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Transportation ramble

Today I went and looked up cab fares. I’m getting to the point that when I want to go somewhere, I just want to go. I don’t want to have to schedule paratransit and wait, you know? Especially because just since I might have energy right now, doesn’t mean I will tomorrow. So I looked it up and wow. Expensive. However since I’m not spending money on car insurance, gas and maintenence, I suppose it evens out and really I’d be paying for sanity since freedom for me equals sanity lol. I think I’ve just reached another point in my adjustment to blindness. It’s amazing how something is ok for awhile and then suddenly it’s just not.

For small errands like wanting to get something for Jayden or take him to be weighed, the cab will come in handy. For larger outings like workouts and such, I’ll stick with paratransit. It’s sure nice to know I have options though. I mean it would be kinda silly to cab it down the road to the store, but until Jayden decides that route is ok, I have to have that option because when time calls for ice cream, I want ice cream. I don’t want to schedule a ride. I guess you could say today has been fact finding day after climbing the current rung of the ladder on this crazy journey called blindness.

I’ve stopped fretting about how long something takes me to be comfortable. It will come as was evidenced by this revelation this week that dammit I want freedom and I’ll stop at nothing to attain it.

I called the self serve dog grooming place because the address for the one I went to last time is no longer on the website. Turns out there were two locations but it got overwhelming, so they sold the second one which is the one I had visited. I like the mission of the original one so I asked her about her location and it’s actually in a much better place. I found out that it’s in a strip mall with a book store and a craft store. Score! So I can do paratransit and if I get done way early, I can go get some yarn or a book, sweeeet! I asked her about her slowest days and she filled me in on her down time, so I’ll take advantage of that. I don’t want to be in there with loads of other dogs which is why I’d never dream of going on the weekend when B can take me. So I’ve got that settled and in the plan for next week. I need to get to the pet store too because they have a scale and I want to check Jayden’s weight and see how the food switch is going. I’m also gonna check out the toys. I just can’t decide if I should do a cab or paratransit for that one. I’m not really sure how long I’ll need there. Hmmm. Do get a cab and have them wait takes money, but to get dropped off by paratransit I need to wait at least thirty minutes for the return. I could be done there in five minutes. So I’m still pondering that one. I’ll probably do paratransit.

I also need to get quarters for laundry so I should really get to the grocery store. Again, cab or paratransit? Hmmm. It’s times like these I wish I had an accessible bus route. Sometimes I really think about moving since when I moved here I was mobile. But I love it here. I don’t want to move. Ergh.

This is all just a pile of thoughts lol. It’s really hard to figure out how to do all this stuff now that I’m ready to stop relying on friends. I wonder just how much it would cost to get a cab for several errands. I suppose the only way to find out is to test it.

You know what would be an awesome service? An errands service. Kind of a combination of paratransit and a cab. So you’d schedule a driver for a certain number of hours or something and then the driver would pick you up and just take you where you need to go and wait for you. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Maybe the paratransit companies should spin off and offer something like that as a side service. If it were in between the price of a cab and the price of paratransit, I would think it would be affordable.

Even if it was like a cab with a per mile rate but without the meter. It’s the meter that’s gonna get me. It’s twenty eight bucks per hour of wait time. Man, maybe I should try and start a business making this kind of service haha!! I mean really, how many people would benefit from this? Anyone who can’t drive, for whatever reason. Can you imagine how awesome that would be? The way paratransit is now, they drop you off, leave, another van comes to get you and it’s all scheduled. If you have multiple stops, that turns in to hours and hours, most of it spent waiting.

It’ll probably never happen. Everything is ruled by money and there’s probably not money in something like that.

It would be awesome though. The whole finding ways to be independent has been the hardest part of losing my vision. And now its money that’s stopping me. I need to just test it out so I know exactly what I’m dealing with and can budget it in.

