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Sleep deprived rants, rambles and nothings

*This is long*

I haven’t done year ago recaps the last couple days because I didn’t write any last year. Today I feel like writing a rambling post because I got no sleep last night and my brain is apple sauce and I need something to keep me awake to I’m able to sleep tonight. My wireless keyboard is being a bitch and I don’t know why and I really want to be on the couch grrrr.

Back on my desk chair and it’s kinda funny because I have a laptop. But using it as a laptop would require unplugging stuff. Kinda dumb, maybe I should get a desktop next time.

You know what’s gonna happen? I had all this stuff I wanted to rant and ramble about and now that I’m writing it’s gonna go away I know it. Maybe I should start with why I got no sleep.

Yesterday I slept till ten which is unheard of for me, but I did. Saturday morning the neighbor’s dog woke me up at 6:30. I don’t know if the neighbors are home when the dog is screaming. If so, how do they sleep through that? I think that started the dominos falling since I slept forever yesterday morning. So I didn’t fall asleep as early as normal last night. I think I drifted off around 11:30. I sleep with one ear plug in. Yeah, one. Started when we got Spinelli because when she was a kitten, she’d play with toys at all hours of the night. I mostly sleep on my right side, so I stuck an earplug in my left ear. I’ve just kept it up because I’m a light sleeper.

So in the wee hours of the morning this morning, I unfortunately had my non plugged ear exposed to the world. It would just happen that B would wake up and want a midnight snack. No, he didn’t have his snack in bed but our apartment isn’t that big so the kitchen isn’t that far. No, he didn’t make a huge snack which required the banging of pots or even the beeping of the microwave. All he had were cookies.

This is to the cookie packaging people. Seriously, wtf is up with your packaging? Oh, should I have put a warning on this post like I do with the Vomit Comet? I probably won’t swear, but this isn’t gonna be all oooooh cute doggy stuff.

So back to the cookie packaging people. I understand that you want your cookies to stay fresh. In fact, I appreciate that. The flappy thing on top of your package that sticks back down is awesome. My question is, will you please get an engineer to help you design a new package?

The cookies in the center of the package come out fine. The rows on the edges however, are crammed underneath plastic. The cookies themselves are housed in a very thin crackly plastic tray which the plastic bag covers around the edges so your flap has room to adhere.

Now, cookie packaging people, take your package into a kitchen that echos. Empty out the center cookies. Got it? Now, try to get the cookies on the end rows. DO YOU HEAR HOW LOUD THAT IS???? Ahem. Sorry. Didn’t mean to yell there. It’s just that when you hear that noise in the middle of the night, 3:30 to be exact, your sleep addled brain will go, what is that noise? That is not a normal noise. I must figure out what that noise is. The brain of the light sleeper will wake to find out whether the owner of the brain needs to begin fight or flight. Fire? Burglar? Ax murderer? Oh wait…no…cookies.

That folks, is why I had four hours of sleep. Unfortunately I couldn’t fall back into dream land after discovering what the noise was. I lay there for two hours then finally said eff it and got up at 5:30. Jayden was happy.

B: God you’re up early.

Me: I’ve been awake. I can’t lay here anymore.

B: Did I wake you?

Me: Yeah, cookies.

B: That was hours ago!!

Me: I know.

B felt horrible. I assured him I wasn’t mad at him; he didn’t do it on purpose. He called awhile ago to check on me, telling me he felt horrible. I told him it wasn’t his fault and to blame the cookie packaging people.

After talking with Georgie and Carol during hours that are normally very happy ones for me on a normal amount of sleep, I cancelled my ride to the gym because no way could I workout with no sleep. I didn’t want to anger the spoon thief even more. Luckily, I got a few hours of entertainment.

Here is the disclaimer I put up when linking to a Vomit Comet cast. Yeah, here at the Roof I’m pretty PG. The Vomit Comet isn’t. If you’re ok with that, then you’ll be interested in the following link. If you don’t like swearing and such, don’t click the link. I however, thought it was fabulous.

Carin and Steve recorded themselves opening the blanket, among other things. I was fairly awake while listening to that. It’s in three parts. It’s awesome. Now I’m like, what, huh, where am I? Soooo tired. Rambling blog whoo hoo!

I should hopefully get the other puppy pool winners’ stuff out soon. Hopefully.

