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San Diego Recap Part One

I will be writing about our little trip while in a hungry, tired and poisonous antibiotics induced stupor. This should be fun! Last week I started feeling a pang in the same area of my abdomen as the first diverticulitis attack. I prayed it would go away and I wouldn’t feel it for a bit and then there it was again. Finally on Saturday there was no denying it. Luckily the on-call doctor for my doctor was able to call in the antibiotics I had discussed with my physician at the follow-up appointment. I decided I would start the liquid diet upon returning from San Diego and luckily the medicine wasn’t too awful on food like it is on an empty stomach. Armed with Dramamine, Immodium, Flagyl and Cipro, I set out on Monday with B and Jayden on what would surely be an adventure.

At first, the car ride was great. I relaxed back with my iPod, listening to a Michael Connelly book, Jayden curled up at my feet on his cushy mat I bought. Any thing isn’t so bad when it first starts, right? When Jayden started getting restless, the relaxing was gone. He does fine in cars, but we’ve never been in the car for too long. At the first rest stop, we were all happy to get out of the car. Our reprieve was brief however and before long we were back on the road. Jayden would not settle for a long time and when he finally did, B announced another rest stop coming up. We both agreed to skip it. I did not want to get out of the car again. We stopped one more time before hitting the hills that go into San Diego and it was so very odd to step onto soft plush grass. The air was fresh and crisp with a hint of moisture. Definitely not Arizona air. There was another dog near the ladies’ room and by the time I got Jayden’s harness on to enter, we found the only handicapped stall occupied by the woman and her dog. Luckily she had figured out outside that I was blind and when she heard me talking to Jayden, she took her dog into a normal stall. When I told B about this, he said the dog was a tiny little poodle. She had said she was in the handicapped stall because of her dog. Really? Alrighty then. At least she realized her error and vacated it for us.

By the time we made it into San Diego and found the hotel, we were all pretty tired. B had found a deal on for this place on Shelter Island near the airport. When we checked in I asked for a ground floor room and we got upgraded to accommodate this request. The bed was huge and old. Remember those old thin mattresses? It was so low to the ground I kept sitting down hard on it haha. It also made this squishy plastic-on-plastic sound when we sat on it. Apparently all the beds did this since I could hear the one above us through the paper thin ceiling. Aside from that, the room was nice. It had a microwave and little fridge. The microwave was a huge plus for me since I brought Starbucks instant coffee haha. B decided to find a take-out place for dinner so we ate seafood on the huge bed. I had fish tacos and sushi. It was delicious! Especially the fish tacos. Yummm! I went to sleep pretty early and slept hard after the day of travel. Tuesday was going to be busy.

Getting up and moving in a strange place is exhausting. Living out of bags on the floor is physically taxing with the constant up/down motions. Jayden must have wondered what the heck was going on, why it was taking me so long to get his food ready. Finally I got him fed, watered and relieved and was able to relax with my instant coffee and work on waking up. B and I watched the local news. It’s always interesting to me to watch local news in a strange place. Everything is so unfamiliar. Eventually we got ready to head out to the San Diego Zoo. Luckily I knew Jayden could go since Carin had told me service dogs were welcome. She had been to San Diego with work and had discovered this fact. I was glad to know this because originally I had thought I would just hang out in the hotel all day while B went to the zoo. Even though I had my laptop, the thought of that was not appealing once we had arrived in our room.

I’m going to split the trip recap into two posts and finish this tomorrow. After writing about the fish tacos, I am miserably hungry and grumpy haha! I think I’ll go drink some chicken broth and lay in bed with a book.

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Doggy Diaries – How is it NaBloPoMo time already?

I can’t believe it’s November already. What? It was just Spring Training. It was just November and I was just writing daily posts for NaBloPoMo and now it’s here again. Crazy! They say time flies when you’re having fun, well I can’t say it’s been a fun year but it sure is flying.

I’m feeling so much better this week. I spent all of last week in bed recovering from that diverticulitis. I had to do a liquid diet for three days which wasn’t so bad on the first day. I remember even chuckling to myself and saying, yeah ask me again tomorrow if this isn’t so bad. Oh, it was bad the next day, that’s for sure. I couldn’t stomach the broth, so I basically lived on coffee and popsicles. That, along with the two different poisonous antibiotics and a visit from Aunt Flo and I was flat on my back in bed.

