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Judge not, lest ye be judged

I never fully understood that sentiment. Basically, don’t judge, or else you’ll be judged, and it’s not gonna feel good, right? I took that very selfishly. Ok, I won’t be judgemental, because otherwise I’ll be judged and it’s gonna hurt. See how that benefits me, and not the people I’m not judging? So yeah, it never worked. I wouldn’t say I’m incredibly judgemental, but I’ve definitely had my fair share of snap judgements, which I think is quite human.

But in talking to a friend this morning, I really realized something. I’m a full believer that pain is the cornerstone of spiritual growth. I only know this from my own experiences. I know it doesn’t hold true for everyone, but it sure is true for me. When I get sick of the pain, I finally become willing to turn to my higher power, whatever it is, and do the work to becoming whole again.

I therefor am so grateful for all the hard things I’ve experienced in my life. When I first got sober, life was pretty easy. I went to meetings all the time and hung out with people constantly. I worked to make a living, but my life was all about immersing myself in the program and doing the things I needed to do to stay sober. It worked for just over a year and was just a lot of fun. When I was diagnosed with MS at 13 months sober, I still did all those things. Basically it was all outside things. Going to meetings, being active in service. But I wasn’t working on what was inside me, and I was going to drink or die. Luckily I had enough of a foundation to pick my tools instead, and I went back to the steps, which helped.

Things continued on like that, through the adjustment of living with MS, not being able to work, etc. Life got really fun again, going to meetings, hanging out with people all the time. Going back to work and settling in like I had done previously. Getting to meetings was a little harder, because I worked on the other side of town, and it was exhausting me. Trying to work forty hours a week with the MS was a little too much, as I know now.

The theme here is tons of meetings and hanging out with people. That was what worked for me in the beginning, so that’s what I needed to keep doing. But man it was getting hard.

When I went blind, it was easy to continue doing that for awhile. As with any “tragedy”, people came out of the wood work to be there for me, to take me to meetings, to hang out. But eventually that started to fade. People got back to their lives and then it was just me and God. I had all my tools and I used them. I’d get to meetings here and there when someone offered or I felt that urge to do the outside thing, to keep up appearances, because God knows, I had done my fair share of judging people who didn’t do it the way I did.

Eventually it was taking so much effort that I was exhausted before I left the house. And I’d go to the meetings and just not be able to relate anymore. Sure, I could relate with not drinking, but everything else…quickly it became clear that the stuff I was struggling with needed professional attention and I started therapy. It was there that the healing really began. My therapist didn’t have judgements and if she did, she wasn’t allowed to voice them. She helped me work through things the steps had only scratched the surface on, things I didn’t even know where there. It was with her that my healing really took a new shape, a new intensity. She didn’t cloud her input with her own experiences and opinions.

Soon I found it had been a week, then two, then three, without a meeting. And I was happier! Ha! Imagine that! I was talking to my close women friends in the program though, constantly, and my relationship with my higher power had only gotten stronger.

Then the judgements started. Only from a few people, but people I respected at the time. So I started questioning if what I was doing was really working. They would ask when I had been to a meeting and when I’d say I couldn’t remember, I got the ooooooh.

After I got Jayden, life really changed. I was adjusting to having a dog to care for, feeding and relieving schedules, keeping up commands. Again, the judgements came. Remember your primary purpose, remember that sobriety has to come before anything else. I still agree with that, and my sobriety does come before anything else. But I’ve had to refine the way I live to suit all aspects of my life. After talking with the girls, I now know I’m doing perfectly fine.

But you know what I noticed the other day? I still judge. I was talking to a friend who has a friend who’s getting sober, and I found out they smoked pot. Instant judgement. I was about to retort when I thought wait, didn’t you just write a note on FB about how people coming from a place of love are often misguided? Didn’t you just say that until we all walk in each other’s shoes, we’ll never know what it’s like for the next guy? So I held my tongue and didn’t say anything because you know what? I choose not to smoke pot for my own sobriety. That doesn’t mean everyone does. Who am I to say that someone can’t be sober from alcohol and still smoke pot? It’s not my place to judge that.

I was talking to a friend this morning and she told me about a guy who drank after his eight year old son was struck in the chest by a baseball at little league, and died. And my first thought was, I know a man who didn’t drink when his son was murdered. Again, snap judgement. I will no longer say that hey, I stayed sober even through going blind, so anyone can stay sober through anything. Because you know what? How can I know that?

For a group of people who say we really practice not being judgemental, the judgements have added to my finding another way. I’m not saying I’ll never go to a meeting again, but I’m sure as hell not gonna beat myself up for not wanting to take paratransit to a scary part of town and arriving early and alone, or putting up with someone not wanting my dog in their car. I won’t beat myself up for it anymore.

I’m so glad this all has happened though, because it did force me to talk to God and make sure I’m ok. And it made me look at my own judgements a lot harder than bringing it up in a meeting or even putting it on paper (or computer in my case hehe). I’m discovering that life experiences are the absolute best way, for me, to take a look at myself and work my steps *daily* not once a week, or once a month, or for an hour in a meeting.

I’ve learned so much about myself over the last week or so and I didn’t step foot in a meeting. That’s what works for me. And I will stand up for that next time someone wants to judge it, because it’s not the way they do it.

I’m pretty proud of myself for owning my own truth and not doing what others think is best for me, just to save face. This growth is pretty damn cool! =D


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Doggy Diaries – Mother of all updates

As I was writing the title, I got a nudge from Jayden saying hey, what about me? Haha! He’s so good about letting me know when he wants some love. After some silly affection giving, he’s now curled up next to me. We’re gonna go for a walk in a bit.

Anyway, I haven’t updated in a bit, so I’m just gonna write whatever comes to mind.

Jayden had a big work day yesterday. We were going to the memorial service for the man in the fellowship in the afternoon, so I groomed Jayden in the morning and got some things done around the house. The only appropriate clothing I had was a long dark brown skirt with a brown colored print top. Well, nothing fits anymore, so the skirt was threatening to fall off. About a half hour before we were leaving, I took Jayden out to relieve, and Timmy ended up getting out. The big dog doesn’t scare him away from the door anymore. Luckily a neighbor was outside, and she helped me wrangle Timmy, all the while Jayden thought he was getting a visit, and I was worried about my skirt falling off haha! So I called Lish to see if she had any safety pins but she didn’t, so we left early to stop at Walgreens. I was able to work Jayden the whole time. He was such a champ! I was able to follow Lish because I could hear her shoes. Jayden didn’t get distracted or anything, and the regular clerks got a kick out of watching him.

