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A fairweather Rays fan I am not

Some fans of the Tampa Bay Rays might be asking, what have you done for me lately? The Rays have started the season 0-6 after today’s loss to the Chicago White Sox. There is another team in major league baseball who have started the same way and they are in the same division as the Rays. That team just happens to be the Boston Red Sox. It’s a silver lining, you have to admit.

Unfortunately, a team in the National League was also oh for the season, the Houston Astros, who are dreadful. They won today. Sad.

Now that that ugliness is out in the open and those of you who know me probably feel my pain, I will go on to explain why I’m with this team for better or for worse. A lot of you know the story, but I can’t tell it enough.

I don’t have to ask the question of the what have you done for me lately variety of the Rays because just their existence influenced my life in ways I’ll never communicate in a blog post. I only wish I could tell them.

After losing my vision in April of 2008, my life was shattered. One of the hardest adjustments to make, and one I’ll never fully be able to make, is no longer having the ability to play pool. I was an amateur pool player, but a competitive one, playing on two teams at the time I went blind. After first losing the vision in my right eye in 2006, I thought I’d never play again, but found I actually shot better with only one eye, and luckily enough, I lined my pool cute below my left eye. My skills just got better after losing the right eye. Unfortunately, there’s no way to do it with no eyes, at least not one I’ve experimented with. I have some ideas, but who knows if I’ll ever get the chance to try.

What does playing pool have to do with baseball? Finding baseball has helped to bring me back into some kind of competition, even though it’s not me who’s participating. I’ve since tried playing Goalball which was awesome, but too much on me physically. We’ve got a beep baseball team here, but it’s too hot for the MS. So by listening to baseball, I get to participate in competition as a third party, so to speak.

I wasn’t a baseball fan until towards the end of the 2008 season when I was a few months blind. B always had it on and one day I heard ‘Down and Out’ by Tantric. “Hey, it’s that song, why’s it playing?” I asked B, being fond of the song.

B went on to explain that it was Evan Longoria’s walk up music. He told me all about the Rays and how terrible they had been until Joe Maddon took over the team and dropped the Devil from the Devil Rays. Suddenly the team was winning with a shot at the post season. Cool story, I thought, as I went back to whatever it was I had been doing, most likely laying in bed listening to stupid stuff on TV.

I remember when B told me he ordered MLB Extra Innings on our cable package and when I expressed consternation at the price, he said not to worry, he’d pay for it. “Unless I find you watching baseball in the bedroom,” he had said, to which I rolled my eyes.

Ahem, well yeah, I ended up with baseball on in the bedroom during the first round of playoffs. Ever since that day I heard Tantric, I had followed the Rays’ journey through B.

Eventually B told me the games would be on the local sports radio station and might be easier for me to follow. Were they ever! I caught every game of the post season in 2008 and cried when the Rays lost to the Phillies in the World Series. The Rays made me a baseball fan in the space of a couple months.

B figured it was a fluke and that I’d never stay a baseball fan. In the off season however, I caught wind of a support desk for blind computer users. On an email list I’m on, there was a forward about the help desk and what they do and it mentioned helping blind people tune into radio broadcasts of baseball teams from all over the league. Really? I instantly emailed the help desk and found out about what was then called Gameday Audio at The help desk is through Lighthouse, I believe, though I’ve since lost their contact info.

There I was, a new Mac user, learning how to navigate the web using a screen reader, which was very slow going. As the 2009 season approached, I waited anxiously to try Gameday audio and start following the Rays from the start of a season. How awesome it was when it was finally time! Dave and Andy, the Rays radio announcers, quickly took up residence in my apartment daily, calling the games and and giving me daily lessons in baseball. Before I knew it I was reading Rays blogs and posting on the forum at The Rays didn’t make the post season that year, but I listened to every game.

Nothing changed last season except that I was an even bigger fan, more experienced in the game, more knowledgeable about the rules and intricacies and more informed about other teams. B laughed one day when I said I was listening to the Rangers since the Rays were playing them next and I wanted to scout out the players.