I was able to care for myself and Jayden but that was it. I was telling my massage therapist about it tonight about how I think the week in bed actually did me good. He found a lot less problem areas than he usually does and I was proud to tell him I did more stretching of my constantly tight hammies while laying in bed listening to books. I’m glad it’s all over though and I’m enjoying experimenting with different foods now as I try to prevent another horrible infection.

This week has been all about getting my strength back. I could not believe how much my body was weakened. I’ve taken a lot of pride in my physical strength even during weak low spoon times. This was a whole new ball game and one I hope I don’t have to play again for awhile. The early part of this week was rough, only being able to do things in fits and starts with periods of rest to gather strength again. Today I feel so much closer to myself again. This has been one heck of an ordeal!

This morning Jayden and I walked down to the office to drop off my absentee ballot. Our office collects our outgoing mail for safe keeping which in the heat of the summer was annoying but now it’s just nice to walk down there. I was a little concerned about my strength but it was fine. No one was in the office yet so Jayden was bummed since they always give him a treat there. He showed me the door to the clubhouse and when I tried to pull away he stayed by the door. I knew he could smell his friend S, our maintenance supervisor. He and Jayden are the best of friends and I know S hangs out in the clubhouse when he’s not tooling around the complex so I tried the door and it was open. I poked my head in and said hello and got no response but Jayden insisted we go in, it was too cute! He walked me directly past the gym where we’ve been a bunch of times and right to the door going out to the patio and pool. So I stuck my head out there but no S. Poor Jayden!

On the way back we just strolled. Jayden alerted me to the guest apartment my friend Erik stayed in a year and a half ago. It’s amazing what these dogs remember! I praised him for asking if I wanted to go there and said not this time haha. Then as we passed another apartment a dog started barking and made us both jump. I giggled and said, “he’s Mr. Vocal McVocalson huh Jayde?” As we neared home Jayden decided to pick the narrowest spot between a car and a curb haha. He cracked me up, choosing the path of most difficulty. He does that sometimes, almost like he wants to challenge himself. He paused so I wouldn’t hit the side view mirror of the car since he had to walk me practically brushing up against it. Such a silly dog! It was a perfect morning and it was so nice to be out and about with my boy. I need to come up with some sort of maintenance issue so we have an excuse for S to come by haha.

I’m very much looking forward to bed time tonight. Today felt busy for some reason even though it really wasn’t. I’m just still a bit foggy from the health ordeal I think. It will be nice to put the day to bed and stretch out to some more Harry Bosch. So, here’s to another NaBloPoMo opening post!


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It Smelled Like Going Blind

“The sense of smell can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back pictures as sharp as photographs of scenes that had left the conscious mind.” – Thalassa Cruso

This is long so grab some coffee or tea or chicken broth.

Saturday night I took B out for steak dinner for his birthday. It was pretty good but I didn’t know this particular restaurant cooks green beans in over salted bacon grease. When I felt nauseous after laying down Saturday night, I blamed the few fork fulls of the disgusting greens I had eaten while trying to convince myself they didn’t taste that bad. I guessed I had just eaten too much of them because I din’t think a plain filet and plain mashed potatoes would make me feel so sick. My extremities had also begun to hurt but I thought that was just because I was due for my nightly nerve pill.

Sunday morning I woke up with the worst headache of my life. I also had a pain on the right side of my abdomen near my belly button. Again I blamed it on the food and thought maybe the Lexapro might be partly to blame because some of the side effects are headache and slowing of the erm, lower digestive system. I wasn’t awake for very long before I decided to drink some mil of magnesia and see if getting things moving a little faster would ease the pain. It didn’t and only seemed to bring the nausea back and increase the headache.

B got up a little while later and when he turned the TV on the sound went straight to my brain. The pain was as bad as that of driving at night with a migraine when light from oncoming cars enters the eyes. It wasn’t hard to decide to go lay back in bed so I shuffled into the bedroom, switched on my white noise maker and climbed into bed. That was where I spent all of Sunday.

