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Link as Catalyst for Quick Post

Hello from Ro Land. This is just a quick post to say that a huge update, I mean HUGE, is needed here, but the catalyst for my posting this quickly is to share a link about five people who have made the best of their vision loss and found great careers. I was contacted here and given this link, and I always love positive stories about people deciding not to lay down and give up. So, please enjoy this article.

Speaking of people not giving up when they experience vision loss, have I got a story for you! Guess who’s not in Arizona right now? This girl!


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Keyword Gems – See what they’re searching for

I had stopped checking my stat counter for quite awhile. For a long time it was mostly people asking how to stop their iPhone from talking. I’ve been tempted to delete that post. I’ve been up too long today, killing time before the Rays game so I went and checked the counter and there were some good ones. I had a few queries saved that I had forgotten about too, so here ya go.


19 Nov when you think of crochet, you actually think of


26 Nov the woman to stop talking on my iphone 4

26 Nov where sells dooveys in reading?

*What bought sheets on hiking?

29 Nov 『What do you think you will find in japan

*People and trees and water and computers and food and…

29 Nov would you know if there was a burglar in your roof

*In or on your roof? Your roof in Japan perhaps?

24 Dec cat xxxpic

*Another search for kitty porn.

25 Dec “myself look pregnant”

*Just a little bit?

28 Aug lady doggy style blogspot

*I don’t want to know.

26 Aug what is the purpose of michael connelly in writing the last coyote

*Was this a question asked of you in school? Like an essay prompt? Answer: Because the Harry Bosch series is totally awesome.

15 Aug the whoa blogger

*Whoa, who’s that?

14 Aug

*This search happened five times. I don’t understand.

9 Aug bum cushion


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#NaBloPoMo – Another edition of Keyword Gems. Is your search query here?

I knew I had one fairly easy post for NaBloPoMo and I’m cashing it in today. I don’t have time to write something from scratch, so I’ll bring you another edition of ‘They Landed Here’, which I’ve been titling, “Keyword Gems”. These are search queries I save that made me laugh at the time of finding them on my stat counter. In case you find that you’re one of the people searching for these terms, don’t worry, I have no way of finding out who you are. Stat counters don’t work that way.

Below each query is the thought I had at the time of saving the search term. Hope you enjoy! Oh yeah, I copied this idea some time ago from VomitComet. Check out their “You are Here?” label for hours and hours of laughter!


Remember the rapture?

20 May 86 year old man says the world ends tomorrow

20 May what’s up with the world ending thing tomorrow?

21 May so i heard about the end of the world, oh wait

Now back to our regularly scheduled search queries.

3 Jun doggy positions

*Is my mind just in the gutter? This made me LOL for real.

2 Jun describe a commercial

* A british voice speaking that is actually a little green gecko telling you you can save fifteen percent or more on car insurance

1 Jun evan longoria’s marital status

*I get these search queries a lot. Evan, inquiring minds want to know. (Though I’m pretty sure with the media the way it is, we’ll know he’s engaged before his parents do.)

6 Jun use iphone to see blind person

*I think you can just use your eyes to see us.

7 Jun the song about carole

*Just had to save this one for Carol. I wonder if the E on the end of your name was a mistake? Maybe there is a song about Carole.

7 Jun what I want need to know about short story

*How I learn know to write.

8 Jun but I asked her to put the dog away

*And she didn’t??? Dude.

20 Jun I don’t know how to crochet and I want to crochet a blanket

*Probably need to learn how to crochet, then…

21 Jun “can i put my laptop in the freezer”

*Is it scary?

23 Jun what would happen if there was no guide dogs?

*A lot more white canes would be sold.

24 Jun should stay in the market? 2011 june


25 Jun how to want to write again

*If you find out, will you let me know? Update: There’s this great book: “The Artist’s Way”. Read it. It makes you want to write again. *

25 Jun is evan longoria a jerk

*Absolutely not. I’m biased, but we’ve all got the same information on the guy.

25 Jun sam fuld catches videos

*Sam Fuld catches everything.

27 jun “rock paper scissors” umpire test

*They appeal to first and…paper beats rock. Strike three.

