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Demo: Digit-Eyes

This is yet another goofy demo of an iPhone app. I don’t think I’m capable of doing anything not goofy. This also turned into a commercial for several products haha! There a couple I give you the chance to guess though I don’t really give you too much time. I also experimented with adding an intro but I didn’t have the volume up high enough.

So without further delay, here is the forty minute Digit-Eyes demo. Here is the Digit-Eyes website. Here is the link to the AppleVis page about the app. I read through the comments there before deciding to get the app. It’s quite helpful.

Enjoy! My next demo is going to be on Text Detective. It kind of took a back seat when I got Digit-Eyes so I need to get a little more practiced with it.


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Hanging with Ro Episode Thirteen – Sleep Mic New Deprived

This is long, an hour or so. I am very sleep deprived so that made for some really rambling and silly audio. You can feel free to save it to listen to instead of the Presidential debates tomorrow night.

The audio starts a little iffy with some clipping but I made an adjustment and after that it sounds pretty good. Yay for a new mic!

Topics include but are not limited to:

* The @MuggleHustle Twitter account

* Jim Gaffigan and Hot Pockets

* Coffee and murdering a coffee maker

* Baseball

* Find out if I’m a Scientologist

*Too much Twitter, sorry

* Quick Fleksy settings/dictionary demo

* Should we have a Hanging with Ro music game?

There’s more but my brain is about to shut down from lack of sleep. Go listen if you want to know what else, k? K.

Hanging with Ro Episode Thirteen

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From the Desk of My Sleep Deprived and Hopeful Mind

I suppose it’s time for another sleep deprived stream of conscious post. And now I have to Google “stream of conscious”, because I can never remember if that’s correct. See it’s a good thing I turned to Google since it’s actually “stream of consciousness”. I think I knew that deep down but then I thought well conscious works too. I mean I’m conscious. I’m sleep deprived but I’m awake.

I woke up at around 2:30am. Mafia Guy Bladder woke me up and I checked the time because my body felt awake. You know those times? When you wake up and your body feels awake so you’re like oh it must be time to get up soon but you check the time and it’s only 2:30am? I could tell I wouldn’t get back to sleep. YOu just know. I gave it the old college try though. Lay there for an hour and then just wanted coffee.

What’s with the saying, “gave it the old college try”? Don’t we use that when we fail at something? Yeah I gave it the old college try but it just wasn’t meant to be. So are we referencing failing college?

The Rays gave it the college try but it wasn’t meant to be. They won last night but were eliminated when the A’s beat the Rangers. I don’t feel like talking about that.

I went to the doctor yesterday and had an anxiety attack. Yes! Yes? Yeah, I was happy about it. You know when your car is making a funny noise and you take it to the mechanic and it stops making the noise? I didn’t want that to happen. I mean I know my doc and she would believe me when I told her about the anxiety and depression but I’m just glad she got to see it. I had scheduled my appointment for 1:10, her first appointment after lunch. Paratransit got me there about 12:50 and they had to unlock the door to let me in. Receptionist said they’d call me up in a bit to check me in when it was time so I used the restroom, came out and sat down. I heard another paratransit and then I heard a white cane and a woman checking in. A slight pang of fear went through me, wondering if they signed her in ahead of me but I thought they knew that duh, I was there, right? Wrong. They called her back first even though I heard her say her appointment was at 1:20. Normally this kind of thing wouldn’t bother me. I know it’s usually a wait at the doc but at mine it’s never that bad. The problem is that taking paratransit means you’re always watching the clock. I thought I scheduled it fine, just like I always do. My return window began at 2:10, an hour after my scheduled appointment. It would have been fine, if it hadn’t been (for those meddling kids) a Monday first of all and then I later found out that they were implementing a new computer system as well.