Ok, semi useless ramble over. 😉


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My therapist moved to Florida

I woke up this morning in such a terrible mood and it’s not getting any better. I’m feeling a bit abandoned by my therapist. She moved to Florida. She gave me a few phone numbers of some women in the same building but I don’t want to start fresh with someone. I also can’t afford it. And my therapist helped me out with that. It’s betting to the point though, that I think I’ll need to call one of these women and just see what we might be able to do. I’m not doing so well. There’s just some major stuff I need professional help with. Doesn’t it always seem like when life is going you great, life throws a sinking curve ball and you’re out on strikes? Better bench me for awhile coach, I can’t hit right now. I just need a reminder that I’m still good in the outfield even if I’m not swinging the bat. Don’t ask me what I’m trying to say. Baseball analogies seem to work well for my life. Blech. At least I have Jayden. Don’t think I’d be managing to shower and get dressed if it weren’t for him. Actually I’d still probably want to work out. It’s great to work out when you’re pissed off. Have I mentioned I’ve lost nineteen pounds? Yep. Getting a lot of compliments, though all from people who don’t matter very much. It’s nice, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes it feels kinda pointless. I’m really happy though, when I can see through the haze and acknowledge myself. Oh and I ordered two dresses on yesterday. I’ve never been an “off the rack” shopper, but Gamma ordered me some clothes out of a catalogue that fit, so I took a chance. Here’s hoping they’re cute. Erik took a look at them on the website and he said they’re nice. It might be dangerous though, since I went shopping online yesterday since I was on the pity pot and the Rays weren’t playing. Yikes, can’t get hooked on internet clothes shopping. I won’t, don’t worry.
K enough rambling, just had to verbal vomit. Thanks.


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So much Autism information

I had these big dreams of writing an educational and insightful post on a different aspect of Autism every day this month, but I can tell you that is going to be a difficult feat. I’ve spent pretty much the entire day today trolling the net for information, and there’s so much of it, that trying to find a way to sift it and pull out a specific nugget is daunting. I forgot that I’m not 18 anymore, when writing research papers was my forte haha! Also, I’m finding that it’s a lot harder now that I don’t just have information all spread out in front of me with highlighters and pencils and outlines aiding in my organization.

So for now, I just wanted to write a third post on this, since it’s the third of April which means I missed out on posts for the first and second. Yes, I am dedicated to this, even though my posts probably won’t be anything academic.

My brain is pretty numb at this point, but I will just generalize my opinion thus far. To me, Autism is not a terrible fate as is sometimes implied. I remember seeing those commercials on TV about it and I thought it was a severe affliction. And I’m sure to some it is, and obviously I can’t speak to it since I don’t live with it. From most of what I’ve read so far about the people who do live with it, or parents of children with it, they all have a very positive attitude.

I wish I had something more difinitive to say so far, but as Erik pointed out, I have the whole month. Maybe the information will start to settle and I can organize my thoughts.

I think the main point is to say that just because a person has a disability of some sorts, if they’re quirky, or seem awkward, or if they can’t see, or if they can’t hear, or if they use an animal to assist them, or if they ride in a wheelchair, or if they are missing a limb, or they can’t speak, or whatever we may see as “disabling”, everyone has the right to live and to live how they can and to be treated with respect. I’m not making any sense. But this seems to be the biggest thing that children and adults with Autism face. That people think they’re freaks. And it’s not fair, and it makes me angry. So I’m rambling in this post, maybe to help me clear my head, I don’t know.

I guess what always stands out for me with any kind of disability, is that none of us are “disabled”. I hate that word. To me, if something is disabled, it doesn’t work. A disabled car won’t start. A disabled computer doesn’t hum. To me, a truly disabled person would have to be in a vegetative state, but even then, some systems are working, right? But those of us who function on some level, are not truly disabled. We have a disability. Or many. But we are not completely disabled. And sometimes it floors me that society hasn’t caught up enough to realize that everyone has a place. Everyone has a purpose. Maybe that’s why I’m taking on this project. I don’t know. Ok, I should really step off my soapbox now 🙂


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Nervous McNervousen

I woke up this morning before 7am thinking “through the town and by the river cold winds blow and then we shiver birds are winging singing teaming joining in the song”. Apparently my brain was working on choir songs before I woke up. I went to bed to watch the 6th Harry Potter movie, which B got me for an early Christmas present. I really didn’t think I’d last through the whole movie, but I did, so I didn’t sleep till after midnight, and woke up before 7. Oh boy.

