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Nothing nothing tra la la

I’m bored. I’m caught up on my social networking. I spent like an hour on my stat counter today just checking out page loads. Quite a few people seem to be reading my entire blog haha. Really? It’s that entertaining? Cool. I mean one of the readers is actually looking at all the comments too. Wow. Thanks for having such a good time lol. I did that when I first started reading blogs. Going every single post. I do that now when I finda new one too, though that’s been awhile.

There is no Rays game tonight. I feel empty. I feel like I’ve lost a part of me. I miss Evan. I miss Matt. I miss Jeremy and David and Carl and Ben. Ok not gonna name all the players. That would bore you. Does all my baseball talk bore you? Hmmm. Oh well, I like it. I kinda doubt we’ll win tomorrow. It’s the 5th day of the week. We’re at home on a concert night. And we’re playing the Orioles who are 9 and 1 since getting a new manager. Yikes.

Pre-season football is on. Joy. B has a game on because he’s doing the ESPN Streak for the Cash thing and he picked the football game. I’ve tried it but forget most of the time. I picked the Marlins over the Nationals tonight.

Timmy is in the kitchen window cowling. Meow. Meow!! Meeeeeow meeeeow meow. Let me out. Let me out!!!! Let me ooooooout! Pleeeeeese? He got out on me the other morning. I couldn’t find him to lock him up so I took the cane out with me when I took Jayden to relieve. Timmy was howling at the door and he got passed the cane. B got up and went and got him. Yesterday I couldn’t find him and my ride was gonna be here. So I took Jayden and the cane but when I heard Timmy howling at the door, I crouched in front of it and opened it a crack and he tried to get out but walked right into my hands. Bwah ha ha!!! Gotcha. He’s gonna give me grays. Good thing I color.

Jayden destroyed a paper towel roll today. It’s a very fun while very temporary toy. It all started one day when I used the last paper towel and got silly, calling Jayden through the roll. Jayden got all crazy and I ended up getting on the floor and he grabbed it and ran all over the house. So now I make it a 5 minute toy when I get an empty one. I’ll throw it and he’ll grab it and run and bring it to me. He wants to tug with it but that’s not possible so I tell him “drop it”, he lets go and I throw it. Repeat. So fun! I also do this with empty half gallon milk jugs. The temporary toys are the most fun! Of course I constantly check it all for choke hazards and you know what a hovering dog mom I am, so no worries.

Timmy has stopped his howling.

I cringe when I hear a helicopter. We had a helicopter fall out of the sky about a month or so ago. Just fell right out of the sky. Killed the three people on board. So now when I hear a helicopter I duck. Like ducking would save me.

I wacked my head in the laundry room today. I bent over to get the clothes out of the cart and forgot about the high wall shelf thing. Wack! Rounded corner luckily, but ouch. It still hurts if I touch it. Don’t touch it.

There haven’t been any new blog posts in hours. No email, nothing new on FB or Twitter. Where is everyone? Sheesh don’t you know I’m killing time before I can go to bed and there’s no baseball to keep me from reading all my social networking so that I have plenty to read before bed? Gah!

It sucks that football is back. It’s so nice when baseball is the only sport going because then that’s all that’s on tv when B is home. Now it’s back to whistles blowing and clock watching and halftime. All things baseball doesn’t have.

Jayden just sighed.

It’s almost time for our nightly game of tug.

Just heard a motorcycle on the road outside. I’m not incredibly close to the road but sometimes you hear loud vehicles. And you can always hear the crotch rockets racing each other. I’m surprised we don’t hear more crashes.

I’ve been voting for the Rays’ Pepsi Refresh Project idea to get a grant for the Moffet (I think?) Cancer Center to teach kids about cancer prevention. You can vote by text by texting ‘Rays’ to 76462. I think voting ends Saturday. I should have written that sooner. But if a Rays fan reads this, I’m sure they’ve already been voting or know how to vote. I vote constantly. It’s so easy to do by text.

A cat is in the window saying hi to the desert bugs.

