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Doggy Diaries – Intelligent Disobedience

Last Sunday at Gamma’s, when I took Jayden out to relieve him, I tried going forward from her back door instead of to the right, because to the right there’s shade and forward was sun. During the summer, we obviously went where the shade was, but it’s cold now so I wanted sun.

Jayden brought me to the edge of the patio but when I told him forward, he wouldn’t budge. Gamma is always warning me about that spot because some briks have come loose, but I figured Jayden would get me around them. Well, he decided that wasn’t smart, and refused. When I gave in and told him right, he obeyed.

Gamma was happy that Jayden had the same opinion as she. It was either that, or he just wanted to go to his normal spot. We’ll never know.

Then today as we headed to the laundry to switch the loads, Jayden began pulling. I thought he saw a dog or something and was telling him to steady. He didn’t listen. In fact he sped up. Then I heard the car.

I had heard it in the distance, but figured we’d get to our sidewalk before the car got there. Nope. Apparently some people think it’s fine to speed in apartment complexes. The car was leaving so it would have turned before reaching us, or so I thought. It actually drove past us, but by that point, Jayden had hurried to the sidewalk to get us out of the road.

It was just like the traffic checks at school, when the hybrid comes at you and the dog has to speed up. I remember the instructors telling us to pay attention and if your dog speeds up and you’re where cars could be, you’d better follow.

I don’t think the car would have hit us. But you just never know. I love how cautious he is! If there’s a moving car anywhere in sight, he won’t move. He likes to know what the car will do before he takes a step. Such a good boy!

He also really makes laundry fun. This morning when he heard me get the laundry cart out, he came tearing into the room all excited. He definitely makes the chore much more fun. 🙂

Right before I finished writing this, I took Jayden outside for a grooming. Holy lots of fur Batman. Then I got out the Wubba and he tore around the house with it haha! I don’t know how he runs that fast without bumping in to anything.


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Doggy Diaries – Soap, treats and the hill, oh my!

This will be long, so fill your beverage and grab a snack haha!

I gotta start off by saying that I won a drawing on a blog! Here is the link to the post about me winning. Toby’s raiser makes soap from goat’s milk, and not just any goats, her very own goats. So I won two bars of goat’s milk soap, but not just any bars of soap, they’ve got carvings on them! I didn’t feel one of them yet, but the one I took out of it’s pretty wrapping has a dog laying down with a bone nearby and I can actually feel the texture of the hair on the dog’s body. Very cool! Toby’s raiser didn’t carve them herself, but she made the soap, and it’s so soft and silky with a really light pretty scent. She also included a bag of dog treats for Jayden, little paw shaped treats that are a little chewy. Jayden gobbled one last night and then wanted more haha! So that was so cool to win that and B read me the card that Toby’s raiser included, which was very sweet, with descriptions of the soap. I thought maybe the treats would come in handy for high value rewards.

If you’re not familiar with high value rewards, they are for use when a dog does a behavior you’re really pleased with. Either something new, or something you’ve had difficulty with. I had heard about jackpot rewards because the cds mentioned them before I went to school. Basically a jackpot is just more kibble or whatever you’re using. So like when Jayden targets a new thing, I give him a jackpot. I also give him a jackpot at the mail and at the front door, every time, so he’ll do anything to get me to those places.

A high value is some kind of really tasty different treat. At school when we did recalls, my instructor used broken up Iams biscuits. So these treats from Toby’s raiser were gonna be perfect. So, on to today.

Dave picked us up and asked where I wanted to go. I had an odd request, because I needed dog food. I’m not used to having dogs lol. Gotta get in the habit of planning ahead for food. I still had a few days worth, but really wanted to get it and I did not want to go to the pet store on a weekend. So we drove to Petco but they didn’t open until 10. So we went over to Petsmart. Luckily they’re close together, and they opened at 9. Sweet. Good thing I had my Gentle Leader haha! As soon as we got out of the car, Jayden was distracted by another dog and wouldn’t heel so I could get into guiding position. So he got the GL. It was definitely a great obedience lesson and Dave was impressed how just the sound of my voice snapped Jayden out of any distractions. He didn’t need any corrections, just vocal cues. Turns out the Petsmart has a clinic, one of those concierge type ones, can’t remember the name. But they have a scale you can use, so we went back so I could get Jayden’s weight. He’s right where he’s supposed to be yay! Then we went and checked out the food and Dave saw how confusing the Science Diet can be haha! It was on sale, bonus! So we went to check out and Jayden popped out of his sit twice, which earned a correction and then he sat the whole rest of the time I was checking out.

We came back home and dropped off the food and then went to tackle the hill. Don had told me to get out my cane the next time Jayden was hesitant to go down the road, so my plan was to use the cane and stop periodically and give a high value to try and make it more positive. I had my cane folded up in my pocket and we worked out to the spot. A car came and Jayden wouldn’t budge, good boy. We worked to the first curb then the second then walked down next to it and got to where he usually stops. And he didn’t stop. He kept walking. Holy crap. I’m saying YAY really loud and saying good boy and I thought about stopping to give a high value but I didn’t want to stop him so at the bottom of the hill we had a party! He got two high values and lots of love and praise. Then we crossed the road and went back up and when we got home, we had another party with more high values. Wow!! Dave and I were both shocked. Dave was wondering if maybe Jayden had gotten “warmed up” at Petsmart, but I think really what it might have been was all that obedience there. I was really firm with him there, so maybe it just reinforced that I’m the alpha? I have no idea. Thoughts?

