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Oops and schedules

I thought that September was the month that I write thirty posts in thirty days, otherwise known as NaBloPoMo. I’ve never called it that since I can’t actually sign up for it. At least I couldn’t in the past. Maybe it’s accessible now. Anyway the point of that mistake was that I thought I was six days behind on it and I was going to try and scramble to get caught up and start posting every day.

I have so gotten out of the habit of blogging. I don’t really know why. That last writing venture didn’t work out for reasons I won’t go into here. There’s another one in the works though. I’ll write about it when it happens officially. I’m excited!

My plan has been to incorporate a writing schedule. I’ve read a lot of author blogs and they all mention a schedule. Since they work from home, if they don’t have a schedule, they don’t meet their deadlines. I never used to work on a writing schedule, but that was when I was just writing here on the blog so it didn’t matter if I wasn’t in the mood to write, etc.

Last year I found out about NaNoWriMo too late to sign up for it but I began furiously writing anyway. I had gotten all but the ending of a novel written. Then I took a few days off which turned into nearly a year since I’ve worked on it. How does that happen?

Right now I’m working on a short story, one similar to the short story challenges I’ve done here, but way different. L^2 actually put one of my stories in her guide dog puppy auction, a story that hasn’t even been written yet. If anyone bid, they would get to give me the sparks to write the story. Someone actually bid on it! And bid a lot haha! Her sparks are totally different than the ones I’ve gotten here, each one actually an integral part to the story and one has actually required some research, so it’s been fun coming up with the plot, characters and setting. I’m sorry, but you won’t get to read it when it’s done. It’s all for the winning bidder.

I’ve been doing some work for the new venture but again, the schedule I mentioned earlier? Yeah hasn’t been incorporated quite yet. I’m testing times of day where writing happens naturally for me and I think it’s mornings. B is off this week so I haven’t implemented it yet since when he’s off, my normal schedule is a bit skewed. I think I’ve figured it out though, that mornings are best. So, when I implement it, the phone will be turned off, email, chat and Twitter will be turned off and the writing will commence.

That’s my hope, anyway. Best laid plans and all that.

In lifely news, it’s still hot. It’s September sixth and it’s still hot. Muggy even. August was awful. Humidity without real rain to break the pressure. I was really sick a few weeks ago. Had to go to the doc even. Had to go on these horrific meds. The cure was worse than the ailment and I haven’t even returned to the gym because the med can cause tendon tears. Lovely. It hasn’t been a fun month.

Soon though, soon, the weather will break and Jay and I can go walking again. Not stupid little short bursts or just enough during laundry. I can’t wait.

After I recovered for the most part, Jay and I did laundry one day and I was curious how he’d do since we hadn’t really worked much. I do obedience routines every day but still. Let me tell you, it was like he said, “we’re working? Yay! I’m gonna do the best job ever so you won’t worry.” And he did. Normally he waits for my cues when going to the laundry even though he knows where to go. He would still pause and wait for me to say ok but that day he flew. It was incredible. His work is always impeccable no matter how much time he’s had off. He still amazes me.

We do need to work on people distractions however. It happens mostly when I’m out with B. I don’t know why Jayden isn’t himself when we’re out with b. Is it because B is his other person? I have no idea. He doesn’t want to follow and he wants to say hi to every person we encounter. It’s truly bizarre.

I had the idea that next time we go out and I need Jay to follow B, I’m giving B some kibble. Always go back to the food with a lab, right? 😉

Give B the kibble, if Jay follows him to the destination, he gets the kibble. We’re going to try that and see how it goes. Any ideas why he doesn’t want to follow B properly?

Hopefully I’ll get to keep writing here. blogger introduced a new editor I haven’t tried and won’t bother trying. According to Twitter, even the sighted hate the new editor. If that eventually happens and Blogger botches things up too badly, I’ll make the move to WordPress. I don’t want to have to do that, so hopefully Blogger will keep this old simple editor around.

So, even though it’s not November yet, I’m going to try and get back into blogging here. It seems when I’m blogging here, it ignites the writing elsewhere. It also gets me back in touch with the outside world, something that has gone away over this summer. Twitter has been my primary source of companionship. Maybe it’ll get better when it cools off.