Did you know you can actually train your dog to be a rattlesnake alert dog? I never knew that. But I won’t do it because it requires a shock collar. They get a de-fanged rattlesnake and when the dog goes to check it out, they get shocked. So it makes them jump when they smell it. It’s really good for hikers and stuff and Dave’s dog actually kept him away from a rattlesnake. She smelled it and jumped and he knew to follow her and she got them way around it. Handy. Just wish it didn’t require a shock.

Alrighty then, that’s what came out of my brain while I’m killing time before sleep. I got uber fatigued after just one load of laundry today so I’ve been just waiting for bed the whole rest of the day. Sleeeeeeeep! After Jayden’s play session of course. 😉

Thanks for reading the nothing!

And I don’t feel like editing, so typos, you may stay, rent free. You’re welcome.


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Rays and Blackhawks unite to dis Flyers

During the last two radio broadcasts of the Rays games, Dave and Andy kept talking about Chicago Blackhawks jerseys being given to the Rays to wear on their road trip to Toronto. Huh? Yeah, it was confusing. In case you’re not a sports nut, the Blackhawks are a hockey team and they made the Stanley Cup finals. The only reason I know about that is because B is a big hockey fan. He follows the Blackhawks, along with the Philadelphia Flyers, who also made it to the Stanley Cup finals, so he’s very happy about hockey this season.

So what the heck does hockey have to do with baseball, the Rays, and a road trip to Toronto? I was quite confused and so was B so I finally googled it last night.

Joe Maddon likes to do themes for road trips. One road trip it was the Johnny Cash theme. Maddon is a quirky manager and I love him for it.

So for the Toronto road trip, he decided to get Blackhawks jerseys to unite with Chicago and share their mutual disdain for Philadelphia sports. Jim Kickey, the Rays pitching coach, has a nephew who works for the Blackhawks’ ticket department, so he was able to produce the jerseys.

Click here for the story and it’ll make more sense haha!

I just find it funny that we just beat the White Sox last night, and yet we’re going to sport Blackhawks jerseys for the Toronto road trip. Maddon said he wanted the guys to wear hockey stuff since hockey is Canada’s favorite passtime. Alrighty then, Joe. Haha!

I have to say though, that I’m glad the two teams from different sports are uniting to dis Philly. The year I fell in love with baseball, the Rays and Evan Longoria, was 2008 and the Rays met the Phillies for the World Series. I don’t remember details, but Philly fans ended up tormenting family members of some of the Rays guys. I remember getting upset back then, and ever since, I hate the Phillies. Being a new baseball fan, I understood that if you weren’t a Yankees or Red Sox fan, you hated them. So that’s just a given. But for me, my dislike of the Phillies is personal. They beat the team I had fallen in love with and I won’t even get started on how I still think the Phillies were favored that year in the rainy game.

I actually cried when the World Series was over. My new found love of baseball was short lived that season, meaning I only got into it towards the end of the season. I’ve been a die hard Rays fan since. And I still despise the Phillies.

So this odd little hockey jersey thing is cracking me up. Wish I could see Evan in a hockey jersey. Ah well, I’ll have to use my imagination. Maybe B will let me borrow his Blackhawks jersey. Since my Rays are rooting for them, so shall I, even though I’m not a hockey fan. 😉

Go Rays!

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Sports Superstitions

Another great post by a baseball wife showed up on my reading list this morning. It’s all about superstitions in baseball, but from a wife’s perspective. She talks about how she can’t text when her husband is pitching, because one time she was texting and her husband allowed two runs. I’ve heard about things the players do, like not changing their socks when their on a streak, that sort of thing. But I never thought about things the wives and girlfriends did. It was a fun post.

At the end of the post, she asks if others do the same thing, and I’m assuming she means other wives, but she could be talking about fans. I didn’t comment, partly because it’s hard to comment on that blog, but also because I feel silly about my own little ritual. Why I’m comfortable sharing it here and not there, I don’t know haha!