It’s only gotten more fanatic. I don’t know how much Rays apparel I have now. I made my first ever online purchase using a screen reader at to get my first Rays shirt. I’ve called the post game show and Talked with Rich Herrera and he sent me a gift box laden with giveaways they give fans at the park. Just last month I talked to Matt Joyce on the phone after a Rays fan on Twitter arranged it at Rays FanFest.

Every day since opening day I’ve listened to games, not just the Rays, but the Yankees, Red Sox, Orioles, Rockies, Cubs, whatever game is on. I listened to the spring training games to get a feel for the prospects. I’ve read baseball books available in audio format like ‘Moneyball’ and ‘The Yankee Years’, which gave me even more insight to the sport and how it works behind the scenes, how trades work, what free agency means, etc.

Regular readers will know how much I love ‘The bullpen Gospels’ and the writer, Dirk Hayhurst, and how excited I was when he signed with the Rays. I learned about the minor leagues from him and even emailed him and had a few Twitter exchanges. He has inspired me as a writer. I’ll follow him closely as he pitches in AAA this season and when I listened to his pitching appearance in spring training, I got tears in my eyes.

This team is personal for me. This team is so much more than a collection of guys who throw balls around and swing the bats. This team is something I can put my energy into, a way for me to participate in competition again, something for me to learn about, something for me to cheer. Hearing the crack of the bat and Andy and Dave call the games brings me joy I will never express with words. I cried when men celebrated like boys last year when they won the AL East. I love this team.

This year is just sad and heart breaking. Evan Longoria had to come out of the second game with a strained oblique and has gone on the DL. The rest of the team just seems to be trying too hard in his absence, scoring just one run in every game save for one in which they scored three but lost. The starting pitching has been good and the pitchers don’t deserve the losses on their records. It’s heartbreaking. I’m with them though even though each of these last six games have made me want to vomit. I have been so tempted to turn the game off just about every day but I just can’t do it. I can’t desert them, not after everything they’ve done for me.

I wish I could show my support by going to games at the Trop but that’s rather impossible living here in Arizona. B and I are talking about going to see them in Anaheim though, so I might just get to cheer for my guys in person.

It’s great when your team is winning. It’s heartbreaking when they lose. Sticking by them no matter what makes a true fan though, and a true Rays fan I am and will always be. They’ve given me a gift they’ll never know they gave, the gift of baseball in my time of darkness.

This post isn’t going to be polished and perfect, because when I’m writing about things that mean a lot to me, I like to truly capture how I felt at the time of writing it. Maybe that’s what has been so hard about writing my story, as Dirk Hayhurst inspired me to do. Not only do I know how every chapter ends, I have a hard time editing it down haha! Maybe that’s what is so great about baseball. The game tends to mimic life. Just when you think you’ve lost the game, a tremendous play happens behind you and you’ve won.


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Just Yesterday

Do you ever sit back and think, holy crap, where has the time gone? Do you ever have moments where you reflect on your life and think, wow, can one person really do all that changing? I simply can’t believe it’s the last day of 2010. How did that happen? Just yesterday I was throwing Barbie dolls into my trees, hoping they’d get stuck, then throwing Ken up after them, hoping to knock them down.

Just yesterday I was roller skating, on four wheels that weren’t inline, to Debbie Gibson, creating cool choreography to ‘Electric Youth’, or jumping from concrete to gravel like the ‘Solar Babies’.

Just yesterday I discovered Nirvana, after my best friend forced me to watch the video for ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, urging me to forget about Mariah Carey and start listening to real music. It worked. Thanks Kurt.

Just yesterday I graduated from ‘Sweet Valley High’ to Stephen King novels and broke my back learning how to try to win the essay medal in Academic Decathlon, constructing the perfect five paragraph essay in one our or less after being given three prompts. I came in fourth overall. No medal, but the highest score in my high school’s history. I wonder if my record stands?

Just yesterday I was pre-med on a full scholarship and got drunk with a boy in a dorm room. Just yesterday I went with mom to chemo treatments. Just yesterday she died.

It seems like just yesterday I had an enormous New Year’s party for the year 2000 and got so drunk my boyfriend and I couldn’t manage to lose our virginities. Just yesterday I was only 21.