I’m nervous. I think I had the jitters a little in the past, but not like this. We had 2 months to rehearse these songs. 2 months. And in my old choir with Miss K, I think we had like 5 months. Also back then we had a mandatory rehearsal the week prior to the concert, where all the choirs came together. Then, the day of the big show at the music hall, we arrived at 1pm with all our costumes and make up packed up. We loaded into the dressing rooms, and then it was blocking and rehearsing until 5pm. We had dinner break until 6pm, came back, got dressed and made up, and the show started. See how much rehearsing that was?

tonight we arrive at 6pm, warm up, and sit down. We don’t go on until after the other 3 choirs. We don’t get to warm up again. My solo is after 4 songs. I won’t have time to lubricate my throat. What if I have to pe before we go on? What if I can’t, and then I have to pee the whole time we’re singing? What if my voice cracks like it did on Tuesday? I’ve got friends coming to the show. What if I’m terrible? What if the choir is terrible? What if we totally embarass ourselves? What if I trip and fall? What if I forget the words to my solo?

Ok, had to voice those fears. I was screwing around on a new commenting system this morning so it kept my mind busy. Now it’s all flooding in. I think I better crochet to Harry Potter again.

I’ll be drinking my pineapple juice and eating Pringles today. Pineapple juice and salt are great for preparing a throat to sing.

I have to have a Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger before the show. I realized this the other day. We always went to Carls Jr. on dinner break for the big show and I always had that. So I told B and he’s getting that for me sometime after 4. L is picking me up at 5:20. I can’t eat in my clothes because I have to wear white and I always spill on white.

Ok. I feel better. I think. I think I’ll go crochet now. I’ll let you all know how it went tomorrow.


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Plugs and rambles

I’ve left 2 windows up to remind me to plug two sites and I keep thinking I’ll blog when I feel better, but I have no idea when that will be. So I decided to blog to make sure I get these 2 down so I can close the windows, and figure whatever else comes out, comes out. I think Silicone Sassy and the vacuum are still gonna wait, as I want to be of full brain capacity so I remember the stories.

So let me plug these two sites and I’ll see if I feel like writing any more. Maybe I’ll just leave this up before posting, I don’t know.

B went to a friend’s house on Friday night. There are few things I need his help with these days, as I’ve gotten pretty stubborn about needing a sighty to help. Friday night tv has been one of the things I need help with. I don’t watch a lot of tv, really I only put the tv on at night when I go lay down, as I’ve always fallen asleep to tv. I’ve got my usual channels, USA for Law and Order SVU on Tuesdays and House on Thursdays. Every other night I usually check out Discovery Health and Investigation Discovery. Friday nights usually were Forensic Friday on True TV, though that channel drives me nuts because their commercials are a hundred decibels louder. Since the time change, and we don’t change here, everything is on later. So no more Forensic Friday.

A lot of times on Fridays and Saturdays, B will have to come in and look at the stupid digital menus to find me a movie or something. I like movies I’ve already seen, because I know whats going on.

So when he was gonna be out late on Friday night, I thought great, how am I gonna find something on tv. So I Googled “accessible tv listings”.

Thank you Google.

I found a blog in the results, a blog I’ve read before. Blind Access Journal was like the third result on Google. Holy crap doing that link almost shut down my brain. Ok, one more link.

The blog talked about TV Guide Wireless, which is a really cool little tv guide site for wireless phones, and just like mobile Facebook, works pretty well. You can register your phone or something to create custom listings, but I just hit skip register, and then you put in your zip code and select the cable company. It works pretty well. You can change the time. The only thing that kinda sucks is that you can’t see whats on in the next time frame without changing the time, so you can’t just see whats on one channel all night, or maybe you can and I just need to explore it.