Something in the cast, so aptly named ‘The Cozy Cast’ reminded me of something. Steve had a guy ask him once if he was angry about being blind. In the men’s room was where this question was posed. Funny. Anyway, I just got that question. A guy in the laundry room, upon finding out I haven’t always been blind asked me if that caused anger. I paused to think about it. I told him maybe in the beginning but…I was bout to launch into how my life is pretty awesome when he totally changed the subject by asking what my dog’s name is. This is the guy who asked if that’s my dog, the one I mentioned a few days ago. The anger question was so out of left field and asked in such a deadpan way, then the subject changed so abruptly, it just made for a strange interaction.

Ok what else was I going to write about? Listening to the cast gave me so many ideas and I knew I’d forget them. Oh! A thousand ways to die, I caught that show last Friday. Awesome show! It’s definitely a tv version of Vomit Comet.

Ok is this post just my response to the cast? I don’t know. It’s really windy. Like, really windy. What does that have to do with my questioning whether this post is in response to the cast? Nothing. Absolutely nothing; it’s just an observation. It’s windy.

I should put a note at the top of the post that this is long. Ok, done.

Oh yeah, the point of the anger question, as the guy told Steve was that “we” seem angry. Or, a lot of “us” do. So blinks, don’t be angry. It’s not good for your body. Accepting it sucks, especially when you go blind later in life. But as Georgie asked me when I first went blind, can you accept that some days will be harder than others? Yeah, that I can do. One day at a time baby. Don’t be angry. There’s enough anger and hate in the world.

Speaking of anger, Steve. Yeah you. You never asked me for a list of colors until you were all panicky during the cast. So now the people who listen think you asked me and I’m a slacker and never sent it. Yes, I said I was a slacker in the tweet I told you to read, but not in that sense. I meant in the sense that it took over year to get the blanket to you. But you never asked me for the colors. And also, while we’re on the subject of the panicky begging for the colors please hurry email would be great graniticness (I can’t figure out what that word was supposed to be so I’m just leaving it) of your tweets on Saturday, dude. You were replying to your brother! What was that about? Hey Ro, hurry, send the colors, hurry. Oh hey brother of mine what’s up, yeah a party sounds great. Wow dude.

Whoa, where did that come from? I was really wishing I could record after I listened to that. Because it would be so much easier to ramble in a recording. Now I’m gonna have to go fix typos in this thing and my arms hurt. I have Garage Bad but I can’t get the metronome to stop. Click. Click. Click. Aaaah! Holy wind. Like, major gusts wow.

What else did you guys talk about that had me nodding or laughing or nodding and laughing? Oh the tracking. Hahahahahahaha! Logistics. UPS sent the blanket into Canada then back into the states. I was tracking it and I got Carin tracking it and she had never tracked before. The blanket was scheduled to arrive at Carin’s on Friday. It reached Canada on Monday. So, UPS said, hmmm, you know, we told them it would get there Friday. It’s gonna get there too early. Lets send it back to the states for a bit to kill some time. That’s Logistics.

Steve, I said that on Twitter during the tracking. You stole it and said it on the cast. How dare you. Then you made fun of me for being addicted to tracking. Mean ol’ meany.

Whoa ok really it has been forever since I’ve done a post like this. Blame my sleep deprived mind and the cookie packaging people. I feel like I should talk about Verizon because I feel like a Bob Sagget comedy sketch without the swearing. Verizon. I might switch to them because AT & T bought T-Mobile. Someone on Twitter said AT & T and T-Mobile got married. There will be no reception.

Steve, see how I didn’t take credit for that joke? Yeah, it’s all over town. Scoop it out of the bay.

Lull. Lull in thoughts. Maybe that means I’m done. Wait no. So Trixie loved the blanket. I think animals love crochet. My cats sure do. I kept hoping Jayden would pop his head up when you guys said his name but he didn’t. I think he was happy I was on the couch to cuddle with with no crochet in the way. I was too tired to do that.

Arm hurts. Maybe I’ll edit and see if anything else comes to me.

Oh yeah, Alex says UPS just like Carin’s grandma? Was that who Carin? And tweeps. Hahahahaha. People, at least listen to part one of the cast if you’re ok with swearing and general rated R things. Because the thing about tweeps is too damn funny. Seriously. Whoa, upon editing, I had spelled tweeps as twerps twice. And holy crap, spelled it as twerps when I tried to write I spelled tweets as twerps twice. Wow. Twas the night before Twitter and all through the hwouse… Because if you say twerps, you’re a twerp. Tweep is just such an annoying word. Winning. Tiger blood. Warlock.