We got to the church and had to park a ways and Jayden worked like a champ all the way to the door. There was a speed bump though, which he walked right over. We never talked about speed bumps at school. Is he supposed to stop for those?

Once it got crowded, I heeled Jayden and did sighted guide with Lish. An usher found chairs for us in the disability aisle, where Jayden wouldn’t get stepped on or be in the way. I had just told him to lay down when the priest said, please rise. Haha! That was the only time though. We stayed seated for the rest of it. Jayden was really good about laying there quietly, though he kept trying to put his head under the pew in front of us lol.

The service was really beautiful and very comforting. All the scriptures read where ones of peace and letting us know we are not alone. Though I am not religious, I do enjoy sermons like that. It wasn’t at all preachy, just very comforting and very spiritual. The eulogy was lovely, filled with tears and humor, and as a special request from the family, the priest said the Serenity Prayer. You could feel all the members of the fellowship let go at this.

After the service, we waited for everyone to clear out. It was huge, with a lot of people. Jayden stood there wagging at everyone and through sniffles, I heard little exclamations of cuteness. I think he was a comfort to people as they left. The usher came after everyone was gone and said he hadn’t been an usher with a service dog before, so it was a good experience for him.

We went to the reception room which was packed and there was food. Jayden did great. He was calm the whole time, though I just had him on leash. Most of my friends asked if they could pet him and they were all good about doing it calmly. Jayden just ate it up. I had one woman start petting him, and she is a woman I don’t get along with very well. “Please ask me before you pet him.” “Oh, why?” “Well, if he had ben working, that would have been like me grabbing your steering wheel.” “Oh! Clever, you should write an article.” “There’s lots of articles already written.” Lish said, “Yeah, most people just don’t read them.” That was the only ify experience.

We milled around awhile and I saw some of the other oldtimers I love and we talked about why I haven’t been to meetings, to which they were totally understanding, which warmed my heart. Those guys know me well enough to know that I’m filling my life with the program whether I’m in the rooms for an hour or not. It meant a lot to me that they didn’t lecture me about it, and they are men I really admire.

After we got home, Jayden did his usual after work routine of dropping to the floor on his back for a belly rub and romp session. Then he passed out haha. I talked to Carol for a bit before the game.

9-3 Rays over Yankees wooooo hooooooo! David Price was incredible and he got run support. Couldn’t have asked for more. We won the first game against the Yankees last year too, and they came back to win the next two, so we’ll see how today and tomorrow go.

I don’t have a whole lot new to report about Jayden. His work continues to be wonderful. We are having one issue, which will be a gigantic issue if we can’t get it fixed though. I tried calling GDB on Thursday but the phone was busy busy busy. On Tuesday, Dave and I were working on the route out of the complex, which had been a little difficult, because it’s not straight forward. There are two curbs I want him to target, but he was having other ideas. So Tuesday I got out the clicker. Fun! Dave hadn’t really seen clicker training before, and he enjoyed it a lot. After the final back chaining, starting from the beginning, Jayden targeted both curbs without issue. Yay! Then the trouble really started.

After the second curb ends, it’s a country road. That means a long straight road with no sidewalk. Asphalt right next to dirt. Jayden does not want to go down the road. We work it on the left, facing oncoming traffic. He doesn’t want to budge. Dave suggested trying the dirt, that maybe he would see that as safer, but no go. He does not want to go down the road. I wanted to end the day on a good note, so we crossed to the other side. He has no issue on that side. He goes no problem and again, we’re facing oncoming traffic. It’s exactly the same. There isn’t a lot of traffic and it’s not a dangerous road. So I don’t know what the issue is. The country road lesson at school was absolutely horrible, horrible. So bad that when I got back to the dorm I was in tears and had to call Kevin to get me out of a rage. I really tried not to let it transfer to Jayden, but what if it did? I’m afraid that’s why he’s hesitant. But then he’s fine on the other side. I’ve tried the GL and it’s the same. It’s not like he’s sniffing or distracted. Until he masters that, we can’t leave the complex on foot. I’m sure I’ll get through to Grad Services soon, but does anyone have any suggestions?

After we got home after that, I took Jayden’s harness off and let Dave finally say hi. He is definitely a dog person haha! I have never seen Jayden go so crazy hahaha!! Bouncing around and running as far as his long leash would let him. It was really fun.

I did the same after my workout on Wednesday, let Lisa and Glenn say hi to him and he was so happy.

Oh, yesterday Lish said Jayden just looks so happy when he’s working. That made me very happy to know. She said his tail was going the whole time and he was smiling. Yay!

He’s still doing great at home. He’s free except at night, where he’s still in his kennel. He lost his tug rope privilege for awhile though. I had it on a tall dresser, and he actually went and got it down and was chewing on it. Noooo. Haha! So it’s put away for now, and he’s rediscovering his tug ring, goughnut and kong.

He loves to chase after Spinelli. I let him briefly until she starts hissing. After I stop him his heart is racing and he’s panting hehe!

We’ve definitely gotten to the place I’ve heard some handlers say as, he’d crawl into my skin if he could. We are peas in a pod, love to be together. He’s rarely away from me unless he hears something outside and goes to check it out. After I shower he comes into the bathroom like, I knew you were there but I couldn’t see you. Haha!

I just love him and everything about having a guide dog. I can’t wait to go for a walk. We’re just gonna go walk the complex, since he hates the road leading out, so I won’t try that alone yet.

I think that’s about all. Oh wait! I lied!

Thursday was laundry day and I had two loads since I hadn’t done it the previous Thursday. So first thing in the morning I got everything sorted and Jayden and I took the first load down. He did great! I’ve taught him to always target the mailboxes when we go that way, not just so he knows where the mail is, but because it’s a landmark for my orientation. I paid extra attention to my inner distance meter so I’d know when we were close to the laundry. There isn’t always noise of machines and smells of detergent, so I’ve realized I have to know how far we’ve walked in case he misses the door like he did the time we got lost and had to call for help. I put the first load in the wash and we came ack home, no problems. We left again a little later for the second load and the laundry swap, and he did great again. We came back home, I took his harness off and then realized I hadn’t put a washer sheet in the second load. Arg. Harness back on, back to the laundry room, except I use the front load washer and you can’t open it once it’s started. Arg. So my clothes got a good soaking haha! We came back, then went down again, to restart the washer and bring the dry clothes back. No problems, except some neighbors distracted him, but since I’m now getting better about being aware of how far we’ve walked, I cought it quickly and got him back on track. Then we had to go back to swap the load to the dryer, walk back home, then back down to get the last load. It was exhausting hahaha! But I think we’ve got the laundry down hahahaha!!!!

