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The Nothing

Remember The Nothing, in the movie ‘The Neverending Story’? As teens, some of us would hang out at the University, and there was this area under a footbridge that wasn’t quite tall enough to stand in. There were windows at ground level that looked into the basement floor of the library. We would hang out down there, and we called it “The Nothing”.

So this blog falls into that category, yet again, of nothing. I have to write a blog because I’m doing that 30 blogs in 30 days for November, even though I couldn’t get registered for it. This is actually one of those days where I might not have posted. There’s just nothing to report.

There aren’t any more details on the job, so I can’t talk about it. I haven’t heard from the lady who offered it. I’ve been calling her “UK Lady”. I hope that wouldn’t offend her.

I thought about writing some more of my story, because I haven’t written on it in awhile, but I don’t feel like thinking about the past.

Hmmm, no wood cracking sounds. Just the gentle hum of distant traffic. A cat was eating a minute ago, but they have apparently had their fill.

I ate ginger cookies which weren’t ginger cookies for lunch. I think they were actually Snickerdoodles. I suppose its easy to get the wrong thing when you’re blind and ordering cookies off a cart for a fundraiser at a blind center when the ones pushing the cart are blind. They were good anyway. Not as good as the eclair and chocolate chip cookies I ate while riding the stationary bike at my workout yesterday. But anyway I had the non ginger cookies and a KitKat for lunch with my afternoon coffee. Grandma called and asked if I had lunch and I told her I was eating cookies. She said she thought I was watching what I ate. I told her I’m having a weak week. I couldn’t think of a good blind joke. I suppose I could have said, “well I can’t really watch what I eat”. But that seemed like a lame joke.

The Yankees won the World Series last night. Pffft. I had to watch the end because it was the World Series, and I like hearing celebrating. Why do they call it the World Series? Its US teams. If the Jays are lucky, they might represent Canada. But they are an American League team. So the world series consists of the American League and the National League. And Canada could be a part of the American League. What?

I figured out that I should save $100 to take to school with me just for coffee. I asked my email list if there is coffee because I crash in the afternoons and need coffee. There will be Starbucks and other coffee shops on the routes, and if we go to the Lounge there will be coffee, but I can’t guarantee free coffee so I need to take at least $100 for coffee. Unless I just buy the cheapest coffee at the coffee shops. (How many times did I just say coffee? Repeated words just sound funny on the screen reader. I wonder if blogs sound funny to me just because Alex reads them to me?)

I could really be a coffee commercial, or so a crazy guy once told me after I shared a meeting about not having water because of a water main break, so I used the half of a Gatorade bottle full of water that I had on hand to squeeze out one cup of coffee that didn’t taste right because how do you measure the right amount of coffee for one cup? Then, I still didn’t learn my lesson and get a jug of water to have on hand, and the next time the water was off, I begged my friend to drop some water off for me on her way to work so I could have my afternoon coffee. Now there is a reserve jug of water in the fridge. What do you want to bet the water never gets shut off now?

My friend Carol called today and she and I are incapable of having a short conversation. Thanks again Bluetooth. I actually got some cleaning and straightening up done while I was on the phone with her. I was also neurotically checking email when it dinged in case it was UK Lady.

Then the home phone rang and I hung up with Carol hoping to hear a British accent on the home phone, but it was my braille teacher telling me its a go for Mondays with the over 55 guy I have to study with now so the government will let me study. I’m half tempted just to do braille through Hadley. We’ll see how it goes on Monday.

Oh the techie conference on Friday next is called Vrate. I was correct in a previous comment. I have no idea what to expect for that, but it whould be hella fun. Hella? Noooo. I hate it when that word slips out.

Well I just got an email confirming coffee in the lounge and dorms at school, so maybe I won’t need $100.

Ok this is why I write long blogs. When I have the time to read blogs, I enjoy reading the long ones. On the Mac, there are two keys I hold down with my left hand, the control and option keys. Then, using the arrow keys, I navigate. I can lock the control option keys, aka Voiceover keys, aka VO keys and just use my right hand to use the arrow keys. So I will sit back and lock my VO keys to enjoy a nice long blog, and my left hand is free to drink coffee. I’m getting good at anticipating long blogs, which comes in handy, because if I lock my VO keys and the blog is short, I have to unlock the keys to close the window. Seriously, no big deal, I know. So I write long blogs. How does that translate? I don’t know. Also, especially when writing a nothing blog, I think maybe I’ll remember something, so I keep writing.

