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A Relaxing Thanksgiving

Today when I woke up I thought it was around 10am because B’s alarm clock was going off. Spinelli was crawling on me and when B moved, she ran over to him. Finally I propped myself up on an elbow and B said, “hi, good job.” He always says this to me when I sleep in but I was astonished when I checked the time and it was 11:10am. Whoa!

I was thrilled since I haven’t felt rested lately and I was pretty sure all that sleep was going to do me good. It’s a good thing I stayed up later than usual last night finishing up the Dexter show with B because I took Jayden out later so he wasn’t bursting this morning. B did joke that we had a four legged alarm clock in Spinelli.

It was bizarre getting up at the same time as B on a day off. On weekends he sleeps later than I do so going through my morning routine with him awake was something different.

The day was just nice and relaxing, lounging on the internet, reading people’s tweets as they prepared their feasts and enjoyed family. B and I contemplated going out to eat but in the end just got Boston Market take out. He decided to watch a movie from different categories so after we ate, we watched a horrifically bad parody of The Hunger Games, called The Starving Games. When it was over I remarked that I always forget I haven’t enjoyed a parody movie since I turned twenty. It had its good moments I suppose haha.

Now I’m just writing this while B watches another movie. I’ll post it and go back to Twitter and keep on relaxing. Sleeping tonight won’t be a problem even though I slept late today haha, already sleepy. Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh and thanks, Boston Market, for being open! B said the lady who rang him up said he was just in time since we got the last turkey and he didn’t have to wait in an hour long line like everyone else did all day. I told him I’m sure they were getting paid well but I still felt bad. He said they looked like they were having fun so I was relieved. I remember back when the town was completely shut down on Thanksgiving. Now there’s no such thing as a day off in retail/service industry jobs. My how times have changed.

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Pavlovian Hiccups

Growing up my mom and I took in a stray cat and called her Little Kitty because she was so tiny . She was this pure white cat with one blue eye and one green and she adored my mom. I don’t know how we discovered that cats love playing with straws, but we would play with Little Kitty for hours while she sat on the cat tree. We’d toss the straw to her and most of the time she’d catch it in her paws and when she didn’t, she’d leap down and grab it and jump back on top of the cat tree. We’d grab the straw from her and lather, rinse, repeat.

So when Spinelli was a kitten, I grabbed a straw and she would entertain me for hours playing with the straw. I’d toss it and she’d go get it and bring it back. Eventually we’d lose the straw and I’d grab another and before long, ratty straws could be found all over the house, in corners and crevices, in the couch even. You’d be sitting on the couch and all of the sudden this nasty flattened straw would land in your lap and the game would begin.

Now, I have this trick for hiccups that I do with a straw. Mom learned a variation of this when she was in the hospital with cancer the first time. She had the hiccups really bad and a nurse got behind her, plugged her ears, and had her chug water. The nurse didn’t let go of Mom’s ears until she took a breath. So we always did that to each other and anyone who was at the house if they got hiccups.

Fast forward years later when I’m living alone and get the hiccups. The first few times, I tried to prop a water bottle up with my legs while I plugged my ears. Too much water was spilled in my bed so I eventually figured out if I used a straw, I could plug my own ears and chug the water and release my ears after taking a breath. If it doesn’t work the first time, it always works the second time.

Spinelli has learned that the sound of prolonged hiccups means a straw is coming. Since getting Jayden, there are no more straws laying all over the house so the only time she gets to play with one is when I have the hiccups.

This afternoon I got hiccups out of the blue and was hoping they’d go away so I wouldn’t have to get up and go do the straw trick. I should have expected it, but I heard Spinelli’s little meow and she jumped up on the arm of the couch next to me and meowed after each hiccup. I finally stopped torturing her, did the straw trick and then played awhile. Jayden was by my side the whole time and I could just hear him thinking, “what’s fun about a straw?” C’mon dude, you like empty water bottles, what’s the difference?


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How influenced my Sunday

I never thought a Cracked article would start my day off nicely. Today the Twitter account posted:

@cracked Read “5 Inspiring Stories for Anyone Feeling Cynical Today” and try to be a bit less of a bummer for once.