Oh and also on Tuesday after the country road thing, we did the route down to the office which I hadn’t done yet. I wanted Dave there, even though its a pretty straight forward route. Well, we didn’t need him once. As we approached the office, I heard people and a very aggressive sounding dog. So did Jayden. He stopped dead and didn’t move. When he does this, I now know he is checking out a situation. When he’s distracted, his body moves and his head is going back and forth. When he’s concentrating, he doesn’t move a muscle. Once he could tell the dog was contained, he continued. I absolutely love how cautious he is. He does that with cars too, even if they aren’t too close. He won’t move until he knows what they’re doing. I love it. I feel so safe with him.

I told Dave I wasn’t surprised the office route went fine, because it’s straight forward, a sidewalk to follow the whole way. Dave laughed and said, no it’s not. Don’t you remember accidentally following a branching sidewalk into the parking lot with your cane? Oh yeah. I forgot there are a lot of possible paths that Jayden could have taken. But he kept on the straight route, and really that’s how he was trained anyway, not to turn unless I tell him. I still feel good about that walk though. There are lots of flowers and bushes along the way and he didn’t sniff once.

Ok, I think that’s really it. Yeah. Unless I remember something else haha!!!


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Doggy Diaries – All lethargy after that

So Jayden and I have been working tirelessly on the route out of my complex, the road that goes everywhere. Until we get that down, we can’t go for the nice walks that are nearby. So, today I decided to give him a break from “class” and have Dave take us to the historic neighborhood where we had our first nice walk. I love that neighborhood, especially in spring. It smells sooooo good. Tons of different kinds of flowers in bloom and I especially love the honeysuckle. So when Dave came, I told him that’s what I’d like to do and he thought it sounded like a great idea.

The last time we were there, I needed a human relieving area before I was ready to end the walk, but unfortunately there’s no house set up for a pit stop, something I joked with Dave about. So again this morning, stupid nature called before we even got there, so we stopped at a nearby market to use the facilities. I had never been there before and man did it smell good. All kinds of smells of foods and coffees yum. I think I was in need of a gentle leader haha! I just had Jayden heel while I had Dave do human guide, because it’s a tight little squeeze in there and I wasn’t exactly able to concentrate with all the smells and the call of nature screaming at me.

Finally we made it to the neighborhood and Dave said he’d just stay about fifty meters back. He’d be there if I got in a bind, but he wanted to just let us be. I like this neighborhood too because it’s nothing but square blocks. Very straightforward, unlike my home area. But there are obstacles like bushes and overhangs and all sorts of stuff. People on bikes, dogs barking, stray cats. It was sooooo nice though. We just took off. It was so nice to just let him walk where there’s sidewalks. It was an easy path to follow with the occasional obstaclke. We did a few reworks, but not a lot. I had also forgotten that all the turns are deep turns. Jayden would take me straight to a curb, but then he’d have to backtrack a few feet to get on the sidewalk. So the first time we encountered one, I got a little confused until I just let him take over and I felt us going in the right direction.

These walks are really great, because they remind me to trust Jayden. Since I’m not necessarily the one telling him where to go, since it’s a straight shot, he’s really in charge until we reach a curb or an obstacle. I found myself maybe sensing where a known bush was and not quite trusting him. So a lot of good little reminders.

Also, I remember at school, they would tell me to “listen for the building line to end”. Huh? It dien’t make any sense. Basically, the buildings would end about ten feet from the curb or so, and they told me to listen for that. It didn’t click. Until today. When I first heard it I was like oooooooh! Hahahaha! I told Dave this and he was like, “well yeah, most people going to get a guide dog have been a cane traveler a lot longer than you were, so they’re familiar with stuff like that.” So true. There have been quite a few times where I wondered if I was accepted a little too soon. But I still trust that Don knew what he was doing. I just wish my instructor at school had trusted that, of if he did, at least thought about the fact that I’m quite the newbie at being a blink. Anyway. Enough of that; I’m home with Dave. No need to dwell on school.

So, towards the end of the walk, after we rounded the last corner and were heading towards the car, Jayden slowed down. I thought maybe he was tired or just being cautious. I told him to hop up and he pulled a little into the harness but not a lot.

When we reached the end and Dave caught up, I told him I thought we were both tired and he laughed. He said Jayden could go for a run now, it was me that was tired. Really? Yeah, Jayden could sense that you were slowing down. So I thought back and yeah, I had been getting wobbly, kinda losing my balance a few times. I never thought Jayden would pick up on that. But Dave said it was just like our cane lessons, how Dave could tell I was fatigued before I could. He said Jayden is picking up on that because we’re getting to know each other really well.

Wow. Those other handlers weren’t kidding when they said the bond would only increase. I’m so impressed. I would have pushed harder to accomodate Jayden, but he wouldn’t let me. I love walking at a really brisk pace with him at first but then yeah, I slow down. What a good boy!

The rest of the day, we’ve both been pretty out of it. I gave Jayden his heart worm meds this morning and I have to wonder if they make him a bit lethargic, or if he’s just really relaxed today. He’s only wanted to play a few times, and those sessions were brif before he just licked my face and lay down lol.

It was a good day. I got in some much needed relaxing and cleaning, what a combo. I put the cat food up on the table, and ordered a trash can with a lid. I got caught up on all the blogs and emails. It felt like a productive day.

Now I’ll force myself to stay up a bit longer and then probably finish ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ n bed. I was able to get ‘Specials’ today, so that’s all loaded on the iPod for when I finish the other book. I’m so glad I’m back into reading.

Sunday will be one month that we’ve been home!


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Doggy Diaries – No more blogging

I’ve decided to stop blogging. It’s just not fun anymore. There’s nothing to write about anyway. And I really don’t think anyone enjoys reading anymore. So This is the last post. For those of you have my email address, you know where to find me. I think I pretty much need to give up the computer entirely. I just spend too much time on it and it’s pulling me away from life. I think I’ll take a class in blind underwater basket weaving. Or maybe I’ll start a line of crochet dog collars. I think that would be a much better use of my time. I have just been sucked into technology a little too much. In fact I think I’ll donate the computer and all my tech gadgets to a shelter. Good bye technology! I think I’ll find a clay hut somewhere in Nevada. And grow my own food.

