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Hanging with Ro Episode Four – Audio/Video in two parts – Canadian Bells

This was totally impromptu, and had to be done after the knock on my door today. It ended up being in two parts, the first just audio and the second with video. I’m scattered in the video because my headache flared up haha. Need coffee!

I’ll let the videos speak for themselves! Thanks, Carin and Steve!

Direct link to youtube audio 1

Direct link to youtube Video 2


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Doggy Diaries – Video/Audio: Jayden’s First Play Date with Rudy

Georgie moved into a new house a few months ago and got a puppy too! I’ve been dying to get over there and check out the house and meet Rudy, but we were waiting for him to get bigger before bringing Jayden over. Finally we made plans to get together for a play date yesterday and thanks to Carin, I brought my iPod and got several videos.

First I want to mention how excellent Jayden’s work was before we got around to the playing. Rudy was in his kennel when we arrived, but he was barking and Jayden lost his focus a little. A quick obedience session got him focused on me again so Georgie could give the tour of the huge house. Jayden did great, even remembering where the bathroom was when I needed it later haha!

We let the dogs sniff each other while Rudy was still in the kennel and Rudy was growling. I was a little freaked out by that, but Georgie said it just looked like he was anxious to play. She got him out and carried him outside as Jayden had to guide me in the back yard to take him where he could go relieve. He did fantastic on the rough terrain of the backyard, taking me over loose stones and showing me a pretty big step, even though he really had to pee and there was another dog there.

We let them sniff each other while still on their leashes and then brought them into the enclosed patio. I really like that feature of the house. The large patio is completely fenced in since they have a pool, so we were able to let the dogs free but they couldn’t get far. It’s the perfect dog run.

This was Jayden’s first play date since becoming a guide dog and I had no idea what to expect. At first he didn’t even seem interested in Rudy which surprised me until I thought about all the work we’ve done on dog distractions. I still need to blog about how well he’s done at Saavi with all the new guide dogs.

Anyway, eventually he figured out that he was allowed to play. I was giving Rudy some love while Jayden sniffed around the patio and Georgie went inside to get coffee. Rudy broke free of me and the dogs were off! Rudy started making this sound like he was hurt or scared and I freaked since Georgie was in the house and I called Jayden and couldn’t figure out what had happened and then Georgie came out and laughed. Rudy would entice Jayden but then run scared, making this whimper that wasn’t a painful whimper, just an oh crap I picked on the big dog and now I better un, noise.

Georgie had just set the coffee on the table between us when the dogs went on their second run. Bye bye coffee! Rudy realized he could fit under the table and Jayden couldn’t.

I finally remembered to get the camera out and I ended up with four videos. I think the audio is pretty good. You can tell which dog is which because Jayden’s panting is louder and Rudy’s footsteps are smaller. You can even tell them apart when they drink water. Eventually they shared the water dish together. It was so much fun!

Rudy is a lab/shepherd mix and is around six months old and about half the size of Jayden. Georgie says his lab looks really come out next to Jayden but he’s got shepherd coloring. He is such a sweet dog! And Georgie has a knack for training. She had him in a sit stay on the outdoor couch at one point when I took Jay into the yard to relieve and that six month old puppy obeyed. It’s cool for me to be around a puppy and think about how Jayden was at that age, eager to please but loves to play. He’s still that way. Ok, on to the videos, yeah?

Ok, this starts off with Rudy barking like mad, trying to get Jayden to play. They had already been on two runs at this point. The only barking you’ll hear in all these is Rudy. You hear Jayden growl in a later video, but Jayden never vocalizes at all except for that.

You hear me and my friend Georgie laughing and shrieking a lot hehe!

Direct link to Video One

In this second one, I was trying to get Jayden to sound vicious again, since I had never heard him sound that way. Georgie said his entire face changed when he was growling at Rudy, teeth bared and everything, snout all wrinkled up, wow! Georgie takes the boys into the yard and I end the video.

Direct link to video two

The third one is really short, but I think it has a good closeup of Jayden.

Direct link to video three

The fourth video is the longest. At one point Jayden chews on a mesquite pod and I’ve got my fingers in his mouth. At another point he’s making gagging sounds and you get an idea of how hovering I can be when Jayden is making odd sounds haha! Carol knows what a worrier I am. I don’t play with rope toys anymore because they always made Jayden gag. Rudy had one with a ball attached and Jayden destroyed the ball on it immediately. I think he was gagging because he had still been playing with the remainder of the rope toy. Unfortunately I wasn’t videoing later when they were playing tug with it.

