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Crochet projects phase report *edited*

I thought I’d give an update about the puppy pool winners projects. You can check out the comments on this post to read about the colors and styles the winners chose.

Carin and Maddie won blankets and chose the scrump style, so there’s an extra phase involved in their projects. Toby’s raiser, was runner up and gets a scarf, which is not being done in scrump. Here is a break down of each phase, so you can get an idea what the yarn is up to as it moves through the phases before it gets to it’s person.

Phase 1: Colors and style are chosen and crocheter gets design in her head.

Phase 2: Yarn is purchased. *Each project sat in phase 2 for quite some time while crocheter waited to get the yarn.

Phase 3: This phase applies to scrump styles only. Yarn is prepped before crochet begins, meaning random lengths from the different colors and/or textures are pulled and tied together, leaving half inch ends, then the yarn is balled up into sizeable balls for crochet.

Phase 4: The project is begun. For some crocheters, this is the hardest part. This particular crocheter dislikes phase 4 as it means getting the foundation done.

Phase 5: Main body of project is crocheted. After foundation is started, the rest is simple and quite enjoyable.

Phase 6: Finishing touches, such as weaving in any ends *if applicable, ends are left out in scrump style) and adding any desired edging.

Phase 7: The projects get a bath and final stretching and blocking in preparation for their person.

Phase 8: Project is given to person. When project is given to person in person, this is the last phase.

Phase 9: This phase is applicable when project is shipped. Project is taken to shipping place, packaged up and shipped out.

Phase 10: Project received by person.

So right now, all three projects are in phase 5. For Maddie and Carin’s blankets, the yarn will be in a combination of phases 5 and 3. I complete one phase 3 and then jump to phase 5 until the ball of yarn runs out and then jump to phase 3 again before going back to 5. Carin’s blanket is in that limbo right now. It’s time for another phase 3 before continuation. So Maddie’s blanket was begun yesterday and is in phase 5. When it’s time for 3 on hers, I’ll do 3 on Carin’s and jump to 5, alternating between the two. This is nice, as it keeps things interesting.

Toby’s Raiser’s scarf is in phase 5 and will be until it’s time for edging. So her project gets worked on when I need to work on a smaller project.

Each project is coming along quite nicely and progressing through the phases at a desired rate. The yarn hasn’t given the crocheter much trouble, except for one skein that decided to tangle during phase 3. Issue was resolved and skein was allowed to continue.

I’ll keep you updated, posting as the projects reach a new phase. 🙂

Edit: I’m gonna try and get some video of me working on each project and then video of the projects when they’re done. I’ll post them after the winners receive them. This is so much fun that I think I’ll do a drawing for a blanket after I’m done with these 🙂


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Nothing post

I’m bored. There were only two new blogs this morning, so I’m already caught up. Everyone is sleeping, meaning B and Jayden are sleeping. So the only thing to interact with is my computer, but even that is boring. I could read, I’ve gotten into a routine with reading and I only read at night. Sometimes I’ll read during the day when I crochet. Oh. I could crochet. Hmmm. Eh. Don’t feel like it. I really need to get to Michael’s and get yarn for the two blankets and the scarf I need to make for the puppy pool winners. When is that gonna heppen. I need a girl who has some free time who knows about yarn. Hmmm.

My allergies are really bad today. It was pretty windy yesterday, so I was expecting this. Technically, I could take the allergy pills that make me stoned, since I don’t have anything on the agenda today. Saturday’s are now my only lazy day. I’ve been taking just one allergy pill in the afternoons when I’m in for the day. A zyrtec in the mornings, but they aren’t really helping. I wouldn’t mind, except my ears are being affected and that really, really scares me. I’m pretty sure it’s just allergies, but the crazy in my brain tells me, what if it’s not? I wish I had never watched ‘Hillary and Jacki’ about the cellist Jacqueline Dupree who had MS. In the movie, she loses a lot of her hearing. I don’t know if that really happened or if it was just done for dramatic effect. She ends up turning the volume up way loud when she’s listening to classical music. I don’t want to know if it’s true, so please, no one comment me about that. If hearing loss happens with MS, I don’t want to know, so please, no one say anything about it. My neurologist said don’t get online. So I don’t. I know enough about it to manage it, but I don’t want to know about the what ifs. Drives me nuts when people are like, oh I know someone with MS and they’re in bad shape. Don’t tell me these things.

Holy crap how did I get off on that? Yikes. Guess it’s a fear that’s been in the back of my mind.

Timmy and Spinelli are playing way back in the spare room and Timmy keeps doing his crazy play meow. He sounds like he’s in pain when he does that. Silly cat.

Jayden is asleep next to me on the couch with his head on my leg. Cute! I never want to move because I don’t want to disturb him, so I’ll stay uncomfortable until he moves lol. B and I do the same thing with the cats too. Think they’re spoiled? You bet.