So I was just so happy and I called Don and left him a message when I got home. Jayden proceeded to stretch out on the tile and pass out for awhile haha! It was already pretty warm by the time we got home.

My maintenence guy came over a little bit later because my sink had gotten clogged. Actually the disposal had gotten clogged, so when I ran water on that side, it backed up into the dishwasher and was leaking yesterday. So Jayden got all excited because he was actually able to say hi since he wasn’t in harness. I did put him on his leash though so he’d leave the maintenence guy alone while he worked haha. I had to run the dishwasher empty with some bleach in it because it smelled rotten, so now I’m finally running it full of dishes. I’ve been a slacker when it comes to my kitchen.

At Petsmart, I also picked up some more Kong cookies, liver flavor this time. So Jayden just enjoyed one of those. He gets that cookie out in like seven minutes, no matter how hard I cram it down in there. Now he’s curled up next to me on the couch, relaxing after a day’s hard and wonderful work!

Oh and the school had called to follow up on my experiences there, so that was really good to get that taken care of. It’s always so hard to talk negatively about anyone, but it’s so important that the person involved knows what’s up, so that things aren’t repeated. So I feel really good about that and it also just showed me even more how much GDB cares about their students, so that was another really positive thing that happened today. Now I’m tired, time for coffee 😉


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Doggy Diaries – He disobeyed

Good boy!

Kevin came over and we went to Walgreens. It was our second time there, the first time there was a dog in a car and it distracted Jayden coming out of the store. This time, there was a dog in a car going in and he stopped and looked and then ignored it, taking me straight inside. Kevin stood behind me and directed me so we could find the coffee then Jayden went right to the register. Wow. Coming out, we had to walk across the parking lot, and he was really hesitant. Finally we went and then approaching the truck, he wasn’t moving. Kevin didn’t tell me what was going on, only continued to direct me to the truck. When we got in, he told me that a car started backing up, so Jayden ignored me until he could see what the car was doing. When he was hesitant in the parking lot, Kevin said he was looking both ways, making sure it was safe. Sweet! It’s really cool to hear how he does after the fact. In the store, I could feel him getting us around stuff, and he kept looking down aisles like, do you wanna go here? Here? Very cool. He was so happy to be out, I could tell. When we got back, I asked Kevin if he wanted to see the mailbox route, so we did that too. Fun stuff. Jayden really likes Kevin. It was totally spur of the moment, so I was really glad to have a reason to get Jayden out and about. Tomorrow we should be walking in the historic neighborhood with Dave. Here’s hoping!


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Doggy school – Marvelous Manic Monday

K no editing on this one as I’m gonna try and get it done before dinner.

This morning we took the dogs to the kennels to practice obedience in a highly distracted area. Jayden did great! The instructors came by and gave us dog bisquits to set by the dog’s paws while they were in a down and Jay ignored it like a champ. After that we worked back to the building in a different way through an bstacle course. Jay got me around all the barricades.

Then we relieved and loaded the bus. They took us to Starbucks! Got my iced venti mocha no whip yummm. Had a little meeting with the other student in recovery which was great. Then we worked our dogs back to the lounge and Jay did great.

We came back for lunch and today was going to be the one on one meetings with our instructors, but it was a beautiful day and we’re getting rain tomorrow, so they asked if we wanted to do traffic checks today instead of tomorrow and we all agreed. So we got back on the bus.

Oh I should say that they gave me an ergonomic handle which has helped a ton.

We got to the lounge and I was going second so I took Jay on the patio to practice our heels. He is getting sooooo much better.

Then i twas my turn and we set out. Pete was gonna be driving the hybrid and coming at us. I wouldn’t know when it was coming. We had talked about obsturctions before our route while we ere waiting for the team ahead of us to be done since there’s only one hybrid. So I knew there’d be some partial obsturctions where Jay would figure things out, and then full obsturctions where I owuld have to wait for an all quiet and then work Jay into the street around the obsturction.

Oh yeah before all that, they took Jayden away from me! Took him! Hehe but only briefly. We were going for a ride in teh hybrid. That thing is crazy. You can’t even hear when it’s running when you’re in it.

So we went out on the route and Pete cut us off. Jay stopped like a champ. Then Pete actually started backing into us!! Jay backed up to keep us safe. Wow. I don’t know how many times this happened. We’d be in the middle of a crossing and Jay would just stop and Pete would have just turned in front of us. I never heard the car.

He did a great job with the obsturctions. No complaints. He was a little hesitant to start the route. He’s been that way in the afternoons. So we put the collar up high. It goes up just below his ears so it’s more sensative. I can just flick the leash, not hard at all but it gets the point across that he needs to move. So that fixed the problem.

Right before we got to the lounge, Jayden lunged forward and took off like a shot. Pete was coming at us from behind!!! Wow!!!

So we got to relax a bit while the others were out and then we came back, fed and relieved, I talked to B and now I’m getting my post done so I can’t play some tug with him and do our grooming. He loves his tug hehehe!

It was a great day!! Jayden is so amazing!!! Oh yeah and at one point I told him forward and he disobeyed me. Pete was coming with the hybrid. Good boy!!!

K, off to eat yummm. What am I having tonight, oh meatloaf. Breakfast was fried eggs, sawusage and a bisquit with gravey. Lunch was a fajita burrito thing and nachos yummm. Oh and cheesecake with chocolate auche hehe!!

K, signing off. Oh and I’m gonna check on those high value rewards, keep forgetting. Forget who asked me.


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