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Doggy Countdown – Packing! and happy!

I am just so happy today haha! Do you ever get in a really good mood, like so good you talk really gooffy to the cats or sing random songs, or even just skip in your own home? Haha! Yeah, that’s the kind of mood I’m in. I love those moods, as while I’m typically in a decent mood, it’s been awhile since I’ve just been giddy happy.

I’m packing today! I’ve been putting stuff on the table as I think of it so that I had all my stuff in one place. I had my tank tops in zip lock bags, but they didn’t really work being packed like that. I had all my toiletries and stuff in a travel bag and stuff was just kinda collecting. So I finally decided to test out Carol’s suitcase today.

I put my street pack in first because it’s pretty flat, then the rolled up duffel bag Georgie lent me in case I need an extra bag coming home. With just those 2 things I started thinking, there’s no way it’s all gonna fit. Well, my packing skills never cease to amaze me lol!

I managed to get everything in there. All my clothes, socks, graduation dresss, toiletry bag and other odds and ends like the instant coffee crammed into a travel mug and a spoon haha! I stuffed socks and rolled up tank tops in the crevices the bags made lol. Then I rolled all my other items. My Dad taught me years ago that the best way to pack is roll clothes. He learned that in boot camp. So all the necessities are packed and there’s still room for the last minute stuff like my little teddy bear. Yes, my teddy bear. I can’t sleep without Snuggles hehehe!

I also got out my backpack that I’ll be using for carry on. It’s a great backpack, with a laptop compartment with a padded sleeve. I rolled up my raincoat, a pair of jeans and a shirt, socks and undies, just in case. Mom taught me to always have a change of clothes in carry on. I love that backpack because I can cinch it up with the outer straps to keep it as small as possible.

The suitcase is one of those that extends up, so I wanted to make sure the stuff going doesn’t need that much space, so hopefully I can expand the suitcase coming back. It’s also got those straps inside to cinch everything down. Those are a pain to keep track of while you’re packing, but they work like a charm in making more room.

So whoo hoo! Got the majority of that done. Later on I’m gonna wash the Vittles Vault and the dog bowls. Then I’m done! Oh yeah, still gotta finish listening to the clicker lecture and the guest lectures. I’m having a hell of a time staying attentive to those cds. I’m a very hands on person, so stuff doesn’t make much sense and my mind wanders. Gotta finish them so I can pack. Got my plane tickets tucked away in my backpack. Yay!! Oh and I played with the little alarm clock I got from Miss A and it works like a charm. So very easy to set, so that’ll be great to take. I just gotta pop the batteries because it’s really easy to make it talk lol!

Man, I love happy days. They are just the best!!! I’m getting oh so so so excited. I wanna go now, now now now!!! Haha!!!

Happy happy joy joy!

4 days, count em, 4!!!!


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Doggy Countdown – Oops

Yeah. Oops. I’ve been frustrated this week because all my preparations came to a screeching halt with this fatigue. So this morning I was feeling better and the bedroom really needed vacuuming. So I attempted that. But the stupid thing isn’t working well, so it was a waste, and it wore me out. Oops. I did mange to move some stuff around though, to clear the space for the bedroom tie down. I just needed to move my hamper so I can use the dresser leg. It really is the perfect spot. So that’s done.

Then I needed to roll up and secure the duffel bag Georgie lent me to pack in case I need an extra bag on the way home. So I got that done, and that was making my arms ache. Before that, I had looked at my travel computer speakers, re-learning how to fold them up, and looking to see what size batteries it takes. Then I checked out the batteries in my talking alarm clock. I know the dorms have clocks, but I’ve heard horror stories about them. My clock is something that Miss A had, that her son gave me after she died. So I want to take it. Plus, it’s super easy to set.

Then I wanted to check out the text cd that has class lectures on it, to make sure they’re the same ones I already listened to and they are. But I’m really rusty at braille, so trying to read the labels made my brain mush lol!

So I’ve just got guest speakers and the clicker training cd to listen to, and I’m done with those. I like that they send the lectures ahead but, well, most of it doesn’t make much sense haha. I’m sure it will make more sense hands on.

So that’s all I’ll do today as far as any work goes. This is driving me nuts. Sometimes I can get right back to work when a fatigue is letting up and other times it just sets me right back. Tomorrow is planned as a fairly busy day, which I will cancel if I have to.

Ok, back to doing nothing 🙁

12 days!


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Doggy Countdown – Surprise at Saavi

I don’t have a whole lot of time to write. Georgie is coming over in 2 hours and we’re gonna tool around and hit a meeting. I got home from Saavi a bit ago and just had lucnch and then I gotta shower. I worked up a good sweat today as they had the heat on, yuck.