I never spend entire days in bed. Even when I have bad MS days, I just lay on the couch. It has to be really bad to keep me in bed for an entire day. I even ate in bed. I couldn’t stand sitting up on the couch long enough to do anything. When I first got into bed the headache was so bad I didn’t even put on my audio book. I just pulled the covers tightly around me as cold began to set into my bones and my body began aching even more. The headache and body aches distracted me from the abdominal pain, that’s for sure. Probably around noon the headache began to ebb after lots and lots of fluids and some ibuprofen. Every blow from the referee’s whistle as B watched football in the living room still cut through my white noise machine and dragged long fingernails down the chalkboard in my head. I decided to stay in the bedroom to keep the headache from coming back.

As the day wore on I had moments of intense cold under the covers and then moments of feeling ok. I was able to take Jayden out like normal but that was about it. Luckily I was able to tolerate my audio book so I just lay in bed and read and Jayden snoozed beside me on his bed.

Eventually I knew I had to be running a fever. I was freezing but my skin felt warm even to me. When B came in to check on me, he felt my forehead and agreed so I got up to get the thermometer. I still don’t have one that talks so B had to read it. It was 100.6. It had been so long since I had had a fever that I almost forgot what to do for one. Oh yes, Tylenol, wipe the skin with a cool cloth, ok, yes, fluids, lots of fluids, bring the fever down, the MS doesn’t like fever, the MS can get royally pissed off and start making my immune system attack me if I run a fever, bring the fever down, bring it down.

I wet a washcloth and wiped my face and the cloth became warm where it touched my skin. I grabbed my ice pack and took it and the washcloth back to bed and swallowed two Tylenol. I lay in bed with the ice pack on my stomach and alternated the cloth on my forehead and behind my neck. I was freezing. Then soon I wasn’t. I finished my book and began another. I was warm. My body had begun to melt the ice pack. I kicked the covers off. I was uncomfortable but the fever was beginning to break. I checked it again. 100.2. Down four tenths. I went to sleep after telling B I was calling my doctor in the morning.

Unfortunately she had no available appointment so I found an urgent care and B came home around noon to take me. They got me back quickly and a nurse practitioner examined me after I described the pain as a four on a scale from one to ten unless the spot was touched then it was higher. At first she thought kidney but she told me she was going to thump my back and when she did it didn’t hurt. So she checked my abdomen and the pain was too high to be appendix so she thought maybe gallbladder which freaked me out. She asked if I had weight fluctuations which I have my whole life and if I’d recently eaten a high fat meal. I explained about the filet the night before and the green beans but she said the fatty meat she was thinking of was more like a prime rib. She then suggested going to the emergency room for an ultrasound to check my gallbladder since they didn’t have the proper equipment there to do that. At this point I started getting a little more scared. She wanted to check the urine sample I had given before settling on a possible gallbladder problem but that came back normal so it was the emergency room. Joy.

She asked which hospital and I named the one I had been to for my two big MS flairs and she sent all my info there and said they were expecting me so off we went. We signed in and a man asked B for the envelope please and I cracked a joke about him sounding like an award show host but no one laughed and my mood darkened and we sat and they called me back to triage somewhat quickly and then had me sit in the lobby again. It wasn’t too crowded but I could feel the anxiety starting to try and boil up. Thank God I’m on Lexapro. I mean really, thank God. The Ellen Show was on the nearby TV so I just tried to focus on that. It didn’t take too incredibly long for them to call me again and Jayden jumped up the minute he heard my name, which made me laugh.

This time we were led deeper into the emergency department to my room and as we walked, memories flooded back to me, memories of the last time I had been there, the smells were the same and instantly I could picture the emergency department since that is the last place I saw. It smelled like going blind. I began to cry as I walked between Jayden and B. The nurse let us to my cot and told me to undress from the waist up and put the gown on and then she left and I lost it when B asked if I was in pain. I told him it smelled like going blind and he said it all came rushing back to him too. We had a moment there, standing in the tiny cubicle, wondering what came next.

There was a whole lotto waiting. I texted and tweeted and emailed and B watched ESPN. It made me think of House after B said they had cable. Honestly how can you not think of House when in a hospital? It was specifically the cable though and if you’re a House fan, you’ll know why.

After a bit everyone came in at once. The doctor, two med students and a nurse to draw blood and start my IV. Why they ran a bag of saline through me is beyond me, probably because they could get fifty bucks from Medicare for it. The doctor asked some questions and examined me and when I said the nurse practitioner at the urgent care suspected gallbladder he palpated just under my ribs and it didn’t hurt. He found where it hurt and the medical student said, “that’s too low to be gallbladder.” Yes, Thirteen, you are correct. The doctor said my pain was between my appendix and gallbladder which was curious and he wanted a CT scan. I said I was there for an ultra sound. I wonder if he rolled his eyes. He said that wouldn’t do any good since he didn’t want to focus on the gallbladder. They all left and we waited some more.