Hahahaha ok did I have you going at all, until it got rediculous? I used to be really good at April Fool’s jokes, but there’s not much I want to joke about anymore, if that makes sense. Not in an “I’m depressed” way or anything. Just pulling jokes like “I’m pregnant” or “B and I are breaking up” stuff like that, is just not stuff I want to joke about. I don’t even really want to joke about giving up technology, but it was just a whim and I couldn’t help it. So hope I didn’t jinx myself there.

Anyway, I looked back and I haven’t written a diaries post since Sunday. Whoa. Maybe that’s what gave me the idea to play a joke about stopping blogging. I don’t even really know why I haven’t written a post. Maybe nothing huge jumped out at me. Jayden and I are just settling in so nicely that it’s all becoming a well oiled routine.

He was a little off his game at Gamma’s on Sunday. I didn’t read my last post to know if I mentioned that. I think he was excited to see his friend Charlie next door. I let him out back to do his business and then let him off leash. Gamma said he was eating something in the corner, but he was probably just sniffing. When I called, he didn’t come. I called again and he didn’t come. So Gamma had to direct me to get to him and the leash went back on. Then Charlie came out and I didn’t have my hitch hiker’s grip on the leash, and Jayden slipped right out of my grip to run to the fence. He couldn’t get out, but again didn’t come when called. So I went and got him and took him back inside. He had also blown the curb at Walgreens, and the step at Gamma’s. When we got home, he guided me flawlessly to my door and B was relieved, because he was worried I’d gotten a broken dog. I had to laugh at that and say I wasn’t worried at all. He’s still a very young dog, and he’s going to have days like that.

He knew I wasn’t pleased, and made up for it on Monday when we went to Saavi. He was perfect. Nothing less than perfect. He took me right to the bus and found a chair, then when we got there, the bus couldn’t pull up right in front of the door. Last time that happened was when he blew the curb and ran me into a wall trying to go into a different door. Not Monday. He stopped at the curb and then took me right in the front door. I had decided to start having him target the counter first before heading back down the hall and I said counter and pointed in that direction and he went right to it. When was he taught “counter”? I didn’t do it. Then he knew to stop at the ladies room first, then he knew to take me right to the gym, and he proceeded to go right to his spot and wait for the mat, then he lay right down and was perfect while I worked out.

After the workout, we had some issue finding a seat in the lobby, only because people don’t really know how to communicate very well when it comes to a person being guided by a dog. I think most of the clients use canes, so it’s a little different. Finally we found a good seat and waited for the van and when my name was called, I said “outside” and he took me outside and boarded the van. When we got home he took me right to the door. So it was like he knew he hadn’t quite been great on Sunday haha!!

Tuesday Dave came over to work the route down to the store again. It’s slow progress, but it’s getting there. That afternoon, I had him on leash to take him outside for relieving and he stopped right by the door with his body in front of me, facing the kitchen. I reached out, and had he not done that, I would have smacked the wall that juts out from the door. He wasn’t even working! I think he really knows I’m blind now, especially since now that he’s free in the house, I run into him sometimes hahaha! I was just amazed that he put his body between me and that wall. Wow.

Wednesday was Saavi again and again it was perfect. It was funny because when the van took me home, I could tell the driver hadn’t stopped right by our walkway. I asked if we were in front of the sidewalk and the driver said, no, I didn’t want you to have to go over those parking curbs. To which I laughed and said we do it all the time, my dog stops for them. I took the driver’s arm until we reached our sidewalk because I couldn’t be sure where he had stopped the van.

Afternoons we’ve just been relaxing with a play session here and there. It’s been fairly nice out, so I can leave the screen door closed and he loves to lay there and look out. Play is getting a lot more fun now that he knows he’s ok to be a dog when we play. After our nightly play sessions, (I play with him about eight every night to get things moving for the nightly relieving) he’ll get tired and just lay down and I lay down with him for awhile and we cuddle. It’s sooo nice.

We still go out in the afternoons and get the mail, or I let him walk around on a long leash, or I’ll take him out and groom him. He sits right down in the sun and lets me groom him for quite awhile, which is good since he’s throwing his winter coat.

Now that he’s free in the house, he’s experimenting with the cats to see if he can play with them haha! I always supervise when I hear him going after Spinelli, because she hisses. But she doesn’t hide, she just jumps up somewhere out of his reach.
I’m still working on the last bit of dog proofing, though it might not even be necessary. Even with freedom he hasn’t gone after cat food. Today I’ll be elevating it though. Why tempt him? I received by pet placemats yesterday from Amazon. I’m not doing that thing where I get credit if you buy something I link to. I thought about it, but I worry about any kind of income affecting my benefits. But, I had to link to these, because they’re really cool. I was just gonna get normal plastic placemats to put the cat food up on the table, but I found these and they sounded cool. There weren’t any reviews yet; I was the first last night. So I took a chance. They are hard plastic, about the size of a small serving tray. They have rubber all around the edges, and the surface has raised bumps. One tray will hold two cat dishes or one large dog dish. I got four of them, and will probably only use three. I have Jayden’s water dish on one on the floor since I’m free watering him now. They are going to work great for containing any spilled food or water. I haven’t gotten the baby gate yet, but I’ll review that when I get it.

Aside from those, I want to get a covered trash can for the kitchen, though he hasn’t bothered the trash. Again, why have a temptation? No sense in getting him in trouble for doing something natural for a dog, if he ever decides to forget his manners.

Speaking of his manners, I heard from the mom of his primary raiser today yay! I had an email from her waiting when I got up and was so happy. I was really close to calling GDB and asking them to let the raisers know they could contact me haha. It was so awesome to be able to write her and tell her how awesome Jayden is and fill her in on all the amazing stuff he’s done. They did such an amazing job with him. He has adjusted so well to house freedom and I know that’s all in the raising. I got all the qualities I didn’t even know I wanted. I pointed her to the blog and told her feel free to go check in on how we’re doing. So hopefully they find some times to come read. They are a very busy family, and Jayden’s primary raiser is finishing up high school. She has over a 4.0 GPA, wow! And she’s already raising her second puppy. What an amazing woman she’s going to be. Well, she’s already a woman, but you get my drift. It’s such a joy to hear about really good young people. I’m so grateful to know that family; just another blessing Jayden has given me. It will be a joy to watch his primary raiser as she goes on her next adventure after high school, and her little sister will probably be the next in the family to be a great kid. They must have great parents. The mom is really awesome and I just liked them all so much. I’m so glad they got in touch.