When I got to Saavi, the receptionist said hello and told me S was there! Yay! He’s my little blink brother who I met when I first started taking classes there, who was friends with me and Miss A. I haven’t seen him since Halloween. We’ve talked on the phone, but not in person. So it was sooo good to see him. He’s gonna try and start working out at the same time as me, if they can get it cleared. So he hung out in gym while I worked out and then we sat and chatted till my van came. We also got to get the things Miss A’s son wanted us to have, so that was nice. We both got talking alarm clocks and he took the magnifyers since he’s got got some vision.

So I got to fill him in on getting my dog next motnth. Several other people were there too, that I got to tell, so it was a fun day.

I’ve got so much to write about fake service dogs and silly sighties, but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

41 days!!!


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Rain scheduled for tomorrow

I’m still laughing about how I said rain is scheduled for Monday in the car after the concert last night haha!

Rain is forecast for tomorrow. High of 60 with showers. Lovely walking weather for my home visit, don’t you think? At first I was worried Don would cancel, but then I remembered all the stories of people training at school in the rain, so I don’t think a little rain will stop him. I’m glad this is happening after the concert in case I catch cold ;).

Today has been a little lazy. I slept like a rock after the show, and B got up and went out of town with the guys from work to watch the last regular season football games and a popular sports bar that you need reservations for. He’ll be home shortly, and he’s bringing me In and Out yummm!

I forgeited going to Gamma’s like usual on Sundays so I could rest up and finish preparing for the home visit tomorrow. I cleaned my bathroom in stages. It really needed it, so I’m glad to have had an excuse. I talked with a friend from Saavi who I haven’t seen since Halloween, so it was good to catch up with him. I’ve mentioned him here before, my friend S who was the third to the trio with Miss A.
. Her son left some things for me and S at Saavi, some assistive stuff that Miss A had, that her son wanted S and me to have. So we’re trying to figure out when we can both be at Saavi, but it’s going to need to wait until after the holidays. I so miss him since we haven’t seen each other in awhile. It was nice to talk about Miss A with him. He was really sorry he missed the concert and thought I was mad at him. I wouldn’t be mad at anyone for that. Well, I might have been mad at B if he hadn’t gone 😉

I emailed Miss K the link to the post that turned out to be all about her. And now I’m nervous about how she’ll react hehe. Why is it that expressing sentiment is so hard?

It’s weird. We’re not doing much for the holidays, but everything feels all crazy anyway. I guess because I’m busy and don’t know what will happen with the home visit tomorrow. I even feel like I haven’t been blogging nearly as much. Especially just opening a post to write about whatever comes to me, kinda like I’m doing here.

Anyway, I’m kinda looking forward to January. Get through the holiday hubbub and back to regular life. I’ve got a birthday coming up. December 30. I’ll be 31. Wow. Pretty big deal for someone who thought she’d never make it to 30 😉

K, there are typos, but I just don’t feel like editing tee hee!

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Yesterday was quite awesome

That made me think of Annie. Annie: Yesterday was plain awful… Daddy Warbucks: You can say that again… Annie: Yesterday was plain awful! Together: But that’s, not now, that’s then!

Annie has nothing to do with my post…

Yesterday was just so much fun, and I hadn’t even planned on it. Miss A, because of you, I went to that potluck and had a great time!

I had my O & M lesson with Dave yesterday and that was part of the reason I wasn’t going to go to the potluck at Saavi. I wouldn’t have had time to get back and ready for a SunVan ride to Saavi in time. But On Wednesday, even before I knew about Miss A, Lisa was telling me just to catch a ride back in with Dave, and it didn’t matter if I wore a costume.

When I talked to S on Thursday to tell him about Miss A, he said he would be at the potluck and hoped I came. So I decided to go.

Normally, on my lessons, Dave wants me wearing a baseball cap. But since I had the chance to go to Saavi in normal clothes, without my hair piled on top of my head for a workout, I showered and blow dried since it was cold out. When Dave arrived, I asked if I could hitch a ride into Saavi with him. I then said “can I not wear my cap, because I don’t want hat hair to go to Saavi…” and he complied, what a guy!

We went down the hill and listened to traffic and Dave told me to stand there and tell him when cars were in the lane next to me, or far away. We’re trying to get the concept of blocker cars down, for my crossing of that outlet street. In this case the cars are coming from behind, so its a little harder to tell where they are. We crossed the street and then listened again, and they were a lot easier to hear when they were coming at me. I won’t be crossing that way, but it was a good lesson.