The bag of IV fluid was ready to come out not long after and I don’t mean out of my arm. I pressed the call button and told the voice on the speaker that I needed the restroom but was hooked to an IV. Fifteen minutes later no one had come so I just had B get the bag off the hook and the bag was empty. I shoved it in my pocket, grabbed Jayden and B helped us find the restroom. After that we waited some more and then the radiology tech came to tell me to take the remainder of my clothes off and she’d be back soon to take me for the scan. We waited some more and then I left Jayden with B when they came for me. I told him to stay and be a good boy and I’d be right back and as soon as we were out of ear shot I started crying. I knew he must be wondering what on earth was going on. If hospitals are scary for children, how must they be for dogs?

I told the woman that I went blind in this hospital, about going into the MRI machine with a little vision left and coming out with none. She was stunned and said I wouldn’t go blind this time. I laughed and said I’m already blind. She said I wouldn’t go any blinder and I laughed and she complimented my sense of humor. I should have thanked her for being the only person with a sense of humor in the entire emergency department.

The scan was quick, just a transfer to another table and then an electronic voice gave me breathing instructions. When I was brought back I was very happy to see Jayden. B said he did fine, he looked after me for a bit when I was taken, then B gave him some kibble and he lay down. I was happy B had done this. When I first handed the leash to him after the CT scan lady left I told him the kibble was in my bag and to give him a few pieces. I’m glad he took it upon himself to give Jayden some after I was gone. I like to make experiences as positive for him as possible and he is very highly food motivated. He was allowed to eat more than I was. When we left the urgent care I was given strict instructions not to eat or drink anything. B thought it was because of the ultrasound I was originally going to have but I told him it was probably in case I needed emergency surgery and that’s what it was. After the CT scan we didn’t see any matter of nurse or doctor. I knew Jayden would need a bathroom break because it was already well after his normal feed and relieve time. I just said screw it and crammed the empty IV bag back in my pocket and out we went. A nurse tried to stop me, saying they prefer the patients to stay in the hospital but I said no one had been to see me in hours and I am the one with the rights, not B, not my dog and he could be denied re-entry since we were unable to make arrangements with the hospital. It was well beyond the time he needed a potty break and I was taking him. I honestly don’t know how true what I said was but I was refusing to be separated from my dog. I was mobile and didn’t even have any medication in me and obviously the hospital thought I was find since no one had been by to check on me. So we marched out and Jayden peed a river. Poor guy. B decided he would run back to his office and grab his phone charger. He had left it since he had expected to return to work after the urgent care. I said that was a good idea and I bet him I still wouldn’t have any information by the time he returned. We got back to my cubicle and I proceeded to listen to the NLCS game seven between the Giants and Cardinals. I ran through obedience with Jayden, feeing him a decent portion of kibble, grateful I had thought to grab his afternoon snack and bring it along with his collapsable water bowl. I gave him some water out of my bottle and felt happy that of the three of us, he was fed, watered and relieved.

B called when he was heading back from the office and I still hadn’t seen the doctor. A nurse had poked her head in and said, “oh you’re back, the doctor will see you soon now that you’re back.” Really? You’re going to put this on the five minutes it took to let my dog pee? B called after that and I told him what she had said and he laughed. We hung up and just before he got back the doctor finally came in and told me I had diverticulitis That is a Mayo Clinic link I found this morning that is really useful. the doctor briefly told me to take my antibiotics, just drink some clear liquids over the next few days and then switch to easy to digest foods. Make a follow-up with your doctor etc. I asked if I could exercise and he said give it a few days. Then he was gone and soon B was there and I told him. I was very relieved not to be having surgery and I’m familiar with diverticulitis since my dad was diagnosed with diverticulosis when I still lived at home. That just means you have the sacs and could suffer from diverticulitis. Back then they thought that seeds and popcorn played a part but according to that Mayo Clinic link, they no longer believe that. It sounds like it might be my poor choices in the past that could have brought this on since I live pretty healthy these days. I did recently take time off from exercise while the weather had me in pain and it sounds like lack of exercise can bring this on as well. I believe I had it last year also, when the nurse practitioner at my doctor’s office diagnosed me with a kidney infection even though the urine wasn’t conclusive. She based it all on the fact that I jumped when she thumped my back. I told her I jumped because I wasn’t expecting it, not because it hurt. So the two nurse practitioners I’ve seen are zero for two though at least this last one thought it was something serious enough to warrant an ER visit. I see my doctor in two weeks for a follow-up. It was the soonest she could see me.