If you’re not familiar with Cracked, trust me when I say this is not a typical post of theirs. I tend to read Cracked when I need some good belly laughs at something sarcastic and usually vulgar and very politically incorrect. So I was intrigued when I read that tweet and immediately opened the link. I actually got misty eyed reading it and instantly knew I had to share. It set the tone for the day and so far I seem to only be encountering positive and happy stuff. Such a switch! Thanks Cracked!

I knew I wanted to share that in today’s post which works out nicely since I’m still waiting to post another thing I have planned. What to add to it though? I didn’t want to just include one link. Well, animals almost always come to the rescue it seems. After I read that article I was feeling all warm and fuzzy. B was up waiting for football to start and the day felt relaxed. I got up and did something, refill coffee? When I returned, Jayden was sitting pretty on his side of the couch which made me laugh. I leaned towards him and put my arm around him. I pulled my feet up to my left and Jayden gave me kisses and then leaned into me and flopped down, pinning my upper body between his back and the couch. His shoulders and head were cradled perfectly in the ninety degree angle of my legs and belly and my head rested on his hip. Spinelli decided to get in on this and she perched on my left hip and leg. It was so warm and cozy! B snapped a pic, so I thought I’d share. It’s a link to a Twitpic since I still haven’t figured out uploading pics to WordPress. That cuddle session just added nicely to the happiness that Cracked article had awakened in my heart on this Sunday.

I decided to share the photo with my friends on Facebook. I rarely read Facebook anymore but since I was already in after sharing the pic, I decided to read through some status updates. This could have been very dangerous since Facebook seems to be the place people love to air their grievances with society. Twitter too, but I have filters in place there. Luckily I recently cleaned up Facebook and narrowed things down to only those people who don’t make a habit of complaining in every other status update. I am so incredibly glad I decided to browse through updates because I got to find out that an old friend was the first woman to cross the finish line of this year’s El Tour de Tucson! How cool is that! I knew her back before she started riding and I’m just so proud of her! I would have missed that had it not been for the picture. The picture might not have happened had the Cracked article not given me the warm fuzzies.

After B and I have what is our new Sunday tradition of delicious breakfast for lunch, I’m going to soak in the tub. This Sunday is shaping up quite nicely!

Hope I didn’t just jinx it…


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A Letter to Fifty-Three Year-Old Me

Writing the letter to my fourteen year-old self was fun. The writing prompt I took the idea from said to follow it up the next day with a letter to myself in twenty years. I didn’t give it much thought until it was the next day and the thought of the future was too scary. I think today I am ready to do this since two fictional worlds I’ve dived into recently are more scary (hopefully) than twenty years from now will be.

So, fifty-three year old Ro, I hope you are alive to read this. If you are not fifty- three year-old Ro, meaning you are Ro and not fifty-three yet, don’t read this. You can’t read this until November 11, 1032. Oh wow.

Oh and readers, you should leave a comment. If this blog is still here in twenty years, hopefully it is, your comments will be in a time capsule of sorts haha!

Dear fifty-three year-old Ro,

Wow, so did I make it this long? Mom didn’t make it to fifty-three so if I’m reading this in twenty years I better be grateful. Remember how you thought you’d never see thirty because of how crazy your life was and then you literally didn’t see thirty because you went blind at twenty-nine? Yeah, I still think that’s funny today. Do you still find it funny in twenty years? I hope so, because without humor there’s just no point.

Do you need a refresher of what life was like for you at thirty-three? Well, I’ve been with B for just over five and a half years now. Are we still together in twenty years? If we are, what is he like? Did he ever start eating vegetables? I know, that’s probably a really stupid question. My three best friends are Carol, Chupa and Georgie. How are they? Ok I’m misting up thinking about these people in twenty years. Do you remember being convinced that everyone would die before you and you would be left alone in this scary world? That was only like two months ago, before I started Lexapro. Thinking about the people I love the most and how it will be in twenty years is starting to freak me out. It’s a good thing I’m medicated.

What about Erik? He’s my only friend who’s younger than I am. Only by a few months but still. How is he? I hope you are still in touch with him. We’ve been friends so long and there has always been gaps where we lose touch. Although ever since I went blind and started using my Macbook, we haven’t lost touch, so I hope in twenty years we’re still close.