Hopefully I’ll make it to Gamma’s tomorrow. I didn’t go last week with the stupid allergies.

B’s computer is really loud. Geez. I’m so used to laptops being so quiet that a loud desktop is really annoying. On the rare occasion that it’s off, it’s so nice and quiet in here.

I heard a noise earlier that could have been rain but I don’t think rain is forecast. It was probably more wind. I’m really not a huge fan of spring, and the reason is because I know summer is around the corner. I’m opposite of cold weather folk. They’re all excited and I’m getting ready to hibernate. It’s really beautiful out, but the pool water will be too cold. So you can’t go swimming. When the pool water is warm enough, it’s sweltering outside, so getting too and from the pool makes you sick. I wish the pool was heated so it would feel nice right now. How I’d love to get in the water and get some good sun with it’s happy vitamin.

I got the wrong thing in my grocery order yesterday. Carol had been telling me about these Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls with all kinds of yummy stuff that you pop in the micro so I got what I thought was that but I ended up with this bag so I asked B and he read the instructions and you have to add eggs and cheese and cook in the skillet. Yeah, how bout no. So I’m either gonna give to to Carol or else get eggs and cheese and have her make it here for us to split. Everything else in the order seems right so that’s good. It’s nice to have food in the house again.
Bored bored bored. I want to play with Jayden or something but it’s quiet time pretty late here on weekends. B always says not to worry but I can’t help it.

I finished ‘Pretties’ the other night but I can’t go get ‘Specials’ yet because it would put me below my money cushion for the month. I really, really need to look into free books. But I like to put them on my iPod and I think all the free stuff only works with Daisy players or Victor. Not sure. The last time I looked at the library site, it was going to be a major pain to get it all to work with the Apple stuff.

I’m out of coffee now, so I’m gonna have to move Jayden’s head.

Wow Jayden actually moved after I got up. Usually when his head is on my leg and I move, I come back and have to slide back in under his head lol. I was thinking about yarn when I got my coffee and it’s the one thing I can’t order online. I tried looking online, but of course there’s no descriptions because they have pictures. And of course you can’t tell what the yarn looks like because it’ll have names like amish sunset or something. Ok maybe not really amish sunset, but you get my drift. And I have very specific ideas in my head for these projects. I miss when Chupa was here and we went yarn shopping. I have two other girls, Georgie and Lish, who know about yarn, but they are both full time students and very busy. Man, when am I gonna get yarn. I want to get these three projects done and shipped before winter. I’m just gonna have to ask one of them to make some time please.

Oh yeah so since I couldn’t get ‘Specials’, I started ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ last night. I can tell it’s going to be an intense read. It’s cool though, cuz there are like six different narrators. So you have different narrators for different characters, both male and female. I read one other book like that long ago. I think it was called ‘The House at the End of the World’ or something. It was really good. It had four different narrators. Really makes it fun.

I think I’m running out of nothing to write about. Funny how nothing becomes something when you just let words pour out. When I write these nothing posts, I have nothing in mind, but stuff comes out. Weird.

I want some waffles but I’m lazy. I’ve also got some breakfast sandwiches I could just throw in the micro. I’m really trying to be better about breakfast. On days where I’m gonna go be active, I have my instant breakfast with soy milk. But you have to be active after that or it’ll just make you gain weight. I mean everything will make you gain weight, but especially the instant breakfast since they’re made for active people who don’t have time to eat right? Yeah. I’m out of them anyway. I couldn’t tell on the website if they were packets or the actual drink so I didn’t order any.

Well, I guess I’ll edit and go forage for food as Carol says.


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Doggy Diaries – Lazy crochet day

This morning on the phone with Georgie, she asked how the baby blanket was coming along. Eek! Yikes when’s the shower? Next month.

I had been planning on making a matching mommy and baby blanket duo, but there was no way there’d be time for that. School fell right in the middle of working on it. I had started the dging on the baby blanket way back before I left, and I had made it pretty much square, to have enough yarn for a mommy blanket. So I decided to rip out the edging and make the baby blanket bigger. I pulled it out this morning and continued listening to ‘Duma Key’. It turned into an all day affair. I just finished the book and feel pretty tired. Might be just that I’m good and relaxed, or perhaps it was the activity yesterday and the fact that I’m still recovering. Jayden doesn’t seem to mind. The boy has been just as lazy as I. I got him up at the normal relieving time and he forced himself off the couch. Then in the entry way, he just flopped over on the carpet haha! It would be easy for me to worry that he’s lethargic, but several have assured me that labs love to sleep. He seems perfectly fine and content with the ocassional belly rub.

So that’s our day today. Puppy pool winners, you’re gonna have to tell me what colors and style you want since I’m now getting into a crochet frenzie 😉


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Doggy School – I’m online!