Anyway, point is, I was able to find a movie to put on while Brian was out, and it was one of my old favorites, Point of No Return. It was on channel 155, so the chances of me having flipped all the way up there were pretty slim.

The blog post was written in 2007, so hopefully this site with the mobile tv guide will always be up, since its been up quite awhile, but I sent some feedback anyway.

I used it last night too, and found Con Air on one of my usual channels, and The Matrix on a channel I wouldn’t have checked. So until the day they make audible digital menus for tv, this will work, though I have to check it before I go lay down, which is a bummer.

Ok now I can close those windows yee haw!

Ok now on to nothing in particular, because so far my arms aren’t aching from typing and I’ve missed rambling. I need to un-follow a blog. Don’t worry, its no one I’ve actually talked to, no one who has commented me, no one who owns a dog or a puppy, no one who writes for a living, no one with fun blind stories, no one with personal stories, so none of you who I’ve talked to in any way shape or form, and even if I haven’t talked to you, its none of my followers. Carin and Steve, you know who I’m talking about. I can’t figure out how to unsubscribe though. I found the place to go view the list of all the blogs I follow, and there’s a link that says “settings” and I click on that, and there’s text that says “unsubscribe” but its not a link or anything. I can’t unsubscribe. And I’m her only follower. I just don’t want to read it anymore. I mean, yeah, I complain about things in the “blind world” like inaudible digital tv menus that aren’t accessible. But I finally got sick of it and found a workable solution, sure, not a perfect one, but a solution nonetheless. I am a solution based person. And this particular blog just talks about all the things we can’t do, or things that are difficult, and telling the sighties what we can and can’t do and making us all sound like children, and I can’t even comment her because she has a CAPTCHA which Carin solved and commented, and was ignored. So I don’t want to follow anymore. But I can’t get unsubscribed. Any ideas?

I’ve been spelling Carin’s name wrong the whole time I’ve known her on here. Carin and Karen sound identical. I only figured it out when I was gonna email Carol, and when I typed c-a-r in the “to” filed in Mail, it auto filled with Carin’s email and I was like, huh? So I interacted and spelled out her name. Oh. C-A-R-I-N. Oops. So I asked her and its pronounced just like Karen. Now I’ve got it right, but when I was linking her and Steve just now I started to type Karen again. Sheesh.

Now I’m going to complain about being sick. Today is Day 5. I didn’t go to Gamma’s last week because B was sick and I didn’t want her to get sick. Then I got sick on Wednesday and thought for sure I’d be ok by today. Not. Its moving into my chest now. Its all tight and when I cough, it burns. My nose is raw from all the Kleenex, and my ears keep plugging up, which really freaks me out. I haven’t been this sick in a long time. Usually its just the spoons with the MS. Now I’ve got an actual cold from hell and it sucks. I can’t take immune boosters, well, I could, but I choose not to. Its scary for those of us with autoimmune to have a hyper active immune system, because what body part might my immune system attack? So I drink OJ and take Thera Flu at night. I don’t take anything during the day because I hate feeling stoned. But this thing just ain’t goin away. I guess I’m kinda glad its going slowly, because maybe that means my immune system is just chillin and taking its time, and it won’t get so hungry it wants more and so it won’t go after another important nerve. Crossing fingers. See that? wow. I even found a silver lining to this cold not going quickly. I’m so glad I have that talent, to find something good in just about anything. Even that blog I don’t want to read anymore causes me to be grateful I’m not like her.

Hmmm, blogging is actually not killing me. As long as I don’t do links. Seriously, 3 links and my brain was like nooo don’t make me think, haha!