I think that’s about it. Definitely need to write longer posts when I get in a slacking mode on the diaries haha! I think Jayden knows Thursdays are our day off because he’s been enjoying napping on the couch all morning. Back to work tomorrow love, don’t get to used to being lazy. =D

As for me, I’m doing pretty well. The allergies have been more manageable with the Neti Pot. I definitely recommend doing it in the shower if you can, because I think the added warmth of the water on my face after I do it really helps stuff drain. My workouts were great this week. Muscle memory has kicked in and I’m right where I was before I left. I went a little farther on the treadmil on Monday. 1.75 miles in thirty minutes. My energy levels have been much improved since getting back to my workouts, so that’s a huge relief. I can’t really say I’ve had a bad spoon day. *knock on wood*

I’ve been doing laundry on Thursdays, but I don’t have any quarters. Darnit. It’s such a bummer to not be able to do laundry today. Man, I’m so disappointed. 😉

It’s pretty nasty out today. It’s chilly with a sixty percent chance of rain. I think the rest of the day might be a crochet day. I haven’t gotten the yarn yet for the puppy pool winners. I asked Georgie today if she could take me to Michael’s sometime soon and she was like, yeah but I need to talk to you about something. Oh? Yeah, we’ll need to take the truck. Ok, that’s fine. I know Jayden is really good but I have leather seats and the truck is just better for dogs. Ok, that’s fine. Haha she was all nervous about telling me she didn’t want Jayden in her car. I’m totally fine with that though. In fact I like trucks because I feel safe in them. Then she said we’ll have to park far because the truck is big and she doesn’t like getting close to other cars. I said, man, exercise? We hate exercise. Haha! Both of us love our workouts. We also talked about my friend’s baby shower on the 25th. I was a little nervous about having Jayden around a lot of strangers. It’s one of those new coed showers, so there will be lots of people. We decided it’ll be best if I tell B I need him to go. He won’t be thrilled, but I’ll feel better having his eyes there for Jay and I’s first party. So I’ve gotta hustle on that blanket. Only two more rows and then two rows of edging, so I should have plenty of time. Especially once I put on the iPod and get to work. I’m nearing the end of ‘My Sister’s Keeper’. Goooooood booooooook. In fact I think I’ll edit, publish, take Jay outside, see if he wants to play, and then get out the book and crochet. Perfect sounding day to me!


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Doggy Diaries – Freedom and basketball

First I have to describe Jayden at this moment because it’s too cute. He was next to me on the couch, taking his after breakfast snooze and I got up to refill my coffee. When I came back, he was flat on his back, all four paws up, with his head right about where I sit. So I picked up hes head and slid in and rubbed his belly and laughed as I felt his position. When I shifted to get comfy, he turne on his side a little and now has his head in my lap while he snores hahaha!!!

Ok, main post content. I need to ask Sadia how she inserts headings into her blog posts. Ok seriously to the post content now.

Yesterday since B was home, I took Jayden off tie down and leash for most of the day. At one point he tried to go into the cat’s room so I gently told him no and put him back on tie down, since I was on the phone and B had stepped out. When I got off the phone, I stuck a brick behind the door to the room, so it was open just enough for the cats to get in, but making it hard if Jayden tried it. I don’t have the baby gate yet, so that works, but I don’t want the cats to shut themselves in accidentally, so it’s only a temporary solution until I get the baby gate. The cat food is also still on the floor in the kitchen so anytime I heard Jayden in there, I went to check. He hasn’t gone for it at all, thank you puppy raisers.

Jayden was loving being free. When he heard a noise, he was able to go to the door and look out. After a little bit, I was on the phone again and B had just gotten home. I went and sat in the kitchen to talk on the phone, and Jayden kept moving into the area where the cat food is and I didn’t want to take any chances, so I put him back on a long leash and looped it around the chair leg. There he could get to the door to look out, and that’s pretty much what he did while I was on the phone.

When I was done with the phone, I took Jayden off leash and he was free the entire rest of the day. Mostly he wanted to be where I was so he was either on the couch snoozing or on the floor at my feet chewing his Nylabone. But it was great, because he chose that. It wasn’t me telling him where to be. All day he’d hear a car or a dog outside and go running to the door and B would tell me what he was doing. He’d lose interest and get back on the couch. It was soooo great letting him choose what to do. And he didn’t go after anything. Not a cat, not the food, not shoes, nothing. Thank you again puppy raisers. Once I get the last of the doggy proofing stuff, I think we’ll be good to go. I’ll probably still use the tie down or the crate if I’m gonna shower or something, and definitely still crate him at night for awhile. But it’s just so much more relaxing knowing he can be where he wants. Not sure if I’ll do it as much when B isn’t home, so we’ll see about that.

Jayden is also just fine about sudden exclamations, swearing, clapping, and all the other things that go along with sports hahaha! Last night West Virginia played Kentucky for a spot in the Final Four. WVU is B’s alma mater, and I fell in love with West Virginia when we visited two Christmases ago. So in my NCAA bracket that I did, not knowing a thing about basketball, I have WVU going all the way because they’re the only team I care about. As it stands now, if they do, I’ll win the pool. B and I were both hoping they would win last night, but we really didn’t expect it. Kentucky is a 1 seed, WVU a 2 seed, though a lot of people thought they should have been a 1. West Virginia took an early lead and never surrendered it. They won!!! For the last two minutes of the game, my heart was pounding and I was chatting with Erik and B was chatting with an old frat buddy and we hardly talked to each other hahahaha! After they won, I was finally able to calm my heart. It’s the first time WVU made the Final Four since 1957. Wow.

So, they’ll play again Saturday for the chance to go to the championship game next Monday.

I was a little worried about how Jayden would react to B watching sports, but he just sleeps or chews through it hahahaha! Again, thank you puppy raisers.

Oh, I saw a really cool update on Facebook last night. It read, “Inside every guide dog beats the heart of a puppy raiser”. Isn’t that cool?


