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Hanging with Ro Episode Thirteen – Sleep Mic New Deprived

This is long, an hour or so. I am very sleep deprived so that made for some really rambling and silly audio. You can feel free to save it to listen to instead of the Presidential debates tomorrow night.

The audio starts a little iffy with some clipping but I made an adjustment and after that it sounds pretty good. Yay for a new mic!

Topics include but are not limited to:

* The @MuggleHustle Twitter account

* Jim Gaffigan and Hot Pockets

* Coffee and murdering a coffee maker

* Baseball

* Find out if I’m a Scientologist

*Too much Twitter, sorry

* Quick Fleksy settings/dictionary demo

* Should we have a Hanging with Ro music game?

There’s more but my brain is about to shut down from lack of sleep. Go listen if you want to know what else, k? K.

Hanging with Ro Episode Thirteen

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Hanging with Ro Episode Four – Audio/Video in two parts – Canadian Bells

This was totally impromptu, and had to be done after the knock on my door today. It ended up being in two parts, the first just audio and the second with video. I’m scattered in the video because my headache flared up haha. Need coffee!

I’ll let the videos speak for themselves! Thanks, Carin and Steve!

Direct link to youtube audio 1

Direct link to youtube Video 2


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#NaBloPoMo – The Empty Bottle

This morning when I beeped Timmy so I could put him in the spare room and go outside, it sounded like he was inside the white couch. I couldn’t figure it out; there was no room for him to be inside the couch and he’s never been under it before. I thought maybe the receiver had come off and fallen between the cushions so I started feeling around.

I’ve vacuumed out that couch I don’t know how many times. I use the hose extension even. How I had never vacuumed the right side of the couch by the arm before, I have no idea.

My fingers felt the grime there and an old milk ring Spinelli used to play with. I could feel that I hadn’t ever vacuumed that side before. I was cursing my past self when I felt something hard. Upon further investigation, I discovered it was a bottle. Hmmm. I left it there for B to look at.

When I told him about Timmy beeping from the couch, oh yeah, he had been under it, B looked where I told him I had felt a bottle. He jokes with me a lot so when he exclaimed that it was an empty bottle of Jim Beam, I didn’t believe him. He was laughing and I reached out for it.

I unscrewed the cap and sniffed and my stomach curdled oh gross oh gross it smells like whiskey oh ick oh ick oh no ewwwwwwww!

I was shrieking all this as I capped and held the bottle in front of me like a dead rat and dumped it in the trash. It was one of those smaller bottles, a pint maybe? It’s been over six and a half years since a liquor bottle has been in a place I call home. I think my reaction was the funniest part of it. It might as well have been a severed head, with how I freaked out. Hahaha!

Jayden thought this was funny too and began running all over the house as B and I laughed at him and the discovery of the bottle.

It must have been there since before the previous owner gave it to me. Heck, the couch had been someone else’s before it was hers, so who knows how long it’s been there? I just can’t believe I had never vacuumed that spot before.

If anyone is thinking maybe it was B’s, no way. He’s over fourteen years sober and if any alcohol had been drunk here, I would have smelled it. I can smell it on a person if they pass me in the store, that’s how sensitive I am to it these days. So no, you bet your bum it wasn’t him.

Nothing like an empty bottle of whiskey in your couch to keep it green. I actually like the reaction I had to it. I literally recoiled as if from a hot flame, or a severed head.


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#NaBloPoMo – The Yoga Strap Adventure

I’m beginning this post at 11:17am. Weather conditions are as follows:

Temperature: 47 degrees F

Humidity: 81 percent

Dewpoint: 41 degrees F

Wind: North at 0 mph

Pressure: 30.30 in rising conditions

Clouds: Scattered clouds

Forecast: Today
Showers and isolated thunderstorms this morning…then partly cloudy with isolated showers this afternoon. Highs 55 to 60.

Before I go any further, if the wind is blowing at 0 mph why do they say it’s blowing north?

For anyone with any kind of auto immune disease like mine or arthritis, or old surgery scar tissue or an old injury or any kind of physical or mental condition that makes this kind of weather send your body into panic mode, you’ll understand why I included all that weather information. Heck, just about anybody would be affected by this weather, yeah? Especially those of us in the desert, for all you cold weather folks laughing at my chilly conditions. This weather is precisely why I chose to stay home even though I had my ride lined up to go to the gym and was very much looking forward to it.