Maybe I’ll start writing something daily now, even if it’s just a dumb short post just to post. I miss having this blog active. Ok, Miss Commitment part of my brain? Wake up!!


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A post with stuff in it

I have no idea what I’m about to write about. My two best friends are out of town and have been for quite some time. While I rarely hang out with them, we talk on the phone. A lot. Which is odd because I hate the phone. Georgie and I talk every morning for at least an hour during the week, and Carol and I talk usually about every other day or so. For hours. When I was with T-Mobile, it worked great because so is she, so our calls were free. She has a spoon thief illness too, so we’ve really bonded over the years. Its rare that we both have energy on the same day to hang out, so we do it on the phone from the comfort of our own homes.

I forgot that she told me to blog more while she’s out of town since we can’t talk nearly as often. Oops…

So I’m blogging now. carol, it’s hot. What more is there to say? I’ve definitely got the summer blues since the heat makes me hibernate. It doesn’t help that you and Georgie planned your out of town ventures at the same time. You two must have better planning next year, ok? This will be something only you will understand. I needed Chapter 8 last night. It helped a lot.

In other news, the beeping cat collar broke. I’ve ordered another one. In the meantime, Timmy isn’t as easy to find, so that’s been a pain.

Jayden is doing well, though he’s not enjoying the weather either. I walked him all over Saavi on Monday while we waited for our ride, since walking outside is impossible now. Back to finding creative ways to work and exercise the boy. How quickly this time has snuck up on me.

The AZ wildfires are getting under control now that the wind has died down, thank God. I forget what day it was, Sunday maybe? B said he could see the smoke outside. The winds had shifted and blown it our way. I went outside and could smell it. There’s no rain in the foreseeable future, but today the humidity is up as well as the dew point, so maybe? Maybe? After a monsoon passes, there’s a decent window to get outside for a walk. I can’t wait for that. Though last year the storms seemed to come more at night, so who knows.

That’s really all there is, Carol, at least all that can be shared in public. Haha!

Of course there’s baseball, that’s a no brainer. The Rays are off today though. I hate off days. Nothing to look forward to.

I somehow managed to discover that Wil Wheaton is on Twitter. That led me to his blog which led me to his podcast. He still talks about Star Trek, but holy crap, Wesley Crusher is grown up. He swears. He wrote a book going over each episode from the first season of TNG, so in the podcast, he goes over each episode. Hilarious! I was so in love with Wil Wheaton when I was an early teen and now I think I love him even more. He’s a geek in real life!

Oh and Carol, I finally started following Ice T since a Twitter friend mentioned that she does so it finally reminded me to.

I’ve got another awesome Twitter friend. She’s sending me an ‘I (heart symbol) Longo’ t-shirt. It was a giveaway at the Trop last year and she got an extra one. How cool is that? She also tweeted all the Rays on Twitter and told them to read my last post, the one about the Rays being more than just a baseball team. Emeel Salem tweeted back that he enjoyed it. I need to have a way to compose blogs when I’m in bed because I had the post in my head the night before and in my original idea, I was going to mention that along with all the Twitter friends I’ve found because of the Rays, I also found Emeel Salem, who’s music has brought me such joy and who’s fundraising efforsts for tornado victims have been inspiring and fun to participate in. But I had a brain lapse and left it out of the post and he read it. Bullocks.

Something else cool might happen but I can’t write it, so you’ll have to call me when you get a chance. I think that’s about it. Summer sucks, baseball rocks and Jayden is a goof. Oh yeah, and my Twitter friends have been a giant help in filling the void you and Georgie have left in my life, darn you girls. 😉

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Come out come out wherever you are

So I know you are reading, but I haven’t heard from many of you lately. So here’s a mission should you choose to accept it.

Leave me a comment. Doesn’t matter if you comment regularly, sometimes or never.

Tell me what you hear and/or see. Tell me what your dog/cat/kid is doing. Tell me what the weather is like. Tell me what beverage is next to you or what you just ate or plan to eat.

Just tell me anything. I guess you could call this a “delurker” post like I’ve seen on other blogs.

For example, right now I hear distant traffic. I hear the sound my speakers make, almost like the steady flow of air. I just heard a door close outside. My coffee pot just clicked. It just clicked again.