Hhaha blue. Dark blue. Black. Blue. Black. Blue. I think I see pink. Where’s pink? Oh and Carin, when you thought it said red, I think it did too. But Steve couldn’t keep his trap shut. Wow, this is really a post all about picking on Steve. Stweve. Twexit hahaha!!!!

Ok really, I think that’s it. I just really need to stay inactive yet awake. Awake because I can’t sleep or I won’t sleep tonight. Inactive because if I’m active on no sleep, it will do bad things to the MS. You know, I used to do this on purpose when I first got sober, before I knew I had MS. I would deprive myself of sleep and drink lopts of caffeine because it was a free buzz. A freelapse. This morning it was kinda fun, but now I just want to sleep. And it’s only 3:07pm. Ugh. Oh! My friend Erik is visiting next month. My best online friend of fourteen years who I’ve never met. I might see if he’d want to do a cast while he’s here. I think that would be cool.

Alrighty then, this was just a really bad post. But you read the whole thing…


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A book about the Rays and I’m locked out of it

The Extra 2% is a baseball book all about how the Rays went from worst to first in 2008. The Rays are my team. The Rays made me love baseball in 2008 when I went blind. I love the Rays. And I can’t read the book. Because there’s no audio version. I am locked out. I think for the first time since I’ve gone blind I really feel left out. Ignored. No one cares. The author feels bad but there’s nothing he can do I guess. ESPN published the book. They aren’t a regular publisher. I was hoping to just contact the publisher and then beg people to join me in requesting an audio version. I tweet about it but no one cares. I’m the only one I guess. I am so upset right now I feel like crying. This team is one of the few things these days that gives me genuine joy and I can’t even read the book. Arrrrrrrg. I hate being blind right now. Hate it. Damn book is the #1 baseball book on Amazon. It’s about my team and I can’t read it. I’ve been upset about this for weeks but it just really hit me tonight since every other tweet is about the book.

Ok rant over.

Does anyone have any ideas??? Any??? Should I drop this??? No one else seems to care.


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If you’re a baseball player, you better keep your mouth shut

All the media and Rays blogs and folks on Twitter and broadcasters could talk about all season long was poor attendance at the Trop. They would all say things like, a new stadium in Tampa would solve it, move out of St. Petersburg blah blah blah.

I’m sorry but, “if you build it, they will come” was part of a really cheesy baseball movie. This is reality folks.

All season, this is what we’ve heard. They would announce the attendance. What a shame. Best record in baseball and they can’t even fill the park unless the Yankees are in town.

News flash: The Yankees have been around forever. The Yankees are the posterteam for baseball. The Rays haven’t been around that long and they’ve only been good for three years. Um. Hello?

Another point I’ve been making all year, just not here. We are in a freaking recession. Yeah, remember that? People are broke. If it’s a choice between a baseball game and feeding the kids, which will they pick?

But the Yankees are selling out their park. Ahem, yeah. A lot of rich folk live in New York. There’s also that thing about them being around forever.

A lotta rich people live in Florida too.

Yeah, and a lot of those people moved to Florida from New York or Boston. They all show up at the Trop to see their teams, which is why we have great attendance when they’re in town…

I’m so sick of the attendance talk. Now do you see how much it’s been talked about? All over the Rays blogs and on Twitter. Everyone talks about it. Everyone gives the Rays fans a ton of ish for not going to the games. No one says anything to the media about that. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon and says yeah! Lame fans! We need to move to Tampa! Yeah! That’ll fix it!

So what happens when Evan Longoria and David Price speak out about attendance? What happens when they are disappointed that last night’s game could have been a play off clincher and something like 12,000 people were there? What happens when the players themselves speak out in disappointment?

Oh no you didn’t. How dare you. How dare you with your millions speak ill of the fans who don’t come to the game. How dare you. Seriously, you lost 5-0 to the last place team on a night when you could have clinched a playoff spot, and you’re speaking ill of the fans who didn’t show up? How dare you. Spoiled rich kids.


That’s the answer Evan Longoria and David Price are getting on Twitter. One fan even wrote an open letter to the team.

How hypocritical is this? Let’s complain about attendance all year, but heaven forbid the actual players say anything? Wow.