I spent all day yesterday reading the stories on the blogothon. That was great! What a great idea! I couldn’t donate though, apparently Alex doesn’t like the donate form. Gotta do it over the phone. Oh but Alex sure didn’t mind the new GDB store, bad blogger, not linking. I went to check out this street pack everyone on the email list was talking about. Someone wrote me off list to give me a good description of the bag, and said they were clearing them out. I was gonna sleep on it, and come back today, but then another woman on the list said she was gonna get it for her birthday, so I decided it would make a good “new job” present for myself, and its jut the kind of bad I’ve wanted, so I went to test it out and Alex liked the store and told me to buy it. So I’ve got a new bag coming. Its the kind with one strap, that goes over the shoulder and you can swing it around to get into the bag without taking it off. As soon as I realized I’d need to carry a good sized bag when I have a guide dog, I’ve wanted one that style. And its got the GDB logo on it. So really, it was a must have. Retail therapy is so fun when sick 🙂

My arms are starting to hurt. Gonna see how my brain handles editing. Oh yeah, not going to Saavi tomorrow again 🙁 I haven’t worked out in over a week. Bullocks.


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The internet is not enough

I haven’t left the house since Wednesday. My Friday O & M lesson was rescheduled for last Wednesday, and I didn’t go to Gamma’s on Sunday as usual, because B had been sick and I’ve been under the weather, but couldn’t tell if it was sick or spoons.

I felt like a mack truck hit me (the motorized kind, not the Apple kind, weak attempt at a joke there, but it didn’t work) this morning, and wanted to take the computer into bed, B stayed home, and was still sleeping.

then he got up and remembered that we needed to look at the renewal notice for my medical benefits.

I’m on Arizona’sversion of Medicaid. They send out renewal notices like every 6 months, to try and catch people abusing the system. I think this is rediculous to do for those of us on disability, who are only using this insurance while we wait for Medicare. My income hasn’t changed. There are no cost of living increases in the works, so why do they need proof of income? If I were making under the table money, which I’m not, I could just as easily lie about it, even with the 6 month renewal, which I wouldn’t do because I’m too damned honest. This came off as a rant, and I am completely getting off my first point of this post, but this whole thing leads to that.


B looked at it and said I need proof of income. Social Security sends out a letter once a year. I don’t have a current letter, because I had to use it to do my taxes. I never thought to get the paper back. Note to future self, keep that paper and guard it with your life.

I called my friend who did my taxes to see if she still had it, because I couldn’t remember if I had had it for my last renewal. Anyway, I had snapped at B and called my friend and before I even asked how she was doing I went in to asking about the form.

I was in full panic mode. Tears were threatening. I have till Friday to get the info in, and B and I had forgotten the stupid thing because he was sick as a dog all weekend, and most everything out of sight out of mind for me. I absolutely have to develop some kind of system. In my sighted days, I would put this stuff in a certain place so I would see it. I need to do something. Blinks, any suggestions?

So I’m talking to my friend, oh hell I’ve said her name here before and its a common name so enough innuendo. I’m talking to Carol and she’s been through all this herself, so she tells me to calm down, , we can take care of it all this week at the local offices. Ok. deep breath. Calming down. Its so nice to hear Carol’s voice. A human voice. Not Alex, no matter how human he sounds.

We had just started chatting about a photo in a magazine of a woman with really hairy legs when my Grandma called. And then she called again. Oh no. She’s calling twice in a row. what happened. I answer. She called about this restaurant she had called about Thanksgiving dinner. I told her I was worried because she called twice in a row. She said I didn’t answer and my voicemail didn’t come on. So we talked about Thanksgiving and I told her about the stupid paperwork and then B came in and gave me a hug and was gonna go check the mail and I said I was calling Carol back.

Long explanation just to get to the point of calling Carol. But I felt like I needed to explain why I called, because if it hadn’t been for the stupid paperwork, I wouldn’t have called her, or anyone.

My friend Nancy warned me, way back before I had my computer, to make sure once I got my computer, to not dissolve into it. she said she’d seen that. Blinks getting computers and then never leaving the house, because really, you kinda don’t have to, and the last 5 days have proven that to me.