By 1:30 I hadn’t been called back yet and I felt the anxiety well up. I gave myself a pep talk. If I miss my ride, it’s fine. It’s not going to harm me. I might wait awhile but it’s going to be fine. Stop panicking. Stop it. Oh crap there’s the tears. Well, at least she’ll see what I’ve been going through. When they took me back to do vitals the M.A. tried to help calm me down. I did a little and she said I’d be done by 2:10, the doctor was just finishing up and she’d be right with me. I sat in the room and time ticked by and I started dreaming of grabbing stuff and throwing it. When the doctor came in and saw me she said my dog looked worried. Not, oh hey what’s wrong, why are you crying. Your dog looks worried. My doctor is brilliant. Get me talking about my dog. Calm me down. I love that woman. She assured me I’d be done in time and we were just wrapping up when the driver got there. When you hope the driver will be late, they never are.

Long story short she checked my heart, it sounded fine, she ran through questions and I’m starting Lexapro. I couldn’t get it yesterday. Insurance problems. But of course, right? It’ll be a low dose. I’ve been on it before; it’s what they gave me when I went blind to help me ease into the adjustment. I probably should have just stayed on it. Oh well, lesson learned. I was also cleared to exercise again so yay! There is hope. I feel hope.

I do have to laugh though. She asked me if I’m sleeping. Oh yeah! I sleep great! It’s 4:40am as I write this and I’ve been awake for two hours haha!

I’m going to take a break from this for a minute. I’m hoping to record some blabbering later since I got a new mic so I don’t want to just write everything that’s on my mind and have nothing left to blabber about.

Well that wasn’t much of a break since Twitter is kinda slow. Speaking of Twitter, I has a funny. I’m going to include this in the audio too but this is just too good. Yesterday on the way to the doctor I was on the paratransit and wanted to send a tweet so I started typing in Fleksy listening with my Bluetooth headset. Unfortunately Voiceover just isn’t very loud on the Bluetooth and the paratransit van was noisy so I didn’t really hear Fleksy correctly. I tweeted the following:

@Raynaadi – I’m getting notion sink on this transport wide. #vomit

I didn’t know this until I got home and checked my mentions and Steve asked if I meant to tweet that or if it was an autocorrect fail. I thought with Fleksy you couldn’t have autocorrect fails but apparently that only works if you can really hear Voiceover well. Lesson learned, next time I’ll turn spell mode on when surroundings are loud. It sure made for a great belly laugh though when I really really needed a good belly laugh. I favorited the tweet for future laughs. I’ll definitely include it in the audio though since it’s funny to hear Voiceover say it.

It’s 4:54. I think I’ll edit and see what we’ve got.

I heard a Twitter mention and a DM. Wow both! I also have that Call Me Maybe song in my head. I started thinking about the Rays rookies dance number and now that song is in my head. *Shakes fist* damn you James Shields! I’ll get you! And your little meddling kids too! Or dog. Kids? Dog. Ding don the witch is dead! Another mention, shiny! Ok, that’s a wrap. A 30. It’s 5:16am. Do you know where your slippers are?

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Demo: Using Fleksy with TweetList Pro

So a Twitter conversation this morning prompted a demo of Fleksy and TweetList Pro. It took me three tries to get it since B is home so I couldn’t just start recording easily. The first two tries were with my headset and they didn’t come out so I ended up just moving my laptop so I could use the built in mic. Finally got it!

It’s a little quiet. I need to play with my mic settings and see what I can do about that. This is about twenty minutes and I go over the TweetList Pro app in general and then using Fleksy to write replies and such. At about the four minute mark, Spinelli begins scratching at the door and I angrily let her in and then…things almost go to Halifax but then recover quickly. 😉

Hope this is helpful. Let me know here or on Twitter if you’d like anything else recorded. I do enjoy this!

Fleksy and TweetList Pro demo

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Hanging with Ro Episode 11-11.3 – No Clue What to Call It

After the post I wrote this morning in my full depression and semi sleep deprived state I talked to Georgie and that helped a little bit but then I just got overwhelmed all over again so I started playing with my audio recording software while I waited for my friend Chupa to call. After talking with her I felt a LOT better. I listened to the hour long recording I had done testing all kinds of things and I didn’t like how it turned out. So I tried again and Episode 11.1 was born.