30 jun Mom did cal is that sentence rite

*Your mom did cal? As in, California? That’s a lot of doing. Or perhaps you meant calculus. I’m thinking you also meant, right or correct. (This search query landed the searcher on another keyword gems post. I thought that was kinda funny.)

4 Jul do you agree with guide dogs

*Not all the time but usually my guide dog knows what is best for me.


*Maybe his litter needs changing.

29 Jul “Seven! Seven! Seven! Seven! Seven! Seven!” movie

*”Seven” was a movie with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. This search though, sounds like a “Friends” episode.

22 Aug “my sighted boyfriend”

*Yeah, I’ve got one too.

11 Oct 30 year ols women laying in the sun

*Well almighty then.

7 Nov Hear+the+sleigh+bells+jingle,+jingle,+fingers+freeze+and+then+they+tingle.

*Yeah that’s about how I felt about that song, too.


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Keyword Gems (aka They Landed Here)

They searched, and landed here.

9 Apr +”i had to pee” +”there was not enough time to find a bathroom”

* +”what were you hoping to find with this search?” +”I wish you’d finish the story cuz I really want to know what happened next”

12 Apr everyone loves sam fuld

*That sounds like a new TV show

12 Apr screen reader nonsense

*Makes sense to me.

23 Apr evsn longoria

*Evan. E-V-A-N. Evan.

22 Apr sam video catch fuld love life

*Ro blanket tangles crochet yarn

9 May “human vet”

*I should hope so. Wouldn’t want to take my dog to a chimp vet.

9 May waffles tick

*Case of the syrup bomber

6 May who on the commercial with the little boy walking thur the

*Movie with man run with dog in

5 May hi i’m matt joyce

*Matt? Are you ok? I’m Ro by the way. You called me from FanFest…

5 May duck graceful but paddling like hell

15 May Wow me cat xxx pic

*Looking for kitty porn?


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They landed here

I don’t have any Diaries posts from last year until the eight so I went and checked out my stat counter for any interesting search queries. I’ve been saving these for awhile now to have enough for a post and I think I finally have enough.

For those of you who haven’t seen a post of the they landed here label, I sometimes go and check my counter to see what people are searching for that land them on the blog. I save the fun ones until I have enough to post. I got the idea from Vomit Comet and their you are here? label. They get some really funny ones.

Sooo, here are the ones I’ve been collecting since August. May the new collection begin now.

16 Aug don’t touch your tralalala

*Don’t sweat the petty stuff. Don’t pet the sweaty stuff.

29 Aug makoto akashi yamaguchi clock hair

*I’m sure that makes sense to whomever searched it, but when my screen reader says it, it sounds like some kind of weird child’s chant. The cadence is perfect! I’m imagining children doing that hand clapping thing we used to do as kids.

29 Aug “makoto akashi” “yamaguchi university”

*Oooooh…that makes a lot more sense when you write university instead of clock hair.

12 Sep roof crochets

*That’s a talented roof.

28 Sep interview tips +blogspot

*I had a spam comment this morning all about how to improve your interview skills. I checked the counter and found this search. Alrighty then. Um, the post was about Evan Longoria’s interview. Don’t you think maybe you outta read the post to see if your spam is even relevant? I almost saved the comment to make fun of it, and now that I see this query I almost wish I had. Funny thing is, I actually won a medal in the interview competition in academic decathlon in high school. Preachin to the choir, spammer.

3 Dec rite when i was gonna pee off the roof my roomie

*Oh! Oh! Is this one of those complete the sentence things? Hmmm. Ok, I’ll write: Rite when I was gonna pee off the roof my roomie said, “what does mommy say about boys who pee off roofs?” And I exclaim in a high pitched voice, “look what I can do!”

(I even kept your spelling mistake)This person searched the exact same phrase two minutes after the first search.

Want to continue the phrase after the word roomy? Leave it in a comment. I may have to turn this into a Spark for a short story.

27 Dec. sound bites silence of the lambs “oh good”

*I had to include this one because it’s an inside joke between Chupa and me. She’s the reason I put up a youtube video about this. When I saw the search query, I had to see if it was her, but it wasn’t. Guess there’s more than two of us who love the part where Buffalo Bill says “oh good”.

16 Jan “I hate fingernails”

*I get a search query for this A LOT. That’s the main reason I’m finally including it. Tons of people hate fingernails for whatever reason. It really makes me want to ask them all exactly why.