We waited at least another thirty minutes and then the discharge nurse finally came in. B and I had already worked out that we’d take care of getting my antibiotics and broth and everything today since we were both exhausted by the time the hospital was going to let me go. The nurse went on and on about nearby twenty-four hour pharmacies and I just nodded in agreement rather then explain that we had already made our plans. He handed me the discharge papers and told me my prescriptions were stapled on top, the first one being oxycodone. I began shaking my head vigorously and telling the nurse I didn’t need that, I hadn’t even taken ibuprofen and the doctor had said nothing about pain medication but the nurse just said if I didn’t want it, don’t fill it. B exclaimed, “no wonder so many people are addicted to pills!” and I agreed, both of us beginning to rant and then realizing it wasn’t the nurse’s fault. We got the heck out of there and I swore I’d never go back. I’m obviously not filling the prescription for oxycodone. However that must be the hospital to go to if you’re a drug seeker since I didn’t even ask for Tylenol and they handed me a narcotic. Disgusting.

While we were walking to the car Jayden suddenly stopped and relieved himself. B was like, “he’s going! He’s going! Do you have a bag?” Do I have a bag. Silly man. First rule of guide dog handling, always have a bag. I theatrically pulled a bag from my pocket and snapped it open. Jayden immediately moved as far from the mess as he could and B asked why. “He’s ashamed when he goes in harness,” I explained. I wasn’t angry with him at all. He had done a lot of walking in the hospital and I was just glad he waited until we got outside. We got home at eight o’clock and I fed and relieved Jayden and then we went to bed. I was so relieved to be home in my own bed with Jayden and my cats and my man. I had had awful visions of being stuck in the hospital for days. What. A. Day.

This morning I woke up starving. I hadn’t eaten anything since Sunday. A little over an hour ago B brought me some low sodium Swanson’s chicken broth, some bouillon and apple juice. He was going to call me from the pharmacy so I turned to Google to compare bouillon to liquid broth and ran across my favorite fitness site and a liquid diet with calories article. Score! It recommended both forms of broth so I got both. I got the low sodium Swanson’s since the article recommended low sodium when possible. I tell you, that Swanson’s chicken broth tasted so incredibly delicious after not eating since Sunday! I chugged some apple juice before it was even cold and thought, well this isn’t so bad. My belly felt full and I tasted something other than water and coffee. I laughed at myself and thought, ask me again tomorrow if this isn’t so bad. Luckily I can drink coffee and tea with no cream which is how I drink it anyway but I’ve mostly only wanted water since the coffee makes me a little nauseous. After a few days of the liquid diet I can start introducing low fiber foods and then after that get back to a normal fiber intake. I find it odd that a diet low in fiber contributes to the problem yet while recovering from it fiber must be avoided.

It was quite an ordeal but we all made it through ok and I didn’t have to go under the knife. Jayden didn’t seem phased by it in the slightest. After the smells brought back all the memories of my last visit and the not so pleasant experience this time, I think I’ll be looking for a new hospital. I just hope I won’t need one for a very long time.


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Doggy Diaries – Audio – Do you want a banana?

Yesterday when it was time to share a banana with Jayden, he freaked out and went on a run around the house. I had wished I had thought to record it, so today I tried to recreate it and it worked. It seems if I tease him a bit when he knows it’s banana time, he gets even more excited hehe! I’ve got a pretty nasty cold right now and he’s being a trooper about it. I’m glad I’m able to give him some fun.

Direct youtube link

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Book Three in 2012 – “Under the Dome”

I finished another book last night. It can always be assumed that the next book was started the day after finishing the last book. Did that make sense? Haha, I’m sick. I’ve pretty much been sick the whole year, but this is just your garden variety cold or flu, not sure which yet. I felt it coming on at Gamma’s yesterday.