I didn’t like how that turned out so I tried it a different way and Episode 11.2 was born. I wasn’t going to do any more but then I hoped to capture the storm if it got bad so Episode 3 was born. Below are the links. I honestly can’t really remember what all topics are included. My depression, music, Twitter mistakes, baseball, Evan Longoria, the usual riff raff of whatever. I’m exhausted now and the storm didn’t come, though it sure sounded like it was just after I ended the third recording. I really need to figure out how to edit the beginning and end of these where Voiceover can be heard controlling Audio Hijack.

Enjoy at your own risk.

Really quiet Episode 11.1

Much louder Episode 11.2

Quieter, experimental and hoping for the storm Episode 11.3


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Blogger’s next “improvement”

Better get my last few books up here in the next few days since Blogger is changing things yet again. I’ve been able to hold on to the old interface for awhile but not for much longer.

This page discusses Blogger’s coming “improvements”. If I sound less than thrilled it’s only because after the last “improvement”, just about every other blogger I still keep in touch with moved to WordPress. I didn’t, but if this next change is horrible, I will.

After the last failure I held out hope that Blogger simply could not just ignore all the complaints, that they had to improve things. Hopefully my hope was warranted though lately when it comes to hope, I’m afraid. Seems when you stop hoping, you don’t get disappointed.

The above link mentions Google’s free screen reader (huh?) working with Blogger. I’m afraid of that implication. Is Google saying we’ll have to use that to use Blogger? If that turns out to the be the case, WordPress here I come.


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Blogger might be kicking me off my own blog, so just in case…

…here’s a post explaining things in case I never post here again. I’m hopeful this won’t happen, but it is highly possible unfortunately.

For months now, Blogger has been telling us our dashboard is changing. Several screen reader users gave the new set up a test drive only to come back and report that we will not be able to use it. Apparently sighted people don’t even like it. I never tried to check it, hoping that Blogger would listen to complaints and suggestions and tweak it before they force it on us, which they are doing at some point this month.

I firmly believe that if the new interface is inaccessible, Blogger will fix it eventually. Several Blogger users have imported their blogs to WordPress, a move I’m not going to make unless it becomes absolutely necessary. I just don’t like those blogs as much.

So…if there’s no post here for months, this is why. I should still be able to post via email if it gets to the point where I’ll be getting a new blog elsewhere, to let you know.

I won’t be importing this blog if I have to move. I am a very sentimental person and I want to leave this blog as is. If I have to move, I’ll be starting fresh, but I’ll be sure to somehow add the new address here if it happens.

My fingers are crossed I get to stay! This blog has been such a huge part of my blind life. I hope I don’t have to leave it just because Blogger wants to go and be fancy.


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I think I’m the last one in the blind community to get on board with RS Games. I’ve tried to participate in this gaming site pretty much since I’ve been on Twitter and saw all my friends talking about it, but I could never get it to work. When they added Yahtzee, I tried furiously with no luck. I absolutely love Yahtzee!

Today a friend was talking about it and I asked if he plays on his Mac. He does. I tried downloading again, no go. He put me in touch with the RS Games support person on Twitter and we finally fixed it. I have to turn off my screen reader to play. I kept thinking my computer was shutting down, but it was Voiceover, it looks like.

The game client has its own screen reader I think, but it also detects yours to use. I had to change my system voice back to Alex since Vicky was driving me nuts in the client. The thing is so cool! You don’t use your screen reader to use it, so once the tech guy told me that, it made total sense. I’ve checked out all the games, but Yahtzee is by far my favorite. I used to play that for hours with Mom and my friends back when I was a kid.

I think the last time I played Yahtzee was when I was a drunk playing on the touch screen at the bar. It’s been that long! Today I played three games with bots, the third with two bots and the fourth game with Carin. So far, I’m four for four!!

I figured I’d better fire off a post quickly before I get sucked back in hehehe! Sooooo happy!!!!


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Here, have a post (Title stolen from the Vomit Comet)

I have a blog post by my Twitter friend Morgan I want to plug but I need to remember to blog earlier in the day. It’s only 7:30 and I’m so ready for bed. I want to give her post my full energy so it will have to wait. It’s so cool! Maybe I’m just being mean and making baseball fans wait.