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Doggy Diaries – Totally spinning making

Wow for those times you wish someone was videoing. I’ve been playing tug with Jay at night with the rope Mimi brought for him on graduation day. I keep the rope put up so he can’t just lay and chew it, because my Uncle had a dog die because the strings from the rope toy broke off and got stuck in her intestines. So if you have a tug toy, be sure and keep it put up. I also check periodically to see if he’s got any in his mouth, if I hear him licking air.

Anyway, enough of the serious stuff. I felt like playing some tug with him before it was timeto feed him, because he was bugging me earlier than usual for dinner. I took him off leash and was standing when I offered the toy, and he went nuts haha! He immediately started tugging it hard. Usually at night, it’s like he has to warm up before he’ll do that. When he’d get it away from me, he’d shake it in the air all crazy like. When I won it, I’d toss it a few feet away and he’d run after it and bring it back all crazy like, shaking it the whole time.

At one point when I tossed it, he got it and then I could hear him spinning, around and around and around in one place and I started laughing so hard it hurt. Then he took off at a run with it, run run run just about all over the house. I don’t have the cat stuff dog proofed yet, so when I heard him tear into the litter box room, I told him to come and he ran at me, panting wildly.

Then he was just done lol. He didn’t have the toy with him lol! I thought, oh great, I’ll never find it, since he ran all over the house. But he had dropped it only a few feet away. I offered it to him again and he didn’t want it. He was just panting. I thought maybe he’d need to go out after all that so I took him out but he didn’t have to.

It was still awhile before dinner so I decided to groom him. That’s the one thing I haven’t been good about remembering daily. But he’s throwing his winter coat so I vowed yesterday to remember it.

So I took him outside and man, I felt like I was covered in fur after it was done haha!!

Finally it was dinner time, and he only bounced a little bit. I could tell he was worn out. He ate and I took him out and now he’s crashed under the coffee table.

When I’m otherwise occupied, like on the computer or something, he stays on tie down for now. I ordered a baby gate on Amazon and also some pet placemats. Yep, you guessed it. Placemats for pets haha!! The cool thing is that their non-skid. We’re putting the cat food up on the table that we don’t use, and I was worried about a cat running and jumping on the table and sliding acrossed it like they sometimes do, and knocking off the dishes. This way, the food dishes will stay put hopefully, and the description said the surface is a little uneven, keeping the area clean as it catches loose bits of food. They’re also plastic, so they’re washable. If anyone expresses any interest, I’ll get the link. Man, maybe I should do that thing where you link to Amazon products and if someone buys it from your blog, you get cash. Hmmm.

I got off on a tangent there. The point I was going towards is that we’re slowly working towards house freedom. GDB recommends no freedom for two months, and I’m pretty much following that. I asked on my email list though, and most of them started introducing freedom slowly pretty quick, if their dog seemed trustworthy. Jayden definitly shows an inclination towards good house manner. He sticks to his one spot on the couch where he’s allowed and several times, B’s shoes have been within reach and he doesn’t go for them.

I was making a long leash, and looping it around the leg of the couch, so he still had room to get on his spot and be next to me. I wanted to give him even more room though, so I wrapped the tie down GDB gave me around the leg twice and clipped it to itself. If I completely undo the leash and clip the tie down to the end of the leash where it clasps, it gives him about another six inches. So now he can scoot under the coffee table and get closer to the sliding glass door.

Right before I started this post, I heard him inching closer to the door and sniffing, so I investigated and the cord to B’s laptop was pretty close. So it looks like maybe he likes cords. Gonna need to talk to B about that because there’s a cord kinda hanging off the new tv that he’ll need to tuck away.

Back to the house freedom though, there’s been several times when I’m observing, that he’s walked into the kitchen where the cat food is, and he hasn’t gone for it. I’m still not going to leave the temptation out though. By the end of the two months, I want to see if I can trust him around here, even when I’m writing a blog post.

It’s definitely a lot more fun when he can be free. Now that I’ve played tug with him nightly while he’s free, he’s finally accepting that he can get rowdy. It’s like at first he was holding back, not sure he really could. But of course he can. I don’t want to squash the puppy out of him. That spinning was just too much fun lol! I don’t think the cats thought the running around was fun though. I don’t think they’ve been out since haha! Poor things, just when they think the new animal thing is confined all the time, I throw this at them. I’m glad we didn’t immediately put the food or the baby gate up. I think it’s better to slowly introduce change to them.

Oh, and before the groomming I think, yeah, it was after he wanted nothing to do with the tug rope, he actually went and stood next to his harness and faced the door. It was like he was telling me, we haven’t gotten the mail yet. Come on. Haha!! So I took him to get the mail before I groommed him. This morning I put the harness on before Dave got here, and when Jayden tried to walk to the door I told him, not yet. And he let out this whimper like, why not???? Hahaha!!!!

We’re definitely adjusting quite nicely 🙂

Oh, I was just editing and remembered that I forgot to write about the other things Mimi brought to graduation day. She makes this stuff, and I’m not sure, but I think there’s a link to her crafts on her blog. She brought a little pouch for treats and another bag thing with a clasp on it. The little pouch didn’t quite work for treats, at least not for me, because I couldn’t get in there quickly enough. But you know what it works absolutely fab for? Waste bags! Haha!! I was able to cram in three Mutt Mitts. Keeps them nicely contained in my bag. The other pouch I’m using for my female stuff lol. That way everything stays contained and is easily accessible in my bag. She is so sweet! She also brought Jayden a sterilized calf bone, which I got all new mommy about. Hopefully I’ll have the courage to give it back to Jayden someday. She also brought a Kong and later told me about these Kong cookies you can buy, that cram down in the Kong. They’re all natural with no caloric content, so it doesn’t mess with his diet. He gets one a day and it takes him about fifteen minutes now to get that cookie out, no matter how hard I cram it in lol! So along with the rope, she brought all that stuff. Isn’t that amazing? I have such wonderfully kind friends! Cancel that, wonderfully kind *family*.