Crap. Now I’m going to want to re-label all my random stuff posts with The Nothing.

This is why I really hope I get that part-time job. I have too much time on my hands. I could be cleaning. But all the cleaning I have is big jobs, like the bathroom and the floors. I really need to start those jobs in the mornings or at least before noon, before the afternoon crash. And this morning I didn’t want to get involved in case UK Lady called. So I didn’t start cleaning. And she didn’t call. Better luck tomorrow maybe.

Well, the only things I have left to write about are rants about things annoying me, and I don’t feel like ranting.

Ooooh, I was wondering why my arms were hurting. I had pulled the couch out slightly while I was cleaning while on the phone with Carol and it scooted my laptop cart away a bit so it wasn’t in the right spot. Duh.

Ok, so sorry if I’ve waisted your time. Oh one more thing! There are 2 dogs on the phase report with the coolest names, Nasa and Tenfour, I love it! And there’s a dog that hasn’t been on there even though he went to school like 3 weeks ago. I hope he’s ok.

Ugh, in adding labels I realized that “blogging, rambles and random stuff” could all just be, The Nothing. I wonder if I’m gonna tackle the re-labeling.


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Nothing to say so I’ll write a blog

I really hate it when I’ve gone through all my email, read the blogs I subscribe to, check whatever else, and then sit here thinking about what I could write and I can’t think of anything good.

So I’ll write anyway.

Hmmm. B’s computer hums really loud. Thats actually all I hear. I actually sat and listened for a minute. Is that grasping for straws? Oh the wood in the wall just popped. that freaks me out sometimes, when I hear popping and/or cracking in the walls/ceiling. Is my apartment going to cave in? Are there termites? Its just normal settling. Yeah, thats all it is. The air is warming up and the temperature is varried between the air and the wals so the walls are warming up at a slower rate, making the wood expand. Or contract. Which is it? I don’t remember. Oh man would my chemistry teacher be disappointed? Or would that be my physics teacher?

I always liked physics better. I was always so visual oh there;s a really loud pop in the ceiling. Anyway, physics and geometry were always my favorites. Dave actually guessed that I was good at geometry on Friday when he told me to turn left about 45 degrees and I nailed the angle. I guess thats why I was good at pool.

I miss pool. So many little intricasies. Angles and speed and english and thinking how the english on the cue ball will affect the object ball or the angle coming off the rails, man I miss my old bank shuts and extreme cuts and trying to snooker my apponent. I miss competing. Competing was always so fun.

Maybe I’ll join the goal ball team. It would be nice to cmpete again. But in goal ball you have to be pretty bulky and sturdy and I’m trying to slim down and tone up. But it would be fun. though they play on their knees and my knees aren’t in the best of shape. But I bet my future guide dog would like to take me to goal ball practice.

I haven’t had dreams about a guide dog. I’m gathering from a lot of the other blogs I read that people have dreams about their guide dog and school and stuff right before they go and right after they get back.

I don’t remember my dreams much. Its really rare to wake up and remember a dream. My Grandma tells me about some of her dreams and the one she told me Friday gave me the chills and made me afraid to shower, but I’m not gonna post it cuz it was too freaky.

I’m going to Grandma’s today. I forgot to get the peach pie so we have to stop and get that first. I wonder when the baseball game is on.

The stupid Yankees won last night. I’m hating this World Series.

Do you think poker is something that should be on ESPN? They call it the World Series of poker. I don’t understand it. Its a card game. B said its competition, so it belongs on ESPN. He used to tell me its no different than pool being on ESPN. I think pool belongs on ESPN though. Maybe thats just cuz I like pool.

I think there has to be a way for blind people to play pool. How did I get back on pool? See I was trying to just ramble on finding ways to segway into another topic and here I am back at pool.

One of the bloggers wishes her dog could get in the pool. I’m gonna have to figure out a way for my dog to swim too. I wonder if there are any doggy pools, though I wouldn’ want me dog to be in a pool with just any other dog.

Other dogs are mean. I read blogs about other dogs and other dogs scare me. If anyone or any dog hurts my dog, oooh hell noooo there would be hell to pay.