Ok, so speaking of my Mac, what is technology like? Do people have stuff implanted in them yet? I always imagine little nano chips for phones and stuff. I mean seriously, the technology has to be amazing in twenty years! Or is it scary? Has it gotten out of control? It could go that route too. Right now you have an iPhone 4 running iOS 6.0.1. The latest iPhone is the 5. What is the iPhone in twenty years? Do you have an iPhone? Has any other phone ever rivaled the accessibility of the iPhone? I have a Macbook they don’t even make anymore. I was almost completely out of space on it so I started converting videos to mp3. What do you have in twenty years? Do they even make laptops anymore? Do they use wires at all? I can’t imagine there would be wires anymore. Am I right?

What animals do you have? Right now I have Jayden and Timmy and Spinelli and Fi. I can’t think about the future without them.

Are you still blind? Did they figure out how to give you new optic nerves? If so, did you get them? As of right now, I can’t imagine seeing again. I’m so used to things the way they are, so I don’t know if I would try anything to see again. I remember when I first went blind I wanted more than anything to see again, even just a little bit. I was ready to get on a plane and go to the UK where they were experimenting with a cancer drug that helped MS patients regain lost functions. Now though? I couldn’t imagine testing a drug. It’s a scary thought. So what have you done in twenty years?

I’m afraid to think about what the MS has done to me in twenty years. It’s impossible to think about my future self though without wondering about that. I won’t think about that now. Maybe you’re reading this in twenty years and smiling because nothing horrible has happened. Is that too much to ask for?

There really isn’t much more to write. There isn’t much to say to a future self beyond asking questions. I can say I hope you are as happy as I am today. Though I hope you are happier. I’m happy, but I could be happier. I just hope you aren’t less happy. I hope you’re still sober, though obviously when it comes to that I can’t really think beyond today. If you’re sober and still smoke free and at least as happy as I am now, then you’ve got it good.

Oh hey wait, I have to ask, is there equality? Have people finally quit being so damned uptight about gay marriage? Has racism and bigotry finally really gone away? Do women still have freedom over their own bodies? Has the insanity over birth control gone away? Did people start finally focusing on the real problems? God I hope so. If there isn’t more love an acceptance in twenty years, how are you managing?

I’m reading “The Handmaid’s Tale”, do you remember reading that book? It’s incredibly depressing. It’s what could happen if the crusty old white guys don’t stop wanting to control the female body. It’s terrifying. I hope it’s nothing like this in twenty years because if it’s going to go down that path, I hope the Mayans were right. If they were right, you won’t be reading this in twenty years, no one will.

Ok wow, this turned very doom and gloom. I was afraid this would happen when I thought about writing this letter. Writing to fourteen year-old me was fun because I don’t fear the past and because I knew what happened. This letter is nothing but fear of the unknown and my dwindling hope for a happy future.

I guess my only hope is that there’s just more love in the future. There has to be, or the future is grim grim grim.

I should end this on a happy note. Hmmm, happy. So have the Rays won a World Series or five? Ten? How long did Evan Longoria stay? Please tell me he didn’t end up with Boston or New York. What about David Price? Did I ever meet any of them? How are all my online friends? I don’t want to start naming them all because that’s a lot and I’m sure I’d end up leaving someone out.

One last question, what kind of voice are you listening to on your Mac? I can only assume you still use a screen reader and a Mac. Is it still Alex or have they made new voices that are just as good? Knowing Apple, they probably use human speech in twenty years haha. Ok, I just heard my DM ping. I think that’s my cue to wrap this up.

I hope this letter finds you well , my fifty-three year-old self! Oh, happy early birthday!


Thirty-three year-old Ro

PS – Do they have replicators and/or transporters yet? Did you ever publish anything?


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Cuddling with the Kids

I wrote this this morning before I had even had a cup of coffee. Every morning I do a bit of writing/journaling before starting my day so I turned this morning’s entry into what I decided would be today’s blog post. I went about my day and got busy with a project so I’m finally getting back to this to post it. It has been such a nice day!


My favorite time of day is in the morning just after I’ve fed Jayden and taken him out and started the coffee. I let Timmy out of the spare room, put in there so he doesn’t escape, and walk into the living room to turn my computer on. Most mornings Jayden is already on the couch and I sit and lay over on my side, resting my arm and head on him for a good cuddle. Timmy jumps up and he and Jayden greet each other and then we all settle in for a cuddle as I wake up.