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Doggy Diaries – Bumpty bumpty bump

So Jay and I had our lesson with Dave again this morning and we worked the same route that we did on Tuesday. Jay was still hesitant to go down the hill, but it got better. I had to get out the Gentle Leader again but I don’t really think distraction was the issue. He’s just not sure of that route yet. It’s quite confusing with a lot of options that he deems more suitable, but which don’t make sense. We made it down and went to the store and he did pretty good finding all the curbs I need him to find, to help me keep my orientation and also to keep us away from traffic. He got excited once it was a clear path to the door and got me around all the obstacles. We walked in and right back out again lol. On the way back he was a lot more confident, and right at the top of the hill there’s this blind spot for drivers, so I get all excited and tell him to hop up over and over and he gets to charge up the hill lol. I think he really likes that part. When home was in his sights, he took off for it, trying to rub the GL off his head lol. When we got to the door he was all excited, and Dave said his tail was spinning. Yay! I’ve got a helicopter dog hahaha! I don’t know if he just hadn’t done it yet or if this was just the first time a sightie told me. I stood talking with Dave a bit while I celebrated with Jayden.

I was really looking forward to water for both me and Jay and I just had him on leash when we came in the house. I went to set my keys on the counter but I wasn’t quite close enough and when I reached over, I banged my head on the corner of the wall. Ouch. I got a little bump pretty instantly so I iced it. I wonder if there’s a bruise lol. Of course it couldn’t be where hair would cover it. I hit it right above my right temple. Smooth move exlax. Maybe I need to work Jayden in my own home? 😉

Now I’m just waiting for my grocery order to be delivered. I really hope I get my waffles this time. I want them for lunch. Carol might come over but I haven’t heard from her. Kevin might come over but I haven’t heard from him. So, we’re in limbo wondering what the day will bring. Jay has been pretty much zonked out since we got home.

Waffles waffles waffles I want my waffles.

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Doggy Diaries – Huh?

Man it’s easy to get out of the habit when I don’t tell myself to write every day. It hasn’t been that long; I think I just skipped yesterday. I’m a bit brain dead at the moment. Allergies are really killing me lately. Of course I don’t get normal symptoms. I get the ears being all funny, which makes me paranoid that it’s more than just allergies. But usually allergy pills makes them better, so I’m hoping that’s all it is.

I wonder if I’ll ever write a post that isn’t a doggy diaries post? Probably not for awhile. There’s not much to write about me that doesn’t include Jayden right now.

We’re getting back into the sort of routine I had before I went to school, so yesterday we took paratransite to Saavi so I could work out. When the van pulled up, we approached it and where Jayden stopped, I didn’t feel the doors. The driver got out and I asked where the doors where and he said, “Oh, they didn’t tell me you were visually impaired, just that you had a guide dog.” Uh. Ok. Yeah. I get on and told Jayden to find a chair, not knowing people were on the van. He took me to a person. Finally we squeezed into the very back seat and we on our way. The passengers were dropped off before me, and when they got off, the driver said, “He didn’t look good.” “Oh?” “Yeah, they’re going to {mental health agency} so he’s probably on meth.” Wow…I wonder if any more judgements will come out of this guy?

We continue on and he asks about Jayden and I say we’re new, etc. He says, “You know what I’ve noticed about all these guide dogs?” Here we go. I’m expecting the “too skinny” comment. He then says, “They’re all fat.” Huh? “Really? I’ve been told that people think our dogs are too skinny.” “No, I see them all the time and they seem fat. I want to tell these people their dogs aren’t going to live very long. And I don’t understand why people in wheelchairs have guide dogs when they can see.” Oh I’m getting it now, things are clicking. He thinks all service dogs are guide dog. “Oh, those aren’t guide dogs, they’re service dogs.” I say. “Oh, what do they do?” “They pick things up that people in wheelchairs drop, things like that.” He then goes on to talk about seizure alert dogs and stuff and I tell him about diabetic alert dogs and hearing dogs. Then he says, “You know what they are, right?” I ask what but don’t hear his reply so I ask again and he says, “They’re slaves.” I roll my eyes and say I’ve heard that argument before and he says they’re like ‘Planet of the Apes’ where the apes have to do all the hard work. I explain that I can’t speak for all guide dogs, but when mine isn’t working, he’s a dog, we play and stuff. And he gets excited when the harness comes out. He didn’t have anything to say to that.

When he drpped me off, we were behind another van so we weren’t right in front of the doors. He asked if I needed help but I just wanted away from him. I told Jayden forward but he tried to take me to other doors and then he ran me into a pole. Ugh. I heard the driver tell someone else, “he’s new”. Great. The judgemental guy is standing up for my dog.

The workout went ok but my abs were killing me after Monday. I cried out at my first attempt for a full sit up and Jayden got all worried lol.

After I got home I talked to Carol for a bit. Oh wait, I left out the annoyance of sitting in the lobby waiting for my ride. But that’s just complaining so I won’t bother.

That was pretty much yesterday. Today I had off, so I needed to do chores. I used my cane to take a load of laundry down and then decided to test Jayden with the cart to go switch the clothes to the dryer. He did fine both ways, so I took him to get the clothes once they were dry. Mistake. He walked past the door and I didn’t notice and we got turned around again. I had the cart behind me and couldn’t hear traffic. We must have been in a dead zone. I had no clue where we were and “find home” didn’t work. I had to call the apartment office and S, the maintence man, had to come find us in his golf cart. Blech. I got my clothes and came home. After that I did some cleaning. The kitchen needed a good scrub, and I cleaned up the toaster oven I’m giving Carol.

I straightened the living room and did some dusting and then did an online grocery order. I only do one about once a month, because you have to have a minimum of fity dollars and I just don’t need that much on a weekly basis. So my order should come tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow is supposed to be windy and bad for allergies. Joy.

I think I’m the opposite of most people. I’m really dreading summer. It’s already getting warm. Soon, we won’t be able to do much outside. Yuck.

Wow, this post sounds kinda negative. I’m really not feeling negative, just a little out of it.


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Doggy Diaries – Lost and found

After our morning adventure, which Jayden told you about, we relaxed a bit and Jayden had a good nap. Then my friend L came over and brought a Starbucks mocha yum. I gave her the camo crochet blanket I had made for her son and she told me all about how excited he was at the air show this weekend and the way he talked to an F-15 pilot. The pilot asked if he’d want to fly one of these one day, and L’s son said, “No, I want to build them. Wow!!! He’s only 6. I’m going to be taking Jayden to do a presentation for the two kindergarten classes at his school, towards the beginning of May. I’m so excited!

So after L left, I gave Jayden a Kong with a cookie in it which he loves, then prepared to go get the mail. It’s been so perfect when we’ve gone the last few times that I’m excited to go every day now lol. It’s been pretty cool here today, and Google weather said it was foggy. Huh? Foggy? I asked on FB and everyone was like, no, cloudy but not foggy. Point is, Google said nothing about rain.