I can’t believe how much this is being blown out of proportion. The guys were hoping to celebrate last night, celebrate with each other and with the fans. They lost. They were shut out by the team with the worst record in the ALE, even though they’ve been great as of late. Of course the Rays are disappointed. Not only did they lose, they looked up during that game and saw that they wouldn’t get to celebrate with a full house if they did win.

People say things maybe they shouldn’t all the time when they’re disappointed. Price and Longoria are probably wishing they had kept their mouths shut.

Am I defending them? You might say I’m just defending Longoria because I have a crush on him. While that’s true, I still talk ish about him just like we all do with our teams.

While I will still argue that we are in a recession, people are broke, the Rays are not the Yankees etc, while I don’t agree with Longoria and Price, I’m still very much disappointed for them, and understand where they’re coming from.

And above all, I don’t think it’s fair that the media, blogs, Twitter, our own announcers, the owner, etc, are allowed to bash the fans for not showing up, but the players themselves cannot. They don’t get a voice, just because they have money? Wow.

This team is a baby team. It’s newborn success. It’s going to take time, if it ever matches the likes of the Yankees, or the Red Sox, or the Phillies, or the Dodgers.

So I’m terribly sick of hearing about attendance and think the Rays need to be patient and grateful for the people who do show up.

But I also think they should have a voice, just like everyone else. If everyone else can complain, they should be allowed to as well.

Media, it’s time to back up your players and stand up for them by saying yeah, we’ve had the same complaints all season. You’re allowed to speak out, too.


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Losing it

I just need to vent. I don’t complain often. When I do, I always look for a solution. I always find a silver lining. But there are just some times when I am in the moment and can’t see the forest.

I just feel like everything is out of control. I feel like everything is falling apart. I feel like bandaids on old wounds are being ripped off, slowly and painfully. I feel stuck.

As if things weren’t hard enough this week, reasons for which I can’t go into complete detail. I’ll just say that some new information has been really hard to stomach, really hard to accept. My whole post about hope the other day helped in the moment. Today I just need to whine.

When things are hard on me emotionally, they tend to affect me physically. I never even got around to what started it all on Monday. In a nutshell, there was a fake service dog on the paratransit. Need I say more? No, you all know what fake service dogs can do to our actual service dogs. Jayden wasn’t harmed, but he did lose his cool and forgot to work. I was so shocked and in tears from having to correct him over and over that I didn’t have my wits about me to ream the idiot with the dog. Finding out that the paratransit driver didn’t think it was a service dog but didn’t think she had any rights to deny entry set me off. I have a fight on my hands, investigating the policies of the paratransit company, demanding they follow the law, etc.

That fight will have to wait for the time being though as I deal with some stuff in my personal life which doesn’t belong ona public blog. Sorry for the lack of explanation.

Yesterday I went to work out like normal. Halfway through the treadmil walk I started to get a heavy feeling in my body and had to slow the treadmil down. I managed my thirty minutes but not the distance I usually do in that time. I did my stretching and headed to the weight room. I sat on the low row machine when a stabbing pain started in my left eye. A migraine. Coming on so fast there was no warming. A massage therapist happened to be in the room and he did a little pressure work on my head that stopped the stabbing but it was till an ache. And it just hit my entire body. Before I knew it I was in tears. I tried one pull on the low row and instantly knew I did not have the energy to even attempt to continue. Through tears I said I needed to go home. The paratransit wasn’t coming for an hour. Lisa arranged a ride and I cancelled the return paratransit. I had to wait just about the same amount of time, but at least I wouldn’t be stuck on paratransit for God knows how long.

I lay on the mat with Jayden until the ride could take me home. I got home and pretty much collapsed.

It’s times like these that hit just when I think maybe I could work part time to have some money. Every time I think about trying to work, my body reminds me that no, I am sick.

Cut out stress, the doctors say when you have an auto immune. Try and stay on an even keal. Don’t get too emotional.

Ok, where is that private island then, where I can go and not deal with life and people? How the hell do you escape stress? I have to be with people. Therefore, there will always be stress. If it was just me and Jayden, maybe I’d be fine.

I’ve tried so hard this week to stay on an even keal, stay grateful, pray, relax, be silly with Jayden. There’s no controlling emotions though. You can’t stop yourself from thinking. It’s impossible. The only option would be go go into a medically induced coma for the rest of my life.