We finally get Jayden sounding all vicious. I think it’s after one of the times Rudy entices him and then hides and Jayden’s like, come on dude! He didn’t do it as long as the first time though, bullocks.

Oh yeah, I had been paranoid the other videos didn’t record so I asked Georgie if this one is. The joys of blind videotaping haha!

Direct link to video four

Yesterday was the most fun we’ve had in awhile. We were there for a good three hours. A few times, Georgie took Rudy inside to give us all a break and so we could sit and talk and drink coffee. Jayden passed out and then Rudy would be back and they were off again. Rudy had only gotten to play with one other dog, but Georgie said he was much older and huge and didn’t really play, more just tolerated Rudy. It was a great match for the two dogs I think.

When we got home, we both crashed out on the couch Jayden told you about yesterday. I had gotten the videos off the iPod and was listening to them and at first Jayden didn’t seem to register Rudy’s barking, but he woke up eventually and acted as though Rudy were in the house hehe! We are going to have to do that more often. It’s the perfect safe location for my paranoia about Jayden’s safety and great company with Georgie. Best day in a long time!

Unrelated thoughts while uploading: Now that I’m hardwired, uploading to youtube is soooo much faster. I can’t believe I wasted so much time being wireless.

Today is Mom’s birthday. I miss you, Mom!

I wonder if I could blog every day until November? NaBloPoMo kickstarted the regular blogging again. I decided to do it every day in December. Maybe I’ll just take it one month at a time.


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Audio/Video: Hanging with Ro Episode Three – Silly Bells

I just slapped a title on this post and had to edit to say it made me think, Silly Bells…silly bells…why are they ringing you?

Now back to our regularly schedule post.

Since I went blind, I haven’t touched my Christmas decorations. This year something changed though, as I listened to audio of Carin and Steve coming up with drunk lyrics for Christmas carols. The deal was sealed when I downloaded some Trans-Siberian Orchestra. (That’s how itunes spelled it, so I’m going with it.)

It was really nice to get all that stuff out again after so many years without it. I was feeling so silly about the bells that I decided to get audio/video of the decorations. I forgot to mention during the video that the star for the top of the Christmas tree is on top of the vase with the lights in it.

I really, really really, love being a dork, if you didn’t know that already.

Topics include:

*Steve and Carin’s blog that inspired the need for bells

*Drunken angel singing. No I’m not drunk

* Video of the areas with the decorations

*Quick shot of Jayden

*Naturally, Evan Longoria comes up. I couldn’t believe it as I listened to the audio. Really? Will there ever be one of these things without his name mentioned?

Direct youtube link

PS – No I’m not on pain killers. That’s just me. =D

PPS – Now that I’m not active, the pain in my head is screaming.

PPPS – When you do multiple PS’s, is it PPS or PSS?


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#NaBloPoMo – Workout review including a short video clip of me

Today marks the end of this year’s NaBloPoMo. Posting every day has been really good for me, so I’ve decided to do it through December as well. It was nice to sign up for NaBloPoMo this year, though I’m not exactly sure what the point was. I didn’t win any of the possible prizes. 😉

I was hoping to have a video today of me doing the TRX training I’ve mentioned here and there. However since my trainer is certified in this, something he signed might have caused legal issues had we video taped it. He said it could be something like, if I did the exercise wrong, it could be a poor reflection etc. I had planned on giving a disclaimer that it wasn’t a training video or anything, just me showing off, but we weren’t comfortable with it. Too bad!!

I did get a quick video of me acting all goofy after my workout though. I think I was energized from the TRX and perhaps that explains the clapping. Why was I clapping? The ending is funny because my trainer couldn’t get the camera to stop. He said he didn’t mind if I didn’t edit that, which is good because I don’t know how anyway.

I thought I’d wrap up this month of posting by looking back on my fitness levels. When I started working out at the blind center in September of 2009, it was partly to increase my stamina for guide dog school and also to try and lose some weight and get some strength. I never thought I would have accomplished what I have. To some it might seem like it took a very long time. It’s been just over two years now, though there have been times when I lapsed due to health reasons or circumstance. December is a tough month since so many take time off for the holidays, so it’s not like I have diligently worked out twice a week for two years.