There is a cup of black coffee to my left. Jayden just grunted. My stomach just growled. A motorcycle just started, not a cool Harley, but an annoying crotch rocket. He’s sitting there idling now, but any second it’ll get really loud as he pulls away. Hurry up already. Go. Tick tock. Still waiting. There he goes. That thing is so annoying.

See how easy that is? Just sit there a minute and take in your surroundings. Write it in a comment. I just want to hear from folks and had this silly idea. 🙂


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Nothing nothing tra la la

I’m bored. I’m caught up on my social networking. I spent like an hour on my stat counter today just checking out page loads. Quite a few people seem to be reading my entire blog haha. Really? It’s that entertaining? Cool. I mean one of the readers is actually looking at all the comments too. Wow. Thanks for having such a good time lol. I did that when I first started reading blogs. Going every single post. I do that now when I finda new one too, though that’s been awhile.

There is no Rays game tonight. I feel empty. I feel like I’ve lost a part of me. I miss Evan. I miss Matt. I miss Jeremy and David and Carl and Ben. Ok not gonna name all the players. That would bore you. Does all my baseball talk bore you? Hmmm. Oh well, I like it. I kinda doubt we’ll win tomorrow. It’s the 5th day of the week. We’re at home on a concert night. And we’re playing the Orioles who are 9 and 1 since getting a new manager. Yikes.

Pre-season football is on. Joy. B has a game on because he’s doing the ESPN Streak for the Cash thing and he picked the football game. I’ve tried it but forget most of the time. I picked the Marlins over the Nationals tonight.

Timmy is in the kitchen window cowling. Meow. Meow!! Meeeeeow meeeeow meow. Let me out. Let me out!!!! Let me ooooooout! Pleeeeeese? He got out on me the other morning. I couldn’t find him to lock him up so I took the cane out with me when I took Jayden to relieve. Timmy was howling at the door and he got passed the cane. B got up and went and got him. Yesterday I couldn’t find him and my ride was gonna be here. So I took Jayden and the cane but when I heard Timmy howling at the door, I crouched in front of it and opened it a crack and he tried to get out but walked right into my hands. Bwah ha ha!!! Gotcha. He’s gonna give me grays. Good thing I color.

Jayden destroyed a paper towel roll today. It’s a very fun while very temporary toy. It all started one day when I used the last paper towel and got silly, calling Jayden through the roll. Jayden got all crazy and I ended up getting on the floor and he grabbed it and ran all over the house. So now I make it a 5 minute toy when I get an empty one. I’ll throw it and he’ll grab it and run and bring it to me. He wants to tug with it but that’s not possible so I tell him “drop it”, he lets go and I throw it. Repeat. So fun! I also do this with empty half gallon milk jugs. The temporary toys are the most fun! Of course I constantly check it all for choke hazards and you know what a hovering dog mom I am, so no worries.

Timmy has stopped his howling.

I cringe when I hear a helicopter. We had a helicopter fall out of the sky about a month or so ago. Just fell right out of the sky. Killed the three people on board. So now when I hear a helicopter I duck. Like ducking would save me.

I wacked my head in the laundry room today. I bent over to get the clothes out of the cart and forgot about the high wall shelf thing. Wack! Rounded corner luckily, but ouch. It still hurts if I touch it. Don’t touch it.

There haven’t been any new blog posts in hours. No email, nothing new on FB or Twitter. Where is everyone? Sheesh don’t you know I’m killing time before I can go to bed and there’s no baseball to keep me from reading all my social networking so that I have plenty to read before bed? Gah!

It sucks that football is back. It’s so nice when baseball is the only sport going because then that’s all that’s on tv when B is home. Now it’s back to whistles blowing and clock watching and halftime. All things baseball doesn’t have.

Jayden just sighed.

It’s almost time for our nightly game of tug.

Just heard a motorcycle on the road outside. I’m not incredibly close to the road but sometimes you hear loud vehicles. And you can always hear the crotch rockets racing each other. I’m surprised we don’t hear more crashes.

I’ve been voting for the Rays’ Pepsi Refresh Project idea to get a grant for the Moffet (I think?) Cancer Center to teach kids about cancer prevention. You can vote by text by texting ‘Rays’ to 76462. I think voting ends Saturday. I should have written that sooner. But if a Rays fan reads this, I’m sure they’ve already been voting or know how to vote. I vote constantly. It’s so easy to do by text.