This morning was no different except it was one of those rare mornings that Jayden isn’t on the couch. He followed me into the kitchen while I rinsed his bowl and he drank water and then followed me as I let timmy out. I walked over and turned my computer on and Timmy jumped on the couch and meowed as I sat down, almost like he was calling for Jayden! I whispered Jayden over and he got up on his spot and timmy struggled out of my grip to walk over to Jayden, purring all the while. It never fails to make me smile, this cuddling with the kids.

The three of us settled in, I on my right side with my knees pulled up, resting on Jayden as he lay curled on his end of the couch, Timmy tucked in between us purring away. Spinelli decided to join us as she does on some mornings. This will usually make Timmy run but not today. Spinelli perched on my hip and leg and the four of us lay that way for a bit. I love those mornings! The air conditioner kicked on and I groaned, mentally cursing myself for not shutting it off when I got up. I didn’t want to dislodge the kids to turn it off so I let the cool air wash over us, grateful for the animals’ warmth.

I was laying there, listening to the coffee maker gurgle as it made my wake up nectar thinking I would write about this today. The coffee maker beeped to let me know it was ready and I still didn’t move, enjoying my three fur kids and our morning ritual. Suddenly Jayden had an itch on his back leg and as he swiftly moved to use his teeth on the spot the cats scattered and I giggled, having just been agonizing over having to make everyone move so I could get my coffee. Thanks Jayden, I thought as I stood and stretched. Good morning, Saturday.

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Demo: Using Fleksy with TweetList Pro

So a Twitter conversation this morning prompted a demo of Fleksy and TweetList Pro. It took me three tries to get it since B is home so I couldn’t just start recording easily. The first two tries were with my headset and they didn’t come out so I ended up just moving my laptop so I could use the built in mic. Finally got it!

It’s a little quiet. I need to play with my mic settings and see what I can do about that. This is about twenty minutes and I go over the TweetList Pro app in general and then using Fleksy to write replies and such. At about the four minute mark, Spinelli begins scratching at the door and I angrily let her in and then…things almost go to Halifax but then recover quickly. 😉

Hope this is helpful. Let me know here or on Twitter if you’d like anything else recorded. I do enjoy this!

Fleksy and TweetList Pro demo

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Doggy Diaries – Canine Tantrum

One can almost always count on animals or children to provide material on a slow idea day.

It was a very quiet and relaxed day today in the house of Ro. I realized just how mentally stimulating the weekend had been even though in comparison with most people, it was rather relaxing. Today I just craved quiet and life getting back to normal. I talked with Carol for awhile and did some cleaning. Not feeling well most of the month and then the back injury had led to chores getting a little out of hand.

When B got home, Jayden was very happy to see him. Usually it’s not a big deal, since B is his other person. Maybe Jay noticed the difference today too, just me after a weekend full of the other people he loves, who knows.

B started dinner and I got back on my computer, tweeting and listening to the Lightning game. Jayden kept putting his chin on my leg but when I’d pet him, he’d back away. He was freshly fed and relieved so I thought he wanted attention, but every time his head was on my leg and I’d touch him, he’d back away. What the heck?

I got on the floor with him because sometimes he just wants floor time with me. I pet him and he backed away. I knelt and began a physical, just touching him on his back, belly and hips, ears, tail and feet to see if anything was bothering him. No pain response but his tail wasn’t wagging with vigor either which meant he didn’t want to play. What on earth?

Finally he walked over to the left side of the couch. The big couch, the one that could probably sit four people. He sat and stared at the left side of the couch. I followed the way his head was pointing and discovered the problem.

Spinelli, the smallest of the cats, was curled up there. There was plenty more real estate on the couch but oh no, Spinelli was on the left side, Jay’s favorite side. I picked Spinelli up and Jayden immediately hopped on the couch and curled up for his normal evening nap.

Is my dog spoiled? Sure he is. I don’t like it when I can tell he’s not happy, even over something so silly. I could almost hear him mentally stomping his foot and throwing a tantrum. “How dare that cat be in my spot! Does she know who I am?”


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#NaBloPoMo – The Empty Bottle

This morning when I beeped Timmy so I could put him in the spare room and go outside, it sounded like he was inside the white couch. I couldn’t figure it out; there was no room for him to be inside the couch and he’s never been under it before. I thought maybe the receiver had come off and fallen between the cushions so I started feeling around.

