount of time, becoming more inactive than normal, do not, under any circumstances, chew a Pepto Bismol tablet every day for a week, no matter how badly a medication upsets your stomach. Just don’t do it. I really have no desire to explain why so just take my advice if you trust me. If you don’t trust me, still do not under any circumstances take a Pepto Bismol tablet every day for a week. I assume the liquid is just as bad if taken daily. Don’t do it, you hear?

Ok, now I feel better.

Today a question was asked on Twitter, not by anyone I follow, it was retweeted: Why do blind people have lights in their homes?

As you might be aware, we don’t have any living creature with working eyes in our homes, so why on earth would we need lights? Blind people only mate with other blind people and if they have sighted family, they don’t invite them over. Sighted people aren’t friends with blind people. So yeah, we really don’t need lights. Cats are designed to see in the dark, and blind people having guide dogs is purely a myth. No such creature exists. This blog is a lie. If I had a guide dog, he’d surely like light at night when it’s dark.

In other news, I have a crush on a man named Barbie who doesn’t exist. I think that’s the safest kind of love, right? I curl up in bed with him every night as he tries to save a town from a crazy man. When I’m tired, I go to sleep and leave him in mid step sometimes. He is who he is and I know that will never change because that’s how he was written. Pretty perfect, wouldn’t you say?

Ah, I just paused in writing this to take a shower. I still have no idea if the repair man will be here today. Story of this year so far. B had stepped out so I waited for him to get back. It was one of the best showers I’ve ever had. There’s something about a shower when you haven’t been feeling good that just feels amazing.

Ok, it’s now a one week countdown until life gets back to normal, hopefully. Clock…start…now!

PS – My computer hates the word “retweeted”. It always corrects to “retreated”. So if there’s ever a post I don’t feel like editing when I type something like, “David Price retreated me again”, you’ll know what I meant.

PSS – Can one retreat another? Can that be an adverb describing something a person does to another person? And if so, what exactly would David Price have done to me if he retreated me?


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Oops, I stopped blogging again

Well it’s pretty obvious I’ve stopped blogging daily haha. It just kinda happened. I had just run out of things to blog about, but I’m determined not to neglect the blog like I did before.

Unfortunately today I’m coming down with some kind of stomach thing. I feel lousy! On the good new front though, the meeds my doc tried me on for pain are working swimingly. I take them later at night now so they’ll last longer the next day. We’ve weather coming and while I feel it in my joints, I don’t have that awful nerve pain. I finally got Glucosamine tablets again after waiting forever for them, so I’m really hoping those are going to help with the joint pain like they have in the past.

That’s really about all there is to report. Life is going nicely so far this year, knock on wood. Baseball is right around the corner and I’m starting to get very excited for the season. I’ve missed my nice daily reprieve with my Rays!

Oh, haven’t been to the gym this year. Last week was bad and today I’m waiting on the maintenance man. I know I don’t have to be here for repairs, but I prefer it that way, and that’s a blessing now with this stomach thing. I have worked out at home though since getting my TRX equipment. Hopefully some time I’ll get a video of that now that I own my own. I’m looking forward to weighing in and checking how much holiday weight I put on haha NOT! I’ll take it off though and I’m sure it’s only a couple pounds. Clothes still fit fine, but I can just tell I put on one or two pounds.

Ok, I don’t feel like editing. My stomach is complaining again.

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Doggy Diaries – On this date – Birthday time crunch (TRX!!)

I’m firing off a post quickly while I have a few minutes. It’s my birthday, yay! Hehe anyway, I was on the phone with my friend Erik all day since he called this morning to wish me happy birthday. While On the phone with him I got my birthday present to myself when UPS showed up. It’s a TRX unit!!! It’s the thing I’ve been using at the gym and I’m so excited to have one at home. I hooked it up and tested it while we talked and we just hung up a few minutes ago. I’ve gotta get ready shortly for my birthday dinner, another yay!

I’m so mad at myself because I meant to blog yesterday about the twenty-ninth two years ago and I totally forgot. So I’ll link the post now. It’s about the day I found out I was accepted to guide dog school. I read through the comments this morning and I’m so happy I have those! So, here’s that post.

