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I’ve always been kind of a sporadic reader. Even in my sighted days. There was usually a book I was reading, but you just never knew if I’d read some yesterday or months before. Usually I’d have a couple books I was in the middle of, and at times I would get hooked on one author and read nothing but them. I always especially liked series of books because it was always great to dive back into a specific character. My favorites back in the day were Dr. Kay Scarpetta, a Patricia Cornwell creation and Dr. Alex Cross of the James Patterson imagination. But eventually I lost interest and just stopped. Actually, when I went blind, I think I was reading Patterson’s series about the Women’s Murder Club, if I remember correctly. But I just haven’t gone back.

I had never really known about audio books until B brought me a Stephan King short story. I think it was called ‘Quitter’s Inc.’ but don’t quote me on that. B had been astounded at how expensive audio books were. Then two friends got me two audio books from a resale bookstore. A Patricia Cornwell about her theory as to who Jack the Ripper was. I think it was called ‘Book of the Dead’ and it was fascinating. The other was a John Grisham book that I thought was just horrible until B told me it was a true story. Yeah, only in real life can a plot be that stupid haha! I don’t remember the name of it, but it was about two guys who were accused of murder when it was plain the local cops just wanted to solve the crime.

After that, my friend would bring me books from the college library and I started reading new authors like Janet Ivonovich and another female who wrote books in an alphabet series, but I can’t remember her name. There were other authors too, but they all escape me. I read some really good stuff. I only wish I had the computer back then, so I could have kept track. There was one I really liked, about a murder at a prestigious school and it’s all set in the future. I would love to read more by that author.

Then I just kinda got out of reading except for Harry Potter, which I just listened to over and over and over again.

I started getting books on iTunes and would read here and there, mostly downloading books I’d read before, books that were always staples on my bookshelf, like ‘Silence of the Lambs’. Then I started wanting to branch out a bit, so I’d ask for suggestions. I even made a suggested books label here, to keep track, but I always forget to go look at it haha!!

For my trip, I downloaded some books that I haven’t read yet. ‘A Big LIttle Life’ by Dean Koontz is one that was suggested here and then I found Alice in Wonderland on iTunes for way cheap. Just haven’t read them yet.

At school I started putting on a book at night on my new iPod because it doesn’t need headphones. It’s pretty ideal for reading wherever. But I noticed that if I fell asleep to a book I had gotten from through iTunes, it was really hard to find my place again. So I started listening to ‘Duma Key’ by Stephan King since I had burned it from the cds B got me. If I fell asleep, I could just skip through the tracks nice and easy. But when I had to charge the iPod, it would completely lose my place in that book. It doesn’t do that with the books when I charge. Very weird quirks haha!

I finished ‘Duma Key’ the other day and while the ending got really, really weird, I actually liked the ending more than I’ve liked King’s endings in quite a long time.

I had really enjoyed reading again, so I went back to the book I had started on the way to school. Here is where I can talk about where I’m getting book ideas now.

I’m almost finished with ‘Uglies’ by Scott Westerfeld. It’s a book aimed at teens and it’s a series. I only heard about this book because of this review over at Reviews from the Deep. If you want audio book ideas, go read his blog, in fact, subscribe to it. Now. Do it now. Haha!! Not only does he give you a synopsis of the books, he tells you about the narration. I’m not sure that’s easy to find. And I appreciate that because there are narraters I really like and some I don’t, like when authors narrate their own books. So I can be forwarned. Sometimes he’ll even give you little tidbits about the authors, which is always really cool to read.

So anyway, I’m reading ‘Uglies’ now and because of my iPod, I’m staying up at night reading again, just like the old days lol.

I also just downloaded another book, ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ because of Carin’s post about it. I went over to iTunes and read some reviews there too and it sounded like a must read. So when I’m done with ‘Uglies’ I’ll start on this one.

I’m just so happy with my little iPod. And I keep cracking up because “Uglies’ is set in the future, and the iPod seems so futuristic to me. To be laying in bed with this little device in my hand just reminds me how far technology has come. I love being able to relax in bed with a book without having to switch cds on the player, or reaching over to pause it or adjust volume. That’s the best thing about listening to books digitally, not having to switch cds. That drives me nuts with Harry Potter. Get to a really good spot and the cd stops, gotta switch lol!

Yay books!


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Marley and Me *spoiler* and suggested books by Koontz

B and I watched Marley and Me on Saturday, and I thought it would be another Woen Wilson goofy movie but no, oh no, oh no no no. I cried for the last 30 minutes of the movie. I had forgotten its a true story. I was not expecting the ending. Oh man oh man oh man.