20 Jan o happy vitamins

*I instantly got the song, ‘Oh Happy Day’ in my head and it won’t go away.

2 Feb roof socks

*Did you mean wind socks? Do roofs need socks? I suppose they do get cold.

27 Feb roof dog harnesses

*Can anyone else figure why someone would want this? To go with the socks, maybe?

27 Mar floridawives


29 Mar gps blind captain

*I instantly thought, GPS for a blind captain and imagined a blind guy captaining a ship with a british GPS voice going, we are on course, destination approaching, oh wait, you are about to hit an iceberg…go right please…your other right! Crap! We’re gonna hit!


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They landed here

So here’s the latest search queries I’ve saved that have led people here to the Roof. It’s getting harder and harder to sift through all the queries about Evan Longoria and now David Price. Maybe I should be an official Longoria fan blog.

In case you haven’t read the other ‘they landed here’ posts, these are search queries I’ve found funny and keep saved until I have enough for a post. They come up on my tracker. I check it every few days. Good times.

Oh I wanted to say too that I get a fair amount of hits from the mental health guest posts, so hopefully those posts are continuing to help people. 🙂


16 May who is the girl in the evan longoria commercial

*Oh I wish it was me…wait what is the girl doing???

19 May dog can roof

*Yes, dogs can roof. Or did you mean woof?

23 May what happens to the roof when the rays win at home

*It gets raised? Hmmm. Tropicana Field is a dome, but it doesn’t have a retractable roof. So I don’t think anything happens to the roof when the Rays win, other than lots of cowbells and cheering.

4 Jun why are canadians so friendly

*I don’t know. Isn’t the Canada google? So, if you’re Canadian, can’t you answer that question? Ask yourself why you’re so friendly. Or maybe you’re visiting there. Steve? Carin? Why are you so friendly?

4 Jun steve carin

*This query was right below the friendly Canadian query. I’m thinking there is a man named Steve Carin, though.

12 Jun sports superstitions about girlfriends


1 Jul is Evan longoria single?

*As of 7/1/10 yes he is. But I think we’ve all got plenty of competition.

26 Jul went blind when stoned

*I laughed out loud at this one and kinda felt bad about it. But all the search queries were David Price and then this one. It linked to an old post about getting food stoned at the Melting Pot and a great blind bathroom experience hahahaha!

25 Jul evan longoria with no shirt

*This cracked me up only because I was recently on the phone with Carol and she looked up pictures of Evan and I highly enjoyed her sound effects. I asked her if there were any of him shirtless, and she didn’t find any. I had to see if this was her searching for topless pics of Evan, but it was someone in FL. 😉

24 Jul inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “audio book”

*Huh? This came up more than once. Odd.

22 Jul tiny jayden san diego


5 Aug what’s in the center roof of my closet

*In an old apartment of mine, my a/c unit was in the ceiling in the center of the closet. Sometimes I wonder if people find the answer they’re looking for. In this case, now I really wonder what’s in the center of that roof in the closet. I mean, what’s causing this person to ask? Interesting.


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They landed here

Every few days I check my stat counter for fun or interesting search queries that land people here. I save the good ones and stockpile them until I have enough for a post. I’m happy to say that I got a lot of hits on various autism searches and now for mental health as well. So that’s really cool. It doesn’t look like all the people stayed to read, but at least we know they’re out there searching. I didn’t save those searches, but wanted to make mention of it. So here’s what I’ve stockpiled:

13 Mar silicone sally

*So I wonder if they were looking for a phone system, or a…doll…?

21 Mar disobedience jokes

*I almost want to search that myself

22 Mar we want to start the beginning when we open the vedio again in ipod nano

*Alrighty then haha. I love how we think Google will understand more when we include ourselves in the query. I admit, I’ve done it too.

30 Mar pass out pooch

*So was your pooch passed out and you were worried? Or were you looking for pictures of passed out pooches?

3 Apr my sister

*I really hope you found your sister. Using a name might help though. I mean google is good, but I don’t think it knows who you are to just know who your sister is.

4 Apr im pretty passed out

*Oh, I think your sister is looking for you.

30 Apr what type of roof is on hank crisp

*Ok I laughed loudly at this one. Does anyone know what this person might have been looking for? Who is Hank and why would he have a roof on him?