I’m also going to link to the post from my birthday two years ago because it was when I began the doggy countdown and started questioning everything I needed to do in preparation for doggy school.

I’m so glad I have those memories! I wonder what I blogged on my birthday last year. Haha well never mind, I just checked it out and it’s basically the same post, having forgotten to write on the twenty-ninth hahahaha! Ok, not gonna edit, crunched for time.


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Fitness Update

I didn’t really know what to write again today and while I had good news at the gym, I didn’t want to brag about the workouts again. However…haha! That’s exactly what I’m going to do. I think a conversation on Twitter inspired the urge to brag.

My target weight since beginning to work out in September of 2009 was 150 because of my height, frame and the muscle weight I would be putting on. At my first weigh in, I was 179.

During my drinking days, my heaviest weight was 225 on my 5’7″ frame. I always carried weight well, but I most definitely showed that weight everywhere. When I sobered up in April of 2005 I dropped down to 180 within a few months. Alcohol is incredibly fattening, especially when you’re a beer drinker like I was and I hated lite beer. The carbs I ingested daily, wow!

I had never been fit. Even when I weighed around 160, I was pudgy and not at all strong, though I looked good at that weight. I was never athletic or in to exercise.

Throughout these last two or so years, I’ve seen moments of weight loss followed my months of holding steady. For the last few months, I’ve held steady at 156.

Today I weighed in at 154!!! I can’t believe I’m now only four pounds away from my target. It’s so exciting! I’ve mentioned countless times here that aside from the weight loss and looking good, I’m amazed at my strength and stamina on good physical days. I’m still plagued by MS fatigue, but exercise has improved my energy levels drastically.

The benefit of taking the weight off as slowly as I have is that I’ve trained my metabolism so even when I go through periods of no exercise, the weight doesn’t come back. I have plenty of muscle for fat burning.

I figured it would be a good idea to blog this milestone so I can keep track, and also maybe to inspire anyone looking to resolve to get fit. My suggestion though? Don’t make it a resolution. I don’t make those. Resolutions are made to be broken. Why not just start today. Set a goal, a target weight and remind yourself that it takes time. Go on, what’s your target weight? Start now. Don’t wait until January first. I started in September two years ago, so December sounds like a good month as well. Make it a Christmas present to yourself. The benefits are far too numerous to list.

I’m so proud of myself I could eat some chocolate. Oh wait, I did that earlier today. I don’t eliminate anything I can have in moderation. I eliminated Cheetos because I found I couldn’t stop eating them hahaha!

Ah, speaking of food, B is making cajun pasta and garlic bread. Yummmmmm!

Oh PS – I must add that I kicked a paralympian’s butt on the TRX. She tried doing the plank/crunch I was doing and it nearly killed her hehehe! And she couldn’t hold the plank as long as I could. Talk about an ego boost!

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#NaBloPoMo – Workout review including a short video clip of me

Today marks the end of this year’s NaBloPoMo. Posting every day has been really good for me, so I’ve decided to do it through December as well. It was nice to sign up for NaBloPoMo this year, though I’m not exactly sure what the point was. I didn’t win any of the possible prizes. 😉

I was hoping to have a video today of me doing the TRX training I’ve mentioned here and there. However since my trainer is certified in this, something he signed might have caused legal issues had we video taped it. He said it could be something like, if I did the exercise wrong, it could be a poor reflection etc. I had planned on giving a disclaimer that it wasn’t a training video or anything, just me showing off, but we weren’t comfortable with it. Too bad!!

I did get a quick video of me acting all goofy after my workout though. I think I was energized from the TRX and perhaps that explains the clapping. Why was I clapping? The ending is funny because my trainer couldn’t get the camera to stop. He said he didn’t mind if I didn’t edit that, which is good because I don’t know how anyway.

I thought I’d wrap up this month of posting by looking back on my fitness levels. When I started working out at the blind center in September of 2009, it was partly to increase my stamina for guide dog school and also to try and lose some weight and get some strength. I never thought I would have accomplished what I have. To some it might seem like it took a very long time. It’s been just over two years now, though there have been times when I lapsed due to health reasons or circumstance. December is a tough month since so many take time off for the holidays, so it’s not like I have diligently worked out twice a week for two years.