I didn’t stay home and isolate on purpose, like I sometimes do when the spoons are low, or I’m feeling blue. It just happened.

In fact I had gotten so busy, that I welcomed the break, but I’ve changed in the last month and a half. I used to love not leaving the house for a week. But then I made the decision to get a guide dog, and I started changing my lifestyle accordingly.

I’ve been doing Saavi 3 days a week, and then catching up on spoons and chores on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So when the schedule got messed up and I was suddenly home, I think it shocked my system.

I’ve learned that I have less bad MS days the more active I am, as long as I’m only active for a few hours here and there, and not every day. And when I sit on the computer for 5 days straight, and only talk to people through a synthesized voice, I forget how nice it is to laugh and hear another laugh.

Don’t get me wrong. The fellowship I am building on blogger is one of the best things to happen to me since going blind. I will never ever quit this. But if I don’t leave the house every other day or so, and if I retreat into the computer like this on a repeated basis, I’m going to slip right back in to the depression I was in when I first went blind.

Thats one of things I like about eventually having a guide dog. Having a reason to get up and out and get fresh air and sunshine. I must be lacking Vitamin D something awful, and that is the cheery vitamin, after all.

So if you notice I’m not blogging about anything outside the house, please give me a cyber slap across the forehead.

Back to life tomorrow. Hoping I’m not sick, so I can go to choir. And maybe to get the paperwork done. And maybe a meeting. My friend Kevin is in town and we had tentative plans to hit a meeting tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.

I need to commit to more phone time, and more face time, with friends, female friends and not just B, even though he’s a great guy, I need my girls.


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Doggy Diaries – Woes

Edit: I just heard from my therapist. Her fax machine was down. So she’s calling GDB right now to have them re-send. One down, one to go.


I was in a bad mood in the post right before this one. I’m in limbo. I don’t like limbo. I’m in that place in the application process that is nerve wracking. I did everything on my end promptly. I ran to the doc to get my tests. She was prompt in filling out the questionaire. So was Dave. I hadn’t heard anything from the school. I didn’t know if the eye docs had sent in their stuff. I emailed the school and didn’t hear anything. The folks on the email ist said to call. So I just called. All the medical info is in. The eye docs were prompt. I’m sorry eye docs. I had no faith in you. Your medical records people must be good. I’m sorry I thought it was you.

apparently its my rehab teacher from Saavi and my therapist who haven’t sent in the questionaire. The school said the info was sent to them on October 5th. So I called and left voicemails for both. Maybe they didn’t get the info? Maybe the paperwork is sitting on their desk? I’m trying not to get annoyed.

this is like, when the husband is late and the wife says “he better be laying in a ditch somewhere!” I just really hope they didn’t get the paperwork. Because I like them both very much. And if this whole process is being held up because the paperwork is sitting…well. I’m sorry eye docs, again, really. It wasn’t your fault.

I think I’m getting all crazy about this because its all I think about. I read guide dog blogs. I talk to guide dog owners and puppy raisers. Its pretty much all I do online. And then at night when I’m laying in bed I think, “Am I doing the right thing? Can I handle this responsibility? Its like having a child. Do I want to get up at 6am and pick up poop? Am I doing the right thing? What if I’m not? I don’t know what to do. Should I just use my cane? I don’t want to use my cane. I want the freedom. I want the companionship. I want to care for a pooch. Yes. I want this. I am doing the right thing. But what if I’m not? What if I’m all cozy in bed watching House and 9 o’clock rolls around and I don’t want to do the final relieving? What if I fail my dog? My trainers? The raisers? What if, what if what if…”

I know this is all normal. I read emails from others. I read blogs. I know this. I know I want the dog. I can’t wait for the dog. When I think about the dog my apartment feels empty, because she’s not here. So I get frustrated when I find out that there’s a hitch in the works. But I know its going to work out the way its supposed to. But I want to go in Jan. of Feb. I will have to wait until next fall if I can’t go in the first part of the year. Or is that a misconception? I think I can’t get home with my dog in summer because it’ll be too hot to train. Maybe this deadline is something I’ve made up in my head? Or if I have to wait, then I’m supposed to wait. Right?