I don’t know how it happened. It has been so grueling and so exausting that I was halfheartedly trying to connect since I got here. Finally I just gave up until Sunday when we have down time, but went to just journal tonight before dinner. It was a really, really hard day. I pretty much cried all day. The morning route was incredible, but then it was hard in the afternoon and I was really tired. At dinner, the nurse sat with us and she mentioned we might have rain tomorrow so that explained it. Anyway, like you all care about my fatigue. LOL! I’m sure you really want to know who Insert is, yeah? Do you?

Carin knows and thank you Carin for posting that post for me. I’m going to post this and then go publish all the comments I have, which are a lot! I can’t wait to see what you all wrote!

Ok, Insert is…a yellow lab male named Jayden. He is 62 pounds and 18 inches tall and he is my mellow yellow hehe! Yep, yellow. And oh so mellow. He was born on July 15, 2008, which means he was in the womb when I went blind. How cool is that?

I have just a little bit written about things so far, but not much. I think over the next few days, I’ll post what I have and then add on and try to catch you all up.

Jayden is asleep right behind my chair. He breathes deeply but rarely snores. He is a match made in heaven! Ok, gonna get this posted now so I can water Jayden in fifteen minutes. I’ve missed you all so much!!!

Oh yeah, Carin and Maddie tied for the pool, and Toby’s raiser is runner up so she’ll get a scarf. Two blankets and a scarf whenever I find time to crochet haha!


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Doggy Countdown – Last countdown post!

Oh man am I tired. I don’t even know what I’m gonna write. All that’s left to do now is eat, sleep and wait. Everything is packed. Everything is ready. Did a load of laundry today and filled the suitcase to brimming. It’s not extended, so maybe when it’s extended there will be room so I don’t have to leave with the second bag. We shall see.

This morning I took a bath and the water wasn’t quite hot. It was warm, but not hot. And then the water pressure was off for my shower. Yes, I take a bath and then shower. I’ve just finished sitting in my own filth haha! So got that out of the way so I could pack my face wash and stuff. Finished the last lecture cd this morning. Talk about last minute, right? Then when B got up I was getting laundry ready and he ran to the store so I called Gamma. I cried when I hung up with her. I’m gonna miss our morning talks! So I called Georgie to get centered again so I wasn’t going to the laundry in tears hehe. I was planning on calling her today anyway.

Went and got the laundry done and I had sent Carin an email because she wanted to call today so I told her I was finishing up laundry and then running to Walgreens so I’d be ready in an hour or two. So I finish the laundry and get it packed and then B and I went to Walgreens. We got home and walked in the door and the phone rang and B said the name on the caller ID and I said, it’s my Canadian! It was Carin! That was cool. We talked for like an hour. I’m really not a big phone person but sometimes it’s cool, like today. So we talked and then hung up and I called L and we talked and hung up and then Chupa was online and she called. So, I think I’m done with phone calls. Believe it or not, talking is quite the spoon zapper haha! But it’s good because now I’m nice and worn out and can just zone until it’s time for bed.

Everything should be fine with the internet, but in the event that it’s not, Carin will do a blog post for me here and let you all know. If I can’t access the internet, I’ll still journal and then post it all when I get home. So hopefully you will all find out who Insert is on Wednesday, unless there’s no internet, then you’ll have to wait until I get home. 😉

Oh yeah! I suppose I should link to the puppy pool results, so hopefully we’ll know who won on Wednesday. Heck, I won’t even know if there’s no internet. Oh wait, yes I will, I have the results saved in a text document, duh.

I’m changing the blog header tonight to reflect the trip. Lish gets credit for the idea. I went and typed it up and we refined it. I think it’s fitting.

So from now on the subjects will start with “Doggy School”. I think it’s fun to continue the “doggy” theme. 🙂

I’m so excited! I think I used all my energy on excitement and phone calls. I could sleep right now. *Yawn*.

Spinelli just jumped up on my lap and now she’s curled up bathing herself. I’m not looking forward to saying goodby in the morning. Ick.

Oh yeah, this smorning I was getting a glass out of the drainboard and touched Insert’s dog bowls and it made me smile. Dog bowls all ready, and Vittles Vault washed. All prepared!

Tomorrow I’ll get up and check emails and then Alex is getting packed up. So….I might reply to comments in the morning but if not, I’ll hopefully see ya’ll on the GDB network!!!

1 day!!! Countdown complete. Countdown Complete. Countdown Complete.


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Doggy Diaries – No phone call for Christmas

So I got an email instead:


We are pleased to confirm that your application for a Guide Dog has been accepted and a place is reserved for you in our San Rafael three week class that begins Monday, February 15 and graduates Saturday, March 6, 2010.
Yay!!!!!!!!!! Words cannot express how excited I am!! Wow!!!!