Back before I had Gameday audio, I’d listen to the games on B’s baseball package on tv. This was when I was still a brand new baseball fan. One day when I heard Evan’s at bat music begin to play, I started mumbling to myself, “come on Evan, come on Evan, you’re hot you’re hot, let’s go baby come on Evan,” or something like that hahaha! Anyway, he hit a homer. So…now I almost always have to do that when he comes up to bat. If I’m alone, I say it out loud. If B’s home, I say it in my head, if I’m chatting with Erik, I quickly type it in the chat box. He gets a kick out of it. It’s like my Evan mojo.

But it gets tricky. Say the first time Evan comes to bat and I say my ritual, and he strikes out. I’ll think, ok my mojo isn’t working. So I don’t do it next time and he gets a hit. Or say I forget or miss his first at bat and he gets a hit, I won’t do it for the rest of his at bats.

Or the Rays will really need a few insurance runs or a go ahead run and he comes to bat and I haven’t been doing it because it wasn’t working, but the situation is dire so I’ll do it and he’ll drive in a run. It’s so weird.

I’ve tried doing it with other players and it never works. It only works with Evan. No wonder coincidences make you superstitious hahaha!!

So, do you have any fan rituals you do when watching sports?

A quick Rays update: We’re having some trouble with the national league. It’s interleague time and we’re playing a three game series with the Houston Astros, who don’t have a good record. Friday’s game was just sad and we lost. Last night we won, but the guys still don’t have their best stuff. Is it because yesterday I wasn’t here to give Evan my mojo? Hmmm…hahaha nah, I don’t have that much power. We’re 5 games up on the Yankees though and still have the best record in baseball. The Yankees are crying, saying oh but we’re beat up, we’re injured, that’s why we’re not in first blah blah blah. I think it was an announcer last night who said yeah the Yankees are just old. Hahaha!!! And well, they are. They want Carl Crawford since he’s gonna be a free agent at the end of the season. Blah, I hope he doesn’t become a Yankee.

Ack, now I have another superstition. What if I just jinxed the Rays by blogging about the yankees just being old. What if talking ish about the Yankees comes back to bite me? Like the day I blogged about how awesome the Rays were doing during a game, and they lost? So now I will not blog about the Rays during a game. Yikes. Ok, the Yankees are still a very talented bunch and with age comes wisdom. Yes. They still have the makings to win again. Yeah. Ok. That was painful to write. But maybe saying something positive about them will counteract the ish talking jinx. We’ll see…

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A child with autism finds where he fits

“But despite all the little drawbacks, my son is learning to exercise in a group and more importantly, he has gained a sense of self-confidence.” – Kym Grosso.

Yesterday’s post about baseball and autism led me to think more about sports and autism after a comment from Katrin. I had mentioned that maybe playing pool would be good for children and adults with autism, because it’s not necessarily a team sport. The more I thought about it though, there is a lot that goes on in pool halls. Tables that are close together, loud music, lights from spirits signs, intoxicated people, even the noise of the balls slamming into one another could be overwhelming and surprising. A pool table at a rec center for children would be in a loud environment as well, so I’ve kind of nixed that idea. Katrin said that chess is prevalent among people with autism, as well as track and field type activities.

So this morning I googled “sports and autism” and found the most wonderful article written by the mother of a five year old boy with autism. She knew that exercise was so important for the mind and body, and when she had a son, she and her husband had visions of him being an athlete. But after his diagnosis, it became apparant that this wasn’t going to be an easy road.

They tried him at Peewee soccer, but he would just stand on the field, watching the other children run around him, not knowing who was on his team, sometimes kicking the ball towards his own goal. They tried him at t-ball and he excelled when it was time for him to bat, but when he was in the outfield, he’d sit in the grass and watch the other team bat. Football was out of the question and soon he didn’t even want to be outside, fearing that everything that flew was a bee. They thought about indoor basketball, but again, that was too much for him.

What is a parent to do? They know exercise is vital, especially for children, and they wanted to get him involved with other children. The soccer attempt had been a wake up call, really showing them how different their son was from the other children.

Would most parents throw up their hands and give up at this point? Maybe. Not these parents though. They found a solution. And it brought tears to my eyes.

Click here, to read this story. It just goes to show that if we keep looking, we can find a passion that suits us all, no matter our weaknesses, we can find our strengths.