Wasn’t it just yesterday I walked into my first meeting after making a mess out of my life, never mourning mom’s death, being a terrible friend, not holding down jobs, going nowhere with my life?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I finally found the true meaning of happiness, to be happy joyous and free through life’s turmoils, with the help of a power greater than myself, a power that was not alcohol?

Just yesterday, I came out of that MRI machine with one eye blind and began to learn how to live with MS. Just yesterday I started dating B and my old cat, Combat was still alive.

Just yesterday I watched my vision slowly fade as I stared at B, just yesterday Combat died, Just yesterday my aunt died, just yesterday B’s mom was diagnosed with cancer.

Just yesterday I picked up a white cane and discovered audio books. Just yesterday I brought my Mac home and found my online fellowship of people who really and truly get it. Just yesterday that little iPod started it all.

Just yesterday I was on a plane going to meet Insert. Jayden. JayBay. Jay. Gooberhead. Just yesterday a dog became my eyes.

Just yesterday the little girl throwing Barbies into trees could never imagine the life she’d lead at the end of 2010. Just yesterday she turned 32. No really, I really did, just yesterday, turn 32.

It’s pretty crazy, isn’t it? To write your life down like that? To see it written like that, with just a few hundred words, really encompassing all the changes, all the phases, all the strife and all the joy.

Would I change any of it? Not a thing. Would I trade my recent sad times for happy times? Nope. For me, pain has and always will be, the cornerstone of spiritual growth. When I begin to emerge from sad times, I am like a rose opening her face to the sun, cleansed, grateful, joyous.

It seems like just yesterday I thought I’d never feel happy again. And then like that, like a firecracker in the night, the veil lifts and happiness glitters once again.

My old pool league operator once said words to me that I live by today. After I played a really terrible game of 9-ball and thought I’d never break my losing streak he said, “you can never fully appreciate victory until you experience defeat.”

The words were in reference to a game, but they are so true for my life. After I have been cleansed of sadness and melancholy, I can truly open my eyes to gratitude. How’s that for victory?

Happy New Year everyone! Be safe tonight and please, if you have a few drinks, call a cab.

See ya next year!

PS – I’ll be updating to Snow Leopard today, so if I’m not online for awhile, it means I screwed something up. 😉


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A whole lotta Goalball

I have two words for the day after Goalball: ouch pain. That just about sums it up. I didn’t write yesterday because my arms were sore, but I should have known it would be even worse after sleeping for awhile and not moving. I know moving will help, but it hurts to move, so I’m just stuck haha!

Despite the pain, I am hooked!

When I was a pool player, the words “wanna play some” were just what you used at the pool hall, when trying to find someone to play with. If I wasn’t already with someone, I would scope out the kind of player I wanted to play with. If I was with a group of people, I’d ask that question of the one I knew would challenge me.

I have so missed pool since going blind. It’s been the one thing I just can’t do now.

So when I decided to try Goalball, I had hoped it would rekindle my competitive spirit. Did it? You bet it did. I wanna play some, now!

I woke up at the arse crack thinking we had better actually be able to play, unlike last week. I guess last week was the dry run for getting to the gym, so it wasn’t all a wash. I wasn’t nervous at all yesterday like I was last week since we had already done it. I was however, really tired. Last week we had some storms come in which brought on a pretty icky fatigue. I didn’t go work out at all, which is again that whole movement helps but it hurts to move catch 22. Basically I had been too tired to get to the gym. Probably if we had Star Trek technology and I could have just beamed there, it would have been ok. But when my spoons are low, it’s just too much to get myself and Jayden ready and wait for transportation, so we didn’t go work out last week.

I made sure to tell Lisa I still wasn’t at my best and of course she understood.

I guess you can tell the doors were open this time. Yep! Jayden got me there again no problem and this time we could go in. When I had been there with Dave though, we couldn’t get down to where the restroom is, so after Lisa was done setting up the court, she showed Jayden and me where the ladies locker room is.

Ok, think about all the scary high school killer movies you’ve ever seen. You know the ones. Imagine the scene in the basement of the school. That’s this place, haha!!