Yesterday at Gamma’s, we sat at her kitchen table, both feeling the approaching weather. An eighty-seven year old and a thirty-two year old, comparing aches and pains. I asked if she still had that knee brace she always hated, because my left knee was giving me fits and I just wanted pressure on it. I’ve also known for awhile now that I need to give my knees support when I work out. She didn’t have the brace but she had an Ace bandage. I knew I had found one of my own during all my cleaning, so figured that would be a great way to brace both knees for today’s gym adventure.

Last night I practiced wrapping the knees and felt instant relief. My bandage is a lot newer and fit more snuggly. The one Gamma gave me had lost most of it’s stretch, but added a nice warmth.

When I got up this morning it was cold, but not raining yet. By the time B went to work, it was pouring and I decided it was a good day to stay home. Canceling my paratransit always feels like calling in to work for some reason haha! I always try and cancel at least two hours before the ride is scheduled to arrive.

I next called G and he knew immediately I wouldn’t be in today. I said I would do Pilates and yoga and quickly got ready before I lost my motivation.

I’ve been meaning to fashion a strap out of a ball of leftover rope, for one of the yoga exercises. I don’t have a proper strap or tension band, so I’ve used Jayden’s leash but even completely unhooked, it’s not quite long enough. It also really hurts my hands to try and hold my leg straight up in the air to get a good stretch down the back of it. The leg suffers, since I don’t pull on it the way I should as my hands scream in protest.

So I decided what length of tope would be appropriate, and then cut two more lengths to match. I wanted to braid it, so it would be thicker and easier to grab and also so it wouldn’t be so thin it cut into my foot.

The cats very much enjoyed the braiding of the rope. I had to go into the bedroom and close the door. The braid came in handy to lure Timmy later, since he doesn’t beep right now.

After I did the Pilates ab and leg workouts, I switched to the yoga. I have all these workouts on my iPhone. The yoga is from the instructor at GDB, who teaches yoga to the students. I wonder if she still does?

The braided rope strap worked well enough. It was longer, so I got more of a stretch in my leg but the rope dug into my hands even as I wrapped it around my palms. I thought about tying in a handle somehow later. I still just wasn’t happy with it.

I had wrapped both my knees, not necessarily for the exercise since they aren’t tough on the knees, but more so because they were throbbing with this weather. I decided to unwrap the old bandage with no stretch and throw it out. Then as I balled it up, I got an idea.

Would the Ace bandage with no stretch left work as the strap?

After I returned to my warm sweats and fluffy socks, I brought the ball of Ace into the area where I do my yoga. I folded it in half and got on the floor. Oh perfection! I could wrap the fabric around my palm and it didn’t hurt and it was plenty long enough to rest my elbows on the floor. The surface area of the bandage is much more comfortable for my foot. This time, I did add handles. I just planted my left hand where the good stretch position was, sat up and tied a square knot. I then did the same with the right side. The resulting strap is soft fabric with perfect handles tied at the correct spot. Yay!

I played around with it a bit, standing and figuring out how to stretch my arms with it. What a perfect use for an old and stretch free Ace bandage! I suppose the braided rope will now be a cat toy.

As a funny aside, after the yoga ended and she said, “namaste” and I was enjoying the post yoga stoned feeling, Carin’s voice filled the room, and then Steve’s. Huh? Oh yeah, I had moved a piece of audio they had done at the Vomitcomet to my phone at one point, and stuck it in the yoga playlist to find easily. It cracked me up, because usually when I’m done with yoga I sit there for a bit, coming out of the half comatose half meditative mind set I always fall into. Perhaps, if Carin and Steve hadn’t begun talking immediately, I might have sat too long and forgotten about the strap, stripped off the Ace bandage with no stretch and thrown it away. Maybe, just maybe, we have those Canadians to thank for the excellent use of an old Ace bandage with no more stretch.


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It’s almost time to blog every day. Scary making!

Beginning Tuesday, I’m back to writing a post a day for thirty days. Officially it’s called, NaBloPoMo, but the last two years I haven’t signed up for it. When I first heard about it, the sign up had an inaccessible CAPTchA so I didn’t even try last year and won’t this year. I’ve heard there’s no real point anyway and the whole reason I do it is because at least I’m guaranteed an entire month of my life going down in the books.

I’m a little frightened of it this year. I just have not been able to write. Whether it be blog posts or short stories or anything. It’s almost like Twitter has murdered my inner writer. Since I can get away with just writing a hundred and forty characters several times a day, I don’t have to sit down and work. Or who knows? Maybe it means nothing. Maybe it just means I don’t feel like writing.