The good thing about how long it’s taken me to get so close to my goal is that it doesn’t come back. I’ve lost twenty-three pounds and it doesn’t come back. It doesn’t matter if I take a month off from exercise, the weight just doesn’t come back. I’m six pounds away from my target weight of one-fifty! Six pounds!! Exercise has also done wonders for the MS. Wonders I tell you. I still get fatigued, but I don’t stumble like I used to.

Looking back I can say that losing the weight was the easy part. Making a few dietary changes and ramping up the cardio made taking the weight off fairly painless. It’s the toning that has been hard.

Toning was coming along nicely but very very slowly just doing weight training and decline sit ups with a ten pound weight. I was getting stronger and stronger and shaping my body nicely, but I just wasn’t getting as tight as I wanted.

This TRX is amazing. I’ve been doing it only about a month and I can’t believe the difference it’s making in my problem areas of triceps and abs. The great thing about TRX is it engages your entire body even when you’re focusing on one muscle group. Add this insane ab circuit that I do between cardio and TRX and the toning is finally happening the way I want. I find that my strength surprises me. I need to be careful moving something because I’ll put too much muscle into it haha! It’s fabulous!

That’s why I’m really disappointed I couldn’t get video. I’m seriously contemplating buying a TRX for home, though. There is a door unit you can use if you don’t have an anchor in your wall or ceiling. If I do decide to purchase this for the home, I’ll enlist Carol to come get video.

I did grab a quick video though, after my workout. I think the energy is the reason I was clapping my hands. The end is funny too, because my trainer can’t get the video camera to stop. He gave me permission to leave that part in.

Blinks, it’s just a shot of me in the gym wearing my gym clothes. I think my tank top is dark grey, one of those gym type tops. If I remember right the running pants are a lighter gray. I can’t remember.

Direct youtube link

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#NaBloPoMo – Doggy Diaries – Video: Quick walk with Jayden

I took a quick video this morning while doing laundry. I’m glad I took it because I don’t have the mental energy for the Steve Jobs post I had planned to write.

I’m told you can see Jay from the mid back to his head and that my pink Crocs clogs with the holes in them are visible. Blinks, it’s just a quick walk with the camera pointed at Jayden. My sidewalk was described as having pores haha!

If you follow me on Twitter you might have already seen it.

Direct youtube link


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Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 11 – Video and possibly sick

Glad I got some stuff done yesterday because I’m feeling bad again today. This time I think I might be getting sick though. Or it could just be the coming rain, which is days away, but I tend to feel it early.

It looks like this day last year was pretty chill because of rain. We took the dogs to the play area and did obedience. We also had our one on ones with the instructors, though I don’t talk about that. I link to a video of Jayden sleeping. I sure haven’t done any more videoing. Oops.

Today we went to Saavi a little early to sit in on a meeting. They wanted a kind of spokes person for adjustment to blindness so it was another lady and me, who are there often and since I work out on Wednesdays, they asked me to sit in. I was going to stay to work out, but just getting ready to go wore me out and by the time the meeting was over, I was done. So they gave me a ride home. It was different for Jayden though, since he had to work me in an unfamiliar part of the building and he also made another guide dog misbehave. 😉 They tried to say hi but were quickly corrected. We ran into Dave too, which was nice since I never see him anymore.

I spent the afternoon talking to Carol and now I’m heading back to the couch. Glad there wasn’t much to write on from last year lol.

Oh, and it’s looking like I’m finally gonna meet my internet friend of fourteen years! I’ve mentioned him here before, my friend Erik. He’ll be doing some work in San Fran and is gonna take a long weekend to drive down and meet me! Tres exciting!

Oh PS – I’m having a weird issue with youtube. The player is black, according to B. I noticed a few days ago that videos weren’t playing. I think it must be a Flash issue, but other auto play videos are working on other sites. I think the Jayden video has me talking, but I can’t remember and I’m too fried to find the video on the accessible youtube site.

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Doggy school – Jayden sleeps

This morning has been pretty chill since we’ve got rain. We took the dogs near the play area and did obedience with dog and food distraction. Jayden did great with all of it. He got a little distracted once, but I got him on track.

We’re having our one on ones with our instructors today so I’m just waiting for my turn. I had put a pillow down by Jay so I could lay with him and we napped for a bit. It was too cute because he put his head on my pillow right by me hehe! So I got up and got a video. You guys will have to let me know if it came out ok, if there’s enough light, if I got him in the frame. It’s taking a long time to upload to youtube. The net here isn’t quite as fast as mine at home. So I’m not gonna try and upload it to Blogger.