I recently finished Stephen King’s new book, “11-22-63”. Incredible book, just incredible. I don’t have enough brain power to really write it up but I’ll just say I loved it and had an intense desire to read “IT” again. I first read that book in fourth grade, then again in eighth and I’ve wanted it in audio for awhile now. Unfortunately Stephen King books are very expensive. I wasn’t sure I wanted to use an Audible credit on it since I only get one a month, but B saved the day today, showing up with a $25 gift card for iTunes. I’m currently downloading “IT” and got it for nine bucks. Sweet! He also got me a speaker for my iPhone, which makes books sound so much better. I’ve been just holding my phone and using the built in speaker, but that makes a very tiny sound. B’s co-worker got us a Music Bullet and I’ve enjoyed hearing my books on that at night, so B decided an actual speaker would be nice. I’m really going to appreciate the volume buttons on it, that’s for sure. When you turn up the volume on the audio book on the phone, the screen reader gets louder too, which is rather annoying.

That’s a really long story to explain that I’m very much looking forward to going to bed. I’m almost done with “A Separate Peace”, so I might begin “IT” tonight.

I experimented with taking my new med this morning. My doc recommended that I take it at night since it can make you drowsy. I felt like I was wasting all my pain relief on sleep though and I haven’t gotten very sleepy at night on it. I can’t tell if it made me sleepy today or not, since I’ve had to rest my back today. Laying around on the heating pad and taking a long bath are rather relaxing activities, so I might just be sleepy from that. I also managed to do yoga this morning. My back had definitely tightened up over night so the yoga helped stretch me out again.

The injury is definitely healing. The pain is getting smaller, if that makes any sense. That’s a big relief. I’m still being uber careful though, and poor Jayden is being a champ about being patient with me.

Speaking of Jayden, I got the holiday greetings from GDB today. It was so cool! My eyes definitely misted a few times. I got to hear my field rep and my main class instructor! Yay! There were many others of course, several I talked to while at school. I was hoping to hear from Mr. Bad News since his wife was pregnant while I was in class, but he wasn’t featured. Jayden was curled up with me on the couch when I got the email, so he got lots of loving. Just about every other person said something like, “give your dog a hug from me” so Jay got even more attention than normal.

It made me wish I had recorded some kind of holiday greeting this week while I had time alone in the house. I thought about singing the song I sang solo in while in that choir, but I don’t have the music track anymore. Why did I delete that!?!? I have the CD somewhere, but who knows where. Oh well.

Blogging every day has been great and I’m happy to have a record of the last month and a half but it’s certainly not helping me write fiction. It’s like the fiction writer in me has fled. Although, maybe once I get used to this med and stop being miserable physically, that will help? Who knows.

I do know that as soon as I’m feeling better I have to attack this house. I haven’t cleaned in days. Sitting around and doing nothing for days on end is wearing on me. I’m usually at least somewhat active every day. This too shall pass. This is probably my body’s way of saying hey, let’s chill for awhile, ok? Sound good? Ok, I’ll listen.

Speaking of the body, Applebee’s healthy menu rocks!! I had a stake and shrimp dinner tonight and oh was it heaven, mmm. And from the healthy menu! Yay! Tomorrow won’t be such healthy food hehe! Dinner with my family. Can’t wait!

Ok, tomorrow I will blog about Morgan’s post during the day when I’m not half asleep. Want a hint? It’s another Q&A with baseball players on Twitter. Did you miss her first one? I blogged about it here. And if you follow that link and then the link within that post you’ll go to Morgan’s blog and you can check out her latest post if you don’t want to wait for me to get around to blogging it. 😉

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#NaBloPoMo – Nothing Turned Rant

I had another post planned for today, something I’ve saved for a few weeks in a bookmark, but I just don’t feel like writing about it. It’s one of those things that gets my blood boiling a bit and I don’t think I have the mental energy. So what will I write? I have absolutely no idea. I think I read somewhere once that you should never begin a writing project with, I have no idea what to write, but why not? It’s my blog and people tend to like my Nothing posts.