We went and got the mail and at one point I thought I felt sprinkles on my face. We were coming back, and there had been a car parked in the spot we walk through, which we got around just fine on the way. So when I thought we were approaching it, Jayden tried to go on the curb and into the dirt. I didn’t think I lost my allignment…

I tell him hop up and he stops and I feel a car in front of me, but it sounds like we’re suddenly in a smaller space, like maybe covered parking? We shouldn’t be. I feel a tire and can tell we’re on the side of a car. Hmmm. I tell him forward and he stops and I reach out and there’s the covered parking pole. Interesting. I tell him forward but there’s no curb or sidewalk. Huh? I still have no idea what happened or where we were. The wind was kicking up and the temperature dropped and the air was moist. All in the space of a few minutes. I stop and listen but things are masked with the wind. I have no idea where we are and I don’t have my cane. I do have my phone. I’ll use it if I have to. I decide to throw caution to the wind and trust my dog. He’s been waiting patiently for me to tell him what to do. Finally y I say, Jayden, find home. Where’s home? He took off. I followed. I could tell he was confident. We reach a parking curb and he showed me. I tell him forward and feel the two feet of black and then sidewalk. I’m not certain it’s ours so I tell him left and he takes me to rocks. I turn us around and say forward, home and he took us home! He got the rest of the kibble in the pouch for that one, lots of love and happiness and then a romp on the floor once inside.

I still don’t know what happened. I don’t know how we ended up in covered parking and we must have been a few spots down if there was a car there, because covered is assigned and I knew we were passed B’s spot since his is on the end. But I just knew that Jayden knows where home is, so I knew I could trust him. That’s a new one. To be totally lost and turn it over to him. He wasn’t lost I don’t think, not once. He could always see home the whole time. Wow. I’m amazed. I’m just amazed by him every day!


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Pooch Ponderings – Hard work

Man everything got confusing again. Just when I was getting used to relaxing a lot except for the mailbox every day or sometimes getting in the truck and going to that place real close, this dude started showing up. I don’t know about dude. He’s like those other humans at that place we’ve been to twice now. They don’t talk to me or pet me. Dude doesn’t either. And he talks to my person all the time; why doesn’t he talk to me? All those people at that place talk about me but never to me, and yesterday I had to lay around while my person played with all these machine things. I just ignored all the people cuz they’re boring anyway. There was another dog like me too, but I ignored him even though he told his person he wanted to play. But it was all really easy. It was fun riding the bus and when we got home I hurried my person to the door cuz she allways gives me lots of treats there and talks all happy and loves me.

So today, dude came again. Oh wait but before that my person was really boring. She kept making me sit while she stood at the counter drinking her coffee. If I stood up she said to sit again and told me to stay. If I stayed awhile, I got treats. Then she moved me to the other counter and made me sit awhile for treats. Then again at the door. When dude showed up she made him stand outside while she made me sit. Jeez. Is she his person too? Then we went outside and she made me sit again. This is so boring! Gah. Finally I got to work. She had me go do the mailbox way, but then she told me to heel and she held on to dude. This was all different and cool. We went this long way down a hill towards the cars. I kept wanting to sniff but she kept giving me corrections. Then we walked some more and went to the place we’ve been with the guy in the truck. Cool I know this place! But we didn’t go in. We turned around and started walking back and I was dragging so she took my harness off in this dirt and told me to do my business but I didn’t need to so I just sniffed. So she put the harness back on and kept heeling me and giving me corrections. Dude walked her back to the mailbox spot and then she worked me again back home. We came inside but only so she could do her business and then we went back outside.

She told me to go and we went to the mailbox place but not all the way and she told me forward. Are you sure? We got lost doing this before, remember? But she said it again and flicked my leash so I went. Ok, here’s a curb. Then she told me right. Are you sure? I don’t think you want to go this way. She kept flicking the leash. I’d go but I didn’t think that’s really what she wanted. I kept stopping and she kept saying forward and dude was talking to her from behind us.

Then she got out that leader thing that she sticks on my face. Uh oh. She’s not happy. Then I still didn’t want to go. I thought she was crazy. The mail is the other way! So is our house! We don’t go this way! Finally dude walked her down a ways to this funny crossing thing. I thought I should follow the curb to these cool gates but she wanted to go forward to this funny curby island thing. Fine. Let’s go. I walked around the curb thing and then she told me to find this other curb thing. But she wanted to stay on the black and not go up. What??? But, there’s a sidewalk there. Are you sure you want to stay on the black? What the heck kind of place is this??? I wouldn’t budge. I didn’t want her on the black when there’s a sidewalk there. Dude came and walked her some more and then I saw the sidewalk disappear. Oh. Weird. Ok, lets walk in the dirt then. No? You still want to stay on the black? What the heck? Fine. I finally start walking but I still don’t think it’s right. She halts me and does a left and I think ok finally, no more black. But she just wants to see if we’re next to the dirt. She gives me kibble and tells me right and I think fine, we’ll do this. I started pulling more and she told me good boy. Finally we got down to the cars and she had me find the ramp and then we crossed the black. But we didn’t keep going to the place where the guy in the truck took us. She told me right and this meant going back towards home. Sweet.

This time I stayed on the black and just walked because I knew we were going back home. She kept checking but the dirt was right there. Dude didn’t talk much. We got up the hill more and there was a curb so I showed her and got kibble. Then she kept saying hop up hop up hop up in a really excited kind of way that made me excited so I pulled her along the curb really fast and she kept telling me good boy. Weird. She’s never done that before, but it was fun. Now I see home yay! We cross from one curb to another and yeah, we’re approaching the mail sidewalk. So I show her and she says good boy but says we’re not going there, let’s go home. Alright, this I know she really wants. So I take her to her door and I know I’m getting my jackpot and she’s really happy and I want that leader thing off so she takes it off and then I just rubbed all over her so excited and she’s laughing and telling dude I’ve never done that before and dude is saying I’m excited and I’m like duh! That crazy thing is over, yeah I’m glad to be home.

I don’t know what that was about, but I was happy to get inside and sleep on the couch. I enjoy all that especially the treats and my person all happy but it sure came out of the blue. So other dogs like me, don’t get to used to being lazy. If your person is like mine, it’s all gonna change. Phew! Ok, where’s my Nylabone?


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