Oh crap its time to pay rent. Man I hate rent paying. There goes all that money! Bye bye money! People say “buy a house”. But I like renting. Anything breaks, they fix it, for free! Well I know its included in the rent, but ya know. I don’t have credit cards, how would I pay for a broken a/c or fridge?

I want to finally turn the a/c off for good. Its November already and we still have the a/c on at leat we did last night for a bit. This is when everyone gets sick, cuz it cools off and then warms up and cools off an warms up and cools off and warms up. Ah, the desert. We’re special here, we don’t even change our clocks.

My talking watch automatically changes itself for DST. It doesn’t know it lives in Arizona. My phone and computer know not to change. Now all the cable tv shows will be on at different times. I hate DST. It has no meaning for me. DST. Don’t say that? DST. Don’t sit there.

I couldn’t just sit here. Thats why I had to write a blog about nothing. Oh duh, I could have been importing books. Ok maybe I’ll do that now. Heard the email ding quite a few times. Lets start the whole thing over…check emails, get caught up on reading list, check whatever other site…hahaha.

Ok. So sorry. If you stuck with this blog till now, you know I’m a little wacky 😉

Though you probably already knew that hehehe hahahaha hehehehe!

Oh yeah, I don’t feel like diting, so sorry for typos. Typos are funny on a screenreader. Oh no, I could strt rambling again. no no no! The lady in the lobby afraid of the dog no no no, Karen walks away yes yes yes LOLOL!


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Nothing, nothing, tra la la

I don’t even know why I’m blogging. I think I’ve been so busy on the computer today that now that everything is caught up, I don’t know what to do with myself.

I joined a new email list last night, and when I woke up today, I had quite a few emails on there, and quite a few new blog posts to comment on. Then I went to Grandma’s for 3 hours, came home, and had 65 new messages! Oh and there’s the email ding again!

wow. When it was all caught up I decided to blog. But what about? B is flipping between football, which I care nothing about, and baseball, which I care immensley about, but I get really worked up in this series when I watch too closely. So when he puts the game back on, I’ll keep an ear open.

I had fun at Grandma’s today. I took my big ginormous scrap yarn blanket over to wash. Back before I went blind, I found this thing called “scrumping”, where you take all your scrap yarn and tie it all together randomly and leave half inch ends, ball it up, and make a blanket. So months ago I organized my crochet cabinet and there was a ton of scrap yarn in there. I started tieing together random lengths of random yarns, some textured, balled it all up, and started a ginormous granny ripple. I finished it about a month ago and have been told it looks just like a patchwork quilt. Its great too, because its very textured, so I can feel where things change. It covers a queen sized bed, its that big. So I took it to Grandma’s to show her and to wash it. Oh, email ding. I wonder how many will pile up while I’m blogging about nothing?

Hmm, I could crochet a pretty dog bed cover. There’s an idea. I have some baby yarn that I can scrump with, I need to dig that out. I’ve also got the last bit of charity yarn I bought. Its all bright pinks and blues and stuff, hot pink as was described to me, that I’ll offset with bright white. I’m also going to make the ripples slant. I think it’ll be great for a teenaged girl. If I ever get back to crochet.

We’re still on football…I haven’t gotten any text alerts on my phone…I get text alerts for all the Angel’s games.

Ok wow. I’m really at a loss for words. Why did i start a blog?

Oh I just realized I was supposed to review braille. I have class on Mondays now instead of Wednesdays, and I’ve been paired up with an older gentleman. Braille used to be one on one, but the government said that blind people under 55 aren’t as important.

Oh no. I feel a rant coming on.

Yep. Lovely budget constraints. Apparently, those of us under 55 don’t need as many services as people over 55, because we should be in a vocational program. Except that….there is a freeze on vocational services, so we can’t enroll in vocational services.

Saavi wasactually cut billable hours for O & M for people under 55. Its just really bad.

So, Saavi got creative. If they pair us up with people over 55, they can continue to offer us services until we can get into a voc program.

The bad thing is, some of us might not be able to work again. Take me for instance. I’m not just blind, I have multiple sclerosis. When I was first diagnosed, I was pretty sick. Disability denied me twice, and Grandma supported me for almost 2 years. Finally my dad and uncle persuaded me to go back to work, so I got hooked into vocational rehab and went back to work in medicine. 40 hours a week had to be worked so I could have medical benefits. 4 months after I started to work again, the MS flaired up and took my remaining eye.