The good thing about how long it’s taken me to get so close to my goal is that it doesn’t come back. I’ve lost twenty-three pounds and it doesn’t come back. It doesn’t matter if I take a month off from exercise, the weight just doesn’t come back. I’m six pounds away from my target weight of one-fifty! Six pounds!! Exercise has also done wonders for the MS. Wonders I tell you. I still get fatigued, but I don’t stumble like I used to.

Looking back I can say that losing the weight was the easy part. Making a few dietary changes and ramping up the cardio made taking the weight off fairly painless. It’s the toning that has been hard.

Toning was coming along nicely but very very slowly just doing weight training and decline sit ups with a ten pound weight. I was getting stronger and stronger and shaping my body nicely, but I just wasn’t getting as tight as I wanted.

This TRX is amazing. I’ve been doing it only about a month and I can’t believe the difference it’s making in my problem areas of triceps and abs. The great thing about TRX is it engages your entire body even when you’re focusing on one muscle group. Add this insane ab circuit that I do between cardio and TRX and the toning is finally happening the way I want. I find that my strength surprises me. I need to be careful moving something because I’ll put too much muscle into it haha! It’s fabulous!

That’s why I’m really disappointed I couldn’t get video. I’m seriously contemplating buying a TRX for home, though. There is a door unit you can use if you don’t have an anchor in your wall or ceiling. If I do decide to purchase this for the home, I’ll enlist Carol to come get video.

I did grab a quick video though, after my workout. I think the energy is the reason I was clapping my hands. The end is funny too, because my trainer can’t get the video camera to stop. He gave me permission to leave that part in.

Blinks, it’s just a shot of me in the gym wearing my gym clothes. I think my tank top is dark grey, one of those gym type tops. If I remember right the running pants are a lighter gray. I can’t remember.

Direct youtube link

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#NaBloPoMo – Audio: Hanging with Ro Episode Two

I decided to do another silly recording for today’s post. The recording explains why haha! Forewarning, there is major computer swearage in this one haha! I explain why I never swear on the blog, but this was spur of the moment. So if you don’t want to hear it, just turn the volume down for a few minutes when I tell you in the audio haha!

Topics include:

*The aforementioned computer swearing

*How I got my Macbook

*Apple vs. Windows accessibility

*Holiday rant

*TRX training at the gym

*I always mention Evan Longoria and probably always will

There’s more than that but that’s a gist. Remember, there’s computer swearing! You’ve been warned!

Direct youtube link


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#NaBloPoMo – The Yoga Strap Adventure

I’m beginning this post at 11:17am. Weather conditions are as follows:

Temperature: 47 degrees F

Humidity: 81 percent

Dewpoint: 41 degrees F

Wind: North at 0 mph

Pressure: 30.30 in rising conditions

Clouds: Scattered clouds

Forecast: Today
Showers and isolated thunderstorms this morning…then partly cloudy with isolated showers this afternoon. Highs 55 to 60.

Before I go any further, if the wind is blowing at 0 mph why do they say it’s blowing north?

For anyone with any kind of auto immune disease like mine or arthritis, or old surgery scar tissue or an old injury or any kind of physical or mental condition that makes this kind of weather send your body into panic mode, you’ll understand why I included all that weather information. Heck, just about anybody would be affected by this weather, yeah? Especially those of us in the desert, for all you cold weather folks laughing at my chilly conditions. This weather is precisely why I chose to stay home even though I had my ride lined up to go to the gym and was very much looking forward to it.

Yesterday at Gamma’s, we sat at her kitchen table, both feeling the approaching weather. An eighty-seven year old and a thirty-two year old, comparing aches and pains. I asked if she still had that knee brace she always hated, because my left knee was giving me fits and I just wanted pressure on it. I’ve also known for awhile now that I need to give my knees support when I work out. She didn’t have the brace but she had an Ace bandage. I knew I had found one of my own during all my cleaning, so figured that would be a great way to brace both knees for today’s gym adventure.

Last night I practiced wrapping the knees and felt instant relief. My bandage is a lot newer and fit more snuggly. The one Gamma gave me had lost most of it’s stretch, but added a nice warmth.