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Autism and sports

So I was wracking my brain about what to write about today. I’m making up for yesterday so this is my second post today. I know I’ve said it’s hard to find information and I hope I don’t sound like I’m complaining about this endeavor because believe me, I’m not. But man, how to narrow it all down into a post haha! There are so many topics to discuss, like the whole immunization debate, but I’m just not spiritually fit enough to tackle that one this weekend lol. So, I was thinking about baseball, which I will be doing a lot of, and I thought hmmm, autism and baseball? So I googled it. And I found an interesting little discussion from a baseball coach to an “expert”. I can’t vouch for the qualifications of the expert, and I can’t copy and paste, because the way Voiceover works is I have to interact with bodies of text to copy, and this page is all broken up. So if you’re curious, you’ll need to follow the link.

Basically, a coach is asking about an 11 autistic boy, and how best to have him on the team. There is discussion of the need for repitition, and the coach mentions that he likes to rotate the boys to keep it fair, but that this seems to aggravate the boy with autism. He also mentions difficulty with the parents, being a separated couple, one doesn’t want the boy to play. The expert mentions that if it’s a school team, the school is obligated to provide a 1 on 1 for the boy. I’m thinking maybe it’s like a job coach kind of thing? But if the team is private, the parents will need to be responsible for finding such a person for their child.

The coach mentions that the boy seems to really enjoy a job well done, and with repitition, is a good player. The main issue, the expert points out, will be the social aspects of being on a team. I know from all my reading, that social interaction with autism is a challenge, so it must be difficult in a team situation.

So this might be something to look into a little more. What types of sports would be good for autistic children? I’m wondering if billiards would be good, since it’s just you and an opponent. I know that’s what I enjoyed about it. But it’s just raised a whole other question for me. How do people with autism, with a propensity towards athletics, find an outlet that suits them?


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Stupid basketball

West Virginia lost to Duke last night in the Final Four. I really wanted West Virginia to go all the way, not just because I would have won the pool, but because I love West Virginia. B said Duke is like the Yankees in baseball and the Cowboys in football. You either love them or hate them. It wasn’t even a close game. There were a few times that WVU got to within 5 but Duke hit all their answering shots. It certainly wasn’t like the last game, where my heart didn’t slow down at all. I haven’t cared about college backetball since Arizona won in 1997, so the fact that WVU was doing so well made it fun again. It just would have been cool if they had won since so many of the people I care about are in West Virginia. Oh well. 🙁

Do you ever have times where you wish you didn’t have a phone? I get like that sometimes. Just days where I don’t feel like talking. It usually happens when I get into a project like a new crochet blanket or a really good book. I think this weekend it’s been my little research project. Little, haha!!

Today I’m going to Gamma’s, not for Easter, but for our usual Sunday. I hadn’t even remembered Easter was coming up until she said she wasn’t going to have anything at the house this year. I didn’t mind one bit, but I think she thought I’d be disappointed. At first, she said she wasn’t going to have anyone over. This was last Sunday. When I clarified that she didn’t want me to come over, she said yes, that I need to get used to her not being around. I was totally respecting her choice to spend the day alone. She used to be very involved in the church, like, sixty years ago, until she got a divorce and the church kicked her out. So she’s always worshipped in her own way. So I thought maybe she wanted to spend the day doing that. But then on the phone the other day, she said she wanted me to come over and could B bring Arby’s? I told her I thought she wanted to be alone, and she just said she didn’t want to do a dinner because it’s too hard pleasing everyone. Then she seemed annoyed that my Dad and Uncle hadn’t suggested going anywhere. It really was confusing. We all just want to plese her, so we’ll do whatever she wants, but when she’s not clear, it’s a little hard. She still has all her mental faculties, so I don’t think it’s anything to do with that. Just the usual lack of communication in a family.

Speaking of the phone, it just rang and I should really return this call. How did a basketball post turn into a family post? Interesting.