One of the posts I have planned next month is about the book I’m currently reading which today has me in such a gross place every time I think about it, that the thought of being a writer makes me want to run screaming. It’ll make more sense once I write about the book, but I’m waiting until I’m finished with it. At first I loved it, thought it was creative and different and then oh no oh no where’s the freezer oh but I can’t put the iPhone in there oh I think I might vomit oh no don’t do that oh are you really going to do that oh I need to turn this book off and as I read it this morning I clutched Timmy so tightly I thought I might suffocate him and of course it’s King. Who else?

The thought about not wanting to be a writer because of possible fame has come up for me before. Book tours? Appearances? I mean I know that’s thinking way big, but that’s what happens to successful writers, right? I don’t want to be famous. I want to write just to write but I don’t want to go on tours. I don’t have the energy for that. Has an author just made enough money to be comfortable without giving in to fame? I wonder.

That was a ramble. I read back on the last two 30X30 labels and last year there were a lot of posts about writing. I was so excited about it last year. I spent so much time creating. And now? It seems the best I can do is write silly blog posts about…what?

It’ll be interesting to see what comes out starting November first. It will be nice to have a guaranteed month of this year on the record. Quite honestly, I’m grateful NaBloPoMo isn’t in the beginning of the year, because 2011 has not been the best year for me.

Alrighty then, not sure why I wrote this post. Maybe to prepare myself to begin writing daily and also so the few people left reading here will come to expect a post every day starting Tuesday and I’ll need to be accountable. At least blogging doesn’t really take creativity. I’m hoping writing about daily stuff brings back the creative writer in me. I’ve got a short story to write. The block needs to go. Last year, daily writing in November corresponded with me writing a whole novel. So here’s hoping!

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A post with stuff in it

I have no idea what I’m about to write about. My two best friends are out of town and have been for quite some time. While I rarely hang out with them, we talk on the phone. A lot. Which is odd because I hate the phone. Georgie and I talk every morning for at least an hour during the week, and Carol and I talk usually about every other day or so. For hours. When I was with T-Mobile, it worked great because so is she, so our calls were free. She has a spoon thief illness too, so we’ve really bonded over the years. Its rare that we both have energy on the same day to hang out, so we do it on the phone from the comfort of our own homes.

I forgot that she told me to blog more while she’s out of town since we can’t talk nearly as often. Oops…

So I’m blogging now. carol, it’s hot. What more is there to say? I’ve definitely got the summer blues since the heat makes me hibernate. It doesn’t help that you and Georgie planned your out of town ventures at the same time. You two must have better planning next year, ok? This will be something only you will understand. I needed Chapter 8 last night. It helped a lot.

In other news, the beeping cat collar broke. I’ve ordered another one. In the meantime, Timmy isn’t as easy to find, so that’s been a pain.

Jayden is doing well, though he’s not enjoying the weather either. I walked him all over Saavi on Monday while we waited for our ride, since walking outside is impossible now. Back to finding creative ways to work and exercise the boy. How quickly this time has snuck up on me.

The AZ wildfires are getting under control now that the wind has died down, thank God. I forget what day it was, Sunday maybe? B said he could see the smoke outside. The winds had shifted and blown it our way. I went outside and could smell it. There’s no rain in the foreseeable future, but today the humidity is up as well as the dew point, so maybe? Maybe? After a monsoon passes, there’s a decent window to get outside for a walk. I can’t wait for that. Though last year the storms seemed to come more at night, so who knows.

That’s really all there is, Carol, at least all that can be shared in public. Haha!

Of course there’s baseball, that’s a no brainer. The Rays are off today though. I hate off days. Nothing to look forward to.

I somehow managed to discover that Wil Wheaton is on Twitter. That led me to his blog which led me to his podcast. He still talks about Star Trek, but holy crap, Wesley Crusher is grown up. He swears. He wrote a book going over each episode from the first season of TNG, so in the podcast, he goes over each episode. Hilarious! I was so in love with Wil Wheaton when I was an early teen and now I think I love him even more. He’s a geek in real life!

Oh and Carol, I finally started following Ice T since a Twitter friend mentioned that she does so it finally reminded me to.

I’ve got another awesome Twitter friend. She’s sending me an ‘I (heart symbol) Longo’ t-shirt. It was a giveaway at the Trop last year and she got an extra one. How cool is that? She also tweeted all the Rays on Twitter and told them to read my last post, the one about the Rays being more than just a baseball team. Emeel Salem tweeted back that he enjoyed it. I need to have a way to compose blogs when I’m in bed because I had the post in my head the night before and in my original idea, I was going to mention that along with all the Twitter friends I’ve found because of the Rays, I also found Emeel Salem, who’s music has brought me such joy and who’s fundraising efforsts for tornado victims have been inspiring and fun to participate in. But I had a brain lapse and left it out of the post and he read it. Bullocks.