We started making our way back up the hill andthere were quite a few cars coming down, so it was a good lesson in practicing sweeping to my left in case I want to get off the road. We made it to the blind spot where I’ll tell a dog to “hop up” and I started hustling. Dave kept saying “faster!” lol he’s such a drill sargeant sometimes. Lesson over and we went to Saavi.

I had gotten a sympathy card for Miss A’s family, so Dave helped me sign it and then he signed it. Once S had a chance to sign it, I would give it to the receptionist to have others sign and then send to the family.

I walked in and S came running and we embraced. I knew I’d lose it when I saw him. I had him sign the card and then he had braille class. So I was all set to hang out in the lobby and wait for him and the potluck.

I used the ladies room and when I came out, S was running towards me again all out of breath. He said, “We cancelled braille to decorate, come hang out!” So we made our way back to the back module where the potluck was gonna happen.

There were only a few people in there, decorating and listening to music. I found a seat and started blowing up balloons. This was the perfect job, because you don’t need to see to do this lol. S was running around doing different things and then he came over to blow balloons, and so did 2 other guys. One of them I had met, a younger guy who I called “partial sightie” once in the lobby and he had gotten a kick out of it. We all started talking about singing and choris and sang a few tunes. The other guy was my braille teacher’s friend, visiting from out of town. He asked if I’d be going to the party tonight. What party? Christy’s party, lots of booze. I don’t drink. We can change that. I don’t think Christy can have clients at her house.

At this point Christy beckoned her friend and then came to me and said, yeah I can’t have clients over, thank you for telling him.

Well he kept hitting me with balloons and then S joined in and before I knew it, all 3 guys were hitting me with balloons and teasing me. I felt like Madonna in that one video, not the gross video, the one where she looks like Marilyn Monroe and all the guys are everywhere.

Finally everyone started showing up and we sat down to eat. They formed a kind of prosession and had us go into the kitchen 4 at a time to get food. S and the other guy who has the same name, were fighting over who was going to help me in the kitchen gettng food. This was just nuts! Of course I want to go with S, he’s like my brother! But he had to fight for the right to take me in, this was crazy!

We all got settled and ate and sang and told stories and there was a costume contest for staff and client costumes. The staff who won were dressed like Siamese twins lol. The client I voted for got second place. When I walked in, he handed me part of his costume, and I could feel that it was a large wooden rosary, so I knew he was a priest. I liked that because he didn’t have to tell me what he was.

My friend came to pick me up and the receptionisht paged me to let me know and then asked to talk someone in the module so I was yelling for them, people weretrying to get my attention, my friend arrived and all was nuts!

I was going to show her around Saavi but she wasn’t feeling well and didn’t feel like walking, so I said goodbye to everyone, hugged S, and we left. Whew!

I was suddenly drained. It takes a lot of energy to focus in on a party like that, to decipher sounds. I get a little sensory overloaded sometimes and just sit quietly until I regain some feeling in my brain.

So I suggested we go get coffee so I could wake up and decompress. So we went to coffee and she ran into a friend of hers there. Her friend was talking about her dog in a way that made me know…and I said, ‘you could be a puppy raiser”. She was intrigued. What do you mean? She went to the GDB site on her little mini and she and my friend crooned over the pictures. So my friend’s friend is very interested and is going to look into puppy raising!

My friend took me home, I walked inside and shut the door and it was so quiet. Deadly quiet. After such a full day, sometimes its quite a letdown when the fun is over. Its like, now what? So I ran to my computer lol.

I was perusing blogs and reading emails and B got home and we ate and I was getting all bummed out because there’s a party tonight but I can’t find my costume and don’t have a ride and I was feeling sorry for myself and reading blogs and then I read one that made me laugh so hard that no sound came out, tears were pouring down my face, B didn’t know if I was sobbing and I couldn’t get enough air to tell him I was laughing. Finally it came out as a squeak and he knew I wasn’t bawling my eyes out.

Of course its a Vomit Comet post and if you’re in to guide dogs or just dogs in general, especially when they write their own blog post, click here.

After I recovered from reading the post, I was exhausted, so I got ready for bed and found that ‘Air Force One’ was on tv so I settled in to watch it.

What a totally fab day!

Oh I almost forgot! When B got home from work, I held the door for him and he said, “Here, these are for you since you held open the door.” He handed me a dozen roses! I asked what they were for and he said, “For holding the door! No, I know you had a bad day yesterday.” Awww. I asked if they were red and he said yes. What a guy!


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I hope the afterlife has her salad dressing

I got a call from my friend’s son this morning, informing me that my friend who I’ll call A, passed away last night, due to complications from a stroke.

I wasn’t really sure if i wanted to blog about this, but I loved A, and I want to share our story.