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Doggy Diaries – Freedom and basketball

First I have to describe Jayden at this moment because it’s too cute. He was next to me on the couch, taking his after breakfast snooze and I got up to refill my coffee. When I came back, he was flat on his back, all four paws up, with his head right about where I sit. So I picked up hes head and slid in and rubbed his belly and laughed as I felt his position. When I shifted to get comfy, he turne on his side a little and now has his head in my lap while he snores hahaha!!!

Ok, main post content. I need to ask Sadia how she inserts headings into her blog posts. Ok seriously to the post content now.

Yesterday since B was home, I took Jayden off tie down and leash for most of the day. At one point he tried to go into the cat’s room so I gently told him no and put him back on tie down, since I was on the phone and B had stepped out. When I got off the phone, I stuck a brick behind the door to the room, so it was open just enough for the cats to get in, but making it hard if Jayden tried it. I don’t have the baby gate yet, so that works, but I don’t want the cats to shut themselves in accidentally, so it’s only a temporary solution until I get the baby gate. The cat food is also still on the floor in the kitchen so anytime I heard Jayden in there, I went to check. He hasn’t gone for it at all, thank you puppy raisers.

Jayden was loving being free. When he heard a noise, he was able to go to the door and look out. After a little bit, I was on the phone again and B had just gotten home. I went and sat in the kitchen to talk on the phone, and Jayden kept moving into the area where the cat food is and I didn’t want to take any chances, so I put him back on a long leash and looped it around the chair leg. There he could get to the door to look out, and that’s pretty much what he did while I was on the phone.

When I was done with the phone, I took Jayden off leash and he was free the entire rest of the day. Mostly he wanted to be where I was so he was either on the couch snoozing or on the floor at my feet chewing his Nylabone. But it was great, because he chose that. It wasn’t me telling him where to be. All day he’d hear a car or a dog outside and go running to the door and B would tell me what he was doing. He’d lose interest and get back on the couch. It was soooo great letting him choose what to do. And he didn’t go after anything. Not a cat, not the food, not shoes, nothing. Thank you again puppy raisers. Once I get the last of the doggy proofing stuff, I think we’ll be good to go. I’ll probably still use the tie down or the crate if I’m gonna shower or something, and definitely still crate him at night for awhile. But it’s just so much more relaxing knowing he can be where he wants. Not sure if I’ll do it as much when B isn’t home, so we’ll see about that.

Jayden is also just fine about sudden exclamations, swearing, clapping, and all the other things that go along with sports hahaha! Last night West Virginia played Kentucky for a spot in the Final Four. WVU is B’s alma mater, and I fell in love with West Virginia when we visited two Christmases ago. So in my NCAA bracket that I did, not knowing a thing about basketball, I have WVU going all the way because they’re the only team I care about. As it stands now, if they do, I’ll win the pool. B and I were both hoping they would win last night, but we really didn’t expect it. Kentucky is a 1 seed, WVU a 2 seed, though a lot of people thought they should have been a 1. West Virginia took an early lead and never surrendered it. They won!!! For the last two minutes of the game, my heart was pounding and I was chatting with Erik and B was chatting with an old frat buddy and we hardly talked to each other hahahaha! After they won, I was finally able to calm my heart. It’s the first time WVU made the Final Four since 1957. Wow.

So, they’ll play again Saturday for the chance to go to the championship game next Monday.

I was a little worried about how Jayden would react to B watching sports, but he just sleeps or chews through it hahahaha! Again, thank you puppy raisers.

Oh, I saw a really cool update on Facebook last night. It read, “Inside every guide dog beats the heart of a puppy raiser”. Isn’t that cool?


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Doggy Countdown – Ah, the weekend

How I love the weekend. For someone without a paying job, this is kinda funny. I think most working folk look at people who don’t work as constantly having a weekend. Not so lol. I was really thinking about this a bit ago, as I was getting caught up on 2 days worth of blogs, and really wanting some good time to write. Since as of now, I don’t work, I’ve needed to find other things that make me feel worthwhile, and this blog has become a huge part of that. Not only is it cathartic for me, I have a wonderful record of my life. And, I get to share thoughts, ideas, fears and hopes with my blogger family, and it is just oh so fulfilling. So when I have weeks like this last one, where I’m fatigued and trying to keep up with the daily grind, yes, I in fact have a daily grind lol, I feel like I’m neglecting my blog.