When I got up this morning it was cold, but not raining yet. By the time B went to work, it was pouring and I decided it was a good day to stay home. Canceling my paratransit always feels like calling in to work for some reason haha! I always try and cancel at least two hours before the ride is scheduled to arrive.

I next called G and he knew immediately I wouldn’t be in today. I said I would do Pilates and yoga and quickly got ready before I lost my motivation.

I’ve been meaning to fashion a strap out of a ball of leftover rope, for one of the yoga exercises. I don’t have a proper strap or tension band, so I’ve used Jayden’s leash but even completely unhooked, it’s not quite long enough. It also really hurts my hands to try and hold my leg straight up in the air to get a good stretch down the back of it. The leg suffers, since I don’t pull on it the way I should as my hands scream in protest.

So I decided what length of tope would be appropriate, and then cut two more lengths to match. I wanted to braid it, so it would be thicker and easier to grab and also so it wouldn’t be so thin it cut into my foot.

The cats very much enjoyed the braiding of the rope. I had to go into the bedroom and close the door. The braid came in handy to lure Timmy later, since he doesn’t beep right now.

After I did the Pilates ab and leg workouts, I switched to the yoga. I have all these workouts on my iPhone. The yoga is from the instructor at GDB, who teaches yoga to the students. I wonder if she still does?

The braided rope strap worked well enough. It was longer, so I got more of a stretch in my leg but the rope dug into my hands even as I wrapped it around my palms. I thought about tying in a handle somehow later. I still just wasn’t happy with it.

I had wrapped both my knees, not necessarily for the exercise since they aren’t tough on the knees, but more so because they were throbbing with this weather. I decided to unwrap the old bandage with no stretch and throw it out. Then as I balled it up, I got an idea.

Would the Ace bandage with no stretch left work as the strap?

After I returned to my warm sweats and fluffy socks, I brought the ball of Ace into the area where I do my yoga. I folded it in half and got on the floor. Oh perfection! I could wrap the fabric around my palm and it didn’t hurt and it was plenty long enough to rest my elbows on the floor. The surface area of the bandage is much more comfortable for my foot. This time, I did add handles. I just planted my left hand where the good stretch position was, sat up and tied a square knot. I then did the same with the right side. The resulting strap is soft fabric with perfect handles tied at the correct spot. Yay!

I played around with it a bit, standing and figuring out how to stretch my arms with it. What a perfect use for an old and stretch free Ace bandage! I suppose the braided rope will now be a cat toy.

As a funny aside, after the yoga ended and she said, “namaste” and I was enjoying the post yoga stoned feeling, Carin’s voice filled the room, and then Steve’s. Huh? Oh yeah, I had moved a piece of audio they had done at the Vomitcomet to my phone at one point, and stuck it in the yoga playlist to find easily. It cracked me up, because usually when I’m done with yoga I sit there for a bit, coming out of the half comatose half meditative mind set I always fall into. Perhaps, if Carin and Steve hadn’t begun talking immediately, I might have sat too long and forgotten about the strap, stripped off the Ace bandage with no stretch and thrown it away. Maybe, just maybe, we have those Canadians to thank for the excellent use of an old Ace bandage with no more stretch.


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#NaBloPoMo – Are you a Florida girl?

As I was working up a sweat and getting my heart pumping on the treadmill Wednesday at the gym, one of the employees was talking to G about the Arizona Wildcats basketball game the previous night. I was mostly tuning out the conversation, just happy to be back in the gym since I had almost lost it.

I grew up with the Wildcats and clearly remember the night they won it all in ’97 but that was during the Lute Olson era, and ever since he left, it’s just not the same for me. I vividly remember when I got his autograph. I was in my early teens and we had gone to the Red/Blue scrimmage game. Afterwards, we went down into the tunnels and I got to meet him. I held out my folded paper and said, “can I have your autograph? You’re my favorite coach.” When I tell that story, I always voice that part with a timid, child-like drawl. I felt so foolish after the words had left my mouth but he signed it happily. I can still imagine the looping signature.

So, my ears perk up whenever the University of Arizona is mentioned in any capacity. As I trudged along on the treadmill, listening to the classic rock on the stereo, the employee said, “what about you, did you watch the game?”

“Nah, I had the hockey game on,” I replied.