3 May blogspot blogs on ” wii “

*I kept this one, because I got a spam comment about some kind of Wii breaking code or something. So I was surprised to find this search because it would take a lot of effort to spam people this way.

4 May aural hallucinations pot 2 months after

*Duuuuude, that’s some intense weed

9 May Evan Longoria hot

*Yes, I know he is, but he’s mine, hear me? Hands off.

10 May how ro write not being judgemental about people

*Awwww I thought this was sweet hehe! You’re probably a regular reader, so if you see this, you can use the frame at the top of my blog to search the blog. It would probably be easier than using google and it works really well.

Ok that’s it for this round of ‘they landed here’. Maybe some day I’ll get more funny ones like the ones over at Vomit Comet’s ‘you are here?’ label.


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They landed here

I may not have much time for these over the next three weeks, and these were funny.

11 Feb putting coke in the laundry

*I got this one the same night I posted the first “they landed here” post. I started laughing and told B when he asked what I was laughing at. He said, they searched for that and found your blog? It was because I mention the Coke machine in the laundry room. I have to wonder though, did someone leave some coke in their pocket accidentally? Or is coke a really good stain remover?

12 Feb roof nervous

*The Ro in the Google address is Romania. I just found it interesting. And I have to say I’m nervous about roofs too. That’s why I stay in the center.


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More “they landed here”

I really thought I was done blogging for today, but I’m all about conserving spoons in the afternoon so I’m pretty much glued to the computer. I was playing around in my tracker again and there was some page activity I found interesting. I probably wouldn’t have published this search because it’s a normal search, but the visitor’s specs interested me.
Google Search Engine Phrase: “mlb” “brian charlson”

What got me though is this:

Browser: Firefox 3.0 Operating System: Mac OS 10

Why does this fascinate me? I thought Mac didn’t like Firefox? Am I mistaken? The visitor was from Berkley and that makes me think he/she may be a computer guru. If you come back, and you might since you stayed 14 minutes, and you don’t think I’m creepy for spying, maybe you’ll shed some light on how you’re using Firefox with Mac.

Or maybe it’s another browser I’m thinking of. Carin? I’m intrigued because I think it’s Firefox that uses that web vysom thing, right?


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They landed here

Ok so I totally stole this from Vomit Comet and their feature they call “You are here?“. Basically, they have a tracker on their site and it allows them to see what search terms people have used that land them on their page. I really thought that was a cool idea, but hadn’t really looked into it, until I read another blog by a woman who got a tracker and saw that some really creepy search terms were landing people on her blog. I’m not linking to her, because she’s thinking about going private because of these searches. Her reason for doing the tracker though, prompted me to do it even more than for the fun factor. Luckily, I haven’t gotten creepy searches yet, but I have gotten a few fun ones. I saved them until I had enough for a post.

Originally I was going to call it “landing strip” because well, people landed here. But then I thought, hmmm, that might sound like a certain name for a region of hair in the nether areas hahah! So, I decided on “they landed here”. So, here are the ones I’ve saved:


27 Jan “in the centre of the roof”

*This search comes up a lot. I know it’s a good way to find me, but bookmarking works well too. That might help?

27 Jan Starbucks VIA OR Instant

*Yummm. I don’t think they stayed around long enough to find out I like it.

27 Jan song with Roof in the title

*This was my first funny search. And for days I was singing, “the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire”

5 Feb O and M training blind

*I put way too much thought into this. Either it’s a blink looking for other blinks doing O & M or it’s a sightie maybe thinking about a career in O & M training and maybe they know they’ll have to go under blindfold.

10 Feb daryl guide dog blog

*This one cracked me up today. I wonder if they were looking for Darrell and Egypt, or a guide dog named Darrell.

11 Feb wow tissues

*Huh? This one is cracking me up yet again. Hmmm. Alrighty then. What kind of tissues were they looking for? They sound really wow.


It may look like I’m spying on my readers, and I guess I kind of am. But it doesn’t tell you who they are or anything. And I think it’s good to watch for creepy searches. I gotta tell you that Vomit Comet gets much, much funnier ones, because they’ve been around a long time, so if you need a laugh, go check it out. The link is at the top of this post.


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