So am I scared to try to work again? You bet your ass. If I do, it will only be part time. I refuse to do 40 hours. But will part time work affect my medical benefits? Everyone tells me the vocational people who specialize in blind know all these answers even better than the other voc people. But as was stated, there’s a freeze on services.

This rant is pretty much moot, because Saavi freakin rocks, and found a way to keep services going, so I don’t really need to get so worked up.

Except that my 20 year old friend, who is slowly going blind, is being denied some services, because he still has some decent vision. he’s trying to prepare for the inevitable, but can’t right now. Oooooooh ok I need to stop.

Crap. Text messages…Ick. Yankees up 3-1.

Wow, I started to just blog about nothing and ended up with stuff. Strange how that happens. I think I’ll edit and check the emails. Oh man, editing with a screen reader is a pain in the tush. I don’t feel like doing it. Oh well, sorry for typos 😉


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Just random stuff nothing of any importance ;)

Because I’m getting addicted to blogger and don’t really know what I’ll write, so its just random stuff 😉

Its Saturday morning and in a bit, my ride to the women’s group will be here. This is a big leap for me, because I hardly know this woman, yet I’m trusting to go out with her. When I first went blind, I was incredibly picky about who I’d go places with, because its a major trust thing, to pretty much be at the mercy of others. But now that I’m so used to being guided, and really know how to properly teach someone to guide me, its really no problem. I still keep my cane out in front of me so that I know of major abstacles, unless its my boyfriend or someone I’ve been out with a lot. So I’m glad I’m going to this group today, for sure.

Yesterday the weather was finally nice in the morning, so I was able to leave the door open to just the screen and get some fresh air. And the cats were thriled, since they love getting air too, and looking out the door. I’m gonna need to get my sweaters washed up soon! Yay!

In AZ, when the weather starts cooling off, everyone is sooo happy. It must be the opposite of places that have crazy winters. Those people are probably so happy to have summer start. Out here, the summers are dreaded, at least the really hot months. I can’t wait to leave the house and not melt and wilt and whither!

I haven’t crocheted in a really long time, and thats not necessarily a good thing, since I had wanted to get all those blankets donated for Christmas. I need to finish the edging on the camoflage blanket, and start on the hot pink blanket, and then I’m ou of yarn. I can definitely get those done before December if I don’t get totally addicted to blogging……….

No new blogs this morning on my reading list. Maybe thats why I’m talking about nothing. t kinda cracks me up that the GDB blog is so hard to follow using a screen reader, seeing as how they’re organization helps blind people…I really like it when people describe their pictures. Its so annoying to just hear “image” over and over. But when someone puts a description or titles the picture with some sort of description, that is so helpful.

I wonder if my cats know something is up as far as another animal coming to live here…that is going to be soooo hard to leave them for a month if I get accepted. And then I come home with another animal. Yikes, I hope they’ll be ok.

I should probably get around to telling more of my blind story here sometime. But on days where I’m not “feeling” what I want to write, I get blogs like this one hahahahaha!!!!!

Oh dear, I went to post and realized one of the things I was gonna mention. I am still learning blogger and on one of the blogs I read, I was really paying attention tot the way she tags her posts, because I noticed she had a list of tags er, labels, on her main page. So I finally understood what the tags are for so I went back and edited some of mine, like the Doggy Diaries, because I had spelled Doggy Doggie in some cases, and I realized that later I an click on Doggy Diaries and pull all the posts. So I’m working on the tags. Then, I couldn’t figure out how she got the list of labels on her profile, so I’m looking all over the place, and finally looked in help but it wasn’t really helpful then figured out it must be a gadget, and sure enough, there’s a gadget so I added the gadget go go gadget labels. So once all my labels showed up, I ralized there are labels I shouldn’t have done, like authors and stuff that I don’t read on a regular basis, so now I’m gonna go through and edit all my labels. At least I’m realizing this now, and not a month from now when I have a zillion blogs to edit.

And that, is how I tend to ramble, and I’m not gonna edit, because its early and I’m still on my first cup of coffee and I don’t feel like going back and editing, so typos so sorry!

How’s that for a pointless ramble?


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