Though I’ve met tons of people, and while I know my readers like to read my posts, this blog is first and foremost, for me. It’s become something I can put my energy to, a goal of sorts. I’ve shared before that weekends are really my time to catch up. I pretty much have a few uninterrupted hours of computer time on weekend mornings whille B is sleeping. During the week I have a pretty set routine of chores, workouts, phone calls, etc. Friday nights, I can’t wait to sleep because it means when I wake up, I get to have quality time with my computer haha! So I just had to explain why I’m so happy it’s Saturday.

We’re going to Gamma’s this afternoon for my Uncle’s birthday. Sunday is usually family day, but luckily it’s today. Tomorrow is Super Bowl, so it would have been ww3 if I had told B we had to go to Gamma’s ahhahaha!

So I want to detail a little more about my lesson with Dave yesterday. For the last 2 Fridays, the weather here has been pretty similar to how it will be in San Rafael. Minus the actual water, it’s been cold and humid. So I’ve been testing my school attire, which is working quite well. When I’m doing anything physical in the cold, it’s hard to dress. If I dress too warmly, I get too hot even when it’s cold. Yesterday I did have to shed the raincoat while coming back home. I suddenly start feeling myself overheat, and that is bad, very bad. Dave carried the coat until we got home where I had left my water outside my door. I collapsed and chugged and we started talking about my fatigue.

I told him I was a little worried about how fatigued I’ve been, and how much the Juno walk tired me. He said he’s not worried. He said the school will be more than accomodating. He said if the trainers have any questions, they can feel free to call him. He told me just make sure, make absolutely sure, to stop when I feel fatigued, to strip off layers when I feel hot. He gave me some good things to say to the trainers. He said he’s not worried too, because once I’ve done something once, I’ve got it. And he would tell the trainers that if they asked. So even with all the fatigue, he still gave me another A++.

Which leads me to the trainer call I couldn’t really elaborate on last night. It was wonderful to talk to them. They informed me that I’ll be chillin at the airport awhile on the 15th haha! They are collecting 8 of us that day, so I’ll have to hang out until everyone gets there, since I’m one of the first to arrive. They said they’d have lunch for me. When I told Lish that yesterday, she said it’s like The Real World lol! Which prompted an idea for the blog header while I’m at school.

Then they were explaining how they’ll find me, and they told me to have my cane out. I said, what if I walk along barking? They said, then the wrong people would pick you up. Hahaha! I started telling them about the fatigue and they said don’t worry, if you have a day where you can’t work, we’re not gonna send you home without your dog. They also said the nurses will probably hover over me haha! I told them what Dave said about me learning stuff once and they sounded impressed and I said, his words, not mine. Didn’t want to sound like I have a big head. So they definitely alleviated any worry about the fatigue issue. They said, we see that your O& M went through our training? I said yes and they were very happy. I still think that Dave is one of the major reasons I was accepted so quickly. They know I have built in support when I get home.

They asked what I like in my dogs. I said I have cats. Oh! Have you ever had dogs? My mom liked pomeranians, but I like bigger dogs. They laughed. I guess I had said something to Don about how I might see the shadow of a black dog, though I don’t remember saying that. I told them yeah, but really I just want the best dog. Obviously a somewhat chill dog that will be cool if I can’t go out for a day, and obviously good house manners, but who doesn’t want that?

They said that first Tuesday it will be Juno work, and I’ll also work with some of the dogs not quite through training yet. Sweet! They want to see how I am with different kinds of dogs, so I’ll be doing some obedience and stuff with some of the dogs still in training. Then, they confirmed that Wednesday will be Dog Day!!!! Yay!!!

There was a lot of laughing on the phone, and I felt so excited through my exaustion. We were all cracking jokes on the speaker phone, so they sound like my kind of people.