Then last night I get a letter from social security. Medicare benefits start in October. We’re taking $120 out of your monthly checks. I was only getting $730.

I am stuck. I am completely stuck. I can’t work. I can’t continue to believe I can rely on people for the rest of my life. Humans are fallible and will always let us down.

I know I will survive, somehow. I always have. I’ve been through a lot of hard stuff in my life. Some was my own doing. A lot wasn’t.

I keep thinking about the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can. It’s the wisdom to know the difference that I struggle with.

I can’t pretend everything is bunnies and roses right now. Because it most certainly is not. Man, if I believed in karma, I’d say I was a terrible person in my past life.

It’s just hard right now. So hard.


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Annoying audio book feature

A few weeks ago, Lisa loned me the fourth and fifth books in James Patterson’s Womens Murder Club series. I had read them before, way back in my sighted days, but I read them again. My favorite thing to do while crocheting is listen to a book.

I thought I had left off on the sixth book before I went blind, but I couldn’t remember. Anyway, I downloaded ‘The 6th Target’ from through iTunes, and started listening to it yesterday.

Ok, any readers of Patterson will know how many chapters are in his books. You practically read only one paragraph before another chapter begins. It worked well on the cd versions, because each track was a chapter, so if I lost my place, it was easy to find it again. The narrator just plainly announced the chapters.

Well, for the sixth book, the producers decided to get cute and it’s incredibly annoying. When I first heard a chapter being announced, I thought my iPod was doing something hinky. The narrator sounded like she was in a bathroom, the way her voice echoed. And that’s not the worst of it.

For every chapter announcement, along with the echo in the narrator’s voice, this music plays. It sounds like the music in a porn, though I’m sure it’s supposed to sound dramatic. It’s exactly the same every time. So every few minutes, because of the lightning fast chapters, I have to hear the narrator’s voice sounding like she’s sitting on the pot, along with this annoying music.

I really don’t think music and sound effects are necessary in an audio book. I don’t come across it often. In some books, music will play at the beginning and end of a cd, which isn’t too bad. There was one ‘Bourne’ book I read that really went overboard with sound effects.

We really don’t need all that jazz, guys. All you’re doing is jacking up the price of the book. And when people read print, they don’t have the benefit, or annoyance, of sound effects. They get to imagine the sounds themselves.

Usually I can look over sound effects. But these chapters are going to drive me nuts, totally taking away from the book. Why, oh why, would you choose sound effects on chapters in a Patterson book? I’m gonna have to hear the bathroom sounding porn music well over a hundred times.

If I ever write a novel, I am going to be so, so picky about the audio version of it.


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You’re punishing me because I live in AZ??

I am seething right now. I don’t know if anyone will find this little post, anyone of those people who think that the ENTIRE FREAKING STATE of AZ are nothing but bad racist people. If you found this, and you’re one of those people, screw you.

For everyone else, I’m sorry but I have got to rant.

This is ridiculous. Bands are cancelling shows in AZ, people are boycotting Diomondbacks games, companies are cancelling conferences here, all because of the terrible immigration law.

Let me tell you something, bands. You’re punishing your fans??? Because they live here??? And to everyone else, you’re gonna kill our economy, making our taxes raise, so the little guy gets screwed. Guess what? Politicians aren’t gonna get hurt. It’s people like me who are gonna get hurt. And guess what? A lot of those immigrants actually use social security numbers and PAY TAXES. So by you doing this to our state, you’re screwing the people you’re thinking about here. Or those citizens who are getting pulled over because they look like they could be illegal? THEY PAY TAXES. They might even like your stupid band, or be Diomondbacks fans.

It is so freakin backward to screw the entire state because of what the politicians are doing. I can’t even believe this. It was the last straw when I found out bands are cancelling shows. Wow. Yeah, cuz it’s all the fans’ fault.

You know, where I went to school, I was one of the few caucasian kids. It was “reverse racism”, it was “f*cking white bitch” every time I turned a corner. I know what racism is. And I still stayed in this state.

I’m livid. If you are boycotting AZ and you’re reading this, THINK. Ok?

Oh yeah, and Arizona iced tea? NOT BREWED HERE. So you’re boycotting it for no reason.

Gah!!!! This country is gonna fall apart in the next ten years and I have to say it won’t be all the politicians’ faults.