I’ve vacuumed out that couch I don’t know how many times. I use the hose extension even. How I had never vacuumed the right side of the couch by the arm before, I have no idea.

My fingers felt the grime there and an old milk ring Spinelli used to play with. I could feel that I hadn’t ever vacuumed that side before. I was cursing my past self when I felt something hard. Upon further investigation, I discovered it was a bottle. Hmmm. I left it there for B to look at.

When I told him about Timmy beeping from the couch, oh yeah, he had been under it, B looked where I told him I had felt a bottle. He jokes with me a lot so when he exclaimed that it was an empty bottle of Jim Beam, I didn’t believe him. He was laughing and I reached out for it.

I unscrewed the cap and sniffed and my stomach curdled oh gross oh gross it smells like whiskey oh ick oh ick oh no ewwwwwwww!

I was shrieking all this as I capped and held the bottle in front of me like a dead rat and dumped it in the trash. It was one of those smaller bottles, a pint maybe? It’s been over six and a half years since a liquor bottle has been in a place I call home. I think my reaction was the funniest part of it. It might as well have been a severed head, with how I freaked out. Hahaha!

Jayden thought this was funny too and began running all over the house as B and I laughed at him and the discovery of the bottle.

It must have been there since before the previous owner gave it to me. Heck, the couch had been someone else’s before it was hers, so who knows how long it’s been there? I just can’t believe I had never vacuumed that spot before.

If anyone is thinking maybe it was B’s, no way. He’s over fourteen years sober and if any alcohol had been drunk here, I would have smelled it. I can smell it on a person if they pass me in the store, that’s how sensitive I am to it these days. So no, you bet your bum it wasn’t him.

Nothing like an empty bottle of whiskey in your couch to keep it green. I actually like the reaction I had to it. I literally recoiled as if from a hot flame, or a severed head.


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#NaBloPoMo – The Cats’ Room

I had another post in mind for today but I got busy and then I got a link on Twitter that I want to write about but I’m too fatigued for that either so I’m just going to write about why I was busy and this will be fairly pointless except for my own memories in a year when I look back on cleaning the cats’ room. How’s that for a run-on? Future self, I want you to ask yourself a question right now. How’s the cats’ room? Have you been keeping up on it? Please, oh please, tell me you have.

I might have mentioned the spare room here recently since it is included in all the cleaning I’ve been doing. Basically it’s been the catch all room since B and I moved in here February of ’08. I haven’t tackled that room since going blind. You can imagine the clutter and dust, I’m sure. Add to that the fact that before I got Jayden, we moved the litter boxes in there so I could put a baby gate up. It was already pretty much the cats’ room, since there was an old chair from B’s old apartment in the corner, with an old comforter over it which created a nice little cave behind it. Spinelli had also enjoyed an old robe on top of a cabinet thing in the closet for a long time.

When L gave me a couch to replace the old and battered one I’d had forever, I decided to put that in the cats’ room as well, since they had already clawed it to high heaven and well, I spoil my animal kids. It had just gone into the room in front of the growing pile of clutter and eventually, there was just enough space in there to get to the litter boxes for cleaning. The closet wasn’t arranged in a way most conducive to space. Old clothes and scrubs from my days in medicine hung there, collecting dust and providing a medium for smells to cling to.

In a word, the room was gross. I was mortified at the thought of anyone seeing it and when B’s dad visited here the first time, I couldn’t believe B actually showed him the room. Why, oh why, would you purposely point out that room?

Now that I’ve begun work on it, and made a huge dent, I think what that room symbolized for me was the last of my sighted world. I put things in there when I could see, when I had plans for the room. Combine that with my tendency for pack rathood and what’s left is oh no, don’t go in there. Close the door. Don’t let anyone see.

It’s been liberating to clean out that room. Carol has been offering to help me with it for over a year now. I decided to make a start on it on my own though, to decrease what dust and clutter I could before allowing her to inhale that air. I’ve thrown out so much stuff. So much had been ruined by being left untouched and so much junk had been kept by the old sighted and sentimental me. I wish I had counted how many pens I threw away. Pens? Why did I keep so many pens?

The last time I worked in there I managed to move the couch along the wall to get it out of the way so I could get at what was behind it. I knew I needed to move the chair in the corner over a bit so the couch could move towards the corner and give us more than a six inch path between it and the wall so that was my goal today.