A cat is in the window saying hi to the desert bugs.

Did you know you can actually train your dog to be a rattlesnake alert dog? I never knew that. But I won’t do it because it requires a shock collar. They get a de-fanged rattlesnake and when the dog goes to check it out, they get shocked. So it makes them jump when they smell it. It’s really good for hikers and stuff and Dave’s dog actually kept him away from a rattlesnake. She smelled it and jumped and he knew to follow her and she got them way around it. Handy. Just wish it didn’t require a shock.

Alrighty then, that’s what came out of my brain while I’m killing time before sleep. I got uber fatigued after just one load of laundry today so I’ve been just waiting for bed the whole rest of the day. Sleeeeeeeep! After Jayden’s play session of course. 😉

Thanks for reading the nothing!

And I don’t feel like editing, so typos, you may stay, rent free. You’re welcome.


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Nothing post

I’m bored. There were only two new blogs this morning, so I’m already caught up. Everyone is sleeping, meaning B and Jayden are sleeping. So the only thing to interact with is my computer, but even that is boring. I could read, I’ve gotten into a routine with reading and I only read at night. Sometimes I’ll read during the day when I crochet. Oh. I could crochet. Hmmm. Eh. Don’t feel like it. I really need to get to Michael’s and get yarn for the two blankets and the scarf I need to make for the puppy pool winners. When is that gonna heppen. I need a girl who has some free time who knows about yarn. Hmmm.

My allergies are really bad today. It was pretty windy yesterday, so I was expecting this. Technically, I could take the allergy pills that make me stoned, since I don’t have anything on the agenda today. Saturday’s are now my only lazy day. I’ve been taking just one allergy pill in the afternoons when I’m in for the day. A zyrtec in the mornings, but they aren’t really helping. I wouldn’t mind, except my ears are being affected and that really, really scares me. I’m pretty sure it’s just allergies, but the crazy in my brain tells me, what if it’s not? I wish I had never watched ‘Hillary and Jacki’ about the cellist Jacqueline Dupree who had MS. In the movie, she loses a lot of her hearing. I don’t know if that really happened or if it was just done for dramatic effect. She ends up turning the volume up way loud when she’s listening to classical music. I don’t want to know if it’s true, so please, no one comment me about that. If hearing loss happens with MS, I don’t want to know, so please, no one say anything about it. My neurologist said don’t get online. So I don’t. I know enough about it to manage it, but I don’t want to know about the what ifs. Drives me nuts when people are like, oh I know someone with MS and they’re in bad shape. Don’t tell me these things.

Holy crap how did I get off on that? Yikes. Guess it’s a fear that’s been in the back of my mind.

Timmy and Spinelli are playing way back in the spare room and Timmy keeps doing his crazy play meow. He sounds like he’s in pain when he does that. Silly cat.

Jayden is asleep next to me on the couch with his head on my leg. Cute! I never want to move because I don’t want to disturb him, so I’ll stay uncomfortable until he moves lol. B and I do the same thing with the cats too. Think they’re spoiled? You bet.

Hopefully I’ll make it to Gamma’s tomorrow. I didn’t go last week with the stupid allergies.

B’s computer is really loud. Geez. I’m so used to laptops being so quiet that a loud desktop is really annoying. On the rare occasion that it’s off, it’s so nice and quiet in here.

I heard a noise earlier that could have been rain but I don’t think rain is forecast. It was probably more wind. I’m really not a huge fan of spring, and the reason is because I know summer is around the corner. I’m opposite of cold weather folk. They’re all excited and I’m getting ready to hibernate. It’s really beautiful out, but the pool water will be too cold. So you can’t go swimming. When the pool water is warm enough, it’s sweltering outside, so getting too and from the pool makes you sick. I wish the pool was heated so it would feel nice right now. How I’d love to get in the water and get some good sun with it’s happy vitamin.