Something else cool might happen but I can’t write it, so you’ll have to call me when you get a chance. I think that’s about it. Summer sucks, baseball rocks and Jayden is a goof. Oh yeah, and my Twitter friends have been a giant help in filling the void you and Georgie have left in my life, darn you girls. 😉

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Another cat got out on me! Or did she?

This morning I took Jayden out before beginning the wait for our ride to the gym. When we were headed back in the house, Jayden kind of paused at the sliding glass door, which he never does. The only other time he paused at the door was way back when he helped Timmy escape, thus beginning Timmy’s reign of human hostage taking before I took revenge and made him beep at my command.

Jayden’s sudden pause at the doorway gave me an instant flashback of escaping cats, but I knew Timmy and Spinelli were in the bedroom with the door closed. That left Fi, our elder statesman cat who is about eighteen years old.

B would kill me. He’s had that cat for years and years and years. I left the screen shut on the door as I called Fi’s name around the apartment. Oh no, oh no, she’s never been an easy cat to track. She doesn’t come when called, none of the tricks I used to use on Timmy would fool her, where is she, did she get out? Paratransit will be here soon. She couldn’t have gotten out. She’s never tried it before.

I went back to the door to close it up when I heard meowing. Fi, you brat, you did get out.

I knelt down and opened the door and she slid past me, my hand trailing her side. Was that Fi? She felt a little different. Had to be. Sounded like her.

I finished getting ready, harnessed Jayden and sat on the floor with him to wait for our ride. Fi sidled up for some love like she does sometimes when I’m on the floor. Paratransit came and Jayden and I went to the gym.

A few hours later we arrived home and I took Jayden outside. As we were coming back in, he paused at the door again. I closed the screen before going inside and told Jayden he didn’t have to pause at that door, just every other door. As I opened the door I told him inside and he went in quickly.

I stepped back outside for a minute and as I did, I felt a cat brush passed my legs. Fi!! She didn’t go far before; she came right back and howled at the door in fact. I left the bedroom door closed, right? I went back in to check. Door closed. I hurried inside the room, shutting the door behind me to make sure Timmy and Spinelli were both inside and they were.

I went back to the screen door and called for Fi. I went outside and listened. B has taken Fi outside a few times and she just stays on the patio and rolls. I heard nothing.

I came back inside to call Gamma as I always do upon arriving home. She launched into a story about a friend of hers and I walked around the apartment trying to hear Fi anywhere.

Finally I heard the tiny sounds of crunching food. Timmy and Spinelli were still in the bedroom, lounging on the bed. That had to be Fi.

Relief flooded through me as I felt Fi by the cat food. I was sure it was her this time, being able to touch her longer.

So who then, had just gotten out of the apartment?

The whole time, all I could think about was the eHarmony cat girl. Maybe I should tell her there’s a nice stray around here, if she wants it.


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Beeping cat update

Ever since I wrote about how Timmy beeps at my command, I’ve gotten tons of search queries for “beeping cat collar”. Wonder how much money I would have made if I were an Amazon associate? Enough for the iPhone?

Anyway, thought I’d give an update. It works like an absolute charm! I can’t speak for all cats, but Timmy has gotten completely used to the collar.

There are a few times when I beep him that he makes me give chase, but it’s kind of a fun challenge and it increases my ear/hand coordination and helps with my agility. He gives up after a few minutes and remains still.

On most occasions however, he puts himself in a room. Here’s where it gets fascinating.

In the mornings, I put him in the spare room since B is still sleeping. In the afternoons, I put him in the bedroom. It’s been that way since before I got the pet locator. So now here’s what happens.

In the mornings when I beep him, he’s either already in the spare room, or he runs in there on his own. In the afternoons when I beep him, if he’s not asleep on the couch, he puts himself in the bedroom. He is such a smart cat. It’s like he thinks he wins if he puts himself in a room rather than giving me the satisfaction of finding him.

The freedom has completely taken away the stress of leaving my apartment. I highly recommend for anyone struggling with an escape artist cat.


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A beeping cat has set me free

One of the best lessons I learned after getting sober is, keep it simple. After going blind, that simple statement became imperative. Combined with the lesson my dad taught me as a kid when I couldn’t find my keys, always keep them in the same place, I’ve found ways to keep my life simple to make being blind a lot easier. Everything stays in the same place and when possible, small items are kept in a tray or cup or clipped to something. I always know where my keys are. I remember where I put that chocolate…

With a cat however, this is impossible. Especially a cat with dreams of roaming the outside world.