Oh speaking of people’s opinions on how you should write, I should have saved this link. Let me dig it up. Ok there it is. This blog basically promotes not editing your writing for typos. Can someone play that record screeching sound?

I ranted about it a bit on Twitter but since it’s in my brain again after I decided I didn’t know what I’d write, it must need mentioning. I always, always, no really always, go over what I’ve written before I hit send. Whether it be a tweet or an email or a blog post, I always check before I post. Rarely, I’ll hear a mistake in a tweet and laziness makes me send anyway, but not often. There have been times when I didn’t feel like editing and in that case, I come out and say I don’t feel like editing. Here’s why this is important to me.

My writing is a reflection on me. I take pride in what I write even though it’s not something that will go into a book and be paid for. Just like I’ll cringe if my house is a disaster and I get unexpected company, I expect my writing to be a reflection of my intelligence and my education.

I notice typos so much more now that I use a screen reader. The link above states that if the first and last letters of a word are correct, our brains fill in the rest. That’s true, I read that thing that went around with words spelled wrong in the middle and I did it visually and could read the sentence. However when your computer is converting text to speech, typos are like nails on a chalk board. I think it’s ridiculous that someone calling themselves a writer is basically saying, don’t correct your typos.

I’m not insane about perfection on my blog the way I would be if I were writing something for publication. I know my grammar isn’t perfect and I don’t always follow rules. But if there’s a glaring typo? Oh I can’t stand it! I don’t hear punctuation and things of that nature and if a name isn’t capitalized I won’t know it, but if you write, ” I was watching a baesball game last night and I couldnt believe that ump’s call”, I hear those mistakes. I just had to tell my computer I meant to typo the words baseball and couldn’t. Yet those mistakes still make it in to things I read on a daily basis.

I just think fixing that typo and adding the apostrophe mean you take pride in your work, that’s all. A typo in a word is much easier to know how to fix than a hyphen or whether to use an adverb or not. Just read your work out loud if you need help catching those mistakes.

Wow, I wasn’t expecting to go on a rant. I’m testy right now. We got a note on the door on Saturday informing us that the apartment complex was giving us forty-eight hour notice to enter. I almost swear the flier had today’s date for the insurance inspection, and it was forty-eight hours in advance of today so doesn’t that make sense? I didn’t go to the gym, because while I don’t need to be home for that, I prefer to be. I leave Timmy in a room when I go out so he doesn’t escape when I leave and come home. I also don’t want to walk in the door and hear voices in my apartment. Even if I did logically know it was management, that would still be frightening.

I’ve waited all day and nothing. I called the office and no answer. It’s now 5:08pm and I’m annoyed. If it is tomorrow and I was wrong, why did the notice say forty-eight hours?

Perhaps that is why I’m being a spelling crazy in this post. I’m aggravated and hungry. I never did fix lunch, thinking that as soon as I sat down and got my hands dirty, they’d show up. Hungry and annoyed is not a good combination. Looks like I’ll be waiting for them all day tomorrow, too. Lovely.

It’s really a luxury problem. I really am in a pretty terrific mood; I just feel inconvenienced. I’ll be doing a Hanging with Ro episode featuring Erik and I really want to get that recorded before NaBloPoMo ends.

It’s been rather fun writing every day! Maybe I’ll attempt to keep it up. Ok, lay it on me, how many times did I use punctuation incorrectly? I bet there’s no typos though, unless something wasn’t capitalized. I can’t hear that unless I check the beginning of every sentence.

Yep, B just called and he thinks the date on the notice was actually tomorrow’s date. We both focused on the forty-eight hours bit. Right there, there’s another reason to check your work! It should have been seventy-two hours! Ok I’m done, really.

No I’m not. I meant to include that typos can be fun sometimes, especially in chat. My friend typoed a word (yes I meant typoed as an adverb) and I couldn’t tell what he meant to type. We ended up using the typo to describe a kind of moment in a baseball game. In that case, typos are fun.


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