I got the wrong thing in my grocery order yesterday. Carol had been telling me about these Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls with all kinds of yummy stuff that you pop in the micro so I got what I thought was that but I ended up with this bag so I asked B and he read the instructions and you have to add eggs and cheese and cook in the skillet. Yeah, how bout no. So I’m either gonna give to to Carol or else get eggs and cheese and have her make it here for us to split. Everything else in the order seems right so that’s good. It’s nice to have food in the house again.
Bored bored bored. I want to play with Jayden or something but it’s quiet time pretty late here on weekends. B always says not to worry but I can’t help it.

I finished ‘Pretties’ the other night but I can’t go get ‘Specials’ yet because it would put me below my money cushion for the month. I really, really need to look into free books. But I like to put them on my iPod and I think all the free stuff only works with Daisy players or Victor. Not sure. The last time I looked at the library site, it was going to be a major pain to get it all to work with the Apple stuff.

I’m out of coffee now, so I’m gonna have to move Jayden’s head.

Wow Jayden actually moved after I got up. Usually when his head is on my leg and I move, I come back and have to slide back in under his head lol. I was thinking about yarn when I got my coffee and it’s the one thing I can’t order online. I tried looking online, but of course there’s no descriptions because they have pictures. And of course you can’t tell what the yarn looks like because it’ll have names like amish sunset or something. Ok maybe not really amish sunset, but you get my drift. And I have very specific ideas in my head for these projects. I miss when Chupa was here and we went yarn shopping. I have two other girls, Georgie and Lish, who know about yarn, but they are both full time students and very busy. Man, when am I gonna get yarn. I want to get these three projects done and shipped before winter. I’m just gonna have to ask one of them to make some time please.

Oh yeah so since I couldn’t get ‘Specials’, I started ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ last night. I can tell it’s going to be an intense read. It’s cool though, cuz there are like six different narrators. So you have different narrators for different characters, both male and female. I read one other book like that long ago. I think it was called ‘The House at the End of the World’ or something. It was really good. It had four different narrators. Really makes it fun.

I think I’m running out of nothing to write about. Funny how nothing becomes something when you just let words pour out. When I write these nothing posts, I have nothing in mind, but stuff comes out. Weird.

I want some waffles but I’m lazy. I’ve also got some breakfast sandwiches I could just throw in the micro. I’m really trying to be better about breakfast. On days where I’m gonna go be active, I have my instant breakfast with soy milk. But you have to be active after that or it’ll just make you gain weight. I mean everything will make you gain weight, but especially the instant breakfast since they’re made for active people who don’t have time to eat right? Yeah. I’m out of them anyway. I couldn’t tell on the website if they were packets or the actual drink so I didn’t order any.

Well, I guess I’ll edit and go forage for food as Carol says.


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Silicone Sally and B

B is so funny when he pays bills and has to deal with Silicone Sally. The last few times he’s paid the Comcast bill, it’s been a nightmare. They keep changing their systems, so just when you get used to one menu, it changes. They used to just require you to push buttons, and now it’s a mixture. So for some stuff, you have to speak and for others you can just press buttons.

We use different cards to make our payments because we pay different shares, and for months now, it will only let us make one payment in a day. You make one payment, and try to make another and it tries to transfer you to customer service.

anyway, so he calls tonight to pay my share since we’re taking care of everything before we leave. They’ve changed the menu again. So they’re saying all the options and nothing about making a payment. B says, “what the ****?” Sally says, “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that’ and launches into the menu again. So B says it slowly, “What. The. ****” Again Sally is confused, so B hangs up.

He called back again and figured out where to go to make a payment and then Sally asked a question like, is that correct. When B said yes, she said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite understand that” or something. So B puts on a really polite voice and says, “Yes! That was correct!” To which Sally replies, “Ok, thank you.” Haha!!

It goes on like this, B having to give complete sentances for her to understand and then she repeats my card number and finally gives him the confirmation number. Then she asks if she should repeat the confirmation number and B says, “No ma’am!!”. And finally the call is over. I said that was painful. He said it was comical haha!

So that was our Silicone Sally fun tonight. I’m getting really nervous and not much is going on on Blogger and FB or email so I’m going a little crazy.


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Doggy Countdown – Uh…er….no title?