I think it was around August maybe? Whenever I started the Goals class at Saavi. Saavi has drivers who will come get us before we have our own transportation, so D picked me up the morning of the first class. Class started at 9am, but D picked me up at 8:15 because she had others to pick up.

We drove a ways to A’s house, and she climbed in the van and said hello. I could smell her perfume. We introduced ourselves, and she told me she had recently moved here from PA. She was getting on in years, and her son wanted her to live with him. We chatted the whole way to Saavi.

She hadn’t been there before and I had. She had a little vision, had lost most of it to Macular Degeneration.

D helped her in to the kitchen, and I stopped at the restroom on the way. I made my way into class and I heard her call my name to let me know where she was. She told me there was a nice young man to her right, so to sit by him. he introduced himself, I’ll call him S, and the three of us became instant friends.

We had class on Tuesdays and Fridays and so Friday D picked me up and went and got A, and when we got out of the van, A actually asked to take my arm. I couldn’t believe it. I was totally blind and she trusted me to take my arm. I led her to the kitchen and S joined us and thats how class was for 6 weeks.

They taught us all kinds of stuff like adaptive measuring, telephone services, Talking Books etc. A raved about Talking books because she had them back in PA.

She would tell me how she missed her friends and her beautiful needlepoint she had put on furniture, how it was so hard to sell that stuff when she moved here. She told me about the blind center there, about a woman there who I reminded A of. This woman was my age, had been blind since a child, and just had a wonderful attitude. They had become fast friends, so when she met me, she latched on. I latched on to her too; she was my first blind friend at Saavi, and she was just a spitfire. She reminded me a lot of my Grandma with the way she talked, and how frustrated she got at the things she couldn’t do.

I was always saying “yet” to her whenver she mentioned something she couldn’t do, and before long she would say “I can’t do that, yet”. Whenver she said “yet” I would cheer, and it became our little joke.

On breaks, we would always go to the ladies room together, and S would find us in the hall. One day S and I were singing and A loved it. She said she would be our manager and I named us ‘The Saavi Singers’ lol. She loved our energy and I swear she was young inside her old body.

After Goals came Stars, where we learned even more. A asked about her salad dressing. Her favorite salad dressing came in some kind of container where you have to measure up to a line or something, and if it wasn’t done right, it didn’t taste right, and she didn’t know how on earth she would ever be able to make it. We all tried to figure out a way, and I don’t know if it ever got resolved. Thats why I say I hope the afterlife has her salad dressing.

We would talk about baseball, because baseball was always on in the house, always. She would say no matter what room she went to, baseball was on. She was so proud of her son, and his little league coaching, and she raved about her grandsons and how handsome they were.

We talked about having adventures together once we both had SunVan, how we could meet at a restaurant or Saavi for lunch.

We never got to do that. She applied for SunVan but never got to use it.

After Stars, the 3 of us were going to take beginning cooking. We had asked to “travel” together through the classes. She came to one class, and the following week, S and I were informed that A had fallen really badly at home.

I called her son to find out what happened, and she had had a small stroke in the bathroom. She was in the hospital and would probably be going into a rehab. He gave me her room number and I called her.

She was so happy to hear from me, and remembered who I was and that I was applying for a guide dog. She talked a lot about guide dogs and how wonderful they were and how I could take them anywhere. She’d had a friend with one. She said she was at home, but I told her I called her at the hospital. She didn’t understand. She really thought she was at home. A nurse brought a food tray and she didn’t seem to understand why someon brought her a food tray, and we got off the phone so she could eat. That was the last I talked to her.

I let everyone at Saavi know what was going on. Not long after, D came up to me one day while I was sitting with S before class, and told us that they had gotten a letter from A’s son. She had another stroke, and was in a long term care facility and would not be coming back to Saavi.

Her son told me today that he had to call me personally because A was always talking about me, and I really impacted her life. I told him she impacted mine too. He asked about S and I told him I would tell S and he also asked if I would let Saavi know, and of course I would, I told him, he didn’t need to deal with that.

So I let the people at Saavi know who had had direct contact with A, and I have a call in to S to let him know.

I never knew that A was 89 years old until her son told me after the first stroke. She just didn’t seem 89. She lived a full and wonderful life. Her passing was fairly swift, and she didn’t suffer for long.

In her sighted days, A was a golfer and a swimmer. She missed golf something terrible. I told her about how blind people golf, but she didn’t seem interested in doing it that way. I wish I could have told her about one of the blogs I read, about a blind man who has begun golfing again after losing his sight.

Maybe she’s golfing “up there” now, and after a nice round, she’ll get to have her salad dressing.

I’ll miss you A. I only knew you for a short time, but your presence was felt and needed, and I am a better person for having known you.


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