I got to see Arquette today. My braille teacher’s dog. She is so sweet! I was allowed to say hi after the lesson was over. She got so excited and I got to love on her for like 5 seconds and then the magic “back to work” words were said and she was all business. Apparently its going wonderful for the two of them and I’m just so happy for my teacher.

I totally didn’t mention my braille lesson in my previous post, and it was really cool. I got to write out the alphabet, my name and phone number, and practice punctuation on the braille writer today. And my teacher told me its the same writer she’s used since she was in third grade! How cool is that??

Braille doesn’t belong in a doggy diaries post, but oh well. Its my blog and I’ll write if I want to.

The moral of all of this is always follow up. If you’re applying for a guide dog, or anything, always follow up. Thank you Sarah for teaching me about footwork. I don’t even think you read this. But thank you. You taught me all about footwork and how important it is. Its all about having the courage to change the things I can. I know now that by doing the footwork, if something doesn’t work out, I did everything I could on my end.

Follow up follow up follow up. Humans are fallible.


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Thirty in Thirty

I’m firing this off really quckly because I’m brain dead and not gonna last much longer.

Apparently its blog awareness month or something, and we’re supposed to write a blog a day for thirty days. I think I already write a blog a day for the most part, so I don’t think it’ll be too hard.

I was gonna be cool and link to L^2’s blog because she’s the one who wrote the blog that got me to do this, but I seriously can barely think enough right now.

This happens with My Mess or the stupid MS. I get on a role for about a month like what happened when I decided to get a guide dog, and then I start to crash a little and I’m feeling that brain fog today.

I’ll try and remember to write another blog linking to her blog about the thirty in thirty especially cuz she wrote 2oo5 instead of 2005 and I really liked it cuz my screen reader actually said 2 oh oh 5.

Ok the Phillies just tied the Yankees. Phew.

Been reading blogs all weekend. Maybe thats part of my brain fog. It gets worse when I’m not very active. When will I ever learn?

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Nothing to say so I’ll write a blog

I really hate it when I’ve gone through all my email, read the blogs I subscribe to, check whatever else, and then sit here thinking about what I could write and I can’t think of anything good.

So I’ll write anyway.

Hmmm. B’s computer hums really loud. Thats actually all I hear. I actually sat and listened for a minute. Is that grasping for straws? Oh the wood in the wall just popped. that freaks me out sometimes, when I hear popping and/or cracking in the walls/ceiling. Is my apartment going to cave in? Are there termites? Its just normal settling. Yeah, thats all it is. The air is warming up and the temperature is varried between the air and the wals so the walls are warming up at a slower rate, making the wood expand. Or contract. Which is it? I don’t remember. Oh man would my chemistry teacher be disappointed? Or would that be my physics teacher?

I always liked physics better. I was always so visual oh there;s a really loud pop in the ceiling. Anyway, physics and geometry were always my favorites. Dave actually guessed that I was good at geometry on Friday when he told me to turn left about 45 degrees and I nailed the angle. I guess thats why I was good at pool.

I miss pool. So many little intricasies. Angles and speed and english and thinking how the english on the cue ball will affect the object ball or the angle coming off the rails, man I miss my old bank shuts and extreme cuts and trying to snooker my apponent. I miss competing. Competing was always so fun.

Maybe I’ll join the goal ball team. It would be nice to cmpete again. But in goal ball you have to be pretty bulky and sturdy and I’m trying to slim down and tone up. But it would be fun. though they play on their knees and my knees aren’t in the best of shape. But I bet my future guide dog would like to take me to goal ball practice.

I haven’t had dreams about a guide dog. I’m gathering from a lot of the other blogs I read that people have dreams about their guide dog and school and stuff right before they go and right after they get back.