I spent this morning shopping for my next book and while I usually mostly read in bed at night, I took the new book with me while I took a long bath and then have been on the couch with it all afternoon. It will probably appear in a post in only a couple days if reading is the only thing I can manage while feeling like death warmed over haha.

Anyway, last night I finished, “under the Dome” by Stephen King. B read it awhile back and has been bugging me to read it. Before I had an Audible membership I thought I’d never get it because it was like $45 on iTunes. My friend JB found it on mp3 CD on Amazon for only $10 bucks though, so I’ve had it awhile but had other books to read first. I really enjoyed it. It was incredibly disturbing, but not just because a mysterious and impenetrable dome falls around a small town in Maine. No, what as most disturbing was the human element in this town. Of course there were plenty of good people but the bad were baaaaaad. So bad in fact that I questioned my own morality when I wanted to see bad things happen to these people. They were so bad that B had me scared of our own town car dealer mogul and his commercials.

B didn’t like the ending but I did. In fact it’s been awhile since my usual disappointment in a King ending. Not since “Duma Key” have I disliked an ending.

The book I picked today is not a Stephen King book. I really want to read “The Stand” but it doesn’t appear to be available in audio format which is very sad.

I might write a whole other post about how I plan to use Audible and I’ll probably be including a rant about abridged books. Have I ranted about that before here?

Ok, I’m dizzy. Here’s the list:

1. “IT” – Stephen King – Finished 1/4/12

2. “The Concrete Blonde” – Michael Connelly – Finished 1/9/12

3. “Under the Dome” – Stephen King – Finished 1/22/12

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Thoughts from a…I don’t know how to describe my mind at the moment

I wish I could blog about the last couple weeks with brutal honesty but I can’t, unless I want to completely embarrass myself, which I don’t want to do. Hahaha! I’ll just say, imagine some of the strangest things you’ve ever had to do, the weirdest you’ve ever behaved about something silly, and there you have it. It’s been an interesting start to the year, to say the least.

Things aren’t bad at least. Routines just haven’t gotten back to normal. Hopefully by next week they will. The combination of waiting on the repair guy, strange physical ailments and now B being off this week has made it hard to get back into exercising like I was, which has caused it’s own set of problems.

I can tell you this. If you exercise regularly and then stop for a brief amount of time, becoming more inactive than normal, do not, under any circumstances, chew a Pepto Bismol tablet every day for a week, no matter how badly a medication upsets your stomach. Just don’t do it. I really have no desire to explain why so just take my advice if you trust me. If you don’t trust me, still do not under any circumstances take a Pepto Bismol tablet every day for a week. I assume the liquid is just as bad if taken daily. Don’t do it, you hear?

Ok, now I feel better.

Today a question was asked on Twitter, not by anyone I follow, it was retweeted: Why do blind people have lights in their homes?

As you might be aware, we don’t have any living creature with working eyes in our homes, so why on earth would we need lights? Blind people only mate with other blind people and if they have sighted family, they don’t invite them over. Sighted people aren’t friends with blind people. So yeah, we really don’t need lights. Cats are designed to see in the dark, and blind people having guide dogs is purely a myth. No such creature exists. This blog is a lie. If I had a guide dog, he’d surely like light at night when it’s dark.

In other news, I have a crush on a man named Barbie who doesn’t exist. I think that’s the safest kind of love, right? I curl up in bed with him every night as he tries to save a town from a crazy man. When I’m tired, I go to sleep and leave him in mid step sometimes. He is who he is and I know that will never change because that’s how he was written. Pretty perfect, wouldn’t you say?

Ah, I just paused in writing this to take a shower. I still have no idea if the repair man will be here today. Story of this year so far. B had stepped out so I waited for him to get back. It was one of the best showers I’ve ever had. There’s something about a shower when you haven’t been feeling good that just feels amazing.

Ok, it’s now a one week countdown until life gets back to normal, hopefully. Clock…start…now!

PS – My computer hates the word “retweeted”. It always corrects to “retreated”. So if there’s ever a post I don’t feel like editing when I type something like, “David Price retreated me again”, you’ll know what I meant.

PSS – Can one retreat another? Can that be an adverb describing something a person does to another person? And if so, what exactly would David Price have done to me if he retreated me?


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Oops, I stopped blogging again

Well it’s pretty obvious I’ve stopped blogging daily haha. It just kinda happened. I had just run out of things to blog about, but I’m determined not to neglect the blog like I did before.