So, of course I had to look up the puppy pool results. So far, tied for the lead are:

February 15 Carin, Maddie and Toby

No one is out of the running though, as there are so many other factors. To refresh your memory, here are the pool results.

Everyone said I’d get a phone call, Don included. Then people on my email list said I wouldn’t hear until the holidays were over. Today I’ve just been crocheting and tracking packages and ambled over to check my email and the subject line said “Guide Dogs for the Blind”. I arrowed over to listen to the name and didn’t recognize it and when I opened the message, I had to listen like 3 times before it sunk in! They are sending a packet of info with a cd of class lectures and suggested things to pack. My travel arrangements will be made soon. And I go to San Rafael for 3 weeks on February 15th. I’m just in shock! This means I’ll be back in time for choir to start up, and for my friend’s baby shower. Wow!!!

Carin, I told GDB to notify me in time so you’d have this post and emails for Christmas hahaha!!!

Yayaya!!! My pooch is waiting for me at school as I write this. Wow. I wonder who it is? Wow!!!


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Doggy Diaries – Puppy pool – Voting complete

Well all the votes are posted over yonder way on
this post.

There were just a few snags, like missing dates, which I was able to clear up with everyone except one blogger, but I posted the vote anyway. There were a few non Monday dates, so I adjusted accordingly, they were like a day away from a Monday.

Here are all the votes compiled into a document and broken down, so it’s easier to see who voted what. Now all we gotta do is wait hehe!! This was a lot of fun everyone!


Class Date:
February 15 Carin, Maddie, Toby
March 1 Natalie
March 8 Lisa, Hobbes Dogs, Mimi, Sarah
March 29 Steve, Poppy, Emily and Keno, Darrel
April 12 L^2, Megan and Fullerton
April 27 Martin
September 3 Martin, Natalie
September 13 L^2, Poppy, Toby
September 20 Emily and Keno, Hobbes Dogs, Sarah
September 27 Darrel, Mimi
October 11 Maddie, Lisa
October 18 Megan and Fullerton
November 1 Carin
November 22 Steve
Female Steve, Emily and Keno, L^2, Megan and Fullerton, Maddie, Poppy, Lisa, Hobbes Dogs, Natalie, Toby, Darrel, Sarah
Male Carin, Martin, Mimi, Erin
Lab Carin, Steve, L^2, Megan and Fullerton, Maddie, Martin, Poppy, Lisa, Hobbes Dogs, Natalie, Toby, Mimi, Sarah, Erin
Lab/Golden Emily and Keno, Darrel
Black Carin, L^2, Hobbes Dogs, Darrel, Mimi, Sarah
Yellow Steve, Emily and Keno, Megan and Fullerton, Maddie, Martin, Poppy, Lisa, Natalie, Toby, Erin
B Martin
C Mimi
G Carin, Maddie, Natalie
H Steve
J L^2
K Darrel
L Sarah
M Lisa, Hobbes Dogs, Toby
P Megan and Fullerton, Poppy
R Erin
T Emily and Keno


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Doggy Diaries – Puppy pool – Last day to vote

I’ll be ending voting about 5pm or so AZ time. I got one vote that didn’t include 2 specific class dates. I’ve addressed that in the comments on the contest post, but I have no way of emailing you, so if you read this and you didn’t give me 2 specific class dates, get that in, or your vote will get in without it.

I’m almost wishing I had made voting last longer, but I don’t think it would be fair to extend it now, after people hurried to get their votes in. So, it is what it is!

Here is the voting post, with a link to the guidelines, if you’re just reading about this.

Fun stuff! Too bad we’ll have to wait so long to find out who wins hahaha!!!!

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Doggy Diaries – Puppy pool – Preliminary musings

Oh this is too fun! I broke everything down and entered in everything by class date andsuch, listing the names in groups, to see about ties. Can you believe we’ve actually got 2 three way ties on first initial?? Wow! It’s definitely interesting to see how it’s shaping up. Too bad it’ll be awhile before we know who wins haha!!

I double checked dates with my braille calender because there were a few that weren’t turning out right, like 2 numbers in the same month that were a day apart, so if it was your guess, I’ve adjusted it accordingly. Its only like if you wrote 12 when the Monday was the 13th or something like that.

Voting ends tomorrow late afternoon/evening, so make sure you get your votes in. There are some people I really thought would be voting who aren’t. So please, if you want to participate, get your vote in. No one is excluded.

Visit this link

to read the guidelines and cast your vote in the comments there. No votes are being published until tomorrow, and when they start being published, you’ve run out of time.

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Doggy Diaries – Puppy pool – Why did I call it tan?

Hahaha I’m really enjoying the voting comments. Several people have pointed out that its yellow, not tan haha!! Don’t know where that came from hehe!

Just another reminder to get your vote in before tomorrow afternoon!!!

Just follow this link to vote. This is so fun!!

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