When I used the white cane, I swept the door before coming in the house to keep Timmy the cat from escaping. When I first came home with Jayden, just the big yellow dog walking in the door kept Timmy from escaping. That all changed when Timmy convinced Jayden to help him escape.

That was almost a year ago and it’s been a major pain ever since. I had to start putting Timmy in the bedroom every time I wanted to leave the house or he’d get out on me. On the occasions that I couldn’t find him, I’d use the cane while trying to get Jayden out the door and keeping the cat inside. There have been several times that I’ve needed to do laundry and couldn’t find the cat and there’s no way to get Jayden, the laundry cart and myself out the door while sweeping the cane. There were so many times that I felt held hostage by a feline. Not at all fun and a pretty stressful existence.

On mornings when B got up at the same time as me, he could find Timmy and put him in the spare room. On weekends however, B sleeps late and there were several times I thought I might have a nervous breakdown trying to find Timmy so I could take Jayden out.

Months ago, Carol found this pet locator on Amazon. One of the reviews is from a guy who uses it on his cat. I’ve lusted after this thing ever since and while it’s always been on sale, I didn’t want to spend the money, thinking maybe it was silly to spend money on something that would make Timmy beep.

It’s not that simple though. I think peace of mind is worth thirty five bucks, don’t you?

B finally ordered it for me last week after another incident of not being able to find Timmy. It arrived Monday but we had no collar. Wednesday I needed to do laundry and couldn’t find timmy for over two hours. I was totally freaking out. B stopped at the store on the way home but the only collars they had were flea and tick collars, which didn’t work since it needed a ring to attach the receiver to.

Yesterday Carol and I were running errands and we stopped by Petco to get a collar. All the cat collars were stupid! They all had rhinestones on them. I’m sorry, but I’m not Paris Hilton and Timmy is a boy cat. They also didn’t have rings on them, just bells. The bell would come off since neither B nor I wanted to hear a bell jingle around the house. A bell would never have worked for me since if Timmy wasn’t moving, the bell would be silent.

So Carol and I found a dog collar for small dogs. Perfect.

Timmy now beeps at my command! He doesn’t much care for the collar but he’s gotten used to it quickly. I know collars can be dangerous for cats, but since he’s an indoor cat, I don’t think there’s anything he can get hung up on in the house.

This morning when I got up, Timmy wasn’t on the couch. I pressed the button on my remote and followed the beeping. It came from the spare room. I beeped it again to make sure and closed the door to take Jayden out. Freedom!!!

Timmy has more freedom now because of the collar. Now I don’t need to keep him in the bedroom for the sake of not needing to find him again later. He would spend nearly all day in the bedroom when I had a lot of in and out to do. Now he’s in there for five minutes and set free again.

A little while ago I wanted to go outside again so I clicked the remote and found Timmy sitting on the cat tree. Perfection!!!

I am so, so relieved. The transmitter is a little larger than I would have liked. The description says there are flat ones that you affix to a cell phone or something, so I might see if I can figured out a way to attach that one to the collar.

Aside from that, it’s the perfect solution to the silly problem of being held hostage by a feline.


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Doggy Diaries – Sick day clicker fun

I’ve got some sort of stomach bug, that is just leaving me drained and blarfey. It started Sunday night and I woke up yesterday feeling ok but not for long, so we didn’t go to the gym. Today I had the hardest time getting out of bed and I feel all body achey and my stomach isn’t happy having anything in it except for Alka Seltzer. Even an Ensure didn’t sit well.

I hate days like this, aside from feeling miserable, I hate feeling like Jayden is bored. We haven’t gotten decent work in for a few days now and I hate that.

I’ve been giving him a Kong Wobbler in the afternoon, saving a handful of kibble from breakfast for his afternoon treat. I was doing the frozen Kongs every day, but replacing those was going to break the bank, so reserve those for a treat after more major work.

The trouble with Wobblers and Kongs is that if I’m not paying attention to him when he’s finished, I can’t find the darned thing to pick it up. Jayden would sometimes understand that when I was on my knees sweeping my hands about, I was looking for it and he might show me.

Today I turned it into a clicker game. After he had finished it, I put some more kibble in my pocket and got out the clicker. He picked it up soon what I wanted and before long when I said, “find the Wobbler”, he would run to it and paw it. I’m so glad he chose to paw it, because then I can hear when he’d found it and it made clicking it easier and I didn’t have to move much.

I started putting him in a sit stay and going to place the Wobbler somewhere. I’d say “find the Wobbler!” and he’d take off and go paw it.

It was so fun! I wish I knew more things to do with the clicker. Maybe “find Timmy” is next? 😉


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