Unfortunately today I’m coming down with some kind of stomach thing. I feel lousy! On the good new front though, the meeds my doc tried me on for pain are working swimingly. I take them later at night now so they’ll last longer the next day. We’ve weather coming and while I feel it in my joints, I don’t have that awful nerve pain. I finally got Glucosamine tablets again after waiting forever for them, so I’m really hoping those are going to help with the joint pain like they have in the past.

That’s really about all there is to report. Life is going nicely so far this year, knock on wood. Baseball is right around the corner and I’m starting to get very excited for the season. I’ve missed my nice daily reprieve with my Rays!

Oh, haven’t been to the gym this year. Last week was bad and today I’m waiting on the maintenance man. I know I don’t have to be here for repairs, but I prefer it that way, and that’s a blessing now with this stomach thing. I have worked out at home though since getting my TRX equipment. Hopefully some time I’ll get a video of that now that I own my own. I’m looking forward to weighing in and checking how much holiday weight I put on haha NOT! I’ll take it off though and I’m sure it’s only a couple pounds. Clothes still fit fine, but I can just tell I put on one or two pounds.

Ok, I don’t feel like editing. My stomach is complaining again.

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Oops and schedules

I thought that September was the month that I write thirty posts in thirty days, otherwise known as NaBloPoMo. I’ve never called it that since I can’t actually sign up for it. At least I couldn’t in the past. Maybe it’s accessible now. Anyway the point of that mistake was that I thought I was six days behind on it and I was going to try and scramble to get caught up and start posting every day.

I have so gotten out of the habit of blogging. I don’t really know why. That last writing venture didn’t work out for reasons I won’t go into here. There’s another one in the works though. I’ll write about it when it happens officially. I’m excited!

My plan has been to incorporate a writing schedule. I’ve read a lot of author blogs and they all mention a schedule. Since they work from home, if they don’t have a schedule, they don’t meet their deadlines. I never used to work on a writing schedule, but that was when I was just writing here on the blog so it didn’t matter if I wasn’t in the mood to write, etc.

Last year I found out about NaNoWriMo too late to sign up for it but I began furiously writing anyway. I had gotten all but the ending of a novel written. Then I took a few days off which turned into nearly a year since I’ve worked on it. How does that happen?

Right now I’m working on a short story, one similar to the short story challenges I’ve done here, but way different. L^2 actually put one of my stories in her guide dog puppy auction, a story that hasn’t even been written yet. If anyone bid, they would get to give me the sparks to write the story. Someone actually bid on it! And bid a lot haha! Her sparks are totally different than the ones I’ve gotten here, each one actually an integral part to the story and one has actually required some research, so it’s been fun coming up with the plot, characters and setting. I’m sorry, but you won’t get to read it when it’s done. It’s all for the winning bidder.

I’ve been doing some work for the new venture but again, the schedule I mentioned earlier? Yeah hasn’t been incorporated quite yet. I’m testing times of day where writing happens naturally for me and I think it’s mornings. B is off this week so I haven’t implemented it yet since when he’s off, my normal schedule is a bit skewed. I think I’ve figured it out though, that mornings are best. So, when I implement it, the phone will be turned off, email, chat and Twitter will be turned off and the writing will commence.

That’s my hope, anyway. Best laid plans and all that.

In lifely news, it’s still hot. It’s September sixth and it’s still hot. Muggy even. August was awful. Humidity without real rain to break the pressure. I was really sick a few weeks ago. Had to go to the doc even. Had to go on these horrific meds. The cure was worse than the ailment and I haven’t even returned to the gym because the med can cause tendon tears. Lovely. It hasn’t been a fun month.

Soon though, soon, the weather will break and Jay and I can go walking again. Not stupid little short bursts or just enough during laundry. I can’t wait.

After I recovered for the most part, Jay and I did laundry one day and I was curious how he’d do since we hadn’t really worked much. I do obedience routines every day but still. Let me tell you, it was like he said, “we’re working? Yay! I’m gonna do the best job ever so you won’t worry.” And he did. Normally he waits for my cues when going to the laundry even though he knows where to go. He would still pause and wait for me to say ok but that day he flew. It was incredible. His work is always impeccable no matter how much time he’s had off. He still amazes me.