I got nothin lol. I was gonna try and write a blog about how Ro is not a normal woman and she’s about to embark on an adventure at GDB school of, of, something. I was gonna try and make it like Harry Potter hahaha! I finished up the 5th book again this morning and I was thinking how GDB will be like going to Hogwarts. All magical and stuff, with “my people”. But I just couldn’t get any good ideas, so I ixnayed it.

So I’m just gonna write. I went to Gamma’s today and she had an extra one of those new F’breeze votive candle thingies. The flameless thing with those screen deals that smell pretty. I’ve wanted one of those since before Christmas but when L and I looked they didn’t have any holiday scents so I didn’t get one. But Gamma did and it smells really nice. She had gotten another one in case the first one died, but I told her she should just be able to pop a new battery in it. She didn’t realize this, so she gave me the new one. Gamma is so good to me! I have it in my bathroom where I usually burn candles in the sink, but I’m out of candles. It smells so nice. Tomorrow at Target I’ll get some more of the screen thingies.

So in 3 weeks it’ll be Valentine’s Day and I’ll be about to get on a jet plane the next day. Wow. Time freakin flies.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get everything I need. Then I need to wash the Vittles Vault. Hopefully I’ll have the iPod soon so I can practice and get video of the cats and B to bring with me.

I gotta call the airline and pick my seat. Why do they do this now? I didn’t know I had to do this, until I called the airline to ask about the laptop and she told me I had to do that. I didn’t know if the school did that so I asked but they didn’t so I have to do that. I have to call and pick a seat. Alrighty then. Hopefully I get someone on the phone who’s easier to understand than the last one. I know I want an aisle seat. But beyond that, do I care? Should I pick one back by the bathroom? But you get more turbulance there. I don’t know.

So now we’re just home and football is one. Two more weeks. Until what, you ask? Until football is over. Yay! Then I go to school and get back and baseball will start in less than a month. Though I think I get spring training games on my Gameday audio.

In a month I’ll be showing my dog routes, wow! In a month we’ll be chillin in my complex. In a month we’ll be meeting people at Walgreens. My clerks there can’t wait to meet my dog. In just over 3 weeks I’ll know it’s name. In just over 3 weeks we’ll know who won the pool. Wow.

22 days!

Oh PS – There were only like 3 blog posts when I got home. Not enough to read. What the heck am I gonna do for the rest of the night 😉


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Well, I vacuumed

Last Thursday, I said I needed to commit to vacuuming once a week, either on Tuesday or on Thursday, my days to get stuff done. So today I knew I needed to do it because I didn’t on Tuesday. I’ve been feeling like absolute hell this week. We’ve had this crazy weather front moving in, lots of overcast days, and it just makes me lethargic and achey. Typically, I feel better before noon, even on good days, but it’s even more important during bad days to get stuff done before the noon hour hits.

So I made myself get out the vacuum. I wasn’t going to move furntiture and stuff lol, just a normal vacuuming. I think the thing is dying. B got it not all that long ago and when we first got it it worked great. But now it’s not picking everything up. I’ve taken the sugestion of other blind vacuumers and do it barefoot, and I can go over and over a spot and still feel stuff there. I turned the vacuum over and turned it on mid way where the brush doesn’t spin and felt, and it’s not sucking. A vaccum is the one item you want to suck hahaha ok bad joke. So, I did the floors and it definitly helps, but it’s not great. Gonna need to have it looked at. I wonder if there’s a vacuum repair shop that will pick it up hmmm.

The trays also worked fabulously. I was able to just pick it up to clean the table, rather than moving all B’s stuff.

I just sprayed the furniture and carpets with F’breeze and then used my F’breeze Air Effects air freshener hehe. Can you tell I like F’breeze? I love it.

Anyway, just wanted to post about that since I asked people to hold me accountable if I didn’t do it 😉

B sent a text not too long ago asking if I’m doing ok with the wind. I replied that it hasn’t been bad and he said it’s about to be. I’m still not really hearing anything, so we’ll see. If it gets bad, you might just see another post from me trying to occupy myself. Though I’m probably gonna get on the couch with Harry to try and drown out the sounds if it gets bad. Almost time for afternoon coffee yay!

The internet is slow today. Not literally slow, but slow on blog posts and emails. Seems like it’s always like that on days I’m not busy. Don’t you all know you’re my entertainment? 😉


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