Stairs and twists and turns and zigs and zags and the thump thump thumpy heart beat of the building’s boiler room. Freddy Krueger anyone? Jayden was having the time of his life. You know that prance they get when they are really enjoying the work? Oh yeah. Jayden was prancing. And not the I have to relieve prance. I could feel his tail thumping my leg and he was pulling me through all the zigs and zags like it was a maze. Fun!

After that I got us settled in our spot and Jayden got all excited when the crochet mat came out of my bag. I brought his Goughnut but he wasn’t interested. He got settled and Lisa brought me some pads to try out. She had told me not to buy any until I knew I wanted to play. She had two different kinds of knee and elbow pads and I picked the ones I liked the most. She said hip pads are optional, and she’s going to have me playing in a down position, meaning I won’t be falling as far, so I might not need hip pads. She showed me some that she uses that she made herself, and they also have football player type pads. Another girl was there and she played last year. She plays in a down position and doesn’t use hip pads, so I tried without. I’m still not sure if I’ll use them or not, as my hip is a little sore, but not bruised.

I put the knee and elbow pads on and knelt and exclaimed that I needed these for cleaning the bathtub haha! Then I started crawling and sliding all over the floor. Yes, I am a goofball.

Lisa gave me court orientation. She had told me before that cords would be stretched on the court for orientation, so I had been imagining big old ropes haha! Um, no. The cords are about as big as a clothesline maybe. They are ducktaped to the floor. I was like, how do you feel those when you’re playing??? She assured me I would.

I’m not gonna remember all the terms, but basically you have a rectangle all along the basketball court. Where the baskets are is the goal line. The goal stretches along the whole width of the cort on both sides. Then you have your perimeter line on the long sides. That’s the foul line or something. Then you have a line maybe three feet from the goal line that is perpendicular to the foul line, and that’s the wing line. It only juts into the court about two feet maybe. Then you have the point line I think, then the high ball line. That line is in the middle of the court and you can’t cross that when you’re throwing or you get a penalty.

I would be playing wing. I thought there would be no way I’d stay oriented on that court, no way. When you get a ball, you have to back up to the goal line to start your throwing approach. You have ten seconds. Are you serious?

After that we started off with warm-up drills that took awhile. Jake, the other coach, said we’ll usually do those pretty quick, but Lisa had to show me each of them. First we did a couple laps around the gym and I just did human guide with Lisa. After that I think were these lateral shuffle steps across the gym, then butt kickers lol. You run across the gym kicking your but with your heel. I was joking that the girls were all graceful and when the boys did it it souded like thunder.

Then we did this karaoka thing that I’m not even gonna try and describe. Oh yeah, and high knee skipping. That one was fun.

Then we got on the floor and did hands and feet. Lisa got me into defensive position. You lay on your side and stretch your legs out, lifting your top leg about hip height. My old Pilates workouts helped with that. You stretch your arms over your head and hold your top arm over your face, holding your head back. Hands are held spred out, about shoulder width apart, so you’re creating a net to block the ball. Once I was in that position, Lisa rolled the ball and my feet and legs so I could feel how it would be and keep my body stiff to block the ball. Mandy, the other girl, rolled the ball back to Lisa. After that she rolled it at my arms and hands. Then we all switched and I was rolling the ball back.

After that were cannon balls. You lay on your side in the fetal position and when Lisa said “out” you sprang out into defensive position quickly. When she said “in” you spring back into fetal position. We repeated that a few times. I was grateful for my Pilates and strong core because it would be easy to fall forward or back when you spring out.

We also did passing drills and Lisa was happy that Mandy and I were able to successfully pass to each other. I guess passing to the other wing is hard. Really? I didn’t think it was.

After that we started throwing the ball agains the wall. Throwing is hard. You throw it/roll it like a bowling ball, but there’s no holes. So you’re pretty much using your centrifical force. Lisa and I had messed around with a goalball at the gym one day. It took me a bit, but I got the hang of it. At one point I threw it and it went way over to the left. I laughed and said I put some funky english on that ball. Lisa said not to worry about english yet. I asked if they put english on the ball and she said yes, but not yet. Sweet!! I understand english! I loved putting funky english on the cue ball when I played pool.