I found the Harry Potter braille book Georgie got me when I was about four months blind. That, along with a braille labeler, extra tape I had lost, which I also found today, and my white cane, was how she pushed me into action and put me on the road to learning how to live blind.

The book was in a cardboard box, the top volume covered in dust. I retrieved a plastic zipper bag, the one my bum cushion came in. It was perfect to store the book just in case I ever learn contracted braille. Maybe that will be a project after the room is done, to sign up for Grade 2 braille at Hadley.

Long story short, I had to kill Spinelli’s den behind the chair so I could vacuum. I hope she forgives me; it had to be done. I’m vacuuming every bit of carpet I end up freeing. There’s only one more corner left to tackle in the room, and then I can have Carol go through the stuff I’ve set aside. Most of it for possible donation, some of it because I can’t quite remember what it is. I had moved the bookcase that was taking up room into the closet, so now it’s perfectly set up for storage once I clear out the “Carol pile”, as we’ve been calling it.

Today I was able to reach the window. It was like a long awaited destination, to be able to straighten the blinds and scrub the glass. The room hardly even smells dusty now. What a hard job, but it’s leaving me with such an incredible feeling of accomplishment and liberation that I’m not even embarrassed to write the details of just how bad it was anymore. Look all you want! I think we might even be able to do away with the baby gate once I’m done. B found an igloo style litter box that seems pretty impossible for a dog to get to the contents.

After I met the goal for today I showered off the muck and finished reading ‘Carri’. That might be another post. It’s amazing how much I related to that book. I had to finish it because since I listened to music on the iPhone while cleaning, I lost my place in the book and it was just easier to find my place on the laptop. The book had been burned from CDs, so the iPhone doesn’t hold the place like it does an Audible book. Such a luxury problem. 🙂


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Another cat got out on me! Or did she?

This morning I took Jayden out before beginning the wait for our ride to the gym. When we were headed back in the house, Jayden kind of paused at the sliding glass door, which he never does. The only other time he paused at the door was way back when he helped Timmy escape, thus beginning Timmy’s reign of human hostage taking before I took revenge and made him beep at my command.

Jayden’s sudden pause at the doorway gave me an instant flashback of escaping cats, but I knew Timmy and Spinelli were in the bedroom with the door closed. That left Fi, our elder statesman cat who is about eighteen years old.

B would kill me. He’s had that cat for years and years and years. I left the screen shut on the door as I called Fi’s name around the apartment. Oh no, oh no, she’s never been an easy cat to track. She doesn’t come when called, none of the tricks I used to use on Timmy would fool her, where is she, did she get out? Paratransit will be here soon. She couldn’t have gotten out. She’s never tried it before.

I went back to the door to close it up when I heard meowing. Fi, you brat, you did get out.

I knelt down and opened the door and she slid past me, my hand trailing her side. Was that Fi? She felt a little different. Had to be. Sounded like her.

I finished getting ready, harnessed Jayden and sat on the floor with him to wait for our ride. Fi sidled up for some love like she does sometimes when I’m on the floor. Paratransit came and Jayden and I went to the gym.

A few hours later we arrived home and I took Jayden outside. As we were coming back in, he paused at the door again. I closed the screen before going inside and told Jayden he didn’t have to pause at that door, just every other door. As I opened the door I told him inside and he went in quickly.

I stepped back outside for a minute and as I did, I felt a cat brush passed my legs. Fi!! She didn’t go far before; she came right back and howled at the door in fact. I left the bedroom door closed, right? I went back in to check. Door closed. I hurried inside the room, shutting the door behind me to make sure Timmy and Spinelli were both inside and they were.

I went back to the screen door and called for Fi. I went outside and listened. B has taken Fi outside a few times and she just stays on the patio and rolls. I heard nothing.

I came back inside to call Gamma as I always do upon arriving home. She launched into a story about a friend of hers and I walked around the apartment trying to hear Fi anywhere.

Finally I heard the tiny sounds of crunching food. Timmy and Spinelli were still in the bedroom, lounging on the bed. That had to be Fi.

Relief flooded through me as I felt Fi by the cat food. I was sure it was her this time, being able to touch her longer.

So who then, had just gotten out of the apartment?

The whole time, all I could think about was the eHarmony cat girl. Maybe I should tell her there’s a nice stray around here, if she wants it.


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