So, now I feel like all the major steps have been taken. There are still some things I want to get accomplished this week, which will take some good uninterrupted time on the computer. I want to put my lecture cds on the iPod. I need to do some more practice with the videos, and I really want to get that blog post written about how to do it, in case any other blinks run across this blog and need help.

Obviously I need to pack the smaller stuff that are already ready to go in bags. I’ll try to keep up the tidying around the house. Lish will need to come back so I can show her what we need done with the cats. I’m gonna have B make sure my name is spelled just right on the tickets because it has to match my ID perfectly. Really should have done that right when I first got it. I know it’s the same because that’s how the airline found my reservation, but for peace of mind, I want to double check.

But, I’m pretty much completely ready. I’m just going to take it easy this coming week and make sure I do the things I need to do for myself, like being able to write my posts in a non-rushed manner haha!

I’m thinking tomorrow will be an excellent blog day because it’s Super Bowl, which I’ll only half pay attention to. I used to sit and eat junk food. The game was a great excuse. But I’m not doing that this year.

The countdown is really on!!! Single digits baby!!! 9 days!!!!


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Doggy Countdown – Uh…er….no title?

I got nothin lol. I was gonna try and write a blog about how Ro is not a normal woman and she’s about to embark on an adventure at GDB school of, of, something. I was gonna try and make it like Harry Potter hahaha! I finished up the 5th book again this morning and I was thinking how GDB will be like going to Hogwarts. All magical and stuff, with “my people”. But I just couldn’t get any good ideas, so I ixnayed it.

So I’m just gonna write. I went to Gamma’s today and she had an extra one of those new F’breeze votive candle thingies. The flameless thing with those screen deals that smell pretty. I’ve wanted one of those since before Christmas but when L and I looked they didn’t have any holiday scents so I didn’t get one. But Gamma did and it smells really nice. She had gotten another one in case the first one died, but I told her she should just be able to pop a new battery in it. She didn’t realize this, so she gave me the new one. Gamma is so good to me! I have it in my bathroom where I usually burn candles in the sink, but I’m out of candles. It smells so nice. Tomorrow at Target I’ll get some more of the screen thingies.

So in 3 weeks it’ll be Valentine’s Day and I’ll be about to get on a jet plane the next day. Wow. Time freakin flies.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get everything I need. Then I need to wash the Vittles Vault. Hopefully I’ll have the iPod soon so I can practice and get video of the cats and B to bring with me.

I gotta call the airline and pick my seat. Why do they do this now? I didn’t know I had to do this, until I called the airline to ask about the laptop and she told me I had to do that. I didn’t know if the school did that so I asked but they didn’t so I have to do that. I have to call and pick a seat. Alrighty then. Hopefully I get someone on the phone who’s easier to understand than the last one. I know I want an aisle seat. But beyond that, do I care? Should I pick one back by the bathroom? But you get more turbulance there. I don’t know.

So now we’re just home and football is one. Two more weeks. Until what, you ask? Until football is over. Yay! Then I go to school and get back and baseball will start in less than a month. Though I think I get spring training games on my Gameday audio.

In a month I’ll be showing my dog routes, wow! In a month we’ll be chillin in my complex. In a month we’ll be meeting people at Walgreens. My clerks there can’t wait to meet my dog. In just over 3 weeks I’ll know it’s name. In just over 3 weeks we’ll know who won the pool. Wow.

22 days!

Oh PS – There were only like 3 blog posts when I got home. Not enough to read. What the heck am I gonna do for the rest of the night 😉


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Inspirational blind guy

This guy is awesome. He went blind 2 years ago and is revolutionizing blind golf in Malaysia. Now, that’s the way to accept his situation. He was an avid golfer before and didn’t let a pesky thing like loss of vision stop him.

Check out his latest blog post, with an article about him. I found his blog not long after starting mine, and we’ve conversed a few times. He’s a really, really awesome guy.

This brings me to a funny. The other day I was talking to Kevin about trying blind golf. He’s a big golfer so he said it would be fun to try on the driving range. I never played, but I still think it would be fun. Then I said, I know there are blind golfers, but I don’t know where they play. Without missing a beat Kevin said, neither do they! Oh he’s ever the jokester!

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