After that Lisa had me go sit with Jayden and listen to a bit of scrimmage. She wanted me to hear the cadence of how it all went, because when she was explaining the theory to me, it just wasn’t clicking. So, the two girls took on the two guys. There weren’t a whole lot of us yesterday which was good, because they were really able to focus on teaching me.

I went to Jayden and sat next to him and he put his head on my leg as if to say, what the heck is going on?

Listening to it didn’t make a whole lot more sense. The guys kept talking, saying things like, “set!” and “left!” Huh? I asked the girls about it after they had won the scrimmage and they said the guys just like doing that haha!

I could tell when Lisa would throw the ball. That thing hardly made any noise and rarely bounced. She’s goooood. Guess you have to be to be a paralympian?

Finally I got to play. We put me in the left wing, because I’m more comfortable falling to my right. You can fall both ways depending on where the ball is going, or you can fall one way and just kick out. So if the ball is going to my left, I can fall to the right and kick out. Lisa said it’s whatever feels natural, though that’s kind of an old way of doing it. Whatever, that felt natural to me.

You have two wings, who play near the goal, then you have your point, who plays in front of the wings and who moves a lot more. Her job is to try and get the balls, and the wings get the ones she misses. So your best player is point, and Lisa is point on her team. So she played point, but she only went after balls that were coming hard, as she didn’t want me to get hurt right away. Eventually I was like I don’t care if they’re hard, after a hard throw hit me in the stomach and then bounced off my head for a goal hahaha! It didn’t hurt.

There wre only two guys, so they didn’t have a point. They played a lot before though. So it wasn’t really a fair match up, three girls against two guys, one of the girls being a paralympian. But, one of the girls, me, was brand new, so it evened out.

Lisa was right. Court orientation made total sense once I started playing. I blocked a few balls right from the start, so I had to throw.

After you block the ball, You jump up and back up doing a shuffle step to feel for the goal line. It’s a lot like a moonwalk haha! Then you line up your throw. Instinct told me not to throw it in the same place every time so they wouldn’t know what was coming. You have ten seconds from the time the ball touches your body to jump up out of your defensive position and back up to the goal line to throw.

You are only allowed to throw twice in a row. So if you block it a third time, you have to pass it to a teammate. You call their name and they tap the floor and you do a bouncey roll to them. This all has to happen ten seconds after the ball touches your body. Meaning you have to pass it, they have to catch it, line up, and throw in ten seconds.

I passed it to Lisa because she was right there.

I did manage to score a goal. I don’t remember how many times I had thrown it, but it wasn’t very many throws into the scrimmage. The coach, acting as ref, said goal and I was like, really??? Hahaha!!

I did get scolded. Jake asked me if I could please have some more fun, smile some more, laugh some more. 😉

I ended up blocking quite a few goals and scoring twice. I think it was pretty good for my first ever scrimmage.

My right arm is killing me today, since that’s my throwing arm. My left leg is killing me, since I kneel on my right knee in a squat type position, so I can kick into my defensive dive with my left leg. I’ve been working on this post in fits and starts today, because I have to keep moving or I freeze up and hurt really bad.

By the end of the scrimmage, I was having a hard time getting up after I blocked a goal. Jake told me I could pass it rather than throw if I was getting tired, so that’s what I did. I ended up with the ball a little more since I was playing left wing, because if the other team rolls the ball out, your team gets it and the ref always gives it to the left wing.

I think that’s about all there is to tell about the practice. It’s just a really cool game. It’s a little hard to tell when that ball is rolling your way, because it’s so full of echoes in the gym. I would dive only to discover the right wing had gotten the ball haha!!

Hey, just realized it’s appropriate that I played left wing, since politically, I’m rather left. Ok, bad joke.

My legs barely wanted to work at the end. B was picking me up thank goodness, so I didn’t have to wait for paratransit. I hardly even remember Jayden getting me to the car. Thank God for him. That would have been hard trying to use a cane after all that.

After a shower I felt pretty good. It wasn’t until this morning that I really felt it, but I was expecting that. I’m sure it’ll hurt less once I get used to it. I’ll get all healed up only to do it again next week, but I can’t wait!