“Oh hockey, you’re hardcore!” he said, and I could hear the grin in his voice. I don’t think the last word was actually hardcore, but it was something along those lines. I didn’t have time to mention I’m a rookie fan, this being my first year following hockey. “Who’s your team?”

Here it comes I thought. I’ll say the Tampa Bay Lightning and he’ll ask why Tampa Bay. Before he had a chance though, G launched in with how fanatic I am about the Tampa Bay Rays, how I’d have the radio broadcast on my iPhone while working out, etc. Men always talk about my sports fandom as though they’re talking about their kid’s amazing accomplishment.

“Are you a florida girl?” the man asked.

No one had ever asked me the “why” question in that way before. I’ve had people ask me if I’m from Florida, which I guess is basically the same question but the way he asked it almost made me want to answer that yes, yes I am a Florida girl.

The urge to say yes caught me off guard and I quickly blurted the story of how the Rays captured my heart in ’08 when I went blind and it just feels natural to follow the Lightning now that I want to get into hockey since a lot of my friends on Twitter follow them. He quickly latched on to the blind thing, since his daughter has been blind since birth and he has taught at the blind school. Conversation moved away from sports and on to adjusting to blindness and attitude, accomplishing anything you want and on and on for a bit. I really wanted to get back to sports.

I’ve been reflecting on the gut feeling to say that I am a Florida girl. Those words are rather open ended when you think about it. If someone asks if I’m from Florida, the answer is obviously no, I’ve never even been there. But, are you a Florida girl? Are you a baseball girl? Are you a country music girl? Are you a science fiction girl? How about a Mac girl?

Isn’t labeling yourself as {insert something you like here} girl or guy saying you are a fan of said thing? So perhaps I’m a fan of Florida. It could work. I absolutely adore the Rays and they’re a Florida team. As a result of them, I’ve met the most amazing people, mostly in Florida. One in Boston, but you get my meaning. In fact I have an entire post planned about the incredible people in my life today because of the Rays.

So am I a Florida girl? In a way, yes. Will I ever move there? Doubtful, the humidity would kill me. If I ever get rich however, you bet your bum I’ll be going there at the beginning and end of the baseball seasons when it’s not summer.

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#NaBloPoMo – Audio: Hanging with Ro Episode One

I had the idea this morning to do an audio blog of sorts for today’s post. I had the music playing and had already resigned myself to being lazy today since I’m sore from the gym. My iPod wasn’t charged so I gave it some juice and then started recording. I decided to call it, “Hanging with Ro” because essentially, that’s what it is. I hope it’s at least mildly entertaining haha!

I was going to try doing a transcription of the audio but wow, that’s practically impossible. Ok maybe not impossible with some practice, but that’s going to take awhile to master that skill.

Topics include but are not limited to:

*Music that sounds the same

*Evan Longoria in a toga

*Twitter (You might hear your tweet)

*Suspension training

*Silly accents

*A description of my work area

I don’t think the topics are in that order but I thought I’d give you an idea of what you’re about to listen to. If you like it, please comment here. If I should do more of these, let me know what you’d like to hear. I had fun doing this!

Click here for the direct link.


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Seven. Seven, seven. Seven, seven, seven…seven seven seven!

I’m only seven pounds away from my target weight. Seven pounds!!! I’ve been plateaued for quite awhile now which means I need to change something. Since I like pizza and In and Out, I’m adding more exercise, when spoons allow of course.

So this week, on top of the gym twice a week, I’m doing my Pilates abs and legs workouts as well as yoga. I’ve added pushups since I don’t have a good Pilates upper body workout. I’m doing these on days I don’t go to the gym.

What to do about cardio though? It’s too hot to use my gym and the elliptical here, so dance is it. I have a thirty minute playlist in iTunes full of high energy music.

Today I thought about the movie Flashdance and decided to do some cardio to the maniac song. Holy crap. Do the dance like she does in the movie and you even feel it in your arms. Blinks, the dance is basically running in place like a crazy person while pumping your arms maniacally. It’s fun. And holy cardio. Girls, wear a sports bra. I learned the hard way. Ouch!

Seven pounds. When I hit 150 I swear they’ll hear me screaming in St. Petersburg.


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