We do need to work on people distractions however. It happens mostly when I’m out with B. I don’t know why Jayden isn’t himself when we’re out with b. Is it because B is his other person? I have no idea. He doesn’t want to follow and he wants to say hi to every person we encounter. It’s truly bizarre.

I had the idea that next time we go out and I need Jay to follow B, I’m giving B some kibble. Always go back to the food with a lab, right? 😉

Give B the kibble, if Jay follows him to the destination, he gets the kibble. We’re going to try that and see how it goes. Any ideas why he doesn’t want to follow B properly?

Hopefully I’ll get to keep writing here. blogger introduced a new editor I haven’t tried and won’t bother trying. According to Twitter, even the sighted hate the new editor. If that eventually happens and Blogger botches things up too badly, I’ll make the move to WordPress. I don’t want to have to do that, so hopefully Blogger will keep this old simple editor around.

So, even though it’s not November yet, I’m going to try and get back into blogging here. It seems when I’m blogging here, it ignites the writing elsewhere. It also gets me back in touch with the outside world, something that has gone away over this summer. Twitter has been my primary source of companionship. Maybe it’ll get better when it cools off.

Maybe I’ll start writing something daily now, even if it’s just a dumb short post just to post. I miss having this blog active. Ok, Miss Commitment part of my brain? Wake up!!


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Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 38 – He was sick last year, me this year, what’s up with the writing?

Once again I’m behind on recap posts. Luckily there weren’t many from this time last year because Jayden had gotten sick. He tells you about it here, and I follow up on it here. Non dog people beware of that one, it mentions stool a bit haha!

This one isn’t a Diaries post since I was waiting on a call from the vet to update, but it’s interesting to compare where I was then to where I’m at now. It’s also interesting because I very briefly mention Erik, and he’s coming to visit me in one week! Erik and I have been best online friends for thirteen years and never met face to face. That all changes in a week when he comes for a visit, awesome!

I think what stuck out to me most is that it was a year ago that I took an online fiction writing course and was really interested in writing. It’s kind of fallen by the wayside lately. I had fun doing the short stories here but I let that go. I really feel like my true calling right now, is writing my story. Too many people have told me to do it and going beyond friends, a baseball player/author and recently another published writer who I just happened to have a long chat with outside my apartment one day.

It’s so much more difficult to write the truth. When I write fiction, my characters take the story to places I never imagined. When I’m writing my story, I already know how the scene will end. It’s rather…boring haha!

However I really feel like that’s what I should be writing. It’s just a matter of getting bitten by the bug again.

Last year Jayden was sick, this year it was me. This whole week I’ve battled some weird stomach thing that left me absolutely drained. This coming week will hopefully be better and busy, passing the time until Erik arrives in a week. Fun stuff. Of course my life is all about baseball right now, too. =D!

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Doggy Diaries – Sick day clicker fun

I’ve got some sort of stomach bug, that is just leaving me drained and blarfey. It started Sunday night and I woke up yesterday feeling ok but not for long, so we didn’t go to the gym. Today I had the hardest time getting out of bed and I feel all body achey and my stomach isn’t happy having anything in it except for Alka Seltzer. Even an Ensure didn’t sit well.

I hate days like this, aside from feeling miserable, I hate feeling like Jayden is bored. We haven’t gotten decent work in for a few days now and I hate that.

I’ve been giving him a Kong Wobbler in the afternoon, saving a handful of kibble from breakfast for his afternoon treat. I was doing the frozen Kongs every day, but replacing those was going to break the bank, so reserve those for a treat after more major work.

The trouble with Wobblers and Kongs is that if I’m not paying attention to him when he’s finished, I can’t find the darned thing to pick it up. Jayden would sometimes understand that when I was on my knees sweeping my hands about, I was looking for it and he might show me.

Today I turned it into a clicker game. After he had finished it, I put some more kibble in my pocket and got out the clicker. He picked it up soon what I wanted and before long when I said, “find the Wobbler”, he would run to it and paw it. I’m so glad he chose to paw it, because then I can hear when he’d found it and it made clicking it easier and I didn’t have to move much.

I started putting him in a sit stay and going to place the Wobbler somewhere. I’d say “find the Wobbler!” and he’d take off and go paw it.

It was so fun! I wish I knew more things to do with the clicker. Maybe “find Timmy” is next? 😉


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