We’ll see if I’m able to do this. There is no way I could have even attempted Goalball had I not been in shape. That’s the difference between Goalball and pool hahaha!! I didn’t have to be in shape to play pool, though strongish legs and back helped. Hopefully I can continue playing, but just like with everything else, it’ll be a wait and see game. I’m praying I can continue to handle it as it’s the most fun I’ve had in a really long time.

Oh, and as Lisa was walking me back to Jayden, Jake began laughing. Jayden was sprawled out on his back with his legs spred wide apart. I don’t think he minded being in the gym. 😉


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Autism and billiards

I know I’ve mentioned here that before I went blind, I was an avid pool player. I’ll never forget my all time best shot. I was pplaying against an apponent with a higher skill level and it was a Sunday league night. It had come down the final game; whoever won would win the match. We were both on the 8-ball. He had missed the shot, and had left the ball on the raile between the corner and middle pocket. The cue ball was angled towards the corner pocket opposite the rale where the 8-ball rested. The only shot I could see was to cut the ball all the way down into the far corner pocket. So I’m not sure you can picture this, but the ball would need to travel all the way up the table, along the rail, passed the middle pocket. I was a much better cutter than a banker so it was my only option. This was a 9 foot table, so it was going to be hard. We had to mark the pocket, so I walked over and marked that corner pocket. I was aware of the sudden silence and I’m sure my captain would rather I try to pull a safety. But he also knew this was my specialty shot. I cupped my hand over the 8-ball to make sure it was touching the raile then went back to the cue ball to line up. The trick to this shot is to hit the raile first. Not to hit the rail and the object ball at the same time, as I used to think. By hitting the raile first, a fraction of an inch next to the object ball and putting spin on the cue ball in the direction of the pocket, you’re actually pushing the object ball in the direction. The hardest part is not having control over the cue ball, so you risk a scratch. If I scratched, I lost, but if I missed, he’d surely pocket the 8-ball anyway. I lined up, feathered my stroke, settled my feet, imagined the 8-ball flying down the table and into the pocket, stopped breathing, and shot. The 8-ball did just what I imagined, flying along the raile and falling into the pocket. The cue ball soared around the rails, but did not drop. My teammates cheered, bystanders applauded and my opponent shook my hand saying, nice shot, admiration in his voice.

I share that story even though it has nothig to do with autism, because those moments were such a highlight in my life. I had never been athletic, so to be part of a team and get a win for them, was such a boost for my confidence and self esteem and dammit, I was goooooood. And I liked that. I miss that.

So in doing this series about autism, I had looked up autism and sports, to see what kinds of sports children with autism might excel in. I had the idea that maybe pool would be good for them because you don’t have to interact with a ton of people. It’s you, the table and the opponent. But then I thought about all the noises and sounds in a pool hall and figured it might be a little daunting.

Today I decided to look it up and I didn’t find any experiences with it, but I did find this website, which is about a pool instructor who likes to teach children with special needs. This is her mission statement:

“to bring the love of billiards to children, adults and less fortunate people so that they will have a sport to not only help increase self-esteem, learning and motivation, but also to incorporate the love of a sport into their lives. I want to touch as many lives as I can thus improving well-being and quality of life by increasing the fun and joy they can have in their lifetime with friends and family” !

I might not have clicked on it, but in the descrption on the search results page, it said this: “Worked 12 Saturdays with differently-abled kids whose differences included autism”. I don’t know about you, but I hate the term “differently abled”. But her qualifications are pretty vast. Along with being a pool instructor, she’s got a lot of qualifications for teaching kids with disabilities, especially developmental disabilities.

So it sounds like there might be something to the billiards and autism idea of mine. I wish I had found more information on it, but maybe it’s good food for thought and more research. I know how much pool helped me and helped to develop a sense of comaraderie for me, and I’d recommend it for anyone who can do it. I just gotta figure out how to do it blind haha!


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Nothing to say so I’ll write a blog

I really hate it when I’ve gone through all my email, read the blogs I subscribe to, check whatever else, and then sit here thinking about what I could write and I can’t think of anything good.

So I’ll write anyway.