I don’t remember my dreams much. Its really rare to wake up and remember a dream. My Grandma tells me about some of her dreams and the one she told me Friday gave me the chills and made me afraid to shower, but I’m not gonna post it cuz it was too freaky.

I’m going to Grandma’s today. I forgot to get the peach pie so we have to stop and get that first. I wonder when the baseball game is on.

The stupid Yankees won last night. I’m hating this World Series.

Do you think poker is something that should be on ESPN? They call it the World Series of poker. I don’t understand it. Its a card game. B said its competition, so it belongs on ESPN. He used to tell me its no different than pool being on ESPN. I think pool belongs on ESPN though. Maybe thats just cuz I like pool.

I think there has to be a way for blind people to play pool. How did I get back on pool? See I was trying to just ramble on finding ways to segway into another topic and here I am back at pool.

One of the bloggers wishes her dog could get in the pool. I’m gonna have to figure out a way for my dog to swim too. I wonder if there are any doggy pools, though I wouldn’ want me dog to be in a pool with just any other dog.

Other dogs are mean. I read blogs about other dogs and other dogs scare me. If anyone or any dog hurts my dog, oooh hell noooo there would be hell to pay.

Oh crap its time to pay rent. Man I hate rent paying. There goes all that money! Bye bye money! People say “buy a house”. But I like renting. Anything breaks, they fix it, for free! Well I know its included in the rent, but ya know. I don’t have credit cards, how would I pay for a broken a/c or fridge?

I want to finally turn the a/c off for good. Its November already and we still have the a/c on at leat we did last night for a bit. This is when everyone gets sick, cuz it cools off and then warms up and cools off an warms up and cools off and warms up. Ah, the desert. We’re special here, we don’t even change our clocks.

My talking watch automatically changes itself for DST. It doesn’t know it lives in Arizona. My phone and computer know not to change. Now all the cable tv shows will be on at different times. I hate DST. It has no meaning for me. DST. Don’t say that? DST. Don’t sit there.

I couldn’t just sit here. Thats why I had to write a blog about nothing. Oh duh, I could have been importing books. Ok maybe I’ll do that now. Heard the email ding quite a few times. Lets start the whole thing over…check emails, get caught up on reading list, check whatever other site…hahaha.

Ok. So sorry. If you stuck with this blog till now, you know I’m a little wacky 😉

Though you probably already knew that hehehe hahahaha hehehehe!

Oh yeah, I don’t feel like diting, so sorry for typos. Typos are funny on a screenreader. Oh no, I could strt rambling again. no no no! The lady in the lobby afraid of the dog no no no, Karen walks away yes yes yes LOLOL!


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What the fork?

Pretty much everything B and I have is all piece meal stuff, things we’ve been given, and things we brought into the relationship.

My silverware is mostly stuff from a restaurant I worked at ages ago, and the ones he brought from the bachelor pad are just that, bachelor silverware. I don’t like his, because the handles are really fat and I can’t tell which way is up. So I avoid his and mostly use mine

We have an abundance of knives and spoons. I like spoons much better than forks since I’ve gone blind. I’ll use forks when there’s plenty of food to spear, but mostly eat with spoons.

But sometimes I want a fork, and B always uses one. and we hardly have any. Huh? Is there a fork monster like a sock monster? Where have all the forks gone?

And I’m picky when I do use a fork. I like long tines. For some reason I’ve got 2 forks with short tines. Pie forks I guess. B’s forks have long tines, but they all have one bent tine, and a middle tine at that, not even an end tine. How do you bend a middle tine of a fork? So the bend tine will poke my tooth. I asked him once, what the hell did you do with these forks, try and fix stuff with them? It started a bit of a sheepish giggling fit, because he honestly doesn’t know.

this leaves me with like 3 of my forks with long straight tines and handles that let me tell which way is up.

We need more forks. Can you buy forks separately? And are they loose so I can feel the handles?

Forks. Who’d have ever thought forks would be such an issue.


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