It was really cool in the beginning of the movie, because I’ve learned a lot about labs from all my reading about guide dogs. So I got a kick out of Marley trying to eat everything lol! Gave me even more respect for puppy raisers!

I posted to my email list while recovering from the ending of the movie, and it was recommended to me to read the book, because the author narrates it, and he gets tearful at the end. Yikes!

So Marley and Me goes on the list of recommended books.

It also came out that Kean Koonz writes books about dogs. Here’s an excerpt from an email about him:

“Dean Koontz has also recently published a memoir of life with his first pet dog, a Golden Retriever named Trixie. The book is called A BIG LITTLE LIFE and is on BookShare. I truly enjoyed the book and it gives his insight as to how Trixie affected his writing of books he wrote during that time period. Koontz and his wife are big supporters of CCI of the South-West which plays quite a role in this book.”

And another:

“Dean Koontz, just came out with a fantastic two doggy related books.

One The Darkest Evening of the year is about Golden retrievers and rescue, and well Dean Koontz at its best.


he just wrote one about his dog Tricksie, smile, am thinking Little Dog Big Life, smile.

Both were good, as was Watchers, another good book.”

And another:

“Amen to that.

Another one of his books I like for the Dog character is Midnight.

Is abut computer possessed humans, but the dog character is a black lab named Moose I believe who is a service dog, and a good one. is a black lab and does a lot of things in the story. But loved Darkest Evening, just because of how he perceived Goldens. Smile.”

Man, these people really like Dean Koonz. I don’t think I’m spelling his name right. I get a pass. I’m sick and brain dead. Hence the copying emails 😉


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Suggested author – Frank McCourt

I keep track of suggested books on here, so I’ve gotta add this one, because another blogger suggested it and I don’t want to forget.

Frank McCourt – Angela’s Ashes, Tis, Teacher

I read Angela’s ashes years ago and loved it. The blogger said that McCourt narrates the audio book himself, and makes it a must hear. Can’t wait!!


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Another suggested book/author and book ramblings

Dan Brown – Angels and Demons

I read the Divinci Code and really liked it. This one was so much better than the movie. I think I remember seeing Dan Brown on iTunes, but I can’t remember if there were any picks. Its amazing the price difference. Some of the books on there can run $30! Audible books are only like $12.95. Eventually I’ll have the talking books service, which is an audio service for the blind. Its all done by mail, and there’s a special player and special tapes. I’m not sure I’m going to like this though, because I’m so used to professional narrators, and talking books doesn’t make a production about recording books like audio books do. Its crazy how expensive they are though. I eventually collected all the Harry Potter books on cd. 2 were given to me for Christmas, and the rest I purchased. I got 2 from Borders I think, and then I wised up and began ordering from The ones at Broders were like $70! But I think Harry Potter is worth it 😉 I got caught up in just reading them over and over. I used to listen to a lot of talk radio, but it just got too depressing, so I stuck to Harry Potter; a nice fantasy land.

Last Christmas, my boyfriend’s sister in law gave me a ton of audio books that she had when she used to commute for work. We had to ship them back after us lol. I call it my mystery box of books, because I never know what I’ll pull out. I finally got out of the Harry Potter cycle and went back to the mystery box. I just read a Mary Higgins Clark book, No Place Like Home I think it was. She’s ok…but not a favorite. Especially if her daughter narrates, then they’re pretty awful haha! After that one, I pulled out a Janet Ivonovich book. I just love her. Especially when narrated by Lorelei King. She’s fabulous. If I ever write a book, I want her to narrate. I don’t remember the title of that one.

Today I pulled out The Vampire Armand, which I read forever ago during my Anne Rice kick. I think I’ll look for more of her vampire books on iTunes. I can also download books from the library, but its incredibly complicated, so I haven’t looked into that yet. apparently, talking books has downloadable books too. I’m so grateful for online books, because I can have a cd book going in the player, which my headphones don’t work on, and a book going on my computer that I can listen to when football is on 😉


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A list of suggested books for safe keeping

Now that football has started, I need entertainment in the evenings, so I’ve been downloading audio books on iTunes. I especially like the ones from because they’re less expensive, but a lot of them are abridged. I’ve started asking for suggestions, so I’m going to keep the suggestions on the blog so I don’t lose them.

Suggestions from today:

The Outsiders – Downloaded, haven’t started it yet

Grapes of Wrath – Read it in hs but might read again

Brief and Wonderous life of Oscar Wao

Pema Chrodron (Buddhist Nun)

The glass castle

the green mile

My Sister’s Keeper

I just finished The Shawshank Redemption. For the first time in my life, I think the movie was just a tad better. The poetic license they took in the movie made the story better, imo.

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