Hmmm. B’s computer hums really loud. Thats actually all I hear. I actually sat and listened for a minute. Is that grasping for straws? Oh the wood in the wall just popped. that freaks me out sometimes, when I hear popping and/or cracking in the walls/ceiling. Is my apartment going to cave in? Are there termites? Its just normal settling. Yeah, thats all it is. The air is warming up and the temperature is varried between the air and the wals so the walls are warming up at a slower rate, making the wood expand. Or contract. Which is it? I don’t remember. Oh man would my chemistry teacher be disappointed? Or would that be my physics teacher?

I always liked physics better. I was always so visual oh there;s a really loud pop in the ceiling. Anyway, physics and geometry were always my favorites. Dave actually guessed that I was good at geometry on Friday when he told me to turn left about 45 degrees and I nailed the angle. I guess thats why I was good at pool.

I miss pool. So many little intricasies. Angles and speed and english and thinking how the english on the cue ball will affect the object ball or the angle coming off the rails, man I miss my old bank shuts and extreme cuts and trying to snooker my apponent. I miss competing. Competing was always so fun.

Maybe I’ll join the goal ball team. It would be nice to cmpete again. But in goal ball you have to be pretty bulky and sturdy and I’m trying to slim down and tone up. But it would be fun. though they play on their knees and my knees aren’t in the best of shape. But I bet my future guide dog would like to take me to goal ball practice.

I haven’t had dreams about a guide dog. I’m gathering from a lot of the other blogs I read that people have dreams about their guide dog and school and stuff right before they go and right after they get back.

I don’t remember my dreams much. Its really rare to wake up and remember a dream. My Grandma tells me about some of her dreams and the one she told me Friday gave me the chills and made me afraid to shower, but I’m not gonna post it cuz it was too freaky.

I’m going to Grandma’s today. I forgot to get the peach pie so we have to stop and get that first. I wonder when the baseball game is on.

The stupid Yankees won last night. I’m hating this World Series.

Do you think poker is something that should be on ESPN? They call it the World Series of poker. I don’t understand it. Its a card game. B said its competition, so it belongs on ESPN. He used to tell me its no different than pool being on ESPN. I think pool belongs on ESPN though. Maybe thats just cuz I like pool.

I think there has to be a way for blind people to play pool. How did I get back on pool? See I was trying to just ramble on finding ways to segway into another topic and here I am back at pool.

One of the bloggers wishes her dog could get in the pool. I’m gonna have to figure out a way for my dog to swim too. I wonder if there are any doggy pools, though I wouldn’ want me dog to be in a pool with just any other dog.

Other dogs are mean. I read blogs about other dogs and other dogs scare me. If anyone or any dog hurts my dog, oooh hell noooo there would be hell to pay.

Oh crap its time to pay rent. Man I hate rent paying. There goes all that money! Bye bye money! People say “buy a house”. But I like renting. Anything breaks, they fix it, for free! Well I know its included in the rent, but ya know. I don’t have credit cards, how would I pay for a broken a/c or fridge?

I want to finally turn the a/c off for good. Its November already and we still have the a/c on at leat we did last night for a bit. This is when everyone gets sick, cuz it cools off and then warms up and cools off an warms up and cools off and warms up. Ah, the desert. We’re special here, we don’t even change our clocks.

My talking watch automatically changes itself for DST. It doesn’t know it lives in Arizona. My phone and computer know not to change. Now all the cable tv shows will be on at different times. I hate DST. It has no meaning for me. DST. Don’t say that? DST. Don’t sit there.

I couldn’t just sit here. Thats why I had to write a blog about nothing. Oh duh, I could have been importing books. Ok maybe I’ll do that now. Heard the email ding quite a few times. Lets start the whole thing over…check emails, get caught up on reading list, check whatever other site…hahaha.

Ok. So sorry. If you stuck with this blog till now, you know I’m a little wacky 😉

Though you probably already knew that hehehe hahahaha hehehehe!

Oh yeah, I don’t feel like diting, so sorry for typos. Typos are funny on a screenreader. Oh no, I could strt rambling again. no no no! The lady in the lobby afraid of the dog no no no, Karen walks away yes yes yes LOLOL!


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