Think, Americans. This is stupid. Don’t punish me because I live in AZ.


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Better have your birth certificate if you’re not white in Arizona

meI was gonna title this something like, I better keep my birth certificate on me, since I live in Arizona, but I’m white so I won’t have the problem this truck driver did.

I’m embarassed to call myself an Arizonan. This is ridiculous.

This man was stopped at a weighing center and asked to provide his birth certificate, after officials found out his mom lives in Mexico. Like any smart person, he keeps that at home. His wife had to come with his documents, proving he was born in Fresno, CA and she brought hers just in case. Hearing the anguish in her voice made me so sad.

I agree that something needs to be done, but racial profiling is not the answer. How bout cracking down on the companies who hire illegals to save money?


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Facebook autism test

So Carol had left a comment on one of my autism posts about a quiz you can take on Facebook to see if you have autism. A quiz. On Facebook. To see if you have autism.


Yep. Carol checked it out. I am so grateful I use a screen reader and can’t access those stupid quizzes. Carol said apparently she has autism because one of the questions is something like, do you like to spend time at home rather than be in large crowds? Well, I guess I have autism too.

Seriously, wtf. Now I sound like I should be posting on Facebook saying wtf but I don’t normally swear on the blog and wtf is how I feel.

At first I brushed it off. Then I thought maybe they put it up for autism awareness month. But then I just got pissed, and I was thinking about it just now and decided to post on it even though I don’t have a link or anything. So, sighties on Facebook, if you can access that quiz, can you take it and comment me? I just can’t even believe it.


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So much Autism information

I had these big dreams of writing an educational and insightful post on a different aspect of Autism every day this month, but I can tell you that is going to be a difficult feat. I’ve spent pretty much the entire day today trolling the net for information, and there’s so much of it, that trying to find a way to sift it and pull out a specific nugget is daunting. I forgot that I’m not 18 anymore, when writing research papers was my forte haha! Also, I’m finding that it’s a lot harder now that I don’t just have information all spread out in front of me with highlighters and pencils and outlines aiding in my organization.

So for now, I just wanted to write a third post on this, since it’s the third of April which means I missed out on posts for the first and second. Yes, I am dedicated to this, even though my posts probably won’t be anything academic.

My brain is pretty numb at this point, but I will just generalize my opinion thus far. To me, Autism is not a terrible fate as is sometimes implied. I remember seeing those commercials on TV about it and I thought it was a severe affliction. And I’m sure to some it is, and obviously I can’t speak to it since I don’t live with it. From most of what I’ve read so far about the people who do live with it, or parents of children with it, they all have a very positive attitude.

I wish I had something more difinitive to say so far, but as Erik pointed out, I have the whole month. Maybe the information will start to settle and I can organize my thoughts.

I think the main point is to say that just because a person has a disability of some sorts, if they’re quirky, or seem awkward, or if they can’t see, or if they can’t hear, or if they use an animal to assist them, or if they ride in a wheelchair, or if they are missing a limb, or they can’t speak, or whatever we may see as “disabling”, everyone has the right to live and to live how they can and to be treated with respect. I’m not making any sense. But this seems to be the biggest thing that children and adults with Autism face. That people think they’re freaks. And it’s not fair, and it makes me angry. So I’m rambling in this post, maybe to help me clear my head, I don’t know.

I guess what always stands out for me with any kind of disability, is that none of us are “disabled”. I hate that word. To me, if something is disabled, it doesn’t work. A disabled car won’t start. A disabled computer doesn’t hum. To me, a truly disabled person would have to be in a vegetative state, but even then, some systems are working, right? But those of us who function on some level, are not truly disabled. We have a disability. Or many. But we are not completely disabled. And sometimes it floors me that society hasn’t caught up enough to realize that everyone has a place. Everyone has a purpose. Maybe that’s why I’m taking on this project. I don’t know. Ok, I should really step off my soapbox now 🙂


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Who stole the cookie

Every time I watch Investigation Discovery, I endure this horrible commercial. Thank you Erik for finding it. We were chatting about commercials and I tried to describe this one and it wasn’t making sense so he went and found it.

If the commercial isn’t annoying enough, the product itself is. Who really thinks they can lose weight by eating cookies? Or maybe I should ask, who thinks they can lose weight in a *healthy* way by eating cookies? Snake oil also cures the flu. And I’ve got some ocean front property for sale.


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