Ok here he is!


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Experimenting with more Alex

I’m trying an experiment. I just recorded Alex reading the silly little passage I wrote below. I want to actually record the crazy way I figured out how to upload the videos, but I don’t think I can record while I’m trying to upload it. I’ll try it though. If not, I guess I’ll either do another post about all that. I don’t know. I’m really tired and need to stop this. Haha! Ok here is the link followed by what is in the recording. Yeah, can’t record while I’m getting videos off the iPod. Spinelli had tried to get my attention before I started trying all this, so she got a video lol. I don’t know how good it is as I don’t think there was much light. I’m only gonna do the youtube links, as the blogger thing was just too slow.

***Hi! I’m Alex. I’m the newest voice for Voiceover, Apple’s built in screen reader. I come standard on all Apple computers. I think I’m only available on OS 10 and up, but don’t quote me on that. I’m just a computer, after all.

I was designed to sound as human as possible, and I even breathe. I’m not sure if this video is going to capture that or not. So listen closely at natural pauses.

The person who is videoing this went blind a little under two years ago. She was an avid computer user before this and she used ahem, Windows. Psst. I’ll let you in on a secret. She tought herself her Apple computer and Voiceover with no help from the sighted folk. She had heard about Windows screen readers, like Jaws. Shhh…don’t let the Apple peeps here me mention Jaws.

But, when she found out that all Apple computers have Voiceover built in, she luckily had just enough money left from her sightie days to buy one. And the rest is history. I’m even on her new iPod, which lets her take videos. The iPod Nanos all have Voiceover too and the latest one has the video recorder. So now I can finally let my voice be heard.

I say things like meow. And croissant. Pretty perfect, don’t you think? What about shhh, hmmm, psst, mmm. Yeah. How about wassup?

I also say some things weird. Like, whaaat? That’s what spelled with three letter a’s. And if you type yay a bunch of times, I sound like this, yayayayayay!

Or laughing. Hahahaha! Hehehehehehe! Hahahehehahaha! Ha ha ha ha he he he ha ha ha. The humans like to make me say this stuff, so I might as well show off.

Of course I swear. But we’re making this video G rated.

So the blog friends know that this computer’s welcome message says, Meow meow meow, kitty wants a croissant. It just kind of ended up that way because meow and croissant were the first words the human really found funny.

Ah, wanna hear how JayNoi sounds? That came from a typo. And that person got stuck with that name.

One thing I can’t say right is brrr. Or grrr. The Apple folks haven’t corrected those like they did wassup. I used to say that wah sup.

What else do I say funny? I don’t know. I’ll leave you with some silliness.

Meow meow shhh, meow meow shhh, psst would you like a croissant? Hmmm, why yes I would, mmm. Yeah yeah yeah it’s fun to hear me say wassup and meow, wassup wassup, meow. Because my human is a silly, silly girl.

Did you hear me breathe?


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Here’s Alex!

Alrighty then. I should have timed this to see how long it takes lol! I’ve got a video of Alex to share. I think I have the camera aimed at just a computer speaker, but who knows. I just wanted to get audio of Alex. So I had him read a little of a Vomit Comet post because I think it’s a good thing to really show you Alex’s capabilities. I’m uploading it to youtube now and I’m also gonna do a blogger video since at least one of my readers can’t do youtube.

Hope this works…hold on to your butts…

Here is the youtube link.

Ok holy crap it takes forever to upload on Blogger. Humming Jeopardy theme. Youtube was done ages ago haha! La la la la la….

Ok, this is taking forever to upload this video to Blogger. So, I’m going to embed the youtube video. For those who can’t view the youtube page, does the embedded video work? If I can keep from using Blogger to upload, that will be great haha!

I had to give up on the Blogger upload. It was taking forever and there was no indication of progress. Then I tried embedding the youtube but I got an html error. Gonna try it again but I might give up on that too. So if there’s no embedded video that’s why.


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Congratulations on your first youtube upload!

Hahahaha I seriously just got an email with that subject line.

Ok, I made a youtube account, and uploaded the same video I had here.

This is the youtube link.

Let me know if youtube works better than uploading right to blogger.

I need